GTA 5 Funny Moments 'THE RACES ARE REAL!' (With The Sidemen)

  • Published on Apr 16, 2014
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Comments • 587

  • James Samarasinghe
    James Samarasinghe 7 years ago +345

    Actually a GTA vid when all of the sidemen are playing

  • YouTube User
    YouTube User 5 years ago +39

    TWICE THE CRANE TWICE THE LIFTNESS!! 😂😂😭👏🏼 Vikk is so adorable❤️😍

  • Lonely
    Lonely 7 years ago +236

    Ethan: I'm leading the pack I'm leading the pack
    Tobi: I'm leading the black I'm leading the black

  • Kwerty Tyrone
    Kwerty Tyrone 6 years ago +13

    2:29 Simon pulled a sick stunt

  • Samim lordazz
    Samim lordazz 7 years ago +300

    Good old times when the whole sidemen were playin gta together... Jj left because everyone was bullyin him... :(

    • Jordyn Nexus
      Jordyn Nexus 6 years ago

      They've all been in the videos in the past week or so it's been great :D

    • Cozza
      Cozza 6 years ago

      +Putrox maybe not as much as vikk now

    • skankhunt 42
      skankhunt 42 6 years ago +3

      +Putrox vikk plays the most...

    • J Jesper
      J Jesper 6 years ago

      @Neiluss byla No JJ plays very much these days. More than Vikk, Ethan, Tobi and Harry so...

    • Neilas B
      Neilas B 6 years ago +2

      Harry just isn't a sideman...
      jj still plays at times, rarely though

  • Toby Smith
    Toby Smith 7 years ago +10

    I wish all the sidemen still did videos together like this

  • Jay Sun
    Jay Sun 6 years ago +47

    "Vikk likes fucking men." literally the best part of the video 😂😂

    • Jay Sun
      Jay Sun 6 years ago +2

      @Salad Fingers oh yeah 12 year olds on minecraft

  • Tragedy FPS
    Tragedy FPS 7 years ago +10

    Remember when every Sidemen played, the good old times

  • Nathan Hodgins
    Nathan Hodgins 7 years ago +6

    This was the good old days when all the sidemen actually played together...

  • NiNjAxBaNaNaS
    NiNjAxBaNaNaS 7 years ago +2

    Wish the sidemen all come together like this again

  • AllAboutDhikr
    AllAboutDhikr 8 years ago +3

    ooh how I fuckin love these guys. they're so entertaining and I always get a good laugh in

  • Jadon Morales
    Jadon Morales 7 years ago +1

    This always makes me happy when I watch this they're having so much fun it makes me laugh so much

  • A
    A 8 years ago +57

    "twice the cranes twice the liftness!"

  • Rossouw
    Rossouw 5 years ago +1

    I Love Vikk And His Puns!😂😂😁👊🏼

  • UKV Horizon
    UKV Horizon 6 years ago

    Probably my favorite GTA video, so funny. So glad i came back to watch this.

  • sizzmarr
    sizzmarr 7 years ago

    It's been exactly one year since this was uploaded. Ah, the memories.

  • Mosuviou5
    Mosuviou5 2 years ago +3

    Watching old gta videos in 2019 just remind us of the good old day 🤔💭

    • lala
      lala 2 years ago


  • Uncle Pedro
    Uncle Pedro 7 years ago +3

    Good old times when the sidemen actually played together.

  • Burak Balıkçı
    Burak Balıkçı 8 years ago +1

    2:24 was legit a stunt worth a montage

    UK DRILL KNOWLEDGE 6 years ago

    The bit when Simon overtook Josh gave me goosebumps.

  • Mist
    Mist 7 years ago

    I would love to see them all play together again since JJ is done filming the movie w/ Caspar :3

  • Kebab Master
    Kebab Master 8 years ago

    These guys are my new fave comedy gang!

  • Erik
    Erik 8 years ago

    HAHA never laugned as much mate great job..subscribed;)

    ITZME JOSH 5 years ago +3

    Ethan : I'm leading the pack I'm leading the pack
    Tobi : I'm leading the black I'm leading the black

  • Rayan Fida
    Rayan Fida 5 years ago +1

    At 2:21 what Simon did was pure swag😂😂

  • Omar El Sayed
    Omar El Sayed 4 years ago +1

    An old GTA vid none of them make GTA vids anymore , I feel nostalgic watching this vid like damn good times.

