David Lynch: Transcendental Meditation | Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain

  • Published on Mar 4, 2008
  • David Lynch speaks at the University of Oregon regarding his films and transcendental meditation.
    03:59 David Lynch Opening
    04:57 Question and Answer #1
    55:26 Dr. John Hagelin
    1:32:14 Question and Answer #2
    1:56:29 David Lynch final words
    The critically-acclaimed director behind such films as Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive gave a lecture entitled "Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain." Lynch was accompanied by Drs. John Hagelin, Ph.D., and Fred Travis, Ph.D.
    This event took place on November 8, 2005.

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  • Daniel Carter
    Daniel Carter 7 years ago +89

    I love how simple everything is for him. It's so frustrating for most people to process. Alot of people think he's smug or full of himself, but he just is who he is. There isn't always a huge explanation behind the creative process, alot of it is quirky and simple changes on our perceived environment.

    • Greg1 McIntosh
      Greg1 McIntosh 26 days ago

      @Xeokym right..well put. Ok we're in agreement. Taking the middle road!

    • Xeokym
      Xeokym 26 days ago

      @Greg1 McIntosh I didn't say to walk around pie-eyed in Lala Land, I just said that people who try to control everything are miserable because no one person can control everything or everyone around them. Obviously being naive & ignorant isn't the way to go; nor does it mean just sit there doing nothing when everything is going to hell all around you. People who lull themselves into a false sense of security aren't any better off. This is what "taking the middle path" means in Buddhism; the extremes will not make you happy. Don't be gluttonous, but you don't have to starve yourself, either.

    • Greg1 McIntosh
      Greg1 McIntosh 26 days ago

      @Xeokym I used to have that way of being two decades ago but I have found that acting and living in that zone all the time drives insecure people around you nuts to the point that some of them actively pull the carpet out from underneath you and you go flying. I agree with what you're saying, but if everyone goes around pie eyed in a kind of la la land, passively not reacting to mounting resistance and tyranny but opportunist powertrippers it's just a matter of time before we end up in an orwellian society which is where we're headed right now sorry to say. I think one has to find the right balance between serenity and reactivity to aggression of the personal level and the national level. It's all only because of passivity that the Western world has been completely hypnotized by a false narrative around covid-19, the pandemic, and vaccines. My friends get mad at me for getting upset about the tyranny underlying all of that because they live in that Serene State all the time and mindlessly comply to Draculuan rules that have misled society that leads to loss of freedoms and tyranny.. then one is forced to have to fight back and it's what leads to war. Got to find the balance between serenity and pushing back against tyranny

    • Greg1 McIntosh
      Greg1 McIntosh 26 days ago

      @Darnell Major that's what I mean people confuse this kind of speech with being arrogant but it's just being confident which is different from being arrogant unfortunately insecure people see confident behaviors being arrogant when usually they tend to be more generous and kind

    • Darnell Major
      Darnell Major 27 days ago

      @Greg1 McIntosh he kind of is arrogant from the way he speaks. The AVERAGE person doesn't talk like that daily.

  • Lynnette Alexander
    Lynnette Alexander 12 years ago +8

    i went to this one in Oregon! It was sooo coool! I wasn't going to be able to go because my husband had another event he had to attend for work. Something happened at the last minute and it was canceled and I was able to attend with a friend! Everything happens for a reason. I am so grateful that David Lynch is helping our future!

  • Olhamo
    Olhamo 2 years ago +33

    A teacher once said, “there will be difficult people, but they don’t have to be difficult for you. “

  • Jim Reynolds
    Jim Reynolds 2 years ago +7

    I didn't realise that David Lynch was so involved with TM and is investing his own time and money to spread the word. He is a fascinating person just because of the films he makes but the fact that he does so much for TM really shows how selfless he is. He should be commended for what he does. I practice TM and I can honestly say it is well worth investing in it because the person who benefits most from it is yourself. It's like sending yourself on the holiday of a lifetime only the effects last for ever. It is not a cult - once you learn it that's the last money you spend on it and you don't become a zealot about it because you know the truth of it. It's simply a human learning how to look after him/herself correctly and to get the benefits of doing that.

