JUSTICE LEAGUE Is Better Than Infinity Wars | BIAM #5


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  • Anushilan Dahal
    Anushilan Dahal 4 months ago +879

    Snack Snyder is my favorite superhero

    • Zeke_is_Best _Girl
      Zeke_is_Best _Girl 8 days ago

      Katie Delaney that joke went over your head farther than the deep philosophical meaning of Justice league went over the hard of marveltards

    • Aaron Levine
      Aaron Levine 2 months ago

      Hack Snyder is cancer.

    • Random Gmod Vids
      Random Gmod Vids 4 months ago +1

      Anushilan Dahal I think you mean Snack Cider

  • s.p.FOX
    s.p.FOX 19 hours ago

    clickbaiting motherfucker.

  • kbral010
    kbral010 Day ago

    I was lost in youtube and I found this. Gold material.

  • Rye Hots
    Rye Hots Day ago

    i think most of the downboats are from mcu fans reaction voting to the title

  • AwesomeSauce
    AwesomeSauce Day ago

    8:11 Queen Hepatitis πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Krishna Arjun
    Krishna Arjun Day ago

    But wht I love in DC is the dark knight trilogy

  • Krishna Arjun
    Krishna Arjun Day ago

    DC fan!!!!πŸ‘…

  • Darth Bane
    Darth Bane Day ago

    Better? Justice League blows Infinity War out of the water. Thanos wants to save people by... killing them? And the magic glowing infinity rocks? Makes no sense! Step-in-time, on the other hand, just wants to find his mother, who happens to be three separate boxes known for raising the dead, probably all named Martha, so they can terraform a populated world, killing every living thing on it without even trying the slightly smaller red planet right next to it, just like the good ol’ days. Making Step-on-lego’s mother turn out to be a few boxes is some very commendable diversity on Zack Snyder’s part, too.

  • eitan e
    eitan e Day ago

    Life ?
    Well.. where is superman ?

  • Predator X
    Predator X Day ago

    Fuckingly B E A Utifull

  • Emmanuel Tumala
    Emmanuel Tumala Day ago

    Hannah Baker style....WOW

  • Ricky Ward
    Ricky Ward Day ago

    This kids a f*ckin assh@lo lmao

  • Kindred1a1
    Kindred1a1 Day ago

    Sarcasm level is over 9000, subbed.

  • Maxine Beth
    Maxine Beth 2 days ago

    Im so glad I found your channel

  • American Ninja Productions

    It's just infinity war lol. Singular

  • Orlanzo Telfer
    Orlanzo Telfer 2 days ago

    The sarcasm of this video is so high ..it went full circle and by the end of this video you end up really liking the movie

  • Orlanzo Telfer
    Orlanzo Telfer 2 days ago

    C W stands for Cookie Monster....that got me

  • Salty Surprise
    Salty Surprise 2 days ago

    Justice League fucked over every DC fan ever.

  • MegaLink2002
    MegaLink2002 2 days ago

    Glad I read the description before I left a comment

  • Ken
    Ken 2 days ago

    Tf did u just say

  • Vastra
    Vastra 3 days ago

    Steppenwolf was so generic, he made Bowser blush

  • DarthAlbin
    DarthAlbin 3 days ago

    Oh. Sarcasm. I get it now.

  • Onyie Onyeabor
    Onyie Onyeabor 4 days ago

    when you said Wally West... Was that on purpose because you're making fun of the characterization... Or did you actually mistake him for Barry Allen?

  • kick3n3mini
    kick3n3mini 4 days ago

    Wasn't BvS like the exact opposite "show, don't tell"?

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow 5 days ago

    This is funny. God I love sarcasm

  • RickyBBlessed
    RickyBBlessed 5 days ago

    I tried - Josh Weaton

  • Bebetto
    Bebetto 6 days ago +3

    Wow all 3 best moments in cinematography are from DC how awesome is that?

    • Bebetto
      Bebetto 6 days ago

      Matthaus Gonzales yeah I know, my comment was sarcasm too haha I haven't even seen Catwoman

    • Matthaus Gonzales
      Matthaus Gonzales 6 days ago

      Bebetto it’s sarcasm

  • Lefika Ramoatlhodi
    Lefika Ramoatlhodi 6 days ago

    I can't think of anything sarcastic to say
    So I'm just gonna subscribe

  • EmperorSteele
    EmperorSteele 6 days ago

    That Snyder mouth was better animated that Superman's was.

