Can You Guess The Price Of These TWICE Products!? (GAME)

  • Published on Apr 25, 2019
  • Guess the Price of these TWICE Products! (Lightstick, Qoo, + more!)
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    Can You Guess the Price Of These K-Pop Products!?
    Can You Guess The REAL vs. ZERO BUDGET Designer Product!?
    Credit for the footage of the Qoo vending machine! (SQ Kpop)
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  • LAmariner
    LAmariner Hour ago

    Naeyoung is the mermaid princess only shared to fans

  • The pretty Girls
    The pretty Girls 23 hours ago

    I hate it its not even funny its so corny

  • Ansherina Espinosa

    Justine has bad puns

  • Nikka Ingalla
    Nikka Ingalla Day ago

    Where did you buy the Twice Light Stick?

  • its taco plays
    its taco plays Day ago

    Where do you get these stuff like is it in south korea or something cause im so Jealous :(

  • Jo hn
    Jo hn Day ago


  • Rudy Santoso
    Rudy Santoso Day ago

    Justin you are the worst

  • Justice Taylor
    Justice Taylor 2 days ago

    If Justin get to spin The wheel he gets 5 ice cream sundae

  • Layla plays Cortes
    Layla plays Cortes 3 days ago

    I got all right

  • tealcat maddie
    tealcat maddie 4 days ago

    Include small pieces could cause swollow

  • KabukiDeku
    KabukiDeku 4 days ago

    at 6:26 the super smash bros brawl theme started playing and I thought it was actually the video. The theme kept going and I was like wtf???

  • Tracey LoSchiavo
    Tracey LoSchiavo 4 days ago

    Justine is funny

  • gakiele
    gakiele 5 days ago

    I love your videos!!!!!

  • Ritika_ BTS
    Ritika_ BTS 5 days ago +1


  • Alyssa Relox
    Alyssa Relox 5 days ago

    Where did you guys find the store that sells teice juice?

  • Julie Lee
    Julie Lee 6 days ago

    Guess the price more like guess the 🍚 rice

  • Uni_Gamer Puffee
    Uni_Gamer Puffee 6 days ago

    JUSTIN! They are trading cards!


    can u please give away the twice lightstick

  • Jules ian Inaldo
    Jules ian Inaldo 8 days ago

    Yuo move the will

  • Mica_Playz Everything!
    Mica_Playz Everything! 10 days ago +2


  • Ray Joo
    Ray Joo 10 days ago +1

    Is Justice Korea?

  • Diyana Lim
    Diyana Lim 10 days ago

    Justin I know that you move the weel

  • lisye sinulinnga
    lisye sinulinnga 10 days ago

    alot time like that is real

  • lisye sinulinnga
    lisye sinulinnga 10 days ago

    ITS SO funny went adam prank justin

  • LittleCupcake678Gacha
    LittleCupcake678Gacha 10 days ago +1

    Justin: *Hey Adam Light Stick? More like TWICE STICK!*
    Adam: **FacePalm*

  • Queen_ Gaming
    Queen_ Gaming 11 days ago +2

    When Justin said the chances of landing on a justie face was 1,010... he should have said *ONE IN A MILLION*

  • Emmy Diko
    Emmy Diko 11 days ago

    Adams mom: *calls justie* WHAT DID YOU CALL My SON? DUMBO??????

  • Heartiiieee Playz
    Heartiiieee Playz 11 days ago

    Justin’s voice tho in 13:11 it cracked 😂

  • Thike Hter
    Thike Hter 11 days ago

    Ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp this how the light stick goes pppppppp means lankybox haha

  • Melodu
    Melodu 12 days ago

    1:14 isn’t that SQ Kpop? xD

  • GachaGalxy player
    GachaGalxy player 12 days ago

    0:27 IM DIEING RIGHT NOW AND THATS MEEEEEE and I also stretch like that too

  • Siena Callaghan
    Siena Callaghan 12 days ago

    I love you guys so much I love you guys I was Crying cus I was upset and then you guys made me laugh