    • Lawson English
      Lawson English Year ago

      That is from 13 years ago. The organization he founded is now 50x larger than it was back then.

  • C S
    C S 10 months ago +10

    I remember skipping this lecture 16 years ago. Thanks for the upload!

    • voidbeing
      voidbeing 9 months ago

      how do you feel missing out on it?

  • E.V. Hodge
    E.V. Hodge Month ago

    Love Mr Lynch's story about being asked to direct the third Star Wars flick. He's a man and an honest man. You can find it on TheXvid. Seek.

  • Stinger 839
    Stinger 839 3 years ago +9

    I see most of the comments are about pricing. As far as I know, his foundation grants plentiful scholarships (free TM training) to many types of people: children, veterans, PTSD and survivors of violent situations, prisoners, people with terminal disease. Most TM practitioners offer a sliding scale. David even makes this clear in answering the first question. David Lynch truly believes in the power of TM and has advocated for it for over thirty years.

  • Ronney Rendon
    Ronney Rendon 3 years ago +8

    I LOVE intelligent conversation. I'm literally crying as I type. Thank you for sharing this amazing video!

    • lamo lambda
      lamo lambda 2 years ago +1

      @University of Oregon David is such a beautiful soul.

    • University of Oregon
      University of Oregon  3 years ago +3

      Well, we LOVE listening to and sharing intelligent conversations, especially from David Lynch.

  • The Order Of Asterales

    Vedic meditation is free to all who will practice.
    It's something you can do for yourself & the unified field is there as an attainment irrespective of class, which we all pay into by our willingness to become prostrate.
    An enlightened benevolence is always valued by those who're paying attn (cultivating awareness/growing awarenes beyond the "golf ball size") & so the rewards of teaching to the strength of a good example are manifold.
    Transcendence is the thing;
    TM IS a cult & the exorbitant fees paid in go to the wealthy cabal at the top.
    That said, I don't believe David takes anything.

  • miles Jackson
    miles Jackson 2 years ago +3

    I've actually "touched" on the Mantra ONCE in my life and it was literally a second and trust me it's worth the money to find a quick way there BUT I did find it by mistake I think I was so happy that I was clean off drugs and drink and also gave up smoking that I just thought about it I thought about the positive effects and how well I had done at that stage.
    It happened for a second @ Mantra I do believe that being a good person and being happy will lead you there but how wonderful to have a shortcut to that place so I could "grow" there for longer :)

  • Michael Ward
    Michael Ward 2 years ago +3

    This is good information and it is free : there is a book called A coures in miracles. In the back of this book there are some exercises. #1 is about how to get into a deep transcendental state. It truly changed me and my life.

  • Anthony Barba
    Anthony Barba 8 months ago +2

    13:10 The "I am" ness ... made me thing of 🤔 “Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was born, I am.” John‬ ‭8:58‬ ‭ ... Consciousness.

  • Tapash Chatterjee
    Tapash Chatterjee Year ago +1

    "DOING" That Which We TRUELY BELIEVE In...And LEARN By "DOING"...Thankyou Beloved "DAVID LYNCH" Sir...

  • Tapash Chatterjee


  • Linda Smith
    Linda Smith Year ago +1

    thank you! this was seriously exciting...

  • Valkonnen
    Valkonnen 2 years ago +4

    When someone you admire is involved in a cult, it's surprising at first, and then completely understandable.

  • Shakhter Siren'
    Shakhter Siren' 2 days ago

    I took a nap today, didn't set an ala but I needed to wake up soon.
    half an hour to an hour later, I hallucinated my whole family coming into my room(I think my dad really did) to wake me up, then I imagined internal-monologue-like voices telling me that it was time to wake up.
    it was quite interesting, I must say
    felt startled at first, but then I found it fascinated that such a phenomena can actually exist inside minds and ultimately in the natural universe.