  • O K
    O K 7 days ago

    "Infinity wars" is what casuals say

  • Dusty Mine
    Dusty Mine 7 days ago

    That's not Wally West

  • Fat Penguin
    Fat Penguin 7 days ago

    Also all the bad bits were from joss

  • Vanguard
    Vanguard 7 days ago

    10:10 - 10:29 so beautiful... glad I found your channel bro.

  • Fat Penguin
    Fat Penguin 7 days ago

    BvS was good.... JL was cut to shit

  • Lt. Commander Nerd
    Lt. Commander Nerd 7 days ago

    Not Wally it's Barry

  • Bin Grinding
    Bin Grinding 8 days ago

    WAIT WHAT! Did anyone realise Table had pictures of snaccccc daddy plastered all over the wall. Thanks for the boost. Good shit bro keep it up.

  • And Peggy
    And Peggy 8 days ago

    Avengers avenge the world
    Defenders defend New York
    Revengers get revenge
    The justice league justice leag- huh
    Teen titans teen ti- WTF

    • And Peggy
      And Peggy 4 days ago

      Mr. Woods they could at least get a good name

    • Mr. Woods
      Mr. Woods 6 days ago

      The Justice league forms because they have to

  • mightywizard
    mightywizard 8 days ago

    9:02 this is not just a joke. The flash is explaining how he needs friends because people don't understand him. This is what makes flash such a relatable character.

  • Never Not Phil
    Never Not Phil 9 days ago

    By Infinity War I think he's referring to the Infinite amount of Wars. Like World War 1 and 2, Vietnam War, and Korean war. Because no one likes War.

    Except for Dick Cheney.

  • William Davies
    William Davies 10 days ago

    Absolutely hilarious!!! Never in a million years,!!! even retards know that justice league sucks on all levels

  • Greg David L
    Greg David L 10 days ago

    That review was so funny πŸ˜‚

  • Beautiful Buckingham
    Beautiful Buckingham 10 days ago

    *Shows Avengers* Wait, Thats Justice League. IT LOOKS GREAT!

  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet Singh 10 days ago

    Man you know so less about what happened to justice league πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ fuck man feel so sorry about you!!

  • Matthew Hall
    Matthew Hall 12 days ago

    Of course someone is gonna say Justice League is better when he puts Infinity WarS lol.

  • Ernest P worrell
    Ernest P worrell 13 days ago +2

    Avengers league: infinity battle for metropolis

  • Thantacore
    Thantacore 13 days ago

    "Kill himself, Hannah Baker style"

  • Sundine
    Sundine 14 days ago

    Bruh what is that mouth.

  • Zoide
    Zoide 15 days ago

    10:46 Batman try’s his best πŸ˜‚

  • No I'm Not A Pokemon
    No I'm Not A Pokemon 15 days ago

    *Zeck Sneyder*

  • Rivadha Adenata
    Rivadha Adenata 15 days ago

    the sarcasm level in this video is OVER 9000 LOL

  • imaginegamer 501
    imaginegamer 501 16 days ago

    I tried - joss sweeden

  • Ysunza Aaron Matthew
    Ysunza Aaron Matthew 17 days ago +1

    No u

  • Lavisha Sharma
    Lavisha Sharma 18 days ago +1

    I have never actually seen Justice league but I feel like I have seen it through these videos.

    • MR. Mikk
      MR. Mikk 14 days ago +1

      Lets just say a fan fiction would have been better than what we got.

  • SorGaming
    SorGaming 18 days ago

    Hear me and rejoice

  • Rison
    Rison 18 days ago

    all I hear is sarcasm HAHAHAHA!!

  • Some kind of Entity
    Some kind of Entity 18 days ago


  • bn3kr2
    bn3kr2 18 days ago

    I see that many people cant understand sarcasm

  • Wilo Polis
    Wilo Polis 18 days ago +1

    People, actually watch the video, it's freaking hilarious

  • McDoofus-Kun
    McDoofus-Kun 19 days ago


  • Gamer Aarav
    Gamer Aarav 19 days ago

    sarcasm at its best

  • Thomas Larson
    Thomas Larson 19 days ago

    UM>this is bullshit_i'm no fanboy but cmon...it is a good movie; batbelly included

  • Alif Aiman14
    Alif Aiman14 19 days ago


  • Lumpy Stilskin
    Lumpy Stilskin 19 days ago

    What the πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Any Q
    Any Q 19 days ago +1

    I love your sarcasm lololol πŸ˜‚
    New sub!

