Mogul Money ft. Sykkuno, Fuslie, and Connoreatspants !

  • Published on Nov 30, 2021
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  • fuslie
    fuslie Month ago +6828

    THANK YOU FOR HAVING ME ON LAST MINUTE :D!!! i had so much fun and I apologize to all of the Canadians who had to witness this and about the Kingdom Hearts answer which we will all put behind us :)

    • Gamma Games
      Gamma Games Month ago

      @iceman3317 I would hope that Kingdom Hearts has a lot of Kingdom Hearts characters.

    • Alex G
      Alex G Month ago +1

      Leslie knowing of Mang0 is GOATed

    • L Roach
      L Roach Month ago


    • Ethan C
      Ethan C Month ago +1

      I will never put that behind me because it was *brilliantly hilarious*

    • Victoria Wise
      Victoria Wise Month ago

      you were so funny as per usual and created such great content! loool i actually do feel the pressure of having to think on the spot, but at home watching the common bonds and the names one was EZ ahaha. you did well though just some questions stumped you, but winner in our hearts. you probably won't see this, but just wanted to show support :) loll

  • DorrianKarnett™
    DorrianKarnett™ Month ago +3492

    That was a good stream

    • Pixel
      Pixel Month ago +1

      Even the ad for coin base was legit.

    • Hector Ventura
      Hector Ventura Month ago

      The fact that I screamed at the end of fast money. Ill have to agree

    • Alexjbergh
      Alexjbergh Month ago

      On TheXvid

    • Woodsy Owl
      Woodsy Owl Month ago +1

      @Amer Z it will go to the vod channel. Same as when he was on twitch.

    • Amer Z
      Amer Z Month ago +2

      I hope ludwig made a seperate tab on his youtube home page for past live stream.

  • LakerFan
    LakerFan Month ago +2052

    Lud, this streaming format is gonna put you so over the top on the TheXvid game.
    Videos and streams will consistently be hitting 1M views, and I couldn’t be happier for you, or more proud for the jump you took with this.
    This is huge for other creators too.

    • Karen
      Karen Month ago

      Securing my place

    • JoExists
      JoExists Month ago

      @Tomas flatharta that’s an emoji you get for being a channel member I think... I’ve seen many channels do stuff like that

    • Randy Martin
      Randy Martin Month ago

      @Tomas flatharta it shows for me

    • Tomas flatharta
      Tomas flatharta Month ago +1

      What in the world is that symbol at the end? This isn't Twitch buddy.

    • Erhmegherd
      Erhmegherd Month ago +1

      @F Ram Not well...

  • Simply Not Logical
    Simply Not Logical Month ago +486


    • katherine
      katherine Month ago


    • Shreya Bramhe
      Shreya Bramhe Month ago +1

      OHMY GOD SIMPLYYYYY My two world’s colliding

    • Deputy Birb
      Deputy Birb Month ago +1


    • Iota __
      Iota __ Month ago +2


    • Xavier Scheelar
      Xavier Scheelar Month ago +4

      Bro speak for yourself I’m from Winnipeg and watching them trying to figure it out hurt me

  • Foster
    Foster  Month ago +332

    29:44 Lud: "You wouldn't know. You practice safe sex. Connoreatspants practices safe sex."
    Leslie: "Wooo Connor"

    • Prince Peach
      Prince Peach Month ago +4

      It’s also ironic because safe sex does not protect from crabs. They are essentially pube lice

    • Hakuna Matata
      Hakuna Matata Month ago +6

      @Alejandro Suárez IKR like nobody can hate her, she’s so funny & adorable 😂

    • Alejandro Suárez
      Alejandro Suárez Month ago +8

      why is she so funny.

    • Bas T
      Bas T Month ago +9

      A responsible, hilarious and goodlooking guy
      And leslie being the supportive goofy bean like she always is, love it

  • Sammy Joy Monte
    Sammy Joy Monte Month ago +96

    Leslie was actually right about the endings for the Italian pasta question, the name of a singular person would always end in either an o, a, or in special cases, an e. So she's technically right since the i indicates the pastas are plural.