  • Lilee Lisa Mc.
    Lilee Lisa Mc. 2 years ago +14

    All people should be able to meditate, regardless of money. I can say that my original meditation teacher did not charge and operated on a donation basis. I did not appreciate it any less

  • Tapash Chatterjee


  • dzb
    dzb 6 years ago +14

    It seems like a no-brainer to me to make such a benefit available to all without creating obstacles like money.

    • Wendy Fellows
      Wendy Fellows 10 months ago

      Is owning a car a benefit? How much does that cost?

    • gc8972b
      gc8972b 3 years ago +1

      and it's been two years. where is it?

    • sybo59
      sybo59 5 years ago +3

      dzb What's stopping you? You make it sound easy.

  • Ricardo Argiles
    Ricardo Argiles 3 years ago

    i love it thank you

  • Tapash Chatterjee


  • LadyLalaina1
    LadyLalaina1 10 years ago

    Love the David Lynch films

  • GATTItudine
    GATTItudine Year ago +3

    These guys were soooo lucky😍

  • Tapash Chatterjee

    Thankyou Beloved 'DAVID LYNCH" Sir.......

    GREGORY EIDSON 2 years ago +4

    i, too, was concerned little about $$$ but i also understand that all of everything costs $$$ but Zazen practice is about just sitting. i don't know how different veda is but all i have heard so far is that it is with a mantra. as long as people find peace and grace. what could go wrong?

  • Michael Ward
    Michael Ward 2 years ago +2

    This needs to be in all schools as a requirement all so a requirement for all leaders of every nation !!!

    • marie Perez
      marie Perez 2 years ago

      Not so, Jesus said:Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”

  • GenreOnline
    GenreOnline Year ago +3

    I understand that people sometimes only attach importance to things that they pay for however I am disappointed still to learn that even with a foundation and the fact that Mr. Lynch himself is a multimillionaire, That people literally have to pay to learn and continue to practice transcendental meditation. This is not a movement this is the religion because what other organizations the deal with spirituality other than religions ask people for money. I’m disgusted.

  • The Selfish Meme
    The Selfish Meme 4 months ago +3

    I’ve had one unification religious experience & it was exactly as Mr Lynch describes it. Now I came about it by means other than transcendental meditation but it was the exact same understanding & experience. Thus transcendental meditation is but one of many paths to the top of this mountain.
    Furthermore, this mountain has twin peaks. Mr Lynch & myself had the good fortune of finding our ways to the top of the Eastern Peak of Mount Unification Experience.
    There is a Western Peak that mystics from all of the different Abrahamic faiths have arrived on. They experience complete union with the one god almighty, creator of all existence, whose power & love is perfect & infinite, in & for whom they have a tremendously deep & abiding faith & love

    • Shakhter Siren'
      Shakhter Siren' 2 days ago

      Same peak, different flags.
      we all have different interpretations of the experience, after all, all empirical experience is subjective.
      also, this experience is certainly spiritualistic, but not religious in any way.
      I'm an atheist and I do not find it necessary to bring anything mystical or metaphysical into the picture, besides the counciousness field, which can itself be an emergente phenomena from quantum information/entropy/information/Energy/chaos/complexity/density of something that multiplies all those.
      my only objection to TM's interpretation of it, is believing negative things go away and positive things come, by magical means.
      it doesn't, its extremely complex, often unconcious, but it's our brain working, on interpteting people, changing itself and evolving and on controlling our actions that actually make stuff happen in the world.
      we need to do stuff, it acts through us, after all. we need to talk, discuss and act.
      i believe at least some religions are an honest attempt of acting in sharing these ideas, but it's primitive and flawed, and most importantly, Is arrogant.
      to be exact: by believing with blind faith without providing the experience to everyone, believing their interpretation is 100% perfect and absolute and that everyone else is wrong.
      Also, I've experienced it at least thrice, during a suicidal crisis in which I got really close to doing it, through hypomania(which startled me into "psychotic" mania)
      twice, and countless times through my almost weekly religious/ritualistic use of Ayahuasca.
      so I hope i get it, but It does seem to get clearer with each subsequent instance of it, so I have no doubt that my own interpretation is still primitive

  • CortoArmitage
    CortoArmitage 9 years ago +5

    David Lynch for President 2016.

