Party leaders cast their votes in the 2019 General Election

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • POLLING booths have opened across the country as people cast their votes in the first December election since 1923.
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Comments • 1 112

    RIPZYEE Month ago


  • V S
    V S Month ago


  • Dominic Joyce
    Dominic Joyce Month ago

    2:06 bauldy watched too many youtube videos

  • ollie booth
    ollie booth Month ago

    why did nobody smack elmo

  • Thomas Crespo
    Thomas Crespo Month ago

    How can you hate these people so wonderful and polite lol

  • Matt's mtb trails
    Matt's mtb trails Month ago +1

    Omg shut up mps Elmos great

  • Matt's mtb trails
    Matt's mtb trails Month ago +1

    Um who swore

  • Crown Defender
    Crown Defender Month ago

    Tobacco & alcohol that Elmo spits

  • Lucid Vijay
    Lucid Vijay Month ago

    Jeremy having to step up and back elmo's beefs

  • Anaise Wood
    Anaise Wood Month ago

    What is the name of BOJO s dog?

  • Paul Everett
    Paul Everett Month ago

    Oh God we are all doomed!🙄

  • Si Equestrian
    Si Equestrian Month ago

    I didn't know Elmo was an alcoholic!

  • Si Equestrian
    Si Equestrian Month ago

    Bo-Jo's little doggo is exactly what he would look like as a dog!

  • Leather Neck
    Leather Neck Month ago

    That elmo should've been killed

  • Leather Neck
    Leather Neck Month ago

    I heard dianne abbot forgot to vote... I wouldn't be surprised

  • M P
    M P Month ago

    Someone punch Elmo

  • Kieran Alexander
    Kieran Alexander Month ago

    Hollywood for the ugly ! You have been watching ! 🤣😃🤣

  • Jayne Robson
    Jayne Robson Month ago

    Go boris

  • Gamal Gurashali
    Gamal Gurashali Month ago

    Very bad

  • Sky-view
    Sky-view Month ago

    OMG that polling station with the labour supporters was absolutely shocking.

  • Corin Rice
    Corin Rice Month ago

    Isn’t it nice how both boris and Jeremy brought their dogs to vote

  • Tommy M
    Tommy M Month ago +1

    I hate Jc but there’s no need for that stupid Elmo lady to act like that

  • Shannon
    Shannon Month ago

    I love how Boris brought his dog!!!!

  • Janey Ali
    Janey Ali Month ago

    Feeling down Jeremy all the way great honest man he is

  • Realist 1801
    Realist 1801 Month ago

    The day of the loss of historic proportions to give Johnson a free hand

  • 小雨的二三事
    小雨的二三事 Month ago

    I can't stand anyone who's called Nicola now because of this pathetic idiotic vicious SNP woman.

  • 小雨的二三事
    小雨的二三事 Month ago

    Jeremy, where's your Diane Abbott ? She's been very advised her to that her keeping silent was the way to avoid acting stupid?

  • MusicFanatical1
    MusicFanatical1 Month ago

    This is Elmo's crackhead cousin from the wrong end of Sesame Street.

  • john moore
    john moore Month ago

    It doesn't make any difference to Ireland the muppet Johnson will sink himself my bet is a possible return to the dark days the Catholics are the majority now in the north time for big changes go for it head on

  • La la
    La la Month ago

    Please don't woof at the dog

  • Elvira Stevenson
    Elvira Stevenson Month ago

    I hope not to see old idiot again

  • Grossetête Valentin


  • No Left Turns
    No Left Turns Month ago

    Elmo is an idiot but the police need to chill aswell they get a bit carried away with there power.

