Fortnite | All Chapter 2 Map Updates and Hidden Secrets! WEEK 5

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
  • Welcome back! Map changes have returned! Let's break em down
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  • PlayStationGrenade
    PlayStationGrenade  22 days ago +949

    News just in!! You’re awesome! Remember that.

    • Rothanak
      Rothanak 11 days ago

      PlayStationGrenade reveal your face now you have 1M subs

    • Legendary Luigi Mythic
      Legendary Luigi Mythic 13 days ago

      PlayStationGrenade here’s my question as well, the hayman is still standing and no sign of any other hay persons around the map, I’m not sure if you may try and find it please?

    • Furkan 0027
      Furkan 0027 15 days ago

      I think u missed something but i dont remember

    • G4l4ct1c Gamez
      G4l4ct1c Gamez 15 days ago

      No u

    • Flynn Fitzpatrick
      Flynn Fitzpatrick 16 days ago

      :-) :-D =-O

  • Cist Bee
    Cist Bee 5 days ago

    Face reveal

  • Will Lesser
    Will Lesser 6 days ago

    U missed hut watch :(

  • bhel Gadier
    bhel Gadier 6 days ago

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    Fjjosbkla oq Lamar u z jvkq doh ax
    Goh e mmIcuubslvaepj

  • ItzTCGRovuAlt Piz Cheeze

    Is it just me or did u not do a week 2 and week 4?

    • Bobby Moore
      Bobby Moore 7 days ago

      there weren't map changes those weeks

    SMASH P0W 8 days ago


  • Juden_gut
    Juden_gut 9 days ago

    I believe your now 1mil

  • N3 Clan
    N3 Clan 10 days ago

    Story theory: The Chapter 2 map is actually The Paragradim ( Girl Visitor ) world. The map is a part of one of the Seven Bridges

  • Kioshii
    Kioshii 11 days ago

    We hit 1M!!!

  • ‘Inx’
    ‘Inx’ 11 days ago

    You have 1 mill subscrbers

  • Rene Estrada
    Rene Estrada 11 days ago

    Have you seen the car robot in the water the same car robot that used to be by lonely lodge

    • Rene Estrada
      Rene Estrada 11 days ago

      Is in the water you can barely see one hand out of the water I can’t remember where I saw it though but is also in chapter 2

  • G Man
    G Man 11 days ago

    You never told us where the bunker is😨

  • BlocketZ1
    BlocketZ1 11 days ago


  • 69 GangweeD 420
    69 GangweeD 420 11 days ago

    Where the face reveal at?

  • cup man
    cup man 12 days ago

    1:39 looks like ditto

  • Michael du Plessis
    Michael du Plessis 12 days ago

    I subscribed to the channel play station grenade

  • Yuzu _
    Yuzu _ 12 days ago

    Rename bunker watch to "vault watch"
    It runs off the tongue better

  • Dora boys other
    Dora boys other 13 days ago

    0:32 please tell me what this song is plus nice vid

  • GoodTime Jackal
    GoodTime Jackal 13 days ago

    I demand a handsome fishstick varient!

  • Bottanic
    Bottanic 13 days ago

    My theory is that they’re singing to sooth something like the kraken if they’re damaged or destroyed in any way then the kraken will wake up

  • EmperorOfGods 05
    EmperorOfGods 05 13 days ago

    The story is probably ego vs altor ego as the new loading screen is 8 ball about to fight Scratch and the little tree dude watching

  • xBriarWolfx !
    xBriarWolfx ! 14 days ago

    Good stuff

  • Amman009
    Amman009 14 days ago

    Fortnite is DEAD people, Move on. Go live your lives right now atleast 😒

  • Toxic Gamer 720
    Toxic Gamer 720 14 days ago

    3k more to go guys

  • Jan Taylor
    Jan Taylor 14 days ago

    i miss hut watch too

  • Dino Mysterior
    Dino Mysterior 14 days ago

    Slimes are going to combine into kracken

  • No Name
    No Name 14 days ago

    whne you turn on Caption fortnite will change to fortnight

  • Snow_Legend 478
    Snow_Legend 478 15 days ago

    Penny 🤮

  • シFloofie_Pan
    シFloofie_Pan 15 days ago

    Wait so the seven basically saved us

  • Gestörter Bäcker
    Gestörter Bäcker 15 days ago

    Oh my god guys it’s somewhere in the water

  • Thepolardragonplayz
    Thepolardragonplayz 15 days ago

    The ego came first then now the alter team wants to own the island

  • Typhoon Lex
    Typhoon Lex 15 days ago

    The bunker WILL NOT OPEN. It is just a reference to STW. That's it!