    • Hubert Cross
      Hubert Cross Year ago

      good idea. it's now 2021. how did THAT work out???

  • Ubo Zebubo
    Ubo Zebubo 3 years ago +13

    28:09 Best moment! Marry me Jenny!

    • Sido Lanters
      Sido Lanters 9 months ago

      she's hilarious and gorgeous 🖤

  • Men Madegod
    Men Madegod 11 years ago +1

    It was somewhat disingenuous of the University of Oregon not to at least place the word "meditation" somewhere in the title or description as that was largely the premises of this lecture.

  • Tapash Chatterjee


  • Tina Larson
    Tina Larson 7 months ago +1

    Anyone that is so deeply connected would NEVER charge this kind of money that could literally change the world for the better.

  • Tina Larson
    Tina Larson 7 months ago +1

    I want to know how much he paid to learn the meditation?
    The selfishness of not sharing is the problem on this Planet

  • Tapash Chatterjee


  • rétablir la vérité

    Hello everyone, I have been experimenting for many years with a lot of emotional regulation techniques (emdr, pnl, brainspotting ect) and unfortunately I notice that transcendental meditation ages the face and makes us less beautiful or attractive in the face, It's a shame because this technique brings me many benefits such as: willpower, recovery, creativity ... has anyone ever noticed this? thank you very much peace

    • Shakhter Siren'
      Shakhter Siren' 2 days ago

      ​@rétablir la vérité do you meditate in the sun without sunscreen?
      how long have you been doing it and what, of you don't mind me asking, is your age? (a ballpark number is fine)

    • Invictus Lord
      Invictus Lord Year ago

      @rétablir la vérité I’ll have to look them up. I’ve tried guided self hypnosis before and it was pretty good. You get that “sinking” feeling.
      Have to research pnl, emdr and others that you mentioned. Thanks.
      Any one meditation that is the best of all?

    • rétablir la vérité
      rétablir la vérité Year ago

      @Invictus Lord It's a shame that transcendental meditation makes us less beautiful because it allows me to move my buttocks .... it's a shame

    • rétablir la vérité
      rétablir la vérité Year ago

      @Invictus Lord Hypnose, PNL, autohypnose, EMDR, cohérence cardiaque :) traduction : Hypnosis, PLN self-hypnosis, EMDR, cardiac coherence :)

    • Invictus Lord
      Invictus Lord Year ago

      That's interesting. So, what methods do you feel that can increase the glow/projection?

  • Marcellus Kimontait
    Marcellus Kimontait Year ago +1

    There's no "brain creating reality". Reality= Self.

    • Shakhter Siren'
      Shakhter Siren' 2 days ago

      no, that's your inner universe.
      even if the external universe doesn't exist, we must act as if it were.
      believing you're the only thing real isn't good for the ego and will drive you crazy.
      remember to also ground yourself to actually function in society, because we, whilst limited to our brains/human subjective experience, need to have people around us, to be connected to other expressions of counciousness, to hear contradictory ideas and specially cognitively dissonant ones. we are slaves to our brain, and it lies quite a lot.
      if you didn't learn that the brain lies with TM, id suggest you try psychedelics, of which I suggest Ayahuasca. or actually studying classical philosophy and modern neurology, specially regarding the brain's filter, and how it simulates A reality and projects it through a hallucination so we can experience subjective experiences such as being localized in a 3d space, feeling gravity through a sense of balance, temperature, touch, tastes, smells, sounds, and most importantly, see.
      never trust your own brain without a healthy dose of skepticism. the ego takes over and lies to you, he wants you to believe in all this, because we need to.
      nirvana is great, but I you dedicate your life to it, you forget to live.
      I do think that's relevant to your case as well, because living is, after all, the meaning of life.
      limited human brains gives us the blessing of the unknown, of a subjective experience, of feelings and colors, notes, the sharpness of a benign pain that alerts us of a intestinal state of imbalance of microorganisms which then creates totally unconciously the craving for a certain type of food.
      none of the blessings of life would be possible with an objective perspective of reality itself, being god is, I imagine, quite boring.
      we need to accept our human nature and enjoy it while we can, also be in touch with nirvana, but remember to live bc after we die we get what comes after Nirvana: a "Foo Fighters" of enlightenment of you will, as death reunites us with the rest of the true universe and let's us merge back into the cosmic counciousness.
      besides completely obliterating the ego, forever.
      along with everything about it, memories and all, or at least it's correlation to the sense of self.
      One day, there really won't be anything else besides you, so don't waste your life thinking that, let the world of illusions entertain you! the world is magic, why wouldn't we let ourselves be fascinated by it?
      living life as if it was a dream isn't the right attitude, even if it is a correct statement after all.

