Harry and Meghan’s Royal Exit Explained | The Daily Show

  • The queen calls an emergency family meeting following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to step back from their royal duties, and Trevor looks at the racially charged headlines that have been targeted at Meghan. #TheDailyShow
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Comments • 80

  • Priska Wen
    Priska Wen 3 hours ago

    Gone with the windSor😄

  • TheyCallMe Doug
    TheyCallMe Doug 10 hours ago

    You know what they say bitches?
    "If you don't see that she is a narcissist gold digging whore, then you are too."
    And there is a LOT of Gold digging whores that act ignorant in this coment section!!!

  • Maria Giulia Rodriguez

    People were disgusting to them

  • Nadia’s Herbal Joy English

    thexvid.com/video/r3WRfFWeZk8/video.html No toilet paper no problem

  • Chris M
    Chris M 3 days ago

    Meghan voice would hurt my ears she using Harry to help her get work.

  • elle415
    elle415 4 days ago +1

    Meghan Markle does not consider herself black. She says things like 'I'm a proud mixed-race woman'. Or 'I'm a woman of color'. She never says things for EX: 'As a black woman, I feel that....etc, etc'. When she was in Africa, she said at the tribute: 'I stand before you as a woman of color......' (??)

  • haydeh abdolahian
    haydeh abdolahian 5 days ago

    I don’t like Magen ,she toke Harry away from his family and his responsibility because she is have no class and can’t fit with royal family 😡 this not an easy job to be royal !The marriage won’t work 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Mary Smith
    Mary Smith 5 days ago

    I think Meghan and Harry got a raw deal from the British monarchy.

  • Arunima Pal
    Arunima Pal 7 days ago

    "Cmon baby do the thing, Hakuna Matata, do the thing"
    What can be funnier than this?

  • pienke _123
    pienke _123 8 days ago

    She is not black and a actress!!

  • Sofia Valeria
    Sofia Valeria 8 days ago

    And don’t forget Corona Virus

  • Vivian Gutierrez
    Vivian Gutierrez 8 days ago

    Well when you have servants and you just have speeches as a job you can live up to 200 years

  • Blue Friday
    Blue Friday 9 days ago

    Oh, please do shut up Trevor. Meghan is disliked for her excessive spending (half a million in one year, 90k for that Morocco dress ) flying private jets while preaching environment, being a diva at Wimbledon, cruelty towards her old father...I can go on and on...She has relatives left and right but none was good enough to get the wedding invite, not even her niece. But Oprah did. And Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, who both declined

  • Nondumiso Sibiya
    Nondumiso Sibiya 9 days ago

    Meghan is blaaaackkk????

  • nialcc
    nialcc 9 days ago

    Wait, what? Did she even know Harry was doing this? But of course that's her bad behavior too, right?

  • Fia
    Fia 9 days ago

    They were tired of the abuse. And this Kate middleshit I'm sure jealous of the attention Meghen was getting. Out of these two women I'd say Meghan has all the looks and charm.

  • Nona Barrett
    Nona Barrett 9 days ago

    I think the brooch looks like a vote FOR Meghan. The black woman is covered with gems...that's an honor!!!

  • brook Parsons
    brook Parsons 10 days ago

    that's Totes a slant.,

  • brook Parsons
    brook Parsons 10 days ago

    Maybe, the Broach was respectful.to.Bkack...
    You're almost the opposite the JEALOUS 😉😜??

  • Ruthie
    Ruthie 10 days ago

    Such an ugly faced woman. And that was one ugly racist broach! Who wears crap like that in today’s diverse society?! She is stuck in some racist era of the past. Racism isn’t dead today, but most people have grown enough not to wear some offensive ugly racist pen when going to meet someone you know it will offend!

  • Colette Dominic
    Colette Dominic 11 days ago +1


  • Scidix Reiznov
    Scidix Reiznov 11 days ago


  • Jo ann Green
    Jo ann Green 11 days ago +1

    So funny I need laughter thanks Trevor

  • blluedragonfly
    blluedragonfly 11 days ago

    I think that Princess Diana would be so proud of her son, Harry, and applaud him for taking a stand. Good for you Harry and Meghan!

