JUSTICE LEAGUE Is Better Than Infinity Wars | BIAM #05


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  • Anushilan Dahal
    Anushilan Dahal 8 months ago +1329

    Snack Snyder is my favorite superhero

    • daft punk
      daft punk 14 days ago

      His power are making movies snacks

    • Grimsby Reapers
      Grimsby Reapers Month ago

      *drools* Mmm, Snack Snyder...sounds yummy

    • Helel Alexander
      Helel Alexander 2 months ago

      superheroine you insensitive cuck

    • Abdullah Zafar
      Abdullah Zafar 2 months ago

      IT is NOT a ZACK SNYDER Movie ... !

    • Echo Empire
      Echo Empire 2 months ago

      Dude... Zach Snyder didn't direct Justice League. His take was almost completely scrapped and Joss Whedon (Avengers, Age of Ultron, even wrote X-Men for a while) took over. I am NOT defending Snyder. I just think Whedon deserves hate, too.

  • Phillip Lwanga
    Phillip Lwanga 11 hours ago

    jar jar😂😂😂😂

  • Ryan Ratchford
    Ryan Ratchford 12 hours ago +2

    Jesus’ name WAS actually Joshua so Weedon isn’t too far off

  • Milo Baisch
    Milo Baisch 3 days ago


  • Glen Wang
    Glen Wang 7 days ago +1

    4:58 - My only gripe with this scene is that Gal Gadot's shiny 'thing' needs more... lens flare-esque light. 🤣

  • Grimsby Reapers
    Grimsby Reapers 8 days ago

    Justice League Rocks. I bet most of you havn't even seen the film!

    • Ant Man
      Ant Man 5 days ago

      for a reason...

  • Xin Dai
    Xin Dai 8 days ago

    While everyone is blaming Snyder, they don't realize that Whedon did the intro and Batman scene and half of the movie reshoots, shouldn't be a DC movie lol

  • Erez Asken
    Erez Asken 10 days ago

    Why isn’t electro’s tooth gap fixing in your top 3?

  • Doomerang
    Doomerang 10 days ago

    13:46 looks like AstroKitty

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 10 days ago

    Steppenwolf is a God of War 1 bad guy.

  • Neku's Headphones
    Neku's Headphones 10 days ago

    Justice League is the best super hero film ever made

  • DA4444
    DA4444 11 days ago

    I don't really like Kathleen Kennedy, to be honest

  • Superhero Geek
    Superhero Geek 13 days ago

    The DC Extended Universe - Timeline Explained
    Shark Boy And Lava Girl
    Man Of Steel
    Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Foreshadowing
    Suicide Squad
    Justice Avengers: Age Of Justice MotherBoxes 3

  • Akhil tiwari
    Akhil tiwari 14 days ago +1

    Which leads to ☄️

  • Sniper 2000
    Sniper 2000 17 days ago

    The CGI face of Zack Snyder was better than Superman's CGI

  • Cai Zhong
    Cai Zhong 25 days ago

    Justice League:I tried

  • Chris LATAM
    Chris LATAM Month ago

    Hold one second...
    ¿You Really See Sucker Punch?

  • Pro 92
    Pro 92 Month ago

    Super sarcasm

  • sachinsurya007
    sachinsurya007 Month ago +2

    *Batman and Superman don't fuck in this movie*
    Damn. You didn't put spoilers in the title

  • Mia Eloise
    Mia Eloise Month ago

    This is bait...

  • The sims Life
    The sims Life Month ago

    Stephenwolf looks fake he doesn’t even move his expressions all he does is move his lips and thanos has way better cgi

  • Cameron Maines
    Cameron Maines Month ago

    Its infinity war not wars dumbass

  • Meizar Farizky
    Meizar Farizky Month ago

    Dude I rewatched this and just realized now that you called Barry "wally west" 😂 well played

  • Papi Duarte
    Papi Duarte Month ago

    “Hannah Baker style”

  • Lizzie J
    Lizzie J Month ago

    All of Zack Snyder’s movies are a disgrace.

