FLAT EARTH: To The Edge And Back (Official Movie)

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
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  • Wesley  Lowe
    Wesley Lowe 34 minutes ago

    I had a couple more mins to watch and I did not watch the rest of it so I take back everything I said

  • kquack
    kquack 45 minutes ago

    The apitamy of alcoholism and retardation..

  • Mrsirgentleman
    Mrsirgentleman Hour ago

    24.30 the idiot who sent himself up in the air with a rocket to see for himself is so stupid why not just go in a helium balloon?

  • katherinne sorto
    katherinne sorto Hour ago +1

    do they know what gravity is

  • Unity Xpress
    Unity Xpress Hour ago +2

    My mind is slowly exploding idk what to believe am super confused click the like button if your confused

  • george roberts
    george roberts Hour ago

    What do flat earthers think of this

  • Daniel DanDan
    Daniel DanDan 2 hours ago

    Theres something called the middle of the Earth(the core) and everything gets pulled towards, so as u go ROUND the Earth u r constantly getting pulled towards that.

  • ItsRyleigh08 88
    ItsRyleigh08 88 3 hours ago

    Ahahhaha this dude 24:07 him trying to rap

  • ItsRyleigh08 88
    ItsRyleigh08 88 3 hours ago +1


  • Team Native
    Team Native 3 hours ago

    "i saw the cosmos and stars at the edge of the earth"

  • Brite BomberGames
    Brite BomberGames 3 hours ago

    My cousin works at applebees

  • Kelsey Griffiths
    Kelsey Griffiths 3 hours ago +1

    Logan your suck a fucking cunt stop doing this for content and don't get kids to do want you want acc your a shit youtuber the earth is round also cars dont fall of the earth because of gravity you would know this if you went to school you dum fuck

  • Jorden Playz
    Jorden Playz 3 hours ago

    When they think it's real there's a thing called GRAVITY nice CGI

  • Ana Pedocchi
    Ana Pedocchi 4 hours ago


  • M.N3
    M.N3 4 hours ago

    How much did they pay this kid 14:40

  • Taylor Lovely
    Taylor Lovely 4 hours ago

    Lemurs are native to Madagascar buddy

  • Nisan Arslan
    Nisan Arslan 4 hours ago

    I am dying this is the funniest thing. Can something be this scripted omg XD. to the 5 y/o's watching the earth is round. Don't get confused.

  • Riptide
    Riptide 5 hours ago

    Anyone notice that the music used for the title card is also used in Endgame Policy Trailer??

  • Salamander_man34
    Salamander_man34 5 hours ago

    all i heard him say was.... BAHHHHHH

  • Blake Davis
    Blake Davis 5 hours ago

    this shit fake

  • Pegpiezee
    Pegpiezee 5 hours ago

    Acting 101

  • F3AR Clan
    F3AR Clan 6 hours ago

    if the earth is flat wont the ocean and the continentes fall of the egde

  • David Del Cid
    David Del Cid 6 hours ago


  • Pepper Bellew
    Pepper Bellew 6 hours ago

    10:41 look at the ground Earth is not flat

  • Colin Christensen
    Colin Christensen 6 hours ago

    So full of shit this whole thing just completely full of shit 😂😂😂

  • Timmy Depp
    Timmy Depp 6 hours ago

    The earth isn't flat earth is round not flat 🌍🌎🌏 round

  • Jacob Fulbright
    Jacob Fulbright 6 hours ago

    I only watched this for the corridor crew animation

  • Potato Joe
    Potato Joe 6 hours ago

    lmao this is one of the stupidest things i have ever seen

  • Lil Xn
    Lil Xn 6 hours ago

    Why would the earth be flat but no other planet

  • Lil Xn
    Lil Xn 7 hours ago +1

    He has to be the dumbest to actually think that I do for the meme

  • Johnmark Cantos
    Johnmark Cantos 7 hours ago

    The earth is round!

  • Harry Keeble
    Harry Keeble 7 hours ago

    You literally proved the earth isn't flat at 1:30

  • Gloom fan 101
    Gloom fan 101 7 hours ago

    Yall ever heard or gravitational pull????

