AngryJoe Batman v Superman Comic-Con Reaction & Impressions!

  • Published on Jul 12, 2015
  • AngryJoe Reacts and gives his impressions on the newest Batman v Superman Trailer from Comic-Con 2015!
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Comments • 9 295

  • Chris Renshaw
    Chris Renshaw 2 months ago

    Angry joe can’t be objective because he is a super man fanboy

  • Puspalata Nayak
    Puspalata Nayak 3 months ago

    I will try not to talk.
    Shouting throughout the video

  • bluestratos1901
    bluestratos1901 5 months ago

    Clark had a ton of prep time but boy scout always gets his ass kicked when someone on his level comes out...also in the Snyder verse its pretty freaking obvious the destruction of metropolis was hugely in part (as it always is) superman fault cuz he tries to find out more about his past which also causes zod to be freed from his prison and is able to track superman down.

  • K J
    K J 6 months ago

    25:34 and they are right lmao

  • 2nd3rd1st
    2nd3rd1st Year ago

    Damn, this movie is gonna be awesome! Can't wait!

  • Joshua Borunda
    Joshua Borunda Year ago +1

    I hate it when u guys say that they "rushed". Zack Snyder's plan was never a cinematic universe, it was originally a 5 chapter plan and it was gonna be a Superman story.
    Ch. 1: Man of Steel
    Ch. 2: BvS: DoJ
    Ch. 3: Justice League Part 1
    Ch. 4: Justice League Part 2
    Ch. 5: Justice League Part 3

  • Vias
    Vias Year ago

    Your biggest concern is if Lex Luthor is going to be bald later in the movie or not? Seriously? You made my list of "stuff I'll never watch again." Good day.

  • nabil chowdhury
    nabil chowdhury Year ago

    As a Batman fan I have to say that in fights Batman should lose immediately to supes but since bats is the most popular character dc will make him win whether supes holds back or Batman just bullishits

  • Greenfrogg56 ̄
    Greenfrogg56 ̄ Year ago

    Lmao what is that gay shirt he's wearing

    • sudha bhatt
      sudha bhatt 8 months ago

      He can wear whatever he wants.

  • Innershine20
    Innershine20 2 years ago

    Joe was really being a Superboy scout fanboy with his critiques

  • Lornext
    Lornext 2 years ago +1

    Fuck, that trailer was bad

  • Fatema Chy
    Fatema Chy 2 years ago

    Joe really ceep insulting batman no affence

  • Hamza Durrani
    Hamza Durrani 2 years ago +3

    Oh joe. Poor joe.

  • Billy Atwood
    Billy Atwood 2 years ago +1

    It's funny how wrong joe was watching this now like he couldnt have been more off lol

  • Thomas Phillips
    Thomas Phillips 2 years ago +2

    Little did Joe know that he would hate this film

  • FireStormBaller
    FireStormBaller 2 years ago

    I LOVE THE JESUS IMAGERY AND HOW THEY VIEW SUPERMAN AS A GOD! He really does look and is one! It's so awesome. That's what I like about Superman.

  • Carlos Andres Medrano
    Carlos Andres Medrano 2 years ago

    really joe really, did zack really have a plan

  • Cinema Max
    Cinema Max 2 years ago +5

    Day vs night
    black vs blue
    god vs man
    gay vs straight

  • Kesari Chakra
    Kesari Chakra 3 years ago +6

    I just have to point out that Heat Vison doesnt travel at light speed. Its basically plasma which is Super Heated Gas which is fast but still not fast enough that it cannot be dodged.

  • Ali Nazarpour
    Ali Nazarpour 3 years ago

    it could be argued that batman was not there at the battle of supes and zod because they are trying to follow parts of the frank miller story which meant that he had retired and so he comes out of retirement because of supes fight in metropolis.

  • Heinz Seriously Good Mayonaise

    "I don't like that they brought Kriptonite" Why, cause it means that your boy scout doesn't get and automatic win?

  • Patrik Nilsson
    Patrik Nilsson 3 years ago

    You can look somewhat like Henry, hit the gym fatfuck.

  • Jacob
    Jacob 3 years ago +27

    I know this has nothong to do wit the actual trailer but, holy Hell, so many tabs. XD

  • MR contra
    MR contra 3 years ago +24

    Joe: "Batman fans are just...another type of fan"
    A bit Hypocritical Joe, Indirectly saying ALL Batman fans are Rabid is a bit generalizing don't you think? I mean, assuming that every single Batman Fan is a rabid fan boy, which you continue to state throughout multiple occasions (not just this reaction Video) is a bit Immature and Short sighted. And going by your logic, You're a "Batman Fan" of Superman, I mean, Calling Batman Fans all Rabid Fanboys, And throughout all of your reactions you act like a Whiny, Immature, and all around Intolerable fan. Hell even on the Teaser, after Batman Said the like "Do you will", you Immediately proclaimed "BATWAKNING!".
    Why? Because Batman said a Badass Line to set a bit of a tone on Supes and Bats' standpoint in the film? What you show is that you want Superman to be this Amazing, unopposed Hero throughout the Film, with no faults or any sort of Character Traits beyond the Tough Boy scout mannerism. That's basically a Superman edition to your "Batman Fan" Assumption now isn't it?
    Anyways just giving my piece on this situation.

