The Broken Galaxy Folds: Explained!

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • PSA: Several Galaxy Folds have already broken. And now the phone is delayed. Here's what's happening.
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  • Satsui Nohado
    Satsui Nohado Day ago

    Why not make two separate,glass screens that come together when you open it?? Then make the inner bezel as thin as possible, so that when you unfold it,you can barely notice the line down the middle??

  • Can i get 1000 subs with 0 videos?

    2018/19 Foldable Phone : **Breaks**
    2020/21 : Foldable Computers :
    Us: *Are we dumb?*

  • Kévin Li
    Kévin Li Day ago

    Where did you get your 💻 sticker ?


    git gud

  • mohamed reda
    mohamed reda 2 days ago

    It's you the stupid
    If I were Samsung I wouldn't replace it for you

  • dirt rally fantic
    dirt rally fantic 2 days ago

    Mark ass brown lee

  • The Two That Do!
    The Two That Do! 2 days ago

    People who thought this was going to be a great phone 1st launch are crazy.... This style is going to take a good 3-4 different releases before i even debate it....

  • TEENYcharmander
    TEENYcharmander 2 days ago +1

    *samsung copied the nintendo ds*

  • Matthew Scott
    Matthew Scott 2 days ago +1

    Honestly though... Why? It feels gimmicky. Does it folding just completely make your user experience way better? I don’t see how. What’s next Smell-O-Vision? Okay not gonna lie I’d rather have that than a folding phone. I was a teenager in the 00’s and went through flip phones like gum. Ooohhh, Ahhhh. Lol. I’d rather have something solid, sturdy & durable. Maybe one day they can perfect this sort of technology but why come out with it before it’s really ready? There are a lot features I’d love my smartphone to have. The ability to fold doesn’t make my list. 😉

  • SpotXfish
    SpotXfish 2 days ago

    Dude you wrecked it don’t ever peel the screen off !!!

  • Gary Zimmitti
    Gary Zimmitti 2 days ago

    I wanted one but I do excavation. My phones go through literal hell. I buy the best when I do buy a new one so they last but this scares me. If it can't make it a couple of days with normal people it won't make it a couple of hours with me on the jobsite. I do love Samsung though. Currently have a note 8 which is going on 3 years with not a single issue. Granted even though my job is hell on my phones I do take care of it the best I can but at this point after this video I think ill be waiting the couple more months for the note 10 and grabbing one of those. Thanks for the heads up and keep reviewing man.

  • Doug Horne
    Doug Horne 2 days ago

    What is the reasoning for wanting to peel off what seemed to be a screen protector? Just curious.

  • Jin Eric
    Jin Eric 2 days ago

    where did u get the background of your mac?

  • 씨쏘팡
    씨쏘팡 3 days ago


  • Caden Taylor
    Caden Taylor 3 days ago


  • Yun jin
    Yun jin 5 days ago

    I'm Korean. Samsung is no longer a conglomerate. Koreans hate Samsung a lot, too. They don't care about their own people. I only care about overseas customers.

    SIRIUS 5 days ago +1

    DO YOU KNOW WHY ALL THE BOOK IS INFOLD? -Hwawei gave money to M.B. and he reiviews "Galaxy fold is bad"-

  • Big Chicken
    Big Chicken 5 days ago

    Mark ass brownlee

  • Dmitry Sweet
    Dmitry Sweet 6 days ago


  • Blazinglion 2x5
    Blazinglion 2x5 7 days ago +1

    Huh funny watching rich people fail

  • Hit-Jack64
    Hit-Jack64 7 days ago

    The Mate X looks way better, Fold out > Fold in.

  • Ash Greninja
    Ash Greninja 8 days ago

    Galaxy fold: first folding phone
    Axon m: am I joke to you

  • SpiffyVidz
    SpiffyVidz 8 days ago


  • Bob Mcormick
    Bob Mcormick 8 days ago

    Do a bend test

  • - Volmaerion -
    - Volmaerion - 9 days ago +1

    NIKKA! How tf do you sell something so fragile without testing it ?!?!?!

  • T0xic
    T0xic 9 days ago


  • Candace smith
    Candace smith 9 days ago

    They should take notes from the Nintendo ds

  • Slash
    Slash 10 days ago

    Seems like Huawei Mate X gave Samsung fold a "bitch-slapped ... lol

  • Kenzie Russell
    Kenzie Russell 10 days ago

    Y’all go out and get yourself a Huawei mate X if you gon get one at all😏thank me later

  • Body Atef
    Body Atef 11 days ago

    ينفع الترجمة باللغة العربية

    XTREME XPERT GAMER 11 days ago

    If but this and this thing happens then I will just use the front screen

  • Surya Dutta
    Surya Dutta 12 days ago

    I feel like hatin on you just cos you were on rewind lol

  • Purr Studios
    Purr Studios 13 days ago

    The main problem with the Galaxy Fold is the size. It’s okay unfolded, but using it as a normal phone is pretty terrible.

