Strangest Superstitions Around The World

  • Published on Sep 12, 2016
  • People believe in some pretty strange things. GMM #977!
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Comments • 3 087

  • Robbie Kessinger
    Robbie Kessinger 20 days ago

    Rhett..."it freezes you uritor"...🤘🏼🤓🤘🏼🐲

  • Jacob Beaver
    Jacob Beaver 24 days ago

    Link: Alabama 100

  • The Worst
    The Worst 26 days ago +1

    The turtleneck is strong❗❗❗🐢💪🏼

  • Kala Seeholzer
    Kala Seeholzer Month ago +1

    Gives new meaning to "be the change you want to see in the world"

  • Blake Perkins
    Blake Perkins Month ago

    A dude from Iowa?

  • Mary Ann Johnson
    Mary Ann Johnson 2 months ago


  • Spicy mayo queen
    Spicy mayo queen 2 months ago

    I always thought it was old wise tale lol

  • RedPanda Saves
    RedPanda Saves 2 months ago

    “We would kiss on the lips” sWeEt hOmE aLaBaMa dOo dOo dO dO

  • Bigman Dennis
    Bigman Dennis 3 months ago

    For halloween, chase should have a suit and hat like Lincoln's and that penny as his face

  • Emily Olsen
    Emily Olsen 3 months ago


  • ifollowrivers
    ifollowrivers 4 months ago +6

    This past New Years I was at my friend’s party and her family is Spanish.
    At 11:55 they shoved a bunch of grapes into my hands and I was wtf do I do with this???

  • Dr. Newton Geiszler
    Dr. Newton Geiszler 4 months ago

    I left my fan on all night once

  • Aaron TheStreamerBTW
    Aaron TheStreamerBTW 4 months ago

    Where in the world does these international superstitions come from

  • Brit Ann
    Brit Ann 5 months ago

    DUDE that penny costume was boss.
    I thot it was CG. Edited in post

  • Zella
    Zella 5 months ago

    The first one about the grapes is also a Greek superstition, I remember going to my Greek friend's family's New Years party a few years back and everybody ate 12 grapes at midnight lol

  • William Swaim
    William Swaim 6 months ago

    11:27 _That awkward fist bump_

  • Random User
    Random User 6 months ago

    Does link actually have herpes?

  • Elephant in the room
    Elephant in the room 6 months ago

    I have a similar kissing situation with link, growing up I kissed my mom's side of the family on the lips and didn't with my dad's. Her side is just more affectionate than the 100% German immigrants that my dad came from lol

  • NY Auto Traders Leasing
    NY Auto Traders Leasing 7 months ago +1


  • Paul O'Neal
    Paul O'Neal 7 months ago

    How do you drive with your thumbs in your pockets?

  • BishtrainerTai16
    BishtrainerTai16 7 months ago +1

    GMM is full of Bernie bros? Ew.

  • zach wagner
    zach wagner 7 months ago

    So, Link has


  • JustGrowWithIt
    JustGrowWithIt 8 months ago

    There would be plenty of American currency to do it if you think about all the different Half dollar and dollar coins

  • Atomic Crawler
    Atomic Crawler 8 months ago

    Anyone else see the fan in the back plotting something evil?😯

  • Penguinlover 2k19
    Penguinlover 2k19 8 months ago

    Its actually raisins not grapes

  • Brittany Corralejo
    Brittany Corralejo 8 months ago

    Does anyone else hear Link curse???? 😱🤣

  • Jay
    Jay 8 months ago

    ´ i´m not supersticious, i´m a little sticious. ´ - Michael Scott

  • Goose
    Goose 9 months ago

    When rhett told link to consult the penny, chase literally said “A”. He gave him the answer but seemingly nobody heard it lml

  • opeezy Opeezus
    opeezy Opeezus 9 months ago

    The penny is wrong in 2008 they had Lincoln cents that consisted of Lincolns life

  • Rachel Clay
    Rachel Clay 9 months ago

    As a past theater production student, I loved and appreciated that penny!

  • xydoit
    xydoit 9 months ago

    I use the fan all night and still alive

  • Duddel Dink
    Duddel Dink 9 months ago

    "no one carries a hankerchief" except in Japan, where it would be unusual not to carry one :P

  • Jet-G
    Jet-G 9 months ago

    I knew the first one because of modern family

  • Rambat 2020
    Rambat 2020 9 months ago

    I know to grape one because of modern family.

