R. KeIIy case reveals LlES in the media + his GIRLFRIENDS Azriel & Joycelyn SPEAK UP in NEW VIDEO!

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
  • R.KeIIy's girlfriends decided to CLAP BACK at some of the most reason rumors in the media. They released an exclusive video response to TMZ. Also new information has been released showing that the mainstream media is releasing LIES about the Kelly case. Comment your thought below! #RkeIIy #AzrielClary #JoycelynSavage
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  • Daytime Tea Time
    Daytime Tea Time  5 months ago +158

    Here are the videos I referred to towards the end of this video. If you missed them from January 2019... check them out if you don't understand my point of view as it relates to Tim Savage.
    Tim Savage filed a Police report on me after I refused to interview with him thexvid.com/video/sqUFHToKwtw/video.html
    Tim Savage SECRETELY RECORDED saying he has "Video/Audio proof" of lies in Surviving R.Kelly Documentary thexvid.com/video/xgVFTW7gRqU/video.html

    • Idealia Mcadory
      Idealia Mcadory 4 months ago

      @freddie torres u can't sell an adult that's living in college and willing to go with him for free.. she was an adult wen she met r kelly she was not living with her parents so why would r kelly pay for an adult that's already living on her own. Make it make since to me.

      GOD'S CHILD 4 months ago

      Michael Avenatti should have put Hugh Hefner in jail #FreeRKelly

    • Darlene Scott
      Darlene Scott 4 months ago

      What’s Azriel snapchat name?

    • Kay Also
      Kay Also 4 months ago

      I like your unbias video. I've watched a few of your uploads before. I'm gonna subscribe, if I haven't already

    • Millicent Lopez
      Millicent Lopez 4 months ago

      please do an update video on roy moore and harvey weinstein. hell even a timeline on epstein.

  • Donna Jackson
    Donna Jackson 2 months ago

    And he want to be President !

  • Mr Cherevin
    Mr Cherevin 2 months ago

    So Trump did the good thing. Cool.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 3 months ago

    Free kells he is innocent

  • Sharon X
    Sharon X 3 months ago

    That is not true. You are repeating what other outlets are reporting. Get your fact straight please! Who gives a dang who he sleeps with? How did the girls get to his bed? Did they know how to say no? It’s all bull crap and you know it!

  • Tammy Ivey
    Tammy Ivey 3 months ago

    What is this bullshit I'm out!!!!!

  • Monica Carroll
    Monica Carroll 3 months ago

    The bottom line is that his daughter is grown and obviously she doesn't want to be in contact with her family. So I don't understand why they keep blaming Robert. She's grown!

  • ShonnaBhadd
    ShonnaBhadd 3 months ago

    IDK if anyone has mentioned this or not, but IF the tape are real, what if there were other people of power on those tapes? Maybe that could be the reason why the tapes have disappeared. Just a different pov.

  • Eve30
    Eve30 3 months ago

    They are LYING ON HIM, R KELLY is set up by is exwife and these other lying bitches because they are all jealous becausr he has many other women.

  • Briana Sedgwick
    Briana Sedgwick 3 months ago

    Azriel really needs to stfu because she isn't the **boss bihh** and Jocelyn needs to speak up for herself. Jocelyn's parents don't know where she is because they were asking where she has been, like any other worried parent would be.

  • Summer B.
    Summer B. 3 months ago

    Joyce is Pregnant. Smh.

  • Shirley Nelson
    Shirley Nelson 3 months ago

    I'm happy for you ladies and I feel sorry for R Kelly and I think they are setting him up and they have the power to do just that and it's sad the way the world is so Evil!!! But I hope through the Grace & Mercy of Jesus Christ that he wins this case, Love You.❤🙏🙏🙏🙏😍😍😍

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake 3 months ago

    ummmmmmmmmm ummmmmmmm ummmmmmmm ummmmmmmm u u ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Termicka Jackson
    Termicka Jackson 3 months ago

    I know damn well I saw R.Kelly on a tape with more than 20 women. Wth???

  • Nathanial Good
    Nathanial Good 3 months ago

    Where has he been all the time his daughter was with R. . That's on him not no one else

  • S R
    S R 3 months ago +1

    I really didn’t get a good vibe from Azriel’s mother. Something is kind of funky about them both though.

  • Raven Session
    Raven Session 3 months ago

    Where there is smoke there’s fire . The everyday man isn’t getting accused of pedophilia !

  • Raven Session
    Raven Session 3 months ago

    His team is leaking lies so that they can make him look better by saying these are lies I see through it they wanna back track because it’s to many people involved!!

  • pit_n_a_skirt Minter
    pit_n_a_skirt Minter 3 months ago

    My daughter didn't have her father in her life fr but when I needed him in similar circumstances he literally drove a car in the house and both of us came together as one and fought our azz off n wasn't scared to jail that day but we got our baby!!!!