  • Adele Ok
    Adele Ok 12 days ago

    i dare you feed adam Brocolli for 24 hours

  • Dhanel Uanan
    Dhanel Uanan 12 days ago

    justin adam is praking you hahahahhahah i see him in tha video prangky box is here!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mitzie Drew
    Mitzie Drew 13 days ago

    tyuzu is pronounced "chewy'

  • Jennie Kim
    Jennie Kim 14 days ago +1

    I had a Sana Qoo once.... when I tried to get another I couldn’t tho🥺🥺🥺

  • Ass kicking Legend
    Ass kicking Legend 15 days ago +1

    There's nothing wrong
    Mina even called tzuyu "tsu yoo" when that bridge were shaken by tzuyu.
    And beside different language have different pronounciation its not bad if you call her "tsu yoo" it was only pronounced as "chewy" because of korean pronounciation

  • Xxgalaxycookiexx
    Xxgalaxycookiexx 15 days ago


  • Tiger Queen
    Tiger Queen 15 days ago

    He didnt call the photos trading cards :OOOOOO

  • Karlly_ Go
    Karlly_ Go 15 days ago

    Please do more Twice Video's!!

  • Grant Fitzgerald
    Grant Fitzgerald 15 days ago

    I got all correct except 1

  • Salma Manzoor
    Salma Manzoor 16 days ago +1

    **grabs water** YOU NEED HOLY WATER BOII **pours water on Adam through screen**

  • Cosmic Kitty
    Cosmic Kitty 16 days ago

    Guess the prise?
    *More like guess the fries!*

    SUE BABY 16 days ago

    Why are you wasting Justin’s money on some stuff

  • Lennisha Harrison
    Lennisha Harrison 17 days ago

    😁😁😁OMG haaaaaaa oh. Funny

  • Ajeng HG
    Ajeng HG 17 days ago

    Please buy second candybong twice, it's more elegant

  • Ally Plays
    Ally Plays 17 days ago


  • Toys 34
    Toys 34 17 days ago

    My mom is getting me the Official TWICE Light-Stick for my b-day. And i’m gonna be so happy because it has so many advanced technology. XD

  • bella’s world!!!! !
    bella’s world!!!! ! 17 days ago +2

    You should do one with AirPods!

  • Red Velvet's gay power

    Adam : *SUYU*
    Me : Uhm *Triggered*

  • Sam MD
    Sam MD 17 days ago


  • Rayden PH
    Rayden PH 17 days ago

    Where can I buy Justine's face merch.

  • GalaxyWanda
    GalaxyWanda 17 days ago

    can you make some more videos that you prank justin is soo much fun!!

  • Geeta Narine
    Geeta Narine 18 days ago

    They drank from the same bottle

  • kathy playz
    kathy playz 18 days ago

    Are they brothers or friends

  • Isabella santiago
    Isabella santiago 18 days ago

    Adan spent $232 in total

  • SAO Manatee
    SAO Manatee 18 days ago

    Did you guys notice that they are mispronouncing the names of the TWICE members.

  • Nur Syahirah
    Nur Syahirah 18 days ago

    The lemon juice will taste soooooo ggoooooodddd if you put salt in it. Believe me

  • yuuvl
    yuuvl 18 days ago

    “good luck guessing the price justin stay thicc” - tzuyu

  • ーたし
    ーたし 18 days ago

    I'm ONCE in Japan. This is the first time for me to watch LankyBox's video.
    It is very interesting! I can't help my laughing😂😂😂
    In addition, I can feel their loves for TWICE!! I didn't feel uncomfortable as I realized that they liked TWICE. It was so interesting that I will continue to watch LankyBox's videos!!!!
    Finally, I'm sorry for my poor English. Thank you for reading my comment.

  • T W I G
    T W I G 19 days ago

    Im really scared because....

    I just caused swallow!