  • Felipe Zorzi
    Felipe Zorzi Month ago


  • Rickety Cricket
    Rickety Cricket Month ago +1

    That Zach Snyder is one talented dude. The Russo Brothers. James Gunn. Taika Wahiti. Jon Favreau. Bryan Singer. James Mangold. Sam Raimi. Ryan Coogler. Patty Jenkins. James Wan. Richard Donner. Pffffft!!!!!! What a bunch of unintelligent, uninspiring and untalented hacks. Snyder is the real deal when it comes to making superhero films. Especially when it comes to superb moments like the "Martha" scene and "yep. Something is definetly bleeding now" and outstanding dated PS2 graphics. I mean. Look at how well Steppenwolf is designed. Hollywood needs more of him and less of other more talented superhero directors working in Hollywood today.

  • anonymous 1246
    anonymous 1246 Month ago


  • DaRealGameLord
    DaRealGameLord Month ago

    Nice hunger games reference

  • Zoro's Bankai
    Zoro's Bankai Month ago

    This level of sarcasm I MEAN flattery is great

  • Ren
    Ren Month ago

    Commenting before I watch the video or read the comments, but I know so many Fanboys got pissed off from the title alone 😂

  • Wellington Sayeg
    Wellington Sayeg Month ago

    Great vid! You deserv more subs!

    ACE FAMILY LOVER Month ago

    i like them both just infinity wars had me crying for 2 hours😭

  • love singh
    love singh Month ago

    i know Justice League movie was the biggest disappointment of 2017 but did you just compared Fan4stic and The Emoji Movie with BvS. Really???
    And P.S. The opening shot with the kids was shot by Joss Whedon not SNACK SNYDER. That's why the horrible mustache CGI. Couldn't watch the rest anyway.

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik Month ago +1

      +love singh Superman was very dark (like in MoS) and very stupid (there were many ways to get help from Batman, he just chose to punch him). And then they killed him - character general audience didn't have ANY connection with, so they didn't care at all.
      The way how Superman was treated in MoS and BvS just showed huge disrespect of WB and Zack Snyder to this character. Or total ignorance. One of those.

    • love singh
      love singh Month ago

      +xavier jaramillo haven't watched emoji(nor going to) or aquaman but I've watched BvS, multiple times at that and I really enjoyed it. Maybe it's just my taste that is bad. Liked Spider verse though.

    • xavier jaramillo
      xavier jaramillo Month ago +2

      +love singh emoji movie and bvs are bad movies, but aquaman and spider verse are epic movies

    • love singh
      love singh Month ago

      @xavier jaramillo I guess different taste then. And The Emoji movie must be your favourite movie. No judging here.

    • xavier jaramillo
      xavier jaramillo Month ago +1

      Bvs is that bad, so whats the problem?

  • Voltaire Lopez III
    Voltaire Lopez III Month ago +1

    "speaking of sex.." best line HAHAHAHAHAA

  • JAM Mega ZX
    JAM Mega ZX Month ago

    Fuck you and your channel

  • JAM Mega ZX
    JAM Mega ZX Month ago

    I thick justice league is a good movie, but not better infinity war

  • JAM Mega ZX
    JAM Mega ZX Month ago

    Your thoughts are bullshit.

    SUPER WEEB Month ago

    And Pepsi is better than coke.

  • Jayden Williams
    Jayden Williams Month ago +1

    I like the justice league movie

  • Mr. X
    Mr. X Month ago

    i thought you'd make a comment on that fake ass mouth cgi

  • Hardik Mehta
    Hardik Mehta Month ago

    Is that a reference from ryan higa video

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski Month ago

    Wait, Wally West( Kid Flash) do you mean Barry Allen?

  • jg schofield
    jg schofield 2 months ago +1

    Great editing. With a original sense of humor. LoL. Cool channel.

  • Austin Gaming
    Austin Gaming 2 months ago

    My most anticipated movie of 2019 is avengers endgame part 1.5 ultimate edition Snyder cut

  • Milktraap
    Milktraap 2 months ago

    Hulk smash! Haha get it it’s from infinity wars

  • Briggs Bennigan
    Briggs Bennigan 2 months ago

    " I love you. Muah." i lost it.