  • Maya Bhojwani
    Maya Bhojwani 11 days ago

    There is nothing wrong in driving if u experience.

  • randomnobody playthrough

    So are we just going to forget Harry's Nazi costume?

  • Telefono Airis
    Telefono Airis 12 days ago

    well thats racist towards asians c,mon

  • Rinny Dale
    Rinny Dale 12 days ago


  • Demetria E.
    Demetria E. 12 days ago +1

    He'll be back, he needs the financial stability of the royal family

  • Anna Smothers
    Anna Smothers 14 days ago

    I Love it👍🏾

  • Oniket
    Oniket 14 days ago

    " ....with an occasional beheading " 😶 hope Meghan doesn't end up like Anne Boleyn and K.Howard 🙏

  • Larry Rhodes
    Larry Rhodes 14 days ago

    Yes very good and well said. Just wish there was less greed and deception in this world. Humor helps some and opening up of the heart, and Not following the pieper.

  • Winston Churchill
    Winston Churchill 14 days ago

    At 4:56 How cute is Harry promoting his wife?

  • Paz Victoria
    Paz Victoria 14 days ago

    I don't think the royal family itself is racist because they have black ancestors and because they wete marrying cousins you can still see the black in the queen. She has beautiful skin for a 93 year old and she had too curly hair for a pure white woman. Look at her fotos when she was two years old. Her hair was way too curly not to be of black descent. I din" think they discriminate black people. I

  • 인생여행나는 나다.

    Not interested in sea plunders bullshit.. barbaric shit..

  • yuv vegeta
    yuv vegeta 15 days ago

    1:25 what is that song ?

  • Aaron Seet
    Aaron Seet 15 days ago

    She may not have been a combatant, but the Queen served as a repair technician during WW2. I wouldn't be surprised if she does maintenance work on her vehicles in her own garage.

  • Nina G
    Nina G 15 days ago

    I wish them the best. Racism and hatred 🤦🏽‍♀️ people seriously need to step into the 2020's. I'm so over it.

  • Allan George
    Allan George 15 days ago

    It takes a lot of courage to go up to people and ask for favour and for someone like prince Harry it could not have been easy so quit bashing him, he did not comment on your struggling days and again you are earning from his fame by doing a segment on him.... Ironic eh!

  • Viktoriya
    Viktoriya 16 days ago

    The Queen on the Range Rover with biggie made me loose it, I had to have rewatched that part at least 10 times laughing my ass off 😂

  • sha-rheen osman
    sha-rheen osman 16 days ago


  • Vivian Lu
    Vivian Lu 17 days ago

    Wait... Megan is black? I never notice her race

  • Sarah Jalajel
    Sarah Jalajel 17 days ago

    Ohhhh God white curses ov all seasons

  • Opulence 1111
    Opulence 1111 17 days ago


  • Arrie Galvan
    Arrie Galvan 19 days ago

    You sound very racist. Against White's.

  • Anna Luisa Rossini
    Anna Luisa Rossini 19 days ago

    🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 guys the Queen is awesome!!!! Tough life ! 😎😎😎

  • MJ Boyum
    MJ Boyum 20 days ago

    Harry’s always been the odd one out like he can’t be different an marry who he wants

  • Gloria Steadman
    Gloria Steadman 20 days ago

    Its just pure racism Megan was never and will never be accepted over there. I hope they can have there new life and be happy.

  • Tuli Franz
    Tuli Franz 22 days ago +3

    Covert racism, subtle psychological bullying 24/7.

  • S L
    S L 22 days ago

    Haha... Trevor we miss you back at home dude... Always hilarious at anything....lmao
    The royal family is pretty much the epitome of racism, the cream de'lla cream of the racist's empires... Lmao.. Meghan would never survive!... This marriage was over long before it even started-this are just highlights.... We get it Harry you wanted to explore how the other half lives, fun time is over now. Kindly release Meghan to find herself a man in her class, and go back to dating swanky royalty girls my brother. .. You guys are burdening each other at this point.