  • Isaac Menezes
    Isaac Menezes 7 hours ago


  • RaccoonBoy 12345678910

    Gravity is why we did not fall of the ROUND EARTH

  • 100k subs w/ no videos 100k subs w/ no videos


  • Ayesha Mallick
    Ayesha Mallick 10 hours ago

    I do not know how drunk you have to be if you believe the earth is flat

  • Ayesha Mallick
    Ayesha Mallick 10 hours ago

    Drunk convention

  • LucK vShadow
    LucK vShadow 10 hours ago

    Kid: If the earth is round why don’t we fall off?
    Logan: Oh shit 😳
    Gravity: Am I a joke to you?

  • Ayesha Mallick
    Ayesha Mallick 10 hours ago

    Today I say to many drunken people

  • Cameron Marin
    Cameron Marin 10 hours ago

    So are you a flat eat her

  • Banan Clan
    Banan Clan 10 hours ago

    If the earth was flat you can see the sun and the moon at the same time

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith 11 hours ago

    that looked sick when mavrik came out

  • ArmanHz
    ArmanHz 13 hours ago

    What the fuck

  • baha tiger
    baha tiger 14 hours ago

    we can make 3D Gmail the God made us like game you can choose between good and bad but you can not choose your family that means we are like game. God made us and give us the controller but he is the Judge on the end ( thing about who made you)

  • ashley Taylor
    ashley Taylor 14 hours ago +2

    the earth is sphereicle because of the shere size the momentum of how fast the earth spins is nearly never ending speed and the gravity holds everything on the ground and the water is all in the center of the planet. if the earth was flat new zealand wuld still be conected to austrailia and compasses wouldn't work propally plus the earth is round because pange and gondawana the two super continents would still be a thing. sattleites wouldn't roatate around-ROUND the earth and niether would the moon so if the earth wasnactually flat there would be no atmosphere because of the earth not having a core and we would all be killed by the radiation from outer space and the sun the tides would turn the palnet into a literal planet sized disc ocean. the earth is round because of the milky way galaxy and black holes.
    {Like if you want a part two} (flat earthers are absoulotly stupid c**t grunt f*****s)

    Ashley taylor XxX

  • Troy Rice
    Troy Rice 14 hours ago

    When they started rapping, I lost it. 😂😂

  • Kermit the Frog
    Kermit the Frog 14 hours ago

    I was literally .00000000000000000000000000001 seconds away from unsubing

  • Flipperman
    Flipperman 15 hours ago +1

    People seriously enjoy watching this shit? What is wrong with ya’ll?

  • Game Player
    Game Player 15 hours ago

    In the end when he says that there is no earth, 😒 are you kidding me. I learned a lesson, never go to Denver

  • Jacob Brooks
    Jacob Brooks 15 hours ago +1

    The reason we don't go flying off the Earth is because gravity pulls us to the center of it.

  • Mason Breland
    Mason Breland 15 hours ago

    You idiots the earth is round gravity pulls stuff to the middle of the earth

  • Game Player
    Game Player 15 hours ago +1

    I want to send all of the “flat earthers” to space and then say, “YA STUPID”

  • Game Player
    Game Player 15 hours ago +1

    This is the funniest, stupidest thing I have ever heard

  • 「Shiny」
    「Shiny」 15 hours ago +1

    Why do people care so much? We all have opinions! There is no right or wrong unless you have proof to back up your argument, just saying that it’s flat OR round isn’t enough proof. Just go back to actually helping people and saving the planet that we so curiously think about. We still are able to live, love and laugh no matter how the earth is shaped. But hey if it turns out your right at least you can rub it in people’s faces after all the mess people have made/ what you’ve done. But in short....

    Is it round? XD

  • benny
    benny 16 hours ago

    is this real?

  • Lolamaire Mathews
    Lolamaire Mathews 17 hours ago


  • lemonboy
    lemonboy 17 hours ago

    why is logan so dumb?

  • Bugra Gokcek
    Bugra Gokcek 18 hours ago

    Is this supposed to be a joke or an actual movie like wtf

  • Darth Maul
    Darth Maul 19 hours ago

    Logan paul believes the earth is flat but he knows deep down that there are secret alien bases under antartica that are used to hide ufos and extra terrestrial life. *HOLLOW EARTH THEORY*