  • Han Alex
    Han Alex 13 days ago

    Not so fast before you 101%ready

  • Matthew David Reiter
    Matthew David Reiter 13 days ago

    There reports that the fold is ready.

    TANSAFTECH 14 days ago

    Galaxy Fold has always probleum

  • Athena
    Athena 15 days ago

    Markass Brownie

  • captain trips
    captain trips 16 days ago

    why do people buy Samsung products, there shocking quality

    • captain trips
      captain trips 13 days ago

      you might want to research a bit more, Samsung have several class action lawsuits against them for malfunctioning products.

    • I like Maths
      I like Maths 14 days ago

      captain trips shockingly good. They have made a couple mistakes

  • MarkusGameTech
    MarkusGameTech 16 days ago +1

    3:48 This reminds me of my old s6 which broke a week ago. And it had a similar problem but from the bottom right

  • FantaCoke
    FantaCoke 17 days ago

    With deeper groove at level 7

  • OneWater4189580
    OneWater4189580 17 days ago

    3:48 that actually looks cool

  • GJ SIX 8
    GJ SIX 8 17 days ago

    Here comes the neighborhood.

  • HarvDaMan
    HarvDaMan 18 days ago

    There is the same lip on the galaxy watch

  • Avalanche TV
    Avalanche TV 18 days ago +1

    Samsung: (watches this video) YEARS OF ACADEMY TRAINING WASTED

  • Rhakesh G
    Rhakesh G 18 days ago

    Lmao flip phones were done right back in the 2000's

  • Zone6ZoneSix
    Zone6ZoneSix 18 days ago +2

    Whaaaat a galaxy phone with a design flaw??! The bullshit part about this all is if this was a iPhone all these reviewers would had talked so bad about it but because it’s galaxy it’s awe it’s ok 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Jordan J
    Jordan J 20 days ago +1

    I am not interested in a Galaxy folding phone especially at 2k. I'll stick with APPLE.

  • gamersdoenxxl
    gamersdoenxxl 21 day ago

    This is mark ass browney. Hi

  • Αλεξανδρο στρακοσα

    Really very interesting video thank you so much
    its really something very interesting this new category of phone and i hope so the prise it will be a little bit down because 2000 euro its not cheap things.

  • ArianaGrande Fanboy
    ArianaGrande Fanboy 22 days ago

    Samsung users: My Galaxy fold is broken.
    Samsung: **recalls the Fold.**
    Apple users: Hey my folding iPhone is broken.
    Apple: _You're using it wrong. It's $572 to replace the phone._

  • You Need Jesus
    You Need Jesus 23 days ago

    I knew something like this would happen. I predicted people would open and close the phone too much causing damage to the screen.

  • Der King in fortneit Nice


  • Simon C
    Simon C 26 days ago +13

    MKBHD: "My phone broke"
    Samsung: "Let us replace that for free"

    Normal user: "My phone broke"
    Samsung: "That'll be the cost of a new phone"

    • steamy tree
      steamy tree 3 days ago

      Simon C well I mean Samsung chose him along with a few select tech reviewers to give him the new phone for cheaper than it is so that he can review it and find out all the problems with it

  • Windows Tutorials
    Windows Tutorials 28 days ago

    Scratching at Level 3. Watching my recommended section "Surface Pro 6 Scratch, Flame and BURN tested". What a suprise!

  • timewarped2the80s
    timewarped2the80s 28 days ago +1

    It’s just an overpriced gimmick.

    RUSHIL JOHAR 28 days ago

    Looks great when folded.

  • youuuuuuuuuuutube
    youuuuuuuuuuutube 28 days ago +1

    Good video. Agree that the 200k folds by robot are not enough, it's in a controlled environment without dust or erratic behavior. That testing was a failure.

  • Musab Kılıc
    Musab Kılıc Month ago

    I'm still interested in foldable smartphones.

  • Kratos
    Kratos Month ago

    When apple has a problem people say it is Apple's Fault, but when samsung has a problem everyone says it is the user's fault or it is because it is a first gen product,well that just proves how arogant and stupid u android fanboys are

    • Kratos
      Kratos Month ago

      @maldita peppas u are an android fanboy u had no valid arguments at all whereas I provided perfectly apt answers. Ya call me an isheep I don't care but just know this android fanboys like u will always be the dumber ones

    • maldita peppas
      maldita peppas Month ago

      @Kratos im not even an android fanboy i just use android products but you arr the definition of an isheep

    • maldita peppas
      maldita peppas Month ago

      @Kratos omg you are a dumb ass 💀 i never said apple never innovates i said apple isnt innovating anymore wtf 🤣
      samsung is the old apple with innovations not the new one that scams for money lmao
      all android users know about tech
      all apple users know little to nothing about tech
      and even if they do they only like apple because it brings then nostalgia an they cant learn to accept that androids are far superior