  • Tapash Chatterjee

    Thankyou Beloved "JOHN HAGLIN" For The "INFORMATIVE And Thus EMPOWERING" Address.......

  • Tapash Chatterjee

    " I AM NESS"..."The BEING"..."The S-E-L-F"..."ABILITY To UNDERSTAND"...Our "AWARENESS"...Our "WAKEFULNESS"...Thankyou Beloved "DAVID LYNCH" Sir.......

  • kosmikmusa
    kosmikmusa 5 years ago +37

    without money
    we´d all be

    • NG
      NG 2 months ago

      it should be covered by health insurances

    • Les blagues de Sadhguru Blagues des autres.
      Les blagues de Sadhguru Blagues des autres. Year ago

      A simple sentence and they don't understand but they are answering 😏....

    • Xeokym
      Xeokym Year ago

      @Valkonnen Well, you can, just not from _him_

    • SelfReferencingName
      SelfReferencingName Year ago +2

      Money isn’t a ‘thing’, it’s just a way of representing value in order to trade so that we are not bartering for every little thing we want. Without money, we would be the peasants we used to be. And you can go there now if you want. I’m not going there though.

    • Georgie2500
      Georgie2500 2 years ago

      how would I buy my drugs?

  • marie Perez
    marie Perez 2 years ago +8

    I also did Vipassana (10 day silent meditation with vegetarian/vegan meals included) and at the end you gave that which you could afford! I came back to TM for personal reasons. The price of 2500$ is just the GREED and profit making frenzy of avarice. Do not stand at the pulpit and make childish comments !!! TM should be taught for pennies, not for greed!

    • Les blagues de Sadhguru Blagues des autres.
      Les blagues de Sadhguru Blagues des autres. Year ago

      She is" insulting" something she wants to have 😆😆😆😆.
      It is made by greedy people and you want to join them?

    • marie Perez
      marie Perez 2 years ago +4

      @Yo Ya Are you for real? Can you even read? Your reply is not only non-sensical but shows your lack of understanding. You're mixing oranges with apples and, sweets, it just doesn't work that way. And yes in Canada we have FREE H2O and we have socialized Medicine. It is useless speaking with a Zombie. Peace out

    • Yo Ya
      Yo Ya 2 years ago +2

      @marie Perez You want it for free, off course you do. So why not demand everything else free too - food, medicine, house, utilities etc?? And water, surely all humans should have that for free?
      There is a double standard when its something from the East. A legacy of a colonialism and exploitation.

    • marie Perez
      marie Perez 2 years ago +1

      @Yo Ya If you're asking 'why' you will never understand...!

  • matt gilliam
    matt gilliam 6 years ago +1

    I bet it's hard saying the same things like (they are abstractions, the box, and the key....one opens the other and once they come together Betty leaves, and once it is opened we go in....to where? On another part of the Dr.

  • Tapash Chatterjee
    Tapash Chatterjee 2 years ago

    DAVID LYNCH FOUNDATION Has Been Successfully Experimenting The Process Of TM(Transcendental Meditation) Techniques For The Empowerment, Rehabilitation And Well-Being Of The Beneficiaries...

