Electric scooters may not be around for long…

  • Published on Apr 12, 2019
  • Electric scooters have been one of the biggest tech crazes of the last year, with venture capitalists pouring more than $1 billion into the startups. But the fundamental numbers don’t add up because the scooters don’t bring in enough money to cover their costs. If the business continues on its current path, the scooter hype might be short-lived.
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  • The Verge
    The Verge  7 months ago +366

    How do you feel about having scooters in your city/town?

  • Tim Leavy
    Tim Leavy 8 days ago

    Ive just come back from Austin. Used the scooters and its amazing. It really does open up the city. Brighton in the UK should also have these, but due to our 1800's road laws we can't (yet I hope)....but mainly I can't see it happening as these scooters wouldn't last a day before being stolen.

  • Nico Montinola
    Nico Montinola 8 days ago

    I love my e-scooter

  • This is Della K. Sigler.
    This is Della K. Sigler. 10 days ago +1

    These electric scooters are a menace for people who are blind and have mapped out the city and their mind how did they know that the end of the sidewalk is blocked with a bunch of scooters? Secondly, their horrible for people who are in wheelchairs how is somebody that is wheelchair-bound supposed to move a bunch of scooters out of the way so they can get down the sidewalk unabated?

  • AG UT
    AG UT 10 days ago

    ITs banned in Singaore

  • engr xtian
    engr xtian 11 days ago

    Title of the video is quite misleading. I agree that E-scooters are intended for single user not for commercial purposes. Cities should promote the use of bicycle instead.

  • Oculus
    Oculus 13 days ago

    We have Bolt scooters in Tallinn and I've never heard of people destroying them like this here. Bolt is using the Ninebot ES4 models and I own one too. They are quite unreliable.

    • Danny Mccoy
      Danny Mccoy 12 days ago

      Es4 unreliable??? Wow..hard to believe.

  • Justin G
    Justin G 17 days ago

    Dumping a scooter into a lake, pond, river, or even a playground wasn't the business intention!!

  • Justin G
    Justin G 17 days ago

    So the scooters weren't meant to be destroyed, but people did it anyway.

  • Jean-Claude Vijt
    Jean-Claude Vijt 22 days ago

    Just a hype which will disappear

  • Ty Zeno
    Ty Zeno 23 days ago +1

    Problem is too many idiots ride them. Idiots=new laws, Idiots=short lifespan. They leave them at my doorstep and I just toss them into the street and the city picks them up for blocking public way, what happens after to them is a mystery and I don't care. They need to zone them, if you don't put them back into their zone you get charged $5 or $10, if you leave them on Private property $50, Public right of way $30. The next one left on my property will be MINE, I'll take it into my metal garden shed where GPS doesn't work and remake it into my own free untrackable scooter.

  • Ian Locks
    Ian Locks 23 days ago

    How can the revenue of a scooter ridden 3.5 times a day be $2.32 when it costs a dollar to unlock the scooter? The minimum is $3.50. This doesn't add up

  • william cheung
    william cheung 25 days ago

    shouldn't the title actually be " Sharing of scooters may not be around for long? " they also don't last long cause if people don't own them , they tend to abuse them. It's no surprise that anything you rent or share don't last long. The title is very deceiving.

  • Nelson Nob
    Nelson Nob 25 days ago

    The real reason investors pump money into this is because of personal/travel information/data gathered by them...thats the real $$ they are looking at.

  • Medd0ws
    Medd0ws 26 days ago

    I hate scooters :( Irresponsible usage makes our pavements unsafe and they give lazy mofos a reason not to walk

  • Wizard Jack
    Wizard Jack 27 days ago

    Your research is questionable when you mentioned a scooter costing 551ea. 2:02

  • djchloe29
    djchloe29 27 days ago

    Bird Scooter was thrown at my parked car. Cities need to outlaw these things.

  • Rob M
    Rob M Month ago

    I personally blame the people. Yes it's corporate litter, but people are the users and fuel the business, as well as the outcome of the scooters' wear and tear over time. This is the problem with renting versus ownership. If someone had ownership of one of those scooters after saving up for it over time, there would be much more respect for it then to just beat the snot out of it and make it a potential hazard for another user.

