I GOT A TANK IN SEARCH AND DESTROY! - Call Of Duty Modern Warfare!

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
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Comments • 311

  • Ffared X
    Ffared X 5 hours ago

    your team is annoying

  • Logan Wilson
    Logan Wilson 4 days ago

    More vids with Stryker

  • Gavin Medere
    Gavin Medere 10 days ago

    5:20 the load out lol

  • Raul Cruz
    Raul Cruz 11 days ago

    Original 💯

  • Frankie Gonzalez
    Frankie Gonzalez 12 days ago

    Bunch of retards

  • rwstewart75
    rwstewart75 13 days ago

    just now saw the loadout names, bout died laughing. props marcel lol

  • Meme Addict
    Meme Addict 15 days ago

    Let's goooooooo

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 16 days ago +1

    People don't know what that word means.
    What they mean to say is "homosexist".

  • Zachary Phillips
    Zachary Phillips 19 days ago

    Lets Go

  • Ms Penatac
    Ms Penatac 21 day ago +2

    7:45 the enemie's head was shaking in the tank

  • David Spitler
    David Spitler Month ago

    11:16 what did Marcel say?

  • Action League KM
    Action League KM Month ago

    He drank 6 42 OZs of Steal Reserve

  • Angel Solis
    Angel Solis Month ago

    @1:11 "Epstein didn't kill himself" 🤣🤣

  • P JILLA 03
    P JILLA 03 Month ago


  • Fatty 7
    Fatty 7 Month ago

    “I’m pretty sure I e seen this exact scene in fury”... lmfao!!!

  • Bilal Mirza
    Bilal Mirza Month ago

    I just wanna know that guys name

  • Arjan singh
    Arjan singh Month ago +1

    Who would’ve thought TANKS IN SEARCH

  • Rhythm Beard
    Rhythm Beard Month ago

    Stryker is Kmac. It has to be.

  • Kevin Hicks
    Kevin Hicks Month ago

    "Let's goooo"

  • Deletable XD
    Deletable XD Month ago

    Random Guy: “ I’ll freak your day up”
    Me: You high bro
    My Brother: Wats he got himself into

  • Jay Watkins
    Jay Watkins Month ago

    Let’s a gooo

  • Elijah Parris
    Elijah Parris Month ago

    All I can hear around the 6:00 minute is “oh Use a riot shield shield, I’m a pussy cause I use a riot shield.”

  • Alex Arthur
    Alex Arthur Month ago

    My earbuds fell out of my ear and when I put them back in 2:50 is all I heard
    BTW my last name is arthur

  • Davari Games
    Davari Games Month ago

    5:28 he really drove

  • eflow
    eflow Month ago

    Maracell how did u get the calling card love it dude

  • MissouriKing
    MissouriKing Month ago

    Internet so slow hes 3 season's behind.

  • McDonalds Bangkok
    McDonalds Bangkok Month ago

    How come Marcel’s only footage isn’t him playing only spectating ?

  • Damien 54
    Damien 54 Month ago +1

    Marcel can you please confirm what Tyler just said 12:10

  • zacscott gaming
    zacscott gaming Month ago +1

    basically i love your videos and i got the same talk and yell like you just a younger version and you basically do wrk because you make roblox videos keep it up tho

    ANDREW AGUIRRE Month ago

    What did it say

  • Veldren Vignelis
    Veldren Vignelis Month ago +1

    11:17 (LMAO).....did not expect that one marcel :)

  • Kayli Grimes
    Kayli Grimes Month ago +1

    8:25 had me dead to end. Also 8:53

  • Dat 2
    Dat 2 Month ago

    fucking marcel and his class names

  • xBlind
    xBlind Month ago

    I haven’t laughed that hard in so long. I love all of your guys’ content, it is always a promised laugh. Never stop. Y’all should do a viewer match of Michael Myers js

  • SH!F7Y
    SH!F7Y Month ago

    Does anyone else see marcel's TheXvid name just basically

  • Dan Clancy
    Dan Clancy Month ago

    Speaking of drunk, when is basically going to play drunk again like in Fortnite

  • Andrew
    Andrew Month ago

    if people had this much fun playing the game, maybe the subreddit wouldnt be a bunch of neck beards crying like babies.

  • Georgie Is Great
    Georgie Is Great Month ago

    Anyone else think this was shroud because of the thumbnail??
    No? Just me? Okay.

  • Cracker Alert
    Cracker Alert Month ago

    Did anyone else hear wildcat say the N word in the past clip

  • Michael David Cruz Cordova

    Typical COD white guy youtube Video same laugh same jokes hahahahaha🤣

  • Hudson Huyck
    Hudson Huyck Month ago

    Stryker new squad member?

  • Samurai_Aldo
    Samurai_Aldo Month ago +1

    1:11 why have I never noticed it? 🤣🤣🤣

  • supersp0rt1
    supersp0rt1 Month ago +2

    My friend says, "Let's go", just like that. It'd be hilarious if he was the unenthusiastic let's go guy

  • Marlon M
    Marlon M Month ago

    5:20 Marcels load out 😭

  • Actual Giraffe
    Actual Giraffe Month ago

    This has big "Riot Shield Riot Shield" vibes to it and I love it

  • xplr
    xplr Month ago

    omg u uploaded yay!!

  • Ian something
    Ian something Month ago +2

    Respect to the guy going 1 on 5 against a tank and never quitting. Gave them a fight

  • Eyy lmoa
    Eyy lmoa Month ago

    using a riot shield is sweaty, don't act like it isn't lol

  • Ahamed ‘
    Ahamed ‘ Month ago +1

    12:10 , was that an n-word??!

  • Nestor Batres
    Nestor Batres Month ago

    Yall need to invite stryker back!!

  • FuegoYT
    FuegoYT Month ago +4

    micheal jackson: 1:45

  • Hammy GoesHam
    Hammy GoesHam Month ago

    Fucking magnificent

  • AdamantineSierra
    AdamantineSierra Month ago +3

    I have a friend that likes to drink to the point where he slurs his words during everything he does - from calling me to something like this, which is challenging random people in video games lmao

  • Dat Noob
    Dat Noob Month ago +1

    I legit got a tank in S&D through a care package, and you know what happened? My ENTIRE team ignored my ass when I told them I gotta tank let's go plant at the only obj not in a building. And they went the opposite way. They literally decided to not use a tank when the score was 5 v 5. Like wtf

  • Andrew Wille
    Andrew Wille Month ago

    This has to be the best CoD video yet, as far as comedy goes it really did check all the boxes

  • Minik Søgaard
    Minik Søgaard Month ago

    *Battle of Kursk flashbacks*

    OTFYGK Month ago


  • Atomics985
    Atomics985 Month ago

    Did you guys see marcels load out names? Lmao

  • Peyton Fisher
    Peyton Fisher Month ago

    Nicely done puffer!!