  • Aholibama Hernandez
    Aholibama Hernandez 22 days ago

    Not me I'm happy with the life I have now..😏😏😏😏

  • Monale Ghosh
    Monale Ghosh 23 days ago

    Well said.be bold.respect ur journalism

  • Mpendulo Mahlangu
    Mpendulo Mahlangu 23 days ago

    Bill gates fudge.com

  • Choice Orise
    Choice Orise 23 days ago

    😂😂😂 Trevor!

  • Georgie Mochow
    Georgie Mochow 23 days ago

    Usually you’re meant to kiss the frog and he turns into a prince....Ewww she turned a prince into a frog!

  • Simpleng Kusina
    Simpleng Kusina 24 days ago

    I respect harry and meghan more now.

  • Ramneet Kour
    Ramneet Kour 25 days ago

    Glad he 'll be letting her work

  • Sum Shore
    Sum Shore 26 days ago

    Divorce of Harry and Megan is not far. Mark my words!

  • Mehkri
    Mehkri 26 days ago

    Phone plan?

  • Love Hate
    Love Hate 26 days ago

    I love prince harry and meghan so much ❤️❤️❤️I am in love with them ❤️❤️❤️

  • Pat d
    Pat d 27 days ago

    Unfortunately, most Brits don't understand the inequity of Royal hierarchy. H&M worked just as hard as W&K. However, W will inherit a Duchy. H will only receive allowances depended on the King's goodwill. But, this is 2020, "Spares" no longer depended on first borns' for their livelihood. H&M have the ability to be financially independent, instead.

  • Harish Hanchinal
    Harish Hanchinal 27 days ago


  • Lei Shy
    Lei Shy 27 days ago

    Meghan isn't that special. I had never even seen her face or known about her until she became a ROYAL.
    But then, I'm not on welfare sitting in IDLE, watching daytime TV for years.

  • tkabiranik
    tkabiranik 27 days ago

    Good for them.

  • Willette J
    Willette J 27 days ago

    When has MM ever been considered a disenfranchised black person? If she’s black, so am i. People don’t like her because she’s a whining cry baby.

  • yien-ni Tan
    yien-ni Tan 27 days ago

    Trevor, i've been watching your tube channel with Ronny and i loved all those before this. I never forget toward every end i watched your video to give a like.
    But this one,... I am so sorry, if i could give 2 thumbs down i would do.
    I truly feel the joke here in this video is very far from funny. I strongly suggest that you first study the fact. Not simply sided. I appreciate like the disney thing you put it here, but anyway the whole thing tomy eyes is diluted your quality.

  • Vee C
    Vee C 27 days ago

    This me-gan, was all truble from day one, she planned this whole thing is her masterpiece, Oscar winner trash actors.

  • Chandini Rao
    Chandini Rao 28 days ago +2

    U can make money anywhere anytime. But u won't get a husband like that all d time. They r blessed to only a handful. Meghan u r a lucky gal

  • LCalvertJD
    LCalvertJD 28 days ago +1

    Listen you got to make a pitch when you have the opportunity, glad he is working it, he is practical

  • J A
    J A 28 days ago

    Megan is a social climbing something or other. She is gonna take Harry down eventually.

  • amyexner
    amyexner 28 days ago

    This is too black for me

  • Angel Nurfs Videos
    Angel Nurfs Videos 28 days ago +1

    You are great. Very funny and smart. I hope one day you get to be on one of the big networks. You deserve it.

  • Theressia Shaver
    Theressia Shaver 28 days ago +1


  • Zessa Delos Santos
    Zessa Delos Santos 28 days ago +1

    We've all seen GET OUT! smart decision Meghan!

  • Tina
    Tina 29 days ago +1


  • Mary Magdalene
    Mary Magdalene 29 days ago

    Dimwit harry and his crazy wife who never gets along with anyone

  • dephine cee
    dephine cee 29 days ago +2

    Trevor,danke papa.your channel is one of the few whose comments about Harry &Meghan are positive.i,ve just subscribed

  • sunny sun
    sunny sun 29 days ago +2

    Trevor is so funny hahaha..

  • Nathan Mosby
    Nathan Mosby 29 days ago +1

    His mom Princess Diana got divorced and left also

  • stark G
    stark G Month ago +2

    Princess Diana would be soo proud of her Lil baby❤️