  • Bonnie Monroe
    Bonnie Monroe 3 months ago

    Clout chasing

  • Alma Hymon
    Alma Hymon 3 months ago

    Pedophiles are attracted to underdeveloped Children 13 and under these girls have ample bosom although he might have paid for them if he was attracted to no boobs he went to paid forum Gus he's not a pedophile so don't refer to him as a pedophile just because he fell in love with Leah and then married my grandmother got married when she was 14 years old and my grandfather and she will marry until they're passing

  • zaria Cotton
    zaria Cotton 3 months ago

    Da parent's just be talking how much money they paying them to act they so fake i see dis hold thing all about money i tell u sum black ppl do anything n say n tell lies for money 👎 👎

  • Gail Edwards
    Gail Edwards 3 months ago

    I am sure if it was really your daughter you would more understand them it can be very stressful as a parent if it was your child. So I understand both sides. Now in my personal opinion I am sure if those girls father's could get to Robert (R. Kelley) he would have a whole ass kicking for him. So I personally do not think it would be smart or helpful in any way to drive a truck into that building or run around knocking on door distrubing the residence (its called laws and cross bar hotel) I can not say what I would be doing if it was my daughter but I can tell you not trying to go to jail would be my direction.

  • sonyablessed
    sonyablessed 3 months ago

    Daytime tea time, I meed you to talk about Dominique Gardner baby and she's pregnant now! Child support papers on a guy named corshun Jackson of Illinois

  • Michelle Mitchell
    Michelle Mitchell 3 months ago

    Where will they live whwn rkelly get his time

  • Empress Yates
    Empress Yates 3 months ago

    The problem with his ex publicist is that he doesn't know how to shut up and ignore. He doesn't know how to talk

  • Made Off
    Made Off 3 months ago

    He sold his daughter to Rkelly but then when his daughter got older she cut her parents off from getting money n tried to get her back to sue him but she loves kelly

  • patricia powell
    patricia powell 3 months ago

    That Savage man
    Wanted rkelly to fund his endeavours.
    And r Kelly didn't
    But he offered him his daughter in exchange
    I was on a post and the dad and rkelly people was arguing about rkelly not giving him the 1million
    I think that was the amount.
    I read that with my own eyes him and one of rkelly people arguing.
    So since Kelly didn't give him the money
    He want his daughter back

  • Erica Powell
    Erica Powell 3 months ago

    There’s something that’s not right about Joy’s parents. ESPECIALLY that DAD!!! It just seems to me that HE wants to be in the spotlight!!

  • Jacovb Tarver
    Jacovb Tarver 3 months ago

    These parents need to take accountability for this shit......yeah R Kelly a damn mental maniac....but how young Gon shoot the Trick when you giving him the treats. Ppl act like Aaliyah was made off pure faith. Yeah right. If it was so bad I wouldn't even want the rights to my daughters music with that perv. They knew they was selling their daughter up the river. The damn uncle brought the girl to the nigga. Ain't NOBODY taking my child NO FUCKIN WHERE especially not to a grown ass man talking bout fuckin in every song FUCK NO.

  • Kerri Clay
    Kerri Clay 3 months ago

    smart man fr

  • kiyah
    kiyah 4 months ago +1

    Azriel: I am not here to talk about my personal life.
    Me: But ... You are though 😂

  • Siddeeqa charles
    Siddeeqa charles 4 months ago

    He don't really know.

  • Robert SixFive
    Robert SixFive 4 months ago

    Ms Candice.....That was very ghetto, inappropriate, embarrassing, rude, disrespectful and basic black people behavior for the family to act like that. Getting back to the allegations, something in the milk is not clean. Sure enough as you mentioned more is to come.😵😊

  • bianca prince
    bianca prince 4 months ago

    HARDCORE R KELLY FANS...........Michael Jackson's whole family stuck beside him regardless of what was going on cause they really do/did love they brother, son, dad,uncle, cousin.....I don't see NOBODY blood related showing kelly that they holding him up in prayer and that they love THEY uncle, brother, cousin, dad regardless of whats going on. You mean to tell me that kelly has nobody in his family who love him at all???? NOBODY?????....So who does that leave: KELLY'S FANS!!!!!!!!! Those of US Michael jackson fans came out in droves to show MICHEAL we cared about his life and he had his full family beside him and really didn't need US because his family DO/DID really love him. R. KELLY'S HARDCORE FANS NEED TO B OUT SHOWING KELLY THEY DO CARE ABOUT HIS LIFE and as far as the victims go, the victims have people who love them, holding them up, and supporting them. KELLY HAS NO ONE!!!!!!! Even a murderer has people who love them and come to court to show they love that murderer! NOBODY LOVES R KELLY AT ALL HUH????? WHERE YOU AT HARDCORE FANS!!!!!!!!!!!WE NEED TO BE MAKING OUR STRONG FIERCE PRESENCE FELT, KEEPING HIM IN THE FAITH AT THE JAIL NOW MORE THAN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KELLY NEEDS US!!!!!!!!