  • Eleanor Moody
    Eleanor Moody 6 years ago +14

    Awh I miss when the GTA's were like this

  • DARE
    DARE 2 years ago +2

    This video is legendary.

  • TheFrostylovin
    TheFrostylovin 8 years ago

    Gotta love the Sidemen

  • Jordyn Nexus
    Jordyn Nexus 6 years ago +1

    "I'm leading the pack I'm leading the pack"
    "I'm leading the black I'm leading the black"

  • Faisal is that you?
    Faisal is that you? 8 years ago

    Jj's singing was on point 😂

  • Royalty Free Sound Effects

    back when harry could actually win a gta race

  • Rafi Reza
    Rafi Reza 3 years ago

    feel like crying watching this...
    missing their gta videos a lot

  • MommyBear
    MommyBear 8 years ago

    Good video, I really enjoyed it!

  • MentalMonkeys
    MentalMonkeys 8 years ago +7

    Why was Josh so quiet in the crane race?

  • Bread
    Bread 8 years ago

    I want a ringtone of Ethan saying "got the boost boys"

  • Mosuviou5
    Mosuviou5 4 years ago

    Who ends up being tense watching these races lol

  • KuyaHP
    KuyaHP 4 years ago

    Still my favourite GTA video !

  • Mr Hyper
    Mr Hyper 8 years ago +52

    2:24 RedKeyMon would have been proud

    • Od
      Od 4 years ago +1

      Mr Hyper stunt montage

    • Yury Prokhorov
      Yury Prokhorov 8 years ago +1

      He should make a stunt montage lol

  • AllAboutDhikr
    AllAboutDhikr 8 years ago +9

    "twice the crane is twice the liftness!"

  • SolHD
    SolHD 8 years ago +2

    Ethan's laugh is class

  • Y0uKnoWh0
    Y0uKnoWh0 7 years ago +1

    Video's like these are always so boring... but this shit was hilarious. Ya'll had me laughing and made me want to boot this shit up again, That Enrique Iglesias and "Nigga we Made it" was fucking gold.

  • Moe Hoosen
    Moe Hoosen 5 years ago

    Ahh the memories! Rewatching in August 2016

  • Ryan Walsh
    Ryan Walsh 4 years ago +3

    Wish they were all doing this instead of diss tracks😂

  • Gasschrack Gamer
    Gasschrack Gamer 8 years ago

    that crane jump race tho.... that shit was real XD LMFAO

  • Noureldin Ali
    Noureldin Ali 6 years ago +3

    Kinda funny and ironic how Harry doesn't have the SIDE tag beside his name, that's his future

  • Lost4space 321
    Lost4space 321 2 years ago +1

    Oh the good old memories

  • DaTrueBarcaFan 5000
    DaTrueBarcaFan 5000 4 years ago

    Back in the day when the sidemen used to play together
    Where are they now

  • Castle _
    Castle _ 6 years ago

    It's was so much funnier when they all played

  • Malik Murphy
    Malik Murphy 7 years ago

    You all make me cry with laughter

  • Yahya Ismail
    Yahya Ismail 7 years ago

    The days where Harry and JJ were apart of the sidemen

  • Black and Blue
    Black and Blue 8 years ago +2

    Twice the crane twice the liftness!

  • Hodko
    Hodko 8 years ago

    4:58 IS JUST SO FUNNY!

  • Primal OnSlaught
    Primal OnSlaught 7 years ago

    Dude. I didn't even watch any of your videos and I already subscribed on the add because of the thumbnails. Looks so enjoyable.

  • RickyPro
    RickyPro 6 years ago +1

    This is Simon's most viewed GTA video and deservedly so...

  • Jade
    Jade 5 years ago +1

    RIP the old gta I cry every time!!!!!!

  • Reise Davis
    Reise Davis 8 years ago

    I like how that guy bounces of of your roof at 1:00

  • Tom Wanks
    Tom Wanks 8 years ago

    "Twice the cranes twice the liftness" lol :D

  • Luna Rowlands
    Luna Rowlands 8 years ago +1

    JJ = Voice of an angel

  • Yousef Hhh
    Yousef Hhh 2 years ago

    The good old days :(

  • Anthony LoVetro
    Anthony LoVetro 4 years ago

    "I'm leading the pack, I'm leading the pack" -Ethan "I'm leading the black, I'm leading the black' - TBJZL

  • Xeraxor
    Xeraxor 6 years ago

    "And I will be your hero..."
    - Probably what JJ sung - 2014

  • S3iZuReTyMe
    S3iZuReTyMe 8 years ago

    Simon, how the hell did you see Vikkstar ar 6:30???? that was a sick dodge

  • Ender Mysterio
    Ender Mysterio 7 years ago +1

    1.20 deki stunt olmuş güzel bide türk olsamda sizin videolarınıza bayılıyom çok güzel yapıyonuz :)

  • Glocktopus
    Glocktopus 8 years ago

    That ending tho

  • suomipepe
    suomipepe 5 years ago +1

    Ah, the days when frame rate wasn't a thing yet...

