Donuts & Go Karts with Jenson | No Brakes Ep 5 presented by Optus

  • Published on Feb 9, 2021
  • GDay. Not a bad day at work. McLaren donuts. Jenson tutorials. Plenty of ha ha’s.
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  • Joe Achilles
    Joe Achilles Year ago +1

    And that's why we love you Danny Ric, you're basically a big kid living the dream ❤️

  • Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Osas

    Can’t believe Ricky bob and Jensen button actually drove in the same car

  • Michael Wright
    Michael Wright Year ago +1

    Lol imagine being the lady who came to curse out a driver doing donuts and it's Danny.

  • Paul Tsang
    Paul Tsang Year ago +403

    Daniel: sore body after being in a small car

  • David Alexander
    David Alexander Year ago +63

    Jenson: "I can still beat an F1 driver!"

  • Jorja Bygott

    imagine telling danny ric “that’s a big no” i woulda been like “bro can you do it again?!” 😂

  • L2
    L2 Year ago +103

    i wonder if anyone who’s subbed to Danny Ric and regularly watches his videos doesn’t actually watch F1 and just likes this funny australian blokes channel.

  • Roberto-PONY-
    Roberto-PONY- Year ago +1

    I was about to go to school but this feels more important

  • F
    F Year ago +140

    Ah yes Ricky and Jason having fun together after their autograph session

  • Ghost Fire
    Ghost Fire Year ago +283

    "I was amazed at how late you braked." Typical Daniel.

    HAACKER45 Year ago +82

    I love Jenson, he's a top bloke.

  • Jasmine Bhoja
    Jasmine Bhoja Year ago +23

    Yesss Daniel love these videos, always put a smile on my face 😁 Can’t wait for more content!!

  • santiagobenites
    santiagobenites Year ago +5

    I just learned who you were yesterday, Daniel, but you're suddenly my favorite F1 driver. If personality alone could win races, I think that you'd be standing on the top step of the podium. Cheers!

  • David B
    David B Year ago +11

    I can't imagine a better pair of mates to have than Danny and Jenson. Great video, love to see more of you two during the off season.

  • Floriaisabella
    Floriaisabella Year ago +33

    Jenson and Ricky Bobby together!!! Just like good old times!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Alex Mustafich-Nutley
    Alex Mustafich-Nutley Year ago +49

    Imagine telling an F1 driver he can't do a donut

  • Devon Joshua Weitz
    Devon Joshua Weitz Year ago +19

    can the f1 season start already?? i need Dani Avocado fighting for podiums and maybe a little smiles on the side

  • Medhy's The G
    Medhy's The G Year ago +689

    “Who was the driver” 😂😂😂😂 manee do you know who your talkin to😂😂

  • Anca_ Rose
    Anca_ Rose Year ago +3

    The good old fashion scolding in the beginning was priceless 😂. Makes even an adult feel like a kid in trouble 😅

  • lewiemat
    lewiemat Year ago +36

    Every time the poor guy mentioned his ribs getting a beating, no one thought to give him a rib protector?! Jenson has one on.