  • Pamela Tucker
    Pamela Tucker 4 months ago

    You two need more help than Robert. Kelly

  • LaQuisha Monique
    LaQuisha Monique 4 months ago

    Is she bleaching? The girl on the left

  • Kalinna Vyacheslavovna
    Kalinna Vyacheslavovna 4 months ago

    I'm laughing so hard at the dude trying to look good in front of the cameras by saying he doesn't work for R. Kelly and then forgetting he said it and telling them R. Kelly is his client moments later xD lolol

  • LoveThaSkinYourN
    LoveThaSkinYourN 4 months ago

    R kelly got a type his main women a besutiful coco women. Off subject I know😄

  • MrsCaramel Love
    MrsCaramel Love 4 months ago

    I hope Jocelyn go home. Azerial seem to be bossy and rude.
    I would quickly grab that girl.

  • Kay Baby
    Kay Baby 4 months ago

    Tim ain’t won’t no smoke 💨 and he already knew that!

  • mikenise100
    mikenise100 4 months ago

    Bye Bye R Kelly!!!!!!!!!!
    R Kelly : See you later alligator
    Alligator : After a while pedophile

  • Coty Smith
    Coty Smith 4 months ago +1

    I saw the Savages Instagram right before the Lifetime series. They were talking about a clothing line and other things. Once that series aired all that was gone! They’re attention seekers and mad the money is gone.

  • Kelly I.
    Kelly I. 4 months ago

    R Kelly is guilty. I believe he will be sentenced to many years.

  • Stacey Brownlee -SDAT-
    Stacey Brownlee -SDAT- 4 months ago

    I really think its time we ALL TURN AWAY. I get it the stories catch attention but this would all calm down if we ALL TURNED AWAY!!!! WHEN DOES IT END???

  • tiamrblue
    tiamrblue 4 months ago +1

    That Publist is doing a great job, he was very Professional with those GHETTO Folk.......

  • tiamrblue
    tiamrblue 4 months ago

    Joycelyn look retarded just sitting there shaking her head........She act kinda sloooooow :/

  • Tamara lovett
    Tamara lovett 4 months ago

    Jocelyn parents know where she's at Tim Savage can get a camera crew with him to do a interview but he can't get his daughter he don't have a camera crew with him he had a camera crew with him that's about to be on his bet show

  • Tamara lovett
    Tamara lovett 4 months ago

    Stop Believing everything what you hear on the media some of this stuff it's not true

  • Tamara lovett
    Tamara lovett 4 months ago +1

    that's what I'm saying to the other TheXvid blockers who don't find proof to put on their Channel about R Kelly the other bloggers they just put anything on their Channel for they can get their ratings up on TheXvid

  • Tamara lovett
    Tamara lovett 4 months ago +1

    it's not no 20 videotapes they was making copies off the other tapes that's how they fighting all those tapes out here

  • Tamara lovett
    Tamara lovett 4 months ago +1

    Michael emunnadi are working with these people the people was making threats to Michael the parents and women was saying if you don't do nothing about R Kelly we going to make your life a living hell he a white man he's not from the streets he's doing what they tell him that's why he's kissing they ass

  • Tamara lovett
    Tamara lovett 4 months ago +2

    these girls was lying about they age trying to be grown they have fake IDs was stalking this man looking for a come up and the parents know what they was doing look at jerhonda you see the friend telling the story when she was with her at the courthouse on TheXvid

  • maria lane
    maria lane 4 months ago

    There might be lies going on but what man has more than one girlfriend an they ok with it not normal

  • April F.
    April F. 4 months ago

    The publicist isn’t just doing a job! He’s hired to defend/represent R Kelly. Best believe if my daughters were in the equation in anyway, I would publicly address ANYONE affiliated with R Kelly.

  • April F.
    April F. 4 months ago

    The publicist isn’t just doing a job! He’s hired to defend/represent R Kelly. Best believe if my daughters were in the equation in anyway, I would publicly address ANYONE affiliated with R Kelly.

  • Victoria Washington
    Victoria Washington 4 months ago +1

    Seems to me that Mr. Savage is not only a clout chaser he's also an attention seeker! IMO!!! I felt bad for the man that was trying to speak out. But got interrupted repeatedly! Damn! What a screwed up world we live in!!!

  • Jaree Aki
    Jaree Aki 4 months ago

    "im stalking" Lmao !! PERIODT

  • Misty Rein
    Misty Rein 4 months ago

    Where the links at

  • JL Mission
    JL Mission 4 months ago

    Joycelen just sit there and nod her head over and over 🙄