    • Emanuel Stenberg
      Emanuel Stenberg 2 years ago +2

      MR contra But that's the thing. Fanboys goes against logic, ergo, "other type of fan" means you, the majority of battards by the way are in fact, rabid fanboys. So there is your argument refuted. Next, batman is ridiculousness. He is overrated and defeats impossible odds because the fan base somehow believes it, proves their stupidity, but it sells well so the writers ain't stopping. He's not human, he's a super human. The human part is no remotely possible anymore.
      Superman on the other hand IS and has Always been IN character. Ergo, comparing logical fans to rabid ones immediately gets refuted to due being a nonsense argument.

  • The Shotgun
    The Shotgun 3 years ago

    Joe:You need to save doomsday for the last superman movie
    Me:Dude Lex could still have his big armor that was made by Darkseid cuz Darkseid was the one who gave Lex his armor

  • Jaime Lannister
    Jaime Lannister 3 years ago

    Damn this trailer got me so hyped. Movie was so weird, the most 'mixed' movie I've ever seen. Some of it was SO good, but they just utterly failed to bring it all together. I think if they ended it after the BvS fight, they just went after Lex and made up, then it would have been a lot better. That and take out Wonder Woman (I liked her but she added nothing). Concentrate more then on actually developing the plots they have, and you'd have a pretty great movie imo.

  • The Shotgun
    The Shotgun 3 years ago

    He said“The red capes are coming, the red capes are coming”so it means superman and his troops are coming

  • The Shotgun
    The Shotgun 3 years ago

    Gordon is still alive hes just gonna show up in Justice League

  • jacob pelzer
    jacob pelzer 3 years ago +1

    what is that song Joe plays at the end of the video?

    • L3ndzo83
      L3ndzo83 3 years ago +1

      finalllly!!! thank you!!

    • therealmofotyler
      therealmofotyler 3 years ago

      +L3ndzo83 Callenish Circle - Suffer My Disbelief :)

    • therealmofotyler
      therealmofotyler 3 years ago

      Callenish Circle - Suffer My Disbelief :)

    • L3ndzo83
      L3ndzo83 3 years ago +1

      +jacob pelzer exactly i want to know myself but nobody seems to know

  • kiperlegoproductions 1_4_7

    gana watch the movie later so hyped

  • Ruikki
    Ruikki 3 years ago +3

    Just watched BvS last night so this is fun to watch :)

  • ikethecatslayer
    ikethecatslayer 3 years ago +169

    Joe: "We're gonna try not to talk during the video"
    *two seconds into the trailer*
    Joe: "supermaaan...yeh!"

  • Av_Pal Arts
    Av_Pal Arts 3 years ago

    Its a prequel to Justice League not sequel to MoS!!

  • L0NE
    L0NE 3 years ago

    WTF 26:58 U said "not sure if I'm a fan of the big bat logo" in the Batfleck suit breakdown video u said u was a fan of it WTF

  • Scribe
    Scribe 3 years ago

    Holy tabs, Batman (v. Superman)!

  • Sam
    Sam 3 years ago

    Bit hypocritical calling people short minded etc for criticising the destruction of metropolis when you went batshit crazy (pun not intended, well maybe abit) when they announced Ben Affleck as Batman.

  • Brock
    Brock 3 years ago

    I'm sick and tired of everyone hating on Superman, I understand that you are a Batman fan but Superman is the reason superheroes are what they are today. Give him his due respect and stop being a fucking immature fanboy.

  • Young King
    Young King 3 years ago +1

    wasnt batman the first non powered human ever to dodge darkseid omega beam that hit superman now im not saying batman is speed of light or hypersonic or sonic or bullet speed but he is BATMAN!!!!!!!!But in all serious batman is pretty smart and would easily now when superman would use his heat vision i believe for god sakes batman dodge and omega beam and threatened darkseid by killing him and destroying his entire planet .Batman is fucking crazy smart if any human has a 1 percent chance at deafeating superman its BATMAN!!!

  • Executive 1
    Executive 1 3 years ago

    I think the girl batman is hugging is his daughter

  • Super Spooky
    Super Spooky 3 years ago +12

    Joe doesn't want Kryptonite cuz superpansy's gonna get his ass beat :c

    • Doom Muffinz
      Doom Muffinz 3 years ago

      lol he is such a dishonest fanboy right xD "my character would win coz relleh strong, even though one of my characters main traits is BOY SCOUT. so, what im saying is "my character would win if it wasnt said character" Hurpadurphurpdurp

    • Executive 1
      Executive 1 3 years ago +1

      +Che Hristov he knows batman will utilize kryptonite better than anyone

  • Master Blaster
    Master Blaster 3 years ago

    Joe you are going to love the Final Batmanv Superman trailer!!!