    • Kratos
      Kratos Month ago

      @maldita peppas ok if apple didn't innovate I'll give you a list of innovations by apple.
      First phone with "3D" Face ID. iPhone X
      First phone with "capacitive fingerprint sensor" iPhone 5s
      First proper gestures for navigation. iPhone X
      First 120hz display on a mobile display "iPad pro "
      First phone with an irremovable back. OG iPhone
      First phone with a glass back
      iPhone 4
      First consumer phone to use premium materials and not plastic. iPhone 4
      First multitouch screen phone.
      OG iPhone.
      First "consumer " desktop with a mouse. Apple iMac 1998 version
      First phone to have a notch but essential phone due to its earlier release date for that title whereas apple had it in store for 2 years because iPhone x was supposed to celebrate the 10 year anniversary.
      Fuck can't innovate
      and first of all no one says apple is perfect or Android is perfect it's just both are good and each have their flaws. And the reason for Android fanboys to hate on apple is I don't know maybe because they don't have brains

    • maldita peppas
      maldita peppas Month ago

      @Kratos nope the note 7 was the devices fault dont put words in my mouth and then argue against it lol
      but apple users always say apple is perfect so when their keyboards dont work then everybody goes and recks them when keayboarss dont work on android nobody really cares lol because android fanboys never say that android is perfect lmao
      i do agree that it was samsungs fault for not puting a warning and making it obvious
      still doesnt bring down the facts that samsung is innovating lol

  • jimmy patterson
    jimmy patterson Month ago

    Find cuticle. Starts pulling. Skins myself.

  • Christopher Poulton

    That protective cover seems like a cop-out by Samgung. Why not have it seamless?? (smooth all the way to the edge)
    It seems like they just want to push it out and grab peoples money.
    Money grubbing SAMSUNG... disappointing

    • maldita peppas
      maldita peppas Month ago

      if samsung wanted to money grab they wouldnt include bluetooth heaphones nor fast charger they wouldn't give out free youtube premium and they would put ads all over their os like huawie and Xiaomi
      lol samsung is the last company to think of when it comes to cash grabbing lmao

  • Rixellious Japutra
    Rixellious Japutra Month ago +1

    Thanks dude for explaining what happened to the galaxy folds

  • Stick Studios
    Stick Studios Month ago

    They are NOT film!!!! It's literally the actual plastic screen

  • arielle dv
    arielle dv Month ago

    00:22 sry but that sounded like a villager...

  • Abhishek Pawar
    Abhishek Pawar Month ago

    15k hoes mad

  • Elbert OX
    Elbert OX Month ago

    wane big screen just buy tablet cz phone flip screen is not the best choice...

  • Yosep Sugiarto
    Yosep Sugiarto Month ago +1

    Thx for saving my money @Marques Brownlee! Top!

  • tatiane sulinoo
    tatiane sulinoo Month ago

    Gostaria muito de ganhar um desse ... Mas como e difícil aqui no Brasil ...

  • Jason Wong
    Jason Wong Month ago

    Lesson: Don't innovate Samsung. Wait till Apple figures it out then copy it, that's all you're good at doing.

    • maldita peppas
      maldita peppas Month ago

      gtfo with your jelous ass
      apple hasnt innovated in years lmao

  • Thatslife
    Thatslife Month ago

    ''jerry do you know what i'm sayin'

  • Almost Addicted
    Almost Addicted Month ago

    See Galaxy fold
    * open Wallet *
    See price

    • Almost Addicted
      Almost Addicted Month ago

      @Justin Y's Ghost Finally people like you got hell lot of time to care . Kindly get some life :))

    • Justin Y's Ghost
      Justin Y's Ghost Month ago +1

      @Almost Addicted everyone cares. Especially if you just literally copied the top comment without even changing the context

    • Almost Addicted
      Almost Addicted Month ago

      @Justin Y's Ghost no one cares lel

    • Justin Y's Ghost
      Justin Y's Ghost Month ago +1


  • GL K
    GL K Month ago

    When I grow up again, I wanna be a consumer and keep on buying shit that I don't really need.

  • ianpark2121
    ianpark2121 Month ago

    Samsung trying to block that unpeeling video

  • jale soylugil
    jale soylugil Month ago

    For the first generation buyers the insurence criteria of user error should be limited for the folding screen. because why would I be a tester for a product that is not complete and pay this huge price?? Is ıt just to have this tech firstly? I do not think so! And I am wondering what does this new folding phones are adding up to our daily life? What is the advantage of it? I see that folding screen has no advantage but disadvantages for the user. The folding screen is just the show off of the brand.