  • Karlo Rožić
    Karlo Rožić 2 months ago

    DC are dead.Marvel is just amazing and they make greater movies then DC will ever make

  • The Salesman
    The Salesman 2 months ago


  • Jose Bonilla
    Jose Bonilla 2 months ago

    Thumbs up Solidified solely on the fact that I was not expecting a glorious Jar Jar voice. Funny video. Thanks for that

  • Ishon Clayton
    Ishon Clayton 2 months ago

    What is your guys problem with this marvel movie
    So mad😠😡

  • Joosep Viitkar
    Joosep Viitkar 2 months ago

    i guess those 2.6k just read the title and clicked dislike button

  • Joosep Viitkar
    Joosep Viitkar 2 months ago

    10 dollars haha

  • Joosep Viitkar
    Joosep Viitkar 2 months ago

    i love angels instead like most other reviewers they criticise justice league and transformers, you use sarcasm to review those movies and it's hilarious

  • Joosep Viitkar
    Joosep Viitkar 2 months ago


  • MarvelPugs
    MarvelPugs 2 months ago +1

    Who cares about children? I AM ONE ASS

  • NoahzArk771
    NoahzArk771 2 months ago

    How much drugs did you take?

  • DC Fanboy
    DC Fanboy 2 months ago +3

    Here's a list of the things I love about the bvs
    1: The acting; Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck are the best representations of their respective characters I've ever seen in a live action adaptation.
    2: The use of music. At the start, there's no score, which, in combination with the sonic disruptors makes us feel almost as bad as Superman must be feeling. After that, the music starts to build and hold a very tense, yet also epic tone.
    3: The differing styles; Batman is clearly far inferior to Superman regarding physical abilities, so he uses his brain and gadgets to even the playing field. However, Superman still hasn't fully understood how to fight without his powers, so he can't adapt as quickly as Batman.
    4: The symbolism; The movie goes out of its way to show Bruce Wayne is slowly turning into the very thing that Batman first set out to defeat. First, his speech about fear (Scarecrow), then the perfect crack of his mask down the middle (Two-Face), and finally the green glow of the Kryptonite as he prepares to murder Superman (Joker).
    5: The cinematography; While the pacing isn't fast, it feels very deliberate. PLus each action has a noticeable impact on the people involved. Every time Superman hits Batman, you can see the effort it takes to get back up. When Superman is exposed to the Kryptonite, you can see the pain in his face.
    6: The visuals; Everything pops so much in this film, especially compared to the overall grey colour tone of the Marvel Movies.

  • Cinema Geek
    Cinema Geek 2 months ago +8

    "The destroyed head symbolizes that Superman is not right in the head" I don't know why that made me laugh so hard

    • JoIjIoL
      JoIjIoL 2 months ago +1

      That killed me, lmao!

  • Daniel Villarreal
    Daniel Villarreal 2 months ago

    Joss whedon trimmed cut changed added bad special effect you need to re do this video bro this is not a zack snyder movie that cellphone joss whedon

    • Fer Zum
      Fer Zum Month ago +3

      He knows but this is a sarcasm video, dany boi

  • Eshiozemhe Micheal Inusa
    Eshiozemhe Micheal Inusa 2 months ago +1

    Hahahhaha u funny dude

  • James austin
    James austin 2 months ago

    I love that he rags on justice league

  • carealoo744
    carealoo744 2 months ago

    9:57 XD! Well done, my friend!

  • AK 2000
    AK 2000 2 months ago


  • Death-Seed Sentry
    Death-Seed Sentry 2 months ago

    Well ya know this guy knows nothing when he puts Infinity warS instead on Infinity WAR

  • MR.Orange 6
    MR.Orange 6 2 months ago

    Joss ruined justice league that green screen was a reshoot

  • Sassy Blue
    Sassy Blue 2 months ago

    Is this video sarcastic? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Taylor Bowne
    Taylor Bowne 2 months ago +1

    I can't tell if you're joking but I'm pretty sure that first scene was shot by Whedon. Hence the cgi lip.