  • Julie Ann Zarco
    Julie Ann Zarco 19 days ago

    Where did you get the lightstick

  • Tanya KidZ
    Tanya KidZ 19 days ago

    My sister is a BIG fan of twice and she got the twice orange juice and it’s so special to her so she brought it on a plane...
    And pretty much everything that’s twice... SAVE ME

  • Nicki HerediaR
    Nicki HerediaR 19 days ago

    You bought twice lightstick some weeks before Twice Revealed the new version lol

  • Zoey Patton
    Zoey Patton 19 days ago

    Hey! Here's one k so twice more like mice!😅😂

    it's bad 😌💩

  • Julia chan据立案
    Julia chan据立案 19 days ago

    Guess the price more like twice the PRICE

  • Senpai IJ
    Senpai IJ 19 days ago +2

    5:18 omg XD

  • Unicorn Galaxy Power
    Unicorn Galaxy Power 19 days ago


  • Gacha Girl
    Gacha Girl 19 days ago

    I got a black pink add for this

  • Abe Cariaso
    Abe Cariaso 20 days ago

    Adam how dare you prank our King

  • Reway ARMY EAGLE chill everyday

    Why​ the drink is in 75$

  • kyeoisan
    kyeoisan 20 days ago

    can you do with the group seventeen or ateez? plsssss

  • Jasmine Untal
    Jasmine Untal 20 days ago

    So adam is poisoning justie corps international manager

  • jungyeonminatzuyu
    jungyeonminatzuyu 20 days ago

    am i the one who keeps laughing at justins face behind

  • jungyeonminatzuyu
    jungyeonminatzuyu 20 days ago

    justin if only you can actually have a date with tzuyu...

  • Juliet
    Juliet 20 days ago

    Justin needs to stop trustin’~ lol 😄

  • CuddlyAlways_ Whydontwe

    Can you please do a why dont we guess the price😆❤️🍋💡

  • Memes R Dreams
    Memes R Dreams 21 day ago

    Adam is pranks boxing you course I saw at the beginning of the vidoe

  • EXID_ Leggo
    EXID_ Leggo 21 day ago

    Well it's not pronounced as tzu-yu it's tzu-ui

  • my babies
    my babies 22 days ago +1

    Did Justin had a first date this time I’m
    Hey 👋 is your weekend
    Your lucky

  • LarfG
    LarfG 22 days ago

    Justin always on crack

  • Anxg 44
    Anxg 44 22 days ago +1


  • Madalynn McKee
    Madalynn McKee 23 days ago +1

    Please please please do a guess the price Stray Kids❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Saul Carrera
    Saul Carrera 23 days ago

    Tzuyu is pronounced chewy

  • da su
    da su 23 days ago

    It looks like Justin is on drugs. BTW, I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!~

  • Anete Flores
    Anete Flores 23 days ago

    I'm a huge fan

  • A.J
    A.J 23 days ago

    Justin is lying because he still had date with SUNMI hahah

  • MePlaysROBLOX Gaming
    MePlaysROBLOX Gaming 23 days ago

    i got 2 the gloves and lightstick

  • Vitoria Nascimento
    Vitoria Nascimento 23 days ago

    Send a Kiss for Brasil ,we love you

  • rose plays
    rose plays 23 days ago

    Congrats on ur first date justin😂😂😂

  • kim taehyung my sunshine

    Justin your bias is Tzuyu right?

  • kim taehyung my sunshine

    Hi i just heard you had been on a date with my girlfriend, Tzuyu! 😡 (joke srry i had to)

  • got cuties
    got cuties 23 days ago

    Justin: if i were to be really😆🤣
    Did anyone else hear that

  • jimin BTS
    jimin BTS 23 days ago

    Cover nct. Please

  • Itz Nicolia Plays
    Itz Nicolia Plays 23 days ago

    Got everything right

  • PoopyFACE
    PoopyFACE 23 days ago

    0:38 why isn't Justie screaming/laughing after making a joke like in the zero budget vids?!?

  • let's get this bread 13

    Can you do a zero budget of ME! by Taylor?

  • PinkJigglyPuff
    PinkJigglyPuff 24 days ago +1

    You should let kookie spin the Justin wheel next time

  • rjemel
    rjemel 24 days ago

    When I went to Japan, I saw the Qoo drink in a conbini.
    Though it only tastes apple juice.

  • Ha ni
    Ha ni 24 days ago +1

    Aww u have friends!!