  • Modar Jamall
    Modar Jamall Month ago +10

    China: bans apple
    US: bans Huawei
    Samsung: _yeah boi_

  • lol
    lol Month ago

    i'm not interested in folding phones tbh. if i wanted something square shaped i'd just go buy a tablet.

  • John Choi
    John Choi Month ago +5

    wait why would you peel it though as a cheap Asian I would keep it on for a free screen protector

    • Hey_ It’s Alli
      Hey_ It’s Alli 16 days ago +1

      Reinfield - Calamity Take an English class please...

    • Reinfield - Calamity
      Reinfield - Calamity Month ago

      @John Choi thats doesnt change the fact of how cheaply are you like srsly screen protector only coz like 10 Bucks

    • John Choi
      John Choi Month ago

      @Reinfield - Calamity uh can you please use grammar?

    • Reinfield - Calamity
      Reinfield - Calamity Month ago

      Cuz the "Screen protector" usually cheaply plastic and Its not screen protector duh

  • Jamilla Dela Peña
    Jamilla Dela Peña Month ago +1

    samsung: oops its broken
    apple: its just a feature chill

  • Austin Miller
    Austin Miller Month ago +1

    6:45 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • CheesyLemming
    CheesyLemming Month ago +1

    Mark ass brownie

  • CoonersAnimations&Stuff

    YAAWWWWk its rewind rtime

  • Sckbsturd
    Sckbsturd Month ago


    • Sckbsturd
      Sckbsturd Month ago

      respect to all the apple users of having good attitude

  • Joshua Hesford
    Joshua Hesford Month ago

    Where did you get that skin for your laptop?

  • Ali Sharker
    Ali Sharker Month ago

    The more expensive your phone is the more it creates problems.

  • Dustin Provost
    Dustin Provost Month ago

    Stupid idea. For stupid people.

  • dotjaepeg
    dotjaepeg Month ago

    mark ass brownie

  • douglas peter
    douglas peter Month ago

    Who else watching and don't have the folder

  • Seto Lucifer
    Seto Lucifer Month ago +2

    Pls don’t remove my screen film b-baka!!

  • joseph woo
    joseph woo Month ago

    Sucks how marcus is controlled by these companies to not drag them across the dirt when they deserve it. People pre ordered this piece of junk for $2,000 dollars and have to worry about this

  • joseph woo
    joseph woo Month ago +5

    LOL imagine paying $2,000 just to have a device that breaks if you peel off the film

  • Fear The Mind
    Fear The Mind Month ago

    Galaxy Fold | Issa DUD!!

  • Nano X
    Nano X Month ago +2

    You push for most apple products even though it's usually overpriced crap.

    • Nano X
      Nano X Month ago +3

      @Toxic_ Vapor_ I don't have one idiot. Why would I spend 2k on a shitty device. Unlike an iPhone user, I don't buy everything the company puts on the market.

    • Toxic_ Vapor_
      Toxic_ Vapor_ Month ago

      @Nano X okay fanboy fold your Android phone for me pls

    • Nano X
      Nano X Month ago +2

      @Toxic_ Vapor_ yes it is.

    • Toxic_ Vapor_
      Toxic_ Vapor_ Month ago

      It's not crap

  • jacktheginger1
    jacktheginger1 Month ago

    Samsung leaves a dirty taste in my mouth when I say it dunno why anyone would buy one

  • Blue Dohgggy The Goose

    Mark ass brownie

  • Леша АскСВЧ

    Что я здесь делаю...

  • I'm not a Lawyer but I play one on YouTube

    Why wouldn't people buy a $2000 phone? They're already buying a $1400 iPhone... might as well escalate.

  • CraftyMaelyss
    CraftyMaelyss Month ago +9

    I'm going to take a guess at to why these phones are being damaged (mainly the screen protectors)
    With the adhesive, is it possible it is too strong that by pulling it up, it moves something out of place inside of the phone itself or even snaps or damages and cables or delicate parts inside it?
    Also with the 'bumps' on the others, perhaps because of the way it folds open and shut, maybe it caught something small that you wouldn't assume, then by opening the phone, it lodges said item into the phone itself through a design flaw?
    (for example during the folding process, perhaps something opens or is exposed long enough for a foreign item to accidentally get pushed inside, move/disturb the internal parts and cause the damage.)
    Then again I have 0 experience with building phones, so who knows (though I would LOVE to design and build my own mobile phone, that'd be epic!)

  • infinity XBL
    infinity XBL Month ago

    No one:
    Not a single person:
    Not 1 person in the world:
    Minecraft vilagers: 0:22

  • RushExplain
    RushExplain Month ago


  • Abdiaziz Elmi
    Abdiaziz Elmi Month ago

    We are moving back in the history like:
    In 2000 if you have a flip phone every one will literally laugh at you,
    Now if you have flip phone you are the swagmaster of the school