  • ZOO Scott
    ZOO Scott 2 years ago +1

    Perfectionism, no less than isolationism or imperialism or power politics, may obstruct the path to international peace . Let us not forget that the retreat to isolationism a century ago was started not by a direct attack against international cooperations but against the alleged imperfections of the peace and commoners 🆘

  • CrossFace
    CrossFace 3 years ago

    you dont need money if you are already a spiritually advanced soul

  • Wild Heart
    Wild Heart 2 months ago

    I can assure Mr Lynch that people on welfare (Universal Credit) in the UK, would find it impossible to "find" the £295 "concessionary" rate to learn T.M.
    After their bills/rent/utilities are paid, the overwhelming majority of these people are lucky if they have £10 a week left for food.
    When I learned TM, it was £25 for a student rate.
    Even given allowances for the passage of time, what they're charging now is beyond extortionate.
    Still, no worries so long as the rich and famous can afford it eh?
    Kerr-CHING! $£$£

  • Tom Crockett
    Tom Crockett Year ago

    500+ dollars a day for a technician or technical support is reasonable. Think about it half is gonna go to taxes whether they are a contractor or an employee.

  • Sanki King
    Sanki King 5 years ago

    where is the full video of Boston University lecture???????

  • Reggie Palmer
    Reggie Palmer 11 months ago


  • Barefoot Prof
    Barefoot Prof 9 years ago +57

    The English teacher stops talking at 3:29.

  • Tapash Chatterjee


  • roemilo
    roemilo 7 years ago +7

    I don't believe you need to pay money to get the benefits of meditation BUT in saying that it doesn't make me not like him for charging people. The people with money will pay, the money doesn't just go into making rich people richer...they do put it back into communities around the world and have low income plans (if you're really interested in it).

    • Yo Ya
      Yo Ya 2 years ago +1

      No one is forced to learn TM.

  • Slizzl
    Slizzl 4 years ago +2

    The guy at 1:47:46 seems to be the smartest, most logical guy in the room.

    • Georgie2500
      Georgie2500 2 years ago

      hes just spouting out the names of college classes

  • Georgie2500
    Georgie2500 2 years ago +1

    16:15 "the man from the other world speaking backwards"

  • Specularis_
    Specularis_ 4 months ago


  • Blessed
    Blessed 10 months ago

    Almost all his videos are just a commercial to pay into his meditation regimen something he basically stole from the Eastern practices to sell to the west .

  • Crimsonphilosophy
    Crimsonphilosophy 4 years ago +11

    repeat a mantra in your mind until you can't anymore and then enjoy the silence. That will be a $1000 please

  • EggManZ
    EggManZ 2 years ago +3

    consciousness exists without the self. experience ego death, that is enlightenment

  • Nicky Williams
    Nicky Williams 4 years ago +1

    Surely he knows $1000 to $2500 is too much of an increase

    • Nicky Williams
      Nicky Williams Year ago

      @Tin Foilhat he's one of the biggest cons ever to walk the planet my friend

  • MammaApa
    MammaApa 2 years ago +3

    David sounds like me after the first time i did mushrooms.

    • deidra corp.
      deidra corp. Year ago

      @MammaApa Ahahahhaha so true! :)

    • MammaApa
      MammaApa Year ago +1

      @Les blagues de Sadhguru Blagues des autres. There are many similarities between successful meditation and intake of psilocybin mushrooms. I personally go for the latter because lack of patience.

    • Les blagues de Sadhguru Blagues des autres.
    • MammaApa
      MammaApa 2 years ago

      Minus the money bit.

  • GetMeThere1
    GetMeThere1 7 years ago +21

    2500 dollars!!!! Geez, when I learned in 1972 it was 30 dollars -- recently up from 25. And it is, after all, mostly a ripoff: the mantras are NOT specially chosen, there are simple rules for which mantra you're given -- but, more importantly, they're just the name of Hindu gods...which is just bullshit. Otherwise it's a decent method of meditating (just gently coming back to the mantra, and otherwise letting yourself be "open" to deeper states of consciousness) -- but you can get methods like that from books, instead of letting yourself be ripped off by a fraudulent organization.