    EAR ART Month ago +1

    How can you trust a man going everywhere with his dog when he don't usually

  • Set Speed
    Set Speed Month ago


  • billy jenkins
    billy jenkins Month ago

    you are out corbyn

  • Jo Pink
    Jo Pink Month ago +1

    Corbyn: Stop arguing please 😂😂😂

  • Steve Maynard
    Steve Maynard Month ago

    Wtf this guy ends up on stage in the Elmo Suit 🙈😅

  • Bradford Boxed
    Bradford Boxed Month ago

    Borris apears with his messiah

  • FroggyNipNips
    FroggyNipNips Month ago

    wait can party leaders vote for themselves?

  • i thomas
    i thomas Month ago

    I’d vote for boris s dog for prime minister I bet it’s got more sense than all the politicians

  • AlyGalaxy
    AlyGalaxy Month ago

    Why are they giving that Elmo skank screen time?

  • I'm all out of Bubblegum

    A Worldwide Nationalist-Populist & Traditionalist Age is rising... Britain, Poland, Hungary, France, India, the United States, Italy, Hong Kong,'s EVERYWHERE!! We all say... To Hell with Liberal Globalism! it's a bloody Tyranny.

    JACK ILLER Month ago

    Jimmy Cranky of the SNP had a good night well done Jimmy

  • Carlos Moscoso
    Carlos Moscoso Month ago

    You gotta love UK cops though 👍

  • Baibonn Dilangalen Sangid

    Boris kiss the dog, but wont FREE Julian Assange???

  • Just Will :l
    Just Will :l Month ago

    That guy crouching around next to Corbin is hilarious

  • Charlie D
    Charlie D Month ago +1

    Corbin hate him

  • Sandy Scott
    Sandy Scott Month ago

    Poor poor Jo and her Eurocrat better half...doomsday 🇺🇸

  • Sandy Scott
    Sandy Scott Month ago

    Great to see Britain soundly reject fascism🇺🇸

  • Nico Jones
    Nico Jones Month ago

    I'm so happy brit people once again made the right decision regarding the EU betrayal to Europe.

  • m77ast
    m77ast Month ago

    After all that EU money she was not able to win a single sit. Pathetic isn’t it. That’s what you get when you don’t listen. I just want to see a few Brexit representatives in there. I like Boris but I don’t think I trust him enough. If It was a hung parliament with him and Farage. That will be exciting - the two greatest politicians of our time. Ps we want to see more of the attorney general.
    Ps if Boris did not push for Brexit it would have been a Brexit party wipeout. So Boris - the ball is in your court mate. The people are watching.

  • Stewart Damien
    Stewart Damien Month ago

    Johnson is not a perfect choice by far, but far better than Corbyn. The only way I see him getting in is if the majority of Muslims vote for him, as he is always pandering to them

  • I am Child of Christ
    I am Child of Christ Month ago +1

    Congratulations Mr Johnson for your second mandate winning God Blessed you ❤️ from CANADA 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦❤️👍🏾

  • DeVine Silk
    DeVine Silk Month ago

    Really? do you want to be taken seriously Elmo? Bahahahahah

  • sinno core
    sinno core Month ago

    Why did it take time too long to Brexit from EU?

  • Freddie Stranger
    Freddie Stranger Month ago +1


    • Amb Dar
      Amb Dar Month ago

      Born sinner scared all his life and live in hell ha ha ha ha

  • Freddie Stranger
    Freddie Stranger Month ago +1

    I didn't know that the British lived on Sesame Street where Elmo also lives

  • Anthony Bennett
    Anthony Bennett Month ago +1

    The only people trying to divide us are the remainers and labour supporters not accepting the peoples vote. Accept the result of the referendum and now the result of the general election. Labour under Corbyn have done their best to spread dirt and lies to manipulate how people think and the majority still want out of the EU and Boris as primeminister and the brainwashed left wing wing will still not accept the result and try to fight against it all they can. This is encouraged to try and divide us so Labour can win over some more voters. Their supporters, having been convinced that they are right will do exactly that because they now think their views are superior to anybody else's. How can a lot of people not see this?.. Because exactly what I said above. It just goes round and round in circles. Sorry to ruin your day.