Boxing VS MMA

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Combat sports are some of the most brutal and beautiful displays of human athleticism. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be putting Boxing and MMA into the cage and closing the door behind them.
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Comments • 793

  • L's Successor
    L's Successor Month ago +511

    This is probably the stupidest thing you've done yet

    • TheLegend
      TheLegend 4 days ago

      @King_B A heavyweight boxer hits like a damn truck. Who TF you kidding. Only a few in MMA can punch as hard.

    • Lennon Williams
      Lennon Williams 8 days ago

      What a complete load of ass😂😂😂😂

    • xvillian
      xvillian 13 days ago im taking notes

      MLG GAMER 18 days ago thanks for differentiating the two for me. I honestly couldn't distinguish.

    • c109
      c109 28 days ago just stop trying

  • The Shadow Dwelling Poet

    They show an Asian when they talk about Muhammad Ali! Hahaha 😂😂😂😂

  • dan mixxcs
    dan mixxcs 7 days ago

    What an idiotic vid lmfao. Waste of time, data. Do not watch

    JB CBBA 8 days ago

    Why are MMA guys always angry at boxing. Sound like they couldn't do boxing and switched to MMA. Sorry but you need talent and skills for boxing. If you don't have it, you don't have it.
    Meanwhile in MMA you can still make it if you are bad.

  • ioannis killis
    ioannis killis 8 days ago +2

    The most random thing I've seen in me life

  • Pranjal Dutta MMA
    Pranjal Dutta MMA 8 days ago

    WTF.. never talk about MMA & boxing bcoz both are combat sports...and both are different types of combat sports.

  • haitex 123
    haitex 123 9 days ago +1

    99.9% of time mma is more entertaining more brutal and a mma fighter would fatalise a boxer within seconds

  • 1up
    1up 12 days ago

    So you based the knockout round just on Tyson ? LOOOL

  • JayClare
    JayClare 14 days ago +1

    Wth is this? Skills: MMA fighters learn so many different skills while boxing only learns one skill. Winner boxing because they would have to master the skill... Knock outs winner because Mohammad Ali was the ultimate.
    Right after emphasising that boxing is nothing but punches and MMA has a wide variety of knockouts.

  • C E C K
    C E C K 16 days ago

    Entertainment is kind of a “whoever the fighters are” for me imo, you can have boring boxing matches but also extremely boring mma fights and vice versa

  • Kevin Abraham
    Kevin Abraham 17 days ago +1

    Wow mojo, this video was trash. Lost respect for this channel

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 19 days ago

    *Grabs trash can lid, grabs a crowbar heads into the comment section*

  • Brock Tackett
    Brock Tackett 19 days ago

    Mma is better don’t get me wrong I love boxing but mma is the fastest growing sport and only gets more popular let’s see what’s bigger and makes more money in the upcoming decade

  • David Gonzalez
    David Gonzalez 20 days ago

    Stupid b

  • Dusty Shirlz
    Dusty Shirlz 20 days ago

    I dont see boxing winning any of these categories. Maybe I am biased because I love mma, but I see it 5-0.
    Also, has there ever been a watchmojo versus that didnt end 3-2?

  • Steven M
    Steven M 20 days ago

    WatchMojo out here tryin to start WW3

  • Overhaul
    Overhaul 22 days ago +2

    I love how in MMA almost no one ducks each other while in boxing is recently all about politics

  • SP FromNY914
    SP FromNY914 23 days ago

    MMA wins in skill idk WTF y'all talking about

  • SP FromNY914
    SP FromNY914 23 days ago


  • drawster
    drawster 23 days ago

    You guys are full caca!

  • James Meritt
    James Meritt 23 days ago

    I am only a Blue belt in taekwondo and gojuryru. I had a match with a guy on an AFB boxing team. I knew very well he knew how to use those hands. My legs are longer than his arms and I was terrified. After the match (a tie) the gentleman came up to me and said that every time he tried to close there was a foot by his head. Given my experience, I fail to see why a MMA would not destroy a boxer.