  • Swervo
    Swervo 2 months ago

    I’m a DC fan and even I say justice league movie was straight ass

  • Hernando Chandra
    Hernando Chandra 2 months ago +1

    why are there so many dislikes on this video like do people don't understand comedy

    BAT-TALK! 2 months ago

    Marvel doesn’t have good Jokes

  • daniel zolfaghari
    daniel zolfaghari 2 months ago

    yeah I don't disagree that Snyder is more of a visionary director than a decent screen writer but by this point, we all know that jeff johns and weedon screwed the original Snyder plans for the justice league pretty bad .... so it's not all on Snyder

  • Film Thoughts
    Film Thoughts 2 months ago

    Hahaha thank GOD you are joking

  • Ankit Bharat
    Ankit Bharat 2 months ago

    Barry Allen

  • avengers for life
    avengers for life 2 months ago

    Star Wars fans suck ass I can't stand em they make real fans like me look bad

  • avengers for life
    avengers for life 2 months ago

    Justice league was shit I wanna punch superman in his cgi face he looks awful

  • TheLosboogie1973
    TheLosboogie1973 2 months ago


  • Othtor Potato
    Othtor Potato 2 months ago

    It basically does say 'I tried -Joss Whedon' because the sign comes when Joss Whedon's name is first mentioned.

  • Meraz Miah
    Meraz Miah 2 months ago

    I wanna see your aquaman reaction bitch

  • Edson Gillar Kakor
    Edson Gillar Kakor 2 months ago +3

    I feel bad for the people who think he's serious

  • Matt Woods
    Matt Woods 2 months ago +3

    This video is actually a comedic masterpiece, no joke

  • Jacob Keary
    Jacob Keary 2 months ago

    *_Joss Whedon is in the credits in front of the "I tried thing" if I'm not mistaken_*

  • InjustFlash
    InjustFlash 2 months ago

    Btw I'm not sure if ur joking but this isn't Snyder's movie almost everything was reshot be Joss so almost everything u hated was Joss idea

  • InjustFlash
    InjustFlash 2 months ago

    I'd love to see ur opinion on Aquaman

  • Felipe Reyes
    Felipe Reyes 2 months ago

    But the mustache scenes are Whedon made

  • theDarkSlug
    theDarkSlug 2 months ago

    Subscribed because of "Cookie Monster"

  • IfinityWar Guy
    IfinityWar Guy 2 months ago

    Justice league was a rip-off of Avengers

    • danny devito
      danny devito 2 months ago

      I just saw your other comments and i hope you know the video is a joke

  • IfinityWar Guy
    IfinityWar Guy 2 months ago

    Justice league was so bad, Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck left

  • IfinityWar Guy
    IfinityWar Guy 2 months ago

    The side characters were really bad

  • IfinityWar Guy
    IfinityWar Guy 2 months ago

    Cyborg didn't really get a backstory

  • IfinityWar Guy
    IfinityWar Guy 2 months ago

    They didn't explain the characters enough

  • IfinityWar Guy
    IfinityWar Guy 2 months ago

    You better be joking

  • IfinityWar Guy
    IfinityWar Guy 2 months ago

    Your really bad

  • IfinityWar Guy
    IfinityWar Guy 2 months ago

    Heath Ledger's Joker was better than SteppenWolf

  • IfinityWar Guy
    IfinityWar Guy 2 months ago

    Cyborg's face looked really bad

  • IfinityWar Guy
    IfinityWar Guy 2 months ago

    The action scenes were okay

  • IfinityWar Guy
    IfinityWar Guy 2 months ago

    Justice league copied a scenes from Civil War

  • IfinityWar Guy
    IfinityWar Guy 2 months ago

    SteppenWolf was pretty much just CGI

    • Jx son
      Jx son Month ago

      Nigga stfu, oml

  • IfinityWar Guy
    IfinityWar Guy 2 months ago

    Henry Cavill was going to be in mission impossible, and they had to get rid of the mustach. You can clearly see that Superman chin area was bad CGI

  • IfinityWar Guy
    IfinityWar Guy 2 months ago

    You don't know what you are talking about

    • carolineee loveee
      carolineee loveee 2 months ago

      You made like ten comments lmao. did you even watch the video? 💀