  • Kush Master
    Kush Master 19 hours ago

    All I heard em say is aghhh

  • Cameron Marin
    Cameron Marin 19 hours ago

    I'm a round earther

  • Tfue Tfue
    Tfue Tfue 19 hours ago

    The earth is flat yet all objects aren’t flat bu they fit in the earth

  • Ttv Edits
    Ttv Edits 19 hours ago

    This was literally like a movie 😂 i love it

  • Owen Krueger
    Owen Krueger 19 hours ago

    God damnit Columbus why did u have 2 start this

  • Swift _Vibezzz
    Swift _Vibezzz 20 hours ago

    Random thought. What if the Earth was a Cube

  • Ttv Hsmer 21
    Ttv Hsmer 21 20 hours ago +1

    Some one took it down or some

  • Ttv Hsmer 21
    Ttv Hsmer 21 20 hours ago +1

    Wait what happend to my comment

  • Ttv Hsmer 21
    Ttv Hsmer 21 20 hours ago +1

    Some rocks are flat but i see roumded rocks more

  • Ttv Hsmer 21
    Ttv Hsmer 21 20 hours ago +1

    So if rocks are rounded earth had to be to

  • Ttv Hsmer 21
    Ttv Hsmer 21 20 hours ago

    And if you have a stupid question about how we walking in earth kiddddddddddddddddd IS GRAVITY EARASED FROM OUR BRAINTREE

  • Glenda Contreras
    Glenda Contreras 20 hours ago +1

    If the like button is gray your a default and a bot

  • Jacob Carroll
    Jacob Carroll 20 hours ago

    what about gravity

  • Licksemplays
    Licksemplays 20 hours ago +1

    I think its square

  • Jp Toledo
    Jp Toledo 21 hour ago

    When ur friend showed the big ball of the earth when the rc car the reason we don’t fall of the earth because Gravity pulls us down when we jump

  • Fernando Death
    Fernando Death 21 hour ago

    you should use mens ultra core ill make ya dick bigger

  • Methodic L
    Methodic L 21 hour ago

    Choosing fame and fortune over truth. What a coward. You are a pathetic excuse for a human being. You see the truth but you're too much of a pussy to admit it because your so concerned of what people will think of you. You're just one more bitch of the system.

  • Millar Eastham
    Millar Eastham 21 hour ago

    Oh no poor Pete he fell of the edge of the earth 🤣

  • Fanny Runz
    Fanny Runz 21 hour ago +3

    “you think they FaceTuned the Earth?”
    the most sound logic & also my favorite joke from this video 🤣

  • Fernando Patino
    Fernando Patino 21 hour ago

    It's called gravity

  • Chasye Ashley
    Chasye Ashley 22 hours ago

    If the earth is that explain hills and mountains

  • Kaitlin New livestock
    Kaitlin New livestock 23 hours ago

    Literally all he had for proof is the car, hey news flash bud there’s something called gravity I’m in middle school in a science magnet and I have proof that’s the earth is round

  • misty 97
    misty 97 23 hours ago

    this is staged

  • Amanda Mills
    Amanda Mills 23 hours ago

    mike Is dumb

  • Ahmed 7677944
    Ahmed 7677944 23 hours ago

    Sow what is gruvte

  • Amanda Mills
    Amanda Mills 23 hours ago

    the fucking earth Is round

  • beckett290710
    beckett290710 23 hours ago

    fake sorry logan

  • Ahmed 7677944
    Ahmed 7677944 23 hours ago

    Hes mom s gAy

  • Swaiye&Akashic Enlightenment

    Dude ive never in my life watched something so inspiring but so dumb in my life. 😂😂😂 love it 🙌

  • ET Evolution
    ET Evolution Day ago

    Rip Pete. Xdddddddd

  • Nono Nono
    Nono Nono Day ago +1

    This is the stupidest shit I’ve ever seen

  • REVERSE2024
    REVERSE2024 Day ago

    For logan paul this is really good, no offense but most of your content is so low effort.

  • Rylan Lanoix
    Rylan Lanoix Day ago

    It’s called gravity

  • Rylan Lanoix
    Rylan Lanoix Day ago

    It’s. round like all the other planets are round

  • Noah Murphy
    Noah Murphy Day ago

    It isn’t round it isn’t flat it’s square just like Minecraft taught us

  • Noah Murphy
    Noah Murphy Day ago

    Did you just steal that girls girl

  • CrustyDusty_G.O.A.T Yeh

    14:46 is me rvery time something bad happens

  • Scarlet Shadow
    Scarlet Shadow Day ago +1

    0:02 no

  • Ace Warrior
    Ace Warrior Day ago +1

    Im frustrated that people can be this stupid

  • Minecrafterxd123 Trying to get a hot minecraft gf

    Fuck I hate him even more now