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 20 days ago

    I wanted to take you seriously, even after your corny opening, but four minutes in, I realized you were wasting my time.

  • JAMEYX Films
    JAMEYX Films 20 days ago

    We are on the same wavelength lmao, when you mentioned a best season of arrow I thought to myself β€œoh god season 4 was horrible, so he’ll either say 4 or 3”.

  • Kabirul Hassan
    Kabirul Hassan 21 day ago

    who really thinks that justice league is better???πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

  • Horse Noise Entertainment

    This is joss whedon destroying a masterpiece at its finest
    Im glad he's gone
    And... You're annoying

    • Ti My
      Ti My 20 days ago

      Yep. Zach's original vision was this close to being perfect lmao

  • Mania Lord of Insanity

    Honestly. Other than the first season of Arrow. Than the CW shows go down hill

  • Reviews Maximus
    Reviews Maximus 23 days ago

    I agree with you... To an extent...
    Justice league is a better attempt at cashing in on the gigantic powerhouse that is MCU... Joss whedon( the avengers director ) has a better idea of what can make the movie great... It IS a bit janky at times but it does not distract you...

    But I don't agree with you saying this movie being better than infinity war...


    • DuelMp5
      DuelMp5 22 days ago +1

      Did you even watch the video? Lol

  • Santiago Zuniga
    Santiago Zuniga 23 days ago

    I actually liked Josstice league, but this is the best video ever

  • Ali's Archive
    Ali's Archive 24 days ago

    Top notch choreography. 11 out of 10 !

  • Zero Command
    Zero Command 24 days ago


  • Bouie342
    Bouie342 25 days ago +1

    Zod's death was funny as hell

  • Samuel Maurer
    Samuel Maurer 25 days ago

    4:06 still the best moment πŸ˜‚

  • ZedK49
    ZedK49 25 days ago +1



  • Ti My
    Ti My 25 days ago +1

    "Give me a Big Mac with extra cheese"

  • charlie chimichangazz
    charlie chimichangazz 25 days ago

    This video is so beautiful..
    Make a review to Henry Cavill next

  • quicksilver
    quicksilver 25 days ago

    "It's kills himself Hannah Baker style"

  • Dennis Reynolds
    Dennis Reynolds 26 days ago

    So many wannabe TheXvid idiots. Shitty "acting" in beginning kills this

  • Max labauve
    Max labauve 26 days ago +1

    this video needs more likes

  • Bascara Isvanson
    Bascara Isvanson 26 days ago

    I laugh entire video

  • Moses Bior
    Moses Bior 26 days ago

    what have you started...

  • Watching Hanif
    Watching Hanif 26 days ago


    More like... parody men

  • Joseph Caquias
    Joseph Caquias 27 days ago

    Sarcasm at its finest lol but I liked Justice League. Not better than Infinity War though

  • Sujata Hota
    Sujata Hota 27 days ago

    3:58 OMGGG im dying now

  • K Owais
    K Owais 28 days ago

    *Shazam* is coming to revive it

  • K Owais
    K Owais 28 days ago

    Why *Overreacting*

  • Akshat Srinivas
    Akshat Srinivas 28 days ago

    dude it is barry allen not wally west

  • Wings of Prophecy
    Wings of Prophecy 28 days ago

    Justice League: better than Citizen

    JMRG GRMJ 29 days ago

    When Superman looks in to the distance I thought HC was applying the smell the fart method acting as Joy Triviani intended it, great acting method :)

  • Kooale325
    Kooale325 29 days ago +2

    apparently no one read the description

  • Edgar Delgado
    Edgar Delgado 29 days ago

    Please replace all Snyders name to joss wheadon, since you know he edited and finished the film. #releasethesnydercut

  • Laique Ali
    Laique Ali 29 days ago

    Dude that wasn't Wally west, but Barry Allen.

  • I Love Baguettes
    I Love Baguettes Month ago

    oof, 2.2k people got jebaited.

  • Pie Maker2
    Pie Maker2 Month ago

    WTF rlly inf war is better

  • Oliver Moore
    Oliver Moore Month ago

    Omg finally someone agrees that gal is so overrated

  • Abhinav Mishra
    Abhinav Mishra Month ago

    Dude get your facts right.. trolling is one thing.. I like that.. but this is dumb!

  • Ankit Chandwani
    Ankit Chandwani Month ago

    I didn't watched it, just came for unlike.

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    11:26 πŸ˜‚' Superman is not right at the head! '