  • Dumplingg #1
    Dumplingg #1 15 days ago +1

    I believe that the coral things are gonna spread to craggy cliffs, trying to find their master (fish stick)

  • TNTeck 1
    TNTeck 1 15 days ago +1

    Please check out the video TeamVASH made that covers their version of what happened, it adds stuff from both STW and BR, which I don't think you have heard before, like the scientist being Dr. Vinderman. They made it while the black hole event was happening and uploaded it a few days after chapter two started.

  • Yehdhcbdkw Ohyehyeh
    Yehdhcbdkw Ohyehyeh 15 days ago

    4:08 trees from mrbeast and cutting tree for money and plant tree again

  • Liam Griffiths
    Liam Griffiths 15 days ago

    what's the guitar plucking song?

  • Rhyborg ツ
    Rhyborg ツ 15 days ago

    when will szn 1 end?

  • Nathan Boyer
    Nathan Boyer 15 days ago

    The globs are the music in the season 8 or 9 battle pass
    It is gust a eater egg

  • Void Gamez
    Void Gamez 15 days ago

    2:49 all i can think about is Slimecicle's Slippery Slapping Sludge video

  • Moira Quinn
    Moira Quinn 15 days ago

    I have a theory about the bunker.
    Possibly after the Visitor and the Seven destroyed the map, they tried and save some things from the old map that would help present day.
    The people from the chapter 2 map have a creature they're trying to enclose and capture.
    Perhaps a kraken...

  • melement1 H
    melement1 H 15 days ago

    The coral are singing the coral chorus song from the lobby

  • julius plante
    julius plante 15 days ago

    Theres a reffrence of the lockness monster somewhere around the south area

  • Mark Ehlers
    Mark Ehlers 15 days ago

    Just like i said

  • Damian Andre
    Damian Andre 15 days ago

    Theory: Those slime things are the characters from last season that got sucked into the balck hole and got corrupted from the black hole and are back

  • Pokemon and Gaming channel

    What if the corals take over the map

  • xiomin reupload
    xiomin reupload 15 days ago +1

    Bunker=Neo loot lake portal

  • Radfarious Dx360
    Radfarious Dx360 15 days ago

    Here’s a few clickbait titles:

  • Oscar Villanueva
    Oscar Villanueva 16 days ago

    RIP hut watch

  • Hannah does nothing
    Hannah does nothing 16 days ago

    It could be related to the skin of you do the find the letters

  • Dum-Dum Productions
    Dum-Dum Productions 16 days ago

    I believe the black hole took everything and then sit it back out, but different. If you turn your head right while looking at the map, it kindve looks like the original island. We still have 3 original locations too. The boat is a combo of mechs and driftboards. We got the the mech cannon and boost of the boat and everything is is the deiftboard. There is still more, but this is the main chunk.

  • Oriel orl,cg
    Oriel orl,cg 16 days ago +1


  • 78Cullen DiVito
    78Cullen DiVito 16 days ago


  • hazard
    hazard 16 days ago

    Fortnite about to be covered in singing slime

  • Sheb David
    Sheb David 16 days ago

    the trees replanting might be a reference to mrbeast and mark robers tree thing

  • The moon is flat Podcast

    Yo what happened to ep4

  • Alex Was Taken
    Alex Was Taken 16 days ago

    There will be a Mr.Hut watch and a Ms.Hut watch.

  • Jack Hoare
    Jack Hoare 16 days ago

    The singers are gonna way the water

  • Kash The Gamer
    Kash The Gamer 16 days ago

    I didn’t even know I played Fortnite 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Beep Boop
    Beep Boop 16 days ago +1

    I thought the grave was an easter egg to slimcicle and his opening bit in slippery slapping sludge episode