  • Starwood Graham
    Starwood Graham Month ago

    Negative profitability didn't stop uber, lyft, and host of other tech companies to become multi-billion dollar companies. These companies have plan to be profitable in the future or they have exit plan. You can't always value tech companies (or any other companies for that matter) by it's current status of profitability.

    THE SOUL Month ago

    Disposable 💩-SCOOTERS 🛴💩🚮🗑️

  • David Nich
    David Nich Month ago

    I big man on e scooter, i dangerous powerful

  • Sio_n
    Sio_n Month ago +1

    Guys, this is just wrong. The title says "Electric scooters may not be around for long…". This video is talking about the rideshare companies and shareable electric scooters. What about personal electric scooters that you OWN. So that means that my electric scooter that I BOUGHT would just disappear and would not be there? Look, Segway-Ninebot wouldn't just disappear because their electric scooters wouldn't sell, they have more products like robotic delivery systems, robo-police, onewheels and other leisure products. So basically rideshare companies might disappear but the personal scooter market could and would stay. Moral of this story: the title should be fixed to "Electric scooter *rideshare companies* may not be around for long…".

  • Cris. Hernandez
    Cris. Hernandez Month ago +1

    The public is childish and a bunch of hypocritical babies

  • K R y P T e X S
    K R y P T e X S Month ago

    Yes it lasten more then 3 Months in sweden

  • Conservative Geek
    Conservative Geek Month ago +1

    An obvious solution would be to charge a liability deposit for each rider; then return said deposit minus the cost of use...
    That way riders have the option to drop off & lock up @ designated areas per hour or take the scooter home for days at a different lower cost effective rate overall...
    After inputting said policy there; would be less wear & tear from the elements & vandalism...

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith Month ago

    Of course it's California

  • TJC2 Cooper
    TJC2 Cooper Month ago

    They are so convenient!!!!

  • Amuria Iris
    Amuria Iris Month ago +1

    Buy your own Scooter. Use it properly, not where people walk...
    Got mine in sale for 262 Euros (SkateFlash 2.0).
    It gets to 40km/h.
    Takes me around with ease and feels great to ride (I live in Portugal).
    I lock mine in bike parkings with a bike lock.
    Go like this and you will have no problem. Enjoy the freedom an Eletric scooter provides. Dont be a hater without even trying one by yourself ^-^
    Comes night plug it for charging, no fuel problems. No parking problems.
    Feels amazing to ride. Pure joy.

  • Felipe Mendez
    Felipe Mendez Month ago

    These dam things are all over down town ALBUQUERQUE. I would rather walk.

  • Asherlev Tan
    Asherlev Tan Month ago

    I dont think everything can last for a lonng time not unless we really take care of it. E Scooters and e bikes that we see on the streets are meant be broken due to the fact people uses it with no remorse so i guess cannot last for more than a year. This is a good research. What can you say about people who buy their own e scooters??

  • TheKlingis
    TheKlingis Month ago

    I imagine the battery , esc and wheel hub to be the most expensive parts. Maby a scooter only lasts a month but then they pull the electronics and put it in a new shell, replace some wheel bearings and its good for another month.. the battery should easily last a few years .

  • d0nj03
    d0nj03 Month ago

    First of all, this is renting, not sharing. The sharing economy is made of services offered at cost or with no exchange of money (like BlaBlaCar). Where there's profit-making there is no sharing. Stop using the word "sharing" for pure and simple capitalist profit-making activities.
    Secondly, it's scooter rental that may not be around for long, not scooters themselves. By the looks of it it will be economical and better for the environment if people get their own scooters and take care of them and make them last. And if they ride them more slowly and carefully, at close to pedestrian speeds, especially in busy urban environments.

  • Huszar Tony
    Huszar Tony Month ago

    This is a great idea. Just bought a boosted board mini x and the electric types of transport are becoming more and more popular. Better for the environment, faster, and fun. I do not know why people hate so much on the electric scooters. Throwing them in lakes and such is unbelievable.

  • That1SuperMon
    That1SuperMon Month ago

    Ha, you fool

  • Ice Breaka
    Ice Breaka Month ago

    In japan can easily last over 6 months or even 1 year, but people here are careless, they use it and dump it anywhere they get off it. I have seen people get off scooter and not even use the kick stand, don’t even talk about to park it, Just lay it down on the ground blocking side walk, and yes, it happen here in San Francisco.