    • Georgie2500
      Georgie2500 2 years ago +4

      Anyone who charges anything for meditation is a scam artist, esp. 2,500. Meditation can easily be self taught, you need the disciple though, which I guess the people paying thousands of dollars don't have and just want a quick "mind fix".

    • GetMeThere1
      GetMeThere1 6 years ago +10

      @Klaus Geltl Not sure what you're getting at, but I stand by my comment -- TM is nothing special, and is nothing better than meditation techniques one might learn for free. I say that as someone who practiced TM for many years, and has since moved on to more serious study of meditation.

    • KlausGH
      KlausGH 6 years ago +3

      'Methods like that' is a vague description of something which doesn't exist, and TM you can't learn from a book.

  • Susan Hutchinson
    Susan Hutchinson 11 months ago

    It’s a travesty that it is $2500 to learnTM. It should be free. It’s great that the foundation is working ti teach at risk people.

  • Mary Rice
    Mary Rice Year ago +1

    When I did TM training , I was a teenager and it cost my dad $150.00 . So get swami off the mountain top where he is meditating and tell him it cost too much in many ways for people to learn TM.

  • Big Shit Posse
    Big Shit Posse 2 years ago

    Little money, little stress.
    Much money, plenty of stress.
    No money, plenty of stress.

  • Yuriy Disman
    Yuriy Disman 2 years ago +5

    TM is the real thing. And you don't need them to learn it.

  • Jarod RR
    Jarod RR Year ago +3

    Best part 48:00. The cost of TM is horse shit.



  • Nancy Sands
    Nancy Sands Year ago

    HAha ha, , , I knew that. . . . LOVING YOU

  • Popeye and Olive
    Popeye and Olive Year ago +1

    seems to be aimed primarily at lets make America great again this is a fundemental problem

  • Max Collins
    Max Collins 7 years ago +24

    dude at 28:45 is a cartoon character

    • Xeokym
      Xeokym Year ago

      Like, dude, like, like, what do you mean? 😋

  • Tina Larson
    Tina Larson 7 months ago

    Maybe donate this meditation to the prisons!

  • dennis winters
    dennis winters 9 months ago +2

    The more you pay, the more it's worth. Really ? I don't buy it. I think the cost of the TM meditation course is ludicrous, quite frankly, and I don't believe the money goes towards helping world peace either. I think it goes towards making life very comfortable for the foundation.

    • NG
      NG 2 months ago

      It should not be privilege for wealthy but brought into schools and covered by health insurances

    • [] Fool the greaT []
      [] Fool the greaT [] 9 months ago

      i think that statement kind of points out the true gate to enter creative action - your own desire. your will to do an action that authenticates truth. ultimately it is strictly that which can never ever be expressed in monetary currency nor barter. he almost spoke in a koan there to answer that

  • Lynnette Alexander
    Lynnette Alexander 11 years ago +1

    @betteronlineedu ME TOO! If I wasn't married I would stalk him, LOL!

  • Spord Vintage at Etsy

    find it funny that this transcendental meditation who has apparently found enlightenment projects so much fear and darkness in his work. guess we know where all the fear goes - to us!

  • dacoole
    dacoole 2 years ago +1

    oh beeing concious of Your Conciousness yes David

  • Tom Crockett
    Tom Crockett Year ago

    I think the price is right. Maybe some sort of subsidy from donations or ........

  • Marcellus Kimontait
    Marcellus Kimontait Year ago +3

    What does money have to do with anything?

  • Gary Mulcahy
    Gary Mulcahy 3 years ago +40

    Disappointing answer about the exclusive prices for TM

    • John Moony
      John Moony Year ago

      Prices change. I went and it was $500.

    • Georgie2500
      Georgie2500 Year ago

      @Gary Mulcahy Unless you live in the U.S

    • Georgie2500
      Georgie2500 Year ago

      @Les blagues de Sadhguru Blagues des autres. If you're talking to me, I only pay for essential stuff, and meditation classes doesn't fit in there. You can't medidate a free house.