  • De Jean
    De Jean 24 days ago

    Sport videos are not your mojo

  • Madhav singh
    Madhav singh 24 days ago

    Perfectly balanced as all things should be
    1.2 dislikes

  • Eulene Figuera
    Eulene Figuera 25 days ago


  • DS P
    DS P 25 days ago

    The shade on McGregor so great!

  • Yemi USA
    Yemi USA 26 days ago

    Block this channel. Remove it from your existence. That's what I am about to do.

  • Telvin Kipapa
    Telvin Kipapa 27 days ago

    This video can bend the knee to Triple C!

  • flob bob
    flob bob 27 days ago

    MMA is way better than boxing

  • shimaz ahamed
    shimaz ahamed 28 days ago +1

    Had to watch this vdo because of khabib on the thumbnail !!

  • David Cowan
    David Cowan 28 days ago

    I don't think boxing should win just because of one man and his legendary knockout power. If that's the case, go watch Ngannou knockout Alistair Overeem

  • Logan Taylor
    Logan Taylor 29 days ago

    MMA has some of the coolest K.O with round house kicks, hammer heads, even chocking
    But since one guy could punch a guy really hard boxing wins
    Btw I love watching Mike Tyson

  • S U P E R S A M
    S U P E R S A M 29 days ago

    This is a video about MMA and Boxing and the first thing we see is a WWE photo.

  • Elight
    Elight 29 days ago

    Boxing is much more dangerous and much more difficult, believe me ;). You can observe that there are people from different Martial Arts in mma and they have suceed, but no one of them would have suceed in Boxing. To become one of the top Boxers in the world you need some special abilities in Boxing Sport, but not in mma.

  • Isaiah Marshall
    Isaiah Marshall 29 days ago

    So Boxing>MMA. But... This was terrible, i did not want to win like this. SMH.

    4LIFE1DEEP1 Month ago +2

    MMA will never be bigger than Boxing because MMA fighters keep calling out Professional Boxers like Floyd Mayweather. MMA fighters need to focus on MMA fighters than calling out a retired Boxer in hopes to get a huge payday.

  • adesanya11
    adesanya11 Month ago

    How tf does boxing win skill if you just said yourself you Need to Master more skills in mma 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ worst Video Till this day

  • 89mok1
    89mok1 Month ago

    I don't like McGregor, and I'm a boxing coach, but he is one of the best fighters in MMA and won the majority of his big fights

  • Rorisang
    Rorisang Month ago

    Watchmojo talks about combat sports few seconds later in shows professional wrestling .

  • Amer Al-khammash
    Amer Al-khammash Month ago

    Hey watch mojo do a video about top 10 worst watch mojo videos
    This video should in it for sure

  • Vitto Martinez
    Vitto Martinez Month ago

    She is right on the fact boxing is better but she got so much wrong and she obviously doesn’t know about any sport

  • asylum gaming
    asylum gaming Month ago

    Stfu let mma fighter and boxers fight for real vit no rules and u vill see who will win.

  • Mert11asaasdfghjk asdfghjklşi,

    Boxing and mma are good martial arts.

  • Mert11asaasdfghjk asdfghjklşi,

    If boxers and mma fighters fight, they beat each other, so there's no winner.

  • The Lion
    The Lion Month ago +1

    The knock out round should have gone to MMA. Jorge Masvidal's flying knee knockout, Lyoto Machida's crane kick knock out or Anderson Silva's reverse elbow knockouts are unbeatable.

  • Duncan Buckets
    Duncan Buckets Month ago


  • bob Wade
    bob Wade Month ago

    The 'skill' one was absurd. Boxers only focus on one area so this round goes to boxing. Smh