  • Klara Stern
    Klara Stern 9 months ago

    I'm not superstitious... but I'm a little stitious

  • Megan Behrmann
    Megan Behrmann 9 months ago

    My dad is convinced that a fan blowing on him while he sleeps will get him sick. His bedroom fan must always bow upwards

  • eduardo razo
    eduardo razo 9 months ago

    We do the grapes thing in Mexico XD

  • GrandeFree Foundation
    GrandeFree Foundation 10 months ago

    Why did Rhett didn’t scream when heard JAPAN

  • Edgar Talan Poe
    Edgar Talan Poe 10 months ago

    I hope the Icelandic lady at the end doesn't knit during winter...

  • Deanna Jackson
    Deanna Jackson 10 months ago

    Rhett's old wife voice... 😂😂😂

  • Fire Crotch
    Fire Crotch 10 months ago

    I always sleep with a fan on at night

  • Happy Tree
    Happy Tree 10 months ago

    I actually do the Spanish grape thing on new years eve but we eat way more and not intoxicated

  • Sofia-Rose Gionomo
    Sofia-Rose Gionomo 11 months ago

    the grapes are an italian tradition too and its very hard to eat them quickly while intoxicated

  • Sally Otley
    Sally Otley 11 months ago

    The penny thing was super awesome. Must of gotten the prop from Chase Bank

  • Legion EXE
    Legion EXE 11 months ago

    i dont think rhett understands what an inquisition is...

  • Mitchell Lubline
    Mitchell Lubline 11 months ago

    A fan is recommended by doctors for people with breathing issues.

  • Enaz
    Enaz 11 months ago

    whats funny is that i sleep with a fan on me every night

  • Aid Que
    Aid Que 11 months ago

    In Scotland at new year we welcome the first visitor with shortbread and whiskey then the enter the hallway, we them run to the back door to realease all the past negative energy close the back door and welcome the new year in

  • Tlyer LaVinge
    Tlyer LaVinge 11 months ago

    I literally sleep with 3 fans on all night...

  • MC Cartoonz
    MC Cartoonz 11 months ago

    In case you were wondering what they were like as kids, watch 8:25

  • Philip Can't yeet as good

    Does link accually have herpes

  • Gary Myers
    Gary Myers Year ago

    When it said "hanging out in Iceland" I was sure I knew what the answer was going to be.

  • Taylor Shantell
    Taylor Shantell Year ago

    Rhett sounded like Shaggy lol

  • Natalie Hebin
    Natalie Hebin Year ago

    Link, why do you have to slurp your coffee like that? >_< I love this show, but that sound makes me want to strangle something

  • Cristina Alexis
    Cristina Alexis Year ago

    Why can’t we ever see what’s on y’all’s computer that’s why no one believes y’all

  • Megan C
    Megan C Year ago

    Oh gosh I didn’t even notice chase in the penny until he took it off his face I was so confused as to why they were shouting

  • E.S.C
    E.S.C Year ago

    Wtf u guys dont eat grapes during new years eve

  • Meme man
    Meme man Year ago

    9:37 once u see chases face on the penny u cant unsee it

  • blue7339
    blue7339 Year ago

    Mythical Crew become Mythical Coins 😉💰

  • TheKidTattoos !
    TheKidTattoos ! Year ago

    That penny needs to be in a giveaway lol

  • Lëë Sin Only
    Lëë Sin Only Year ago

    6:05 ye ye ye

  • JP Labs
    JP Labs Year ago

    Start of video:
    There better not be a purple fan in here.
    Keep that thing in FNaF 4.
    The fan.....
    THE FAN....

  • Jayamila Persson
    Jayamila Persson Year ago

    Yeah all those crazy fans man, cant trust them

  • Slime Gymnastics
    Slime Gymnastics Year ago

    At 0.06 rett looks like Miranda sings

  • Ian Binger
    Ian Binger Year ago

    Bro I can't sleep without my fan

  • Aurelia
    Aurelia Year ago

    Oh my gosh i have heard the first one because of yum boxes

  • I've seen shit
    I've seen shit Year ago

    Does Link have herpes

  • Ha Truong Ngoc
    Ha Truong Ngoc Year ago


  • alluvermin
    alluvermin Year ago

    My fan stays on 24/7 because it's hot as balls

  • On Reise
    On Reise Year ago

    i guessed the iceland one before i even heard the options