  • y x n n a h
    y x n n a h Month ago +157

    sykunno is so good at this game he's just whispering the answers for leslie and connor to buzz in

    • Exodus Arise
      Exodus Arise Month ago

      @Kaneggi Yep

    • Kaneggi
      Kaneggi Month ago +19

      If he was actually serious he could have gone for like 8k points

  • steph lpz
    steph lpz Month ago +39

    Why does Connor legit not look like he’s having a good time when he’s losing? 🤣

    • Anshika Dixit
      Anshika Dixit Month ago +3

      I can respect that cause I would look like im gonna cry

  • Smam
    Smam Month ago +39

    Leslie was on fire this episode. Really funny and so much positive energy.

  • Samuel Cheffins
    Samuel Cheffins Month ago +2512

    An episode of Mogul Money that was... actually competitive?
    Nobody ended with negative points?!

    • Anna Yui
      Anna Yui Month ago

      Well xqc ,cyr and soda obviously meme-d hard that day. Fun vs win lmao

    • Porpoise
      Porpoise Month ago +2

      @assfasdads it wasnt easier

    • Gameloft Gamer GG
      Gameloft Gamer GG Month ago +1

      @AxxL This fucking guy again

    • czars salad
      czars salad Month ago +10

      @Jennifer Malabosa That episode with Soda, cyr, and X was like a fever dream. I don't know if all three were on drugs during that time, but man...

    • Justin Mathew
      Justin Mathew Month ago

      Spoiler alert

  • Matthew
    Matthew Month ago +169

    The funniest thing about Fuslie's final trivia answer is that Napoleon was dead more than 50 years before they even started building the statue of liberty and she was so confident it was him

    • Seffor
      Seffor 15 days ago

      Maybe she was thinking of Napoleon III?

  • Callme R0naef
    Callme R0naef Month ago +76

    Sykkuno getting the Soldato in the Impasta round because of Benji's song is just GOLD LMAO

  • Samwise9830
    Samwise9830 Month ago +16

    Ludwig calling Alberta a territory while pointing out how wrong they were drove me nuts!!!

  • Robert
    Robert Month ago +78

    Sykkuno you're the winner in our hearts and minds.

  • Jayce Ceasar
    Jayce Ceasar Month ago +2811

    Sykkuno: "Poop Nuggets, oh god"

    Connor: "Careful there, language-"

    • PKSadness
      PKSadness Month ago +1

      @Jayce Ceasar legit never had any hard feelings toward you! thought i was making a small sarcastic joke and i got flamed for it

      Have a good one friend

    • dothest thou even hoist
      dothest thou even hoist Month ago +2

      @Jayce Ceasar - how dare you

    • Jayce Ceasar
      Jayce Ceasar Month ago +2

      Just tried to quote Sykkuno and Connor. *Didn't expect to have a furious tea party in the reply section* . Anywho, let's let bygones be bygones xD yeah?

    • dothest thou even hoist
      dothest thou even hoist Month ago +1

      @PKSadness still typed less than you xD

    • PKSadness
      PKSadness Month ago

      @dothest thou even hoist no effort was put in to anything I’ve said at all... you’re actually typing quite a lot yourself... hmm maybe you should chill and stop taking things so seriously

  • ConnorEatsPants
    ConnorEatsPants Month ago +44


  • Nami
    Nami Month ago +19

    The advertisement was GREAT! And Sykkuno’s smile was absolutely wonderful and beautiful! This was so much fun to watch!

  • george joyce
    george joyce Month ago +11

    As a Canadian this is the exact level of knowledge I expected them to have of us

  • teehe
    teehe Month ago +13

    sykkuno didn't win this show but it really felt like he did

  • Carlos Dignadice
    Carlos Dignadice Month ago +5

    This episode is really great! The players going for calculated guesses instead of just troll guesses is very entertaining and I hope we get more like this!

  • R M
    R M Month ago +16

    I love how Sykkuno smoothly brought up his acquaintances i.e. Benjie, and Toast, in this show. And I love Leslie and Syk interaction but they never let Connor feel out of place.

  • Aaron Grosch
    Aaron Grosch Month ago +8

    This was my favorite MM. Great season Finale! Fuslie did amazingly well on such short notice. All the contestants did well and everyone was on their content game cranking jokes. Thanks all!