  • Dom s
    Dom s 2 months ago

    I can't believe VC are investing in this... They are the same people who invested in the dotcom bubble. They need to be taught some simple accounting skills.

  • Crystal Ritchie
    Crystal Ritchie 2 months ago

    I work for a scooter company. We drop 60 brand new scooter we are lucky if we get 50 back. They need a better gps and coding so people can’t bypass them and make them personal scooters. Even the new scooter are getting stolen and made into personal.

  • IAWFilmWorks AndromedaReseach

    The company owners are making money while the business loses money. They pay themselfs and employees but a turn around revenue is another matter. Vandalism is only a small hit to the profit line compared to abuse of scooters by riders. The issue is no control over the company making them responsible for damage to the community. Bird flooded the streets at first with no permits obtains from the city. Started a bad rep for the industry, Lyme did get permits. But how do you get the customers to be considerate of the product, and the community...this is the real issues. Cities like Reno Nevada band the company's till a solution could be arrived at. Once again there are people who will ruin it for everyone. I think the idea is great for the environment and community if only certain issues can be dealt with.
    But perhaps these companies are more interested in making their money over doing right for the communities they are making in.
    If this is so...the industry will end.

  • James Faction
    James Faction 2 months ago +1

    Your video title is inaccurate. RIDE SHARE scooters may not be around for long. Electric scooters are here to stay - just privately owned ones.

  • Ghult
    Ghult 2 months ago +1

    What can I do because in my country (Malta) have made a new law that I need to be 18 and have a driving licence for my electric scooter. Please help.

  • lightningbug000
    lightningbug000 2 months ago

    Electric scooters will be around for a long time, just not scooter sharing apps. Just like how internet cafes failed, but the internet is here to stay. People are buying their own.

  • Brian McK
    Brian McK 2 months ago +1

    There’s still a lot of money $$ to be made just selling them individually !!!

    • daktothefuture 1
      daktothefuture 1 2 months ago +1

      Brian McK absolutely! I just bought an xiaomi 365 for getting around my college campus. In short, it’s been a dream! Getting to classes only takes 5 minutes now so I can get a really good seat in the front of the class.

  • Lirian
    Lirian 2 months ago

    Dang they started on by birthday

  • David Nich
    David Nich 2 months ago

    scooter danger on footpath = The Tragedy of the Commons: when a previously civilly shared resource (eg footpath) is destroyed by by self-interest or profit seeking

  • The Broke Mountain Biker

    Just buy your own scooter

  • Metro Lima
    Metro Lima 2 months ago


  • Just Neh
    Just Neh 2 months ago

    Huh turn into south park

  • doug
    doug 3 months ago

    the one month stat your whole video is based on is probably wrong! if some companies go bust then the ones left will get more rides per day also.

  • Trevor Nash
    Trevor Nash 3 months ago

    More reliable electric scooters needed. They still pump them out where quality is poor and break easy. I want to get one but bad reviews on them.

  • Luke Finlayson
    Luke Finlayson 3 months ago

    Slightly misleading title...

  • Shoot TV football
    Shoot TV football 3 months ago

    they just need to try this business in countries where actual educated people live,rather than aMeriCa - yee haw

  • kenny Ozone
    kenny Ozone 3 months ago

    @2:08 those scooters don't cost $500.each one cost like $50 or less from China. The most you buy in bulk the less it becomes.

  • SuperFritzFantom
    SuperFritzFantom 3 months ago

    greetings from vienna lol haven´t expected to get called in one sentence with the us and paris lol
    btw i and not using the sharingdevices, because i have my own m365 (with over 1500km on it)

  • MadJDMTurboBoost
    MadJDMTurboBoost 3 months ago

    I highly doubt a company (eg. Bird or Lime) are buying Xiaomi rebranded scooters in BULK for more than the retail price of ~$500... I think your numbers are off

  • California R
    California R 3 months ago

    Shameful era, communities lost.

  • Brian Michaels
    Brian Michaels 3 months ago

    Your math is wrong NO WAY a company business model is to lose money

  • mickeyman
    mickeyman 3 months ago

    You can always increase the price to the public...

  • Sirius Blackwhite buffalo

    I like scooters

  • David Nich
    David Nich 3 months ago

    scooters are the new Hitler youth - murderers proudly parading through the street

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