  • Harambe
    Harambe 3 years ago

    because its all part of the plan

  • vented urchin
    vented urchin 3 years ago

    i agree with other Joe that superman firing and batman dodging are different scenes.

  • LMartinP 96
    LMartinP 96 3 years ago

    Well it wasn't necessarily part of a plan, Batman V Superman was not planned from the get go, it was decided later. There was no emphasis in 'Man of Steel' either on Superman being responsible for the deaths of humans. It just comes into play now in BvS. The action from MOS is purely for spectacle in my opinion and the moral ambiguity ideas seem to come across here as an afterthought. Again that's just my opinion. I'm not trying to be a d**k or an internet troll or whatever but I believe that calling people short sighted and saying we've been exposed as foolish is slightly disrespectful. People have different interpretations of something. Still a fan, love your videos and your work but I think you should understand that different people will interpret these in different ways.Keep up the good work.

  • YourBoyN8
    YourBoyN8 3 years ago

    2:38 "20 years in Gotham. How many good guys are left? How many stayed that way?" All of this being said while looking at The Joker's spraypaint on the statue. Is The Joker in Suicide Squad Jason Todd? We know Batman is supposed to be in Suicide Squad at some point due to the trailer, and now we have the theory that came out a few months ago asking about if Jason Todd was The Joker.

  • Alejandro Salazar
    Alejandro Salazar 3 years ago

    so you say gal gadot doesnt look the part but her facial features remind you of wonder woman...hmmm yes... logic

  • Jonno
    Jonno 3 years ago +2

    day vs night, when I first heard that I thought he said Gay vs Night XD

    • Donald Trump
      Donald Trump 3 years ago +1

      Gotta admit I thought that too for a second

    • Wafrie 01
      Wafrie 01 3 years ago +2

      must be hard being that stupid.

  • The World of Movies
    The World of Movies 3 years ago

    I think that batman will be blinded my hate and fear and that's why he wants to destroy superman

  • AlbionViti
    AlbionViti 3 years ago

    Batman logo....Boobs at the top....small mittens at the bottom, never unseen.

  • John Hunt
    John Hunt 3 years ago +3

    kevin spacey was a good lex luthor

  • WeboKonAroz
    WeboKonAroz 4 years ago

    This trailer was simply beautiful

  • LuaKH
    LuaKH 4 years ago

    Coming back here after joe's reaction to the latest trailer lol

  • Taha Ahmed
    Taha Ahmed 4 years ago

    the reason why batman didn't come in was that it was daytime

  • Kapeow Meow
    Kapeow Meow 4 years ago

    666 630 views XD

  • Buzzsaw Louie
    Buzzsaw Louie 4 years ago


  • Patrick D
    Patrick D 4 years ago

    Corporate Commander: HAHAHAHAHAH you were wrong joe! there's no bizarro in the film at all! but its what you feared all along! IT'S DOOMSDAY! hahahahaha

  • Darc Hart94
    Darc Hart94 4 years ago

    how Joe feels about wonder woman and batman is how I feel about what dc is doing with Harley Quinn and poison ivy, it's completely stupid, uninteresting, and makes no real sense.

  • cjg1029
    cjg1029 4 years ago

    I prefer apathetic Ma Kent to someone like Uncle Ben who died after saying you have a responsibility to do what you can. She's basically like if you want to help then help but it'll always be your choice. You don't owe anyone anything.

  • cjg1029
    cjg1029 4 years ago

    Alfred looks a lot more like a Gordon than an Alfred.

  • Nathan Snyder
    Nathan Snyder 4 years ago +3

    "It was planned from the beginning." Yeah, bullshit. They only came up with it to end the backlash from Man of Steel. I defend fanboyism a lot, but Joe, I think you were way too harsh with saying critics were stupid for thinking it sucked.

    • Scribe
      Scribe 3 years ago

      +Nathan Snyder I'm sorry, but please tell me how that's bad? ONLY came up with it to end the backlash. You know what, sure, let's humor that. Let's say that they heard all the stuff about people dying and all the lives lost and all the destruction and they wanted to fix it. At least they want to! At least they're not pretending it didn't happen (like most movies)! At least they WANT to get better and make ends meet! What other movies can say they did that? For the fans, nonetheless! That's worthy of praise! But not only that, they also introduced at least 3 new major characters to the universe from it, while also adding realistic implications to the dynamic of the world, especially in how Supes effects the world.
      And you say this was all to end backlash? That's a pretty fuckin' sweet job then. Bravo!