  • Reed Kellner
    Reed Kellner Month ago

    Watchmojo's next hard-hitting investigation: "What is More Ball? Football, or Basket?"
    ..."Round 5: Knees"
    "In the Basketball, the knees is be used for running, the fast jumping. And also dunks."
    "Round 5, Basketball."
    Seriously, is this some kind of entry in a new trend of troll-videos? I'm not sure I get the joke. This might be too meta for me, WatchMojo.
    Obviously, any knowledgeable fan of combat sports will say that this is a silly comparison. Boxing and MMA are two different sports with different things to appreciate in each. Was this supposed to be an exploration whose author starts with a casual familiarity with each, and ends up with a slightly more systematically compared, still surface-level, still inaccurate understanding? I'm not sure what that's supposed to accomplish. If this is supposed to be just a fun, not-too-serious introduction to both sports, or an introduction to mma by way of a comparison to a more familiar sport, then that's kind of a nice idea. Although, I would have appreciated feeling like the video had been written by someone with a little better understanding of the game. No big deal, I guess. I just thought some of the things you said sounded a bit funny. Overall, I appreciate your efforts. As a fan of mma, boxing, kickboxing, etc, I like it when any big channel throws some more attention toward the sport. You guys are fun and I like to watch your videos when I eat lunch.
    Kids at home: WatchMojo is not a recognized expert on mma. You might want to seek additional sources if you want to know about it.

  • Ulises Limon
    Ulises Limon Month ago

    How the hell did skills went to boxing???

  • Atum 777
    Atum 777 Month ago

    What? MMA is more practical!! If you put an amateur MMA fighter vs a amateur boxer in a street fight the MMA fighter has a 75% chance of winning the fight! Why you think Floyd Mayweather never took that fight with Conor McGregor (MMA rules)? Because Floyd knew damn well Conor would have ate him alive

  • Christian Coccaro
    Christian Coccaro Month ago

    I love boxing more than any other sport imo, but this video was shit.

  • jpowers55
    jpowers55 Month ago

    If you think boxing is better than MMA you're an idiot.

  • Cordel Young
    Cordel Young Month ago

    This is the worst video mojo has ever done wtf

  • Jason Hanson
    Jason Hanson Month ago

    You should watch both for a while then try again some of what you said is true but needs some work.

  • nogie oliveros
    nogie oliveros Month ago

    This is great list..

  • Faisal
    Faisal Month ago

    Whatever the fool is this?

  • Dipan Pathak
    Dipan Pathak Month ago +1

    In the RED corner stands watchmojo the stupidest channel in the history of ytube, standing at infinte no of videos

  • Hamish Campbell
    Hamish Campbell Month ago

    You guys know nothing about combat sports period, stupid video 🤦‍♂️

  • Sheikh Abou
    Sheikh Abou Month ago

    Delete this

  • Parthan Subhash
    Parthan Subhash Month ago

    Man you guys really suck at this......

  • Javier Olvera
    Javier Olvera Month ago +1

    Well, they did one thing right in this video. Not calling a Boxer a Fighter.

    • Cole Nicholson
      Cole Nicholson Month ago

      @Javier Olverathey call it boxing because that's the name and boxers are referred to as "prize fighters" there's no sport called "fighting" lol so in your opinion the only "real" fighters are mma fighters?

    • Cole Nicholson
      Cole Nicholson Month ago

      @Javier Olvera no offense but I see boxing different than bjj , going in to a boxing match you know you're gonna be hit you can play around with your little sister and do jujitsu but it's hard to simulate a boxing match without it getting serious and somebody getting hurt
      Boxers have permanent brain damage can't really say the same for bjj and wrestling

    • Javier Olvera
      Javier Olvera Month ago

      Cole Nicholson The damage has nothing to do with the difference between a fighter and a boxer. I’ve broken bones, cut and bruised my body in Jiu-Jitsu tournaments. And that’s just grappling. No strikes at all. But like you said, it’s a limited sport. That’s exactly why it’s classified as boxing. And they’re athletes, boxers. A wrestler is not a fighter. A wrestler is a wrestler. A grappler is not a fighter or a wrestler. A grappler is a grappler. There’s a reason why these sports are determined by a name and the actions associated with the name.

    • Cole Nicholson
      Cole Nicholson Month ago

      @Javier Olvera I disagree if you just look at the damage boxers take , I agree it's a limited fight but still a fight imo
      People like Ali and Tyson call themselves fighters and all I'm saying is I'm not calling them a liar lol

    • Javier Olvera
      Javier Olvera Month ago

      @Cole Nicholson speaking with 100% experience. Boxers are boxers.