  • Eoeo Eoeo
    Eoeo Eoeo 8 years ago +2

    Tobi is fucking hilarious

  • CincyKrisHammer
    CincyKrisHammer 8 years ago

    wish you would of looked behind you at 1:05 just to see that car fly off the

  • Sam Reilly
    Sam Reilly 3 months ago

    This is the best gta vid of all time

  • Eoeo Eoeo
    Eoeo Eoeo 8 years ago +241

    "Got thy boost breatherein"... Vikspear123

  • Lorde Edge
    Lorde Edge 8 years ago

    You guys should try this challenge :park as many planes on top of each other

  • Leon Ryan Adams
    Leon Ryan Adams Month ago

    When harry was capable of winning…

  • Random Games
    Random Games 6 years ago

    your my favourite sidemen and i watch loads of your videos

  • moamen ayaad
    moamen ayaad 5 years ago +1

    miniminter is the best youtuber ever !!!

  • Roknatoros
    Roknatoros 7 years ago

    Schönes Video zum chillen, hat mir gefallen :)
    LG #Benlaxer

  • Jordyn Nexus
    Jordyn Nexus 6 years ago


  • Aaron Brookes
    Aaron Brookes 8 years ago +69

    Just love how everyone plays for a laugh and pisses about, and Harry try hard's like a prick, ruins it

    • erin
      erin 5 years ago +2

      You could have put your opinion in a nicer way :/

    • Sal Ami
      Sal Ami 6 years ago +2

      I personally find games fun by trying hard.

    • Aaron Brookes
      Aaron Brookes 6 years ago

      @Putrox And that matters because?

    • J Jesper
      J Jesper 6 years ago +1

      @***** Harry is younger than you

  • tomislav tomislavski
    tomislav tomislavski 6 years ago

    that ending tho

  • Rossouw
    Rossouw 4 years ago +2


  • schossidy
    schossidy 8 years ago

    2:20 redkeymon skills tho

  • Kyle Bilzon
    Kyle Bilzon 6 years ago +1

    "Twice the cranes, twice the liftness" Vikstar123

    BENJO SOCCER 5 years ago

    It is so good when their are 7 sidemen

  • N N
    N N 5 years ago

    the good ole days ):

  • Martijn Degoeij
    Martijn Degoeij 8 years ago

    nice vid, how you make the huge ramps?

  • annabel R
    annabel R 11 months ago +3

    Harry winning?!

  • Dylan Sahota
    Dylan Sahota 6 years ago +1

    Feels weird them not having the usual colours

  • BT Low
    BT Low 7 years ago

    Amazing Video!

  • zayn
    zayn 3 years ago +2

    Miss these days

  • catlow -
    catlow - 5 years ago +1

    Who else misses these videos?

  • Afin Denso
    Afin Denso 6 years ago

    This is amazing

  • GOLDM15T
    GOLDM15T 4 years ago

    Wow when the sidemen and ksi were friends

  • Andreas Larsson
    Andreas Larsson 7 years ago

    I like that Kevin Hart reference :)

  • Jake Hawkes
    Jake Hawkes 7 years ago +1

    1,000,000 views on this video, congrats!

  • Pinguin Meerwasser
    Pinguin Meerwasser 8 years ago

    That comeback tho

  • AktoZZZ1338
    AktoZZZ1338 8 years ago

    2:20 That Redkeymon tho

  • Wali Butt
    Wali Butt 7 years ago +1

    2:23 simon just did a stunt

  • aesa aleas
    aesa aleas 8 years ago

    you should have 10,000,000 subscribers because your funny!

  • Arabella Knight
    Arabella Knight 4 years ago

    Back when JJ was in the sidemen

  • Hassan Al-Saadi
    Hassan Al-Saadi 6 years ago

    harry's voice was like my grandma 😐 fortunatelly it is better NOW 😅

  • jay Baigent
    jay Baigent 5 years ago

    2017 who misses the videos with all sidemen