    • Gary Mulcahy
      Gary Mulcahy Year ago

      @Les blagues de Sadhguru Blagues des autres. not for healthcare

    • Les blagues de Sadhguru Blagues des autres.
      Les blagues de Sadhguru Blagues des autres. Year ago

      But you pay for everything else 😏

  • Rudy Bakker
    Rudy Bakker 3 years ago +1

    I can learn you TM for 50 bucks.

  • Sigrid Buchanan
    Sigrid Buchanan Month ago

    Don't be discouraged, the foundation offers financial aid for those unable to afford. My income bracket will only cost me $45 per month for 4 months. Ive carelessly spent much more than that on things which are material and shallow in nature. As soon as I set aside the money I am going to find a TM teacher.

  • Popeye and Olive
    Popeye and Olive Year ago

    culture specific we have moved on never heard of global wake up.

  • Tash Sky
    Tash Sky Year ago +1


  • johny ball
    johny ball 10 years ago +14

    im high as a kite

  • Dev H
    Dev H Year ago

    22:24 Lester from GTA 5

  • zombie8me
    zombie8me 2 years ago


  • Lynnie Buchanan
    Lynnie Buchanan 9 months ago

    So many humble gurus who offer people self enquiry techniques to find there truthful inner being. You people are a disgrace to hold money over love and giving to raise the vibration on this planet to peace and love.
    People do not need you people who want money for nothing.
    We are all ONE and giving love is not exchanging money for finding self.

  • Donnie Bobb
    Donnie Bobb 5 years ago

    Who's that Magical lady???

    • CrossFace
      CrossFace 3 years ago

      all ladies are magical, donnie

  • m ic
    m ic 6 months ago

    They are so cool, they remind me of the movie "Body Snatchers".

    PETER HH Year ago

    Can you please help Nottingham Drug Rehab? They are the worst! No way a patient can get clean! So if you know somebody that wants to save millions of lives please help Nottingham UK drug rehab!

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin Year ago

    TM seems like a nice side project for money laundering for him.

  • Decayed Bob Ross Brainwaves

    It's Eh-Fort-Lesss..

  • Tapash Chatterjee


  • Bridgette Stewart
    Bridgette Stewart 9 months ago

    I keep waiting for him to say something deep….

  • Westerner
    Westerner Year ago

    It’s Thomas!

  • Mackaroon2021
    Mackaroon2021 9 years ago +1

    Yip in deedy doody.

  • Rudy Bakker
    Rudy Bakker 3 years ago +4


    • Les blagues de Sadhguru Blagues des autres.
      Les blagues de Sadhguru Blagues des autres. Year ago

      How much do you worth?
      Less money?

    • Andres Keys
      Andres Keys 3 years ago +4

      Been totally worth it for myself. I've almost tripled my income in less than 12months. I've walked away effortlessly from classA drug use for over 20 years. I'm calmer, make better decisions...enjoy my days like never before

  • Pebbles McBride
    Pebbles McBride 5 years ago +13

    watch david lynch's hands :-)

    • CrossFace
      CrossFace 3 years ago

      rhythm and blues, baby
      rhythm n blues

  • jimstormcrow
    jimstormcrow Year ago

    And then Trump.

  • nancie pacetti
    nancie pacetti 8 years ago +4

    i can't understand why what spirit gives us free we think it ok to charge a price for???? I am not saying that if someone is gifting you you should not gift them back but it should come from the heart ....and money would be just one gift that could be given...

    • Les blagues de Sadhguru Blagues des autres.
      Les blagues de Sadhguru Blagues des autres. Year ago

      Why don't you go to the Spirit and take It for free?
      Why do you need his help?
      Always complaining like it is a quality 😏🤷🏿‍♀️.

    • CrossFace
      CrossFace 3 years ago

      its not us
      just a few evil ones
      but dont worry..they are on the way out

    • nancie pacetti
      nancie pacetti 5 years ago +1

      well we get paid in many ways ...

    • sybo59
      sybo59 5 years ago

      nancie pacetti He's not forcing anyone to pay. And if it is as freely available as you suggest, why would anyone need to pay?