  • Delpherm Incorporated
    Delpherm Incorporated Month ago +14

    Of course Leslie gets the “crabs” answer because of her GTA character 😂

    • Aceloolaloo
      Aceloolaloo Month ago

      I was actually thinking to myself "Leslie should get this one" 😆😆

  • Julissa N
    Julissa N Month ago +28

    Fuslie: I'd like to just mention, this is fun :)
    Ludwig: *laughs* t-thank you

    so wholesome lol

  • Hronca
    Hronca Month ago +2

    Lud is innovating the streaming game! This format is amazing, it’s a stream but it keeps you as entertained as if you were watching a video. I believe this is going to become big on youtube. I absolutely loved this episode, and I think the commercials were a very clever thing to add in the breaks!

  • Jason Vincent
    Jason Vincent Month ago +12

    With sykkuno here I already this will be the best one yet...but with Leslie added even funnier...if only rae was also there🥺

    • Hakuna Matata
      Hakuna Matata Month ago +2

      Yeah imagine Sykkuno, Leslie & Rae in this show it would’ve been so lit

  • nasibimbo
    nasibimbo Month ago +11

    the fact that connor won with the word 'big' while rudolph getting only 1 point just made the whole show even better lmao

  • Strawhat George
    Strawhat George Month ago +1400

    So TheXvid doesn’t want to show me that Lud is live, but they’ll show me the VOD literally 5 minutes after it ends. Nice

    • osaka
      osaka Month ago

      hit the bell lmao

    • arronp2011
      arronp2011 Month ago +1

      @BruhFacts Close, 2005!

    • Rajwardhan Ghorpade
      Rajwardhan Ghorpade Month ago

      @BruhFacts r/whooosh

    • Big Ham
      Big Ham Month ago

      @the guy bruh im literally dying 😐

    • Hung Nguyen
      Hung Nguyen Month ago +2

      @account 1 yeah these small indie companies ya know

  • Anthony Nash
    Anthony Nash Month ago +55

    Sykkuno's cuteness disturbs me as much as Ludwig's tight pants. hahaha

  • Daniel Silvennoinen
    Daniel Silvennoinen Month ago +8

    What a great episode! It's a shame we won't get Prezoh edits anymore as they are live on TheXvid.

  • Pepe the Frog
    Pepe the Frog Month ago +45

    Finally, Sykkuno swore.. but in Italian. LOL

    Also, I'm sorta disappointed none of them knew Half-Life 2. Sykkuno's 30 and he said he was too young to know about Half-life. LOL

  • sussy skye
    sussy skye Month ago +1

    What a great finale! Loved seeing these guys together, made for an entertaining episode.

  • Yogurt
    Yogurt  Month ago +2821

    Sykkuno is such a sweetheart bro

    • Penguin
      Penguin Month ago

      @Nick White You are from a 3rd world country OMEGALUL

    • TrevVGC
      TrevVGC Month ago

      @Nick White you’re canadian LULW

    • Amith
      Amith Month ago +3

      Only gay for sykkuno ngl

    • Because Ican
      Because Ican Month ago +2

      He's the cutest!!

    • Fatima Magaña
      Fatima Magaña Month ago +3

      @Nick White what does that have to do with him being a sweetheart? Honestly his eyebrows look nice and I think it’s cute how he put his hands over his mouth. Also love his reference of animes. And he’s watched shippuden. Would mwuah

  • Mike Hearse
    Mike Hearse Month ago +6

    Ludwig: One chance per person, form of a question

    Sykunno every single time: Doesn't form the answer as a question.

  • Jose Alanis
    Jose Alanis Month ago +1

    Best episode of MM ever. Excellent lineup. Fuslie was hilarious 😂

  • Noah Wilson
    Noah Wilson Month ago +2

    This show is so good!
    The fact I didn’t realize that this
    was the unedited version proves that.

  • CeHe
    CeHe Month ago +6

    Sykkuno always a sweetheart I love him so much T^T

  • Squixiee
    Squixiee Month ago +2366

    That was honestly such a good episode, I'm glad Leslie could make it as a fill in, everyone was really entertaining!

    • Nick White
      Nick White Month ago

      @Seven Hunnid who asked...

    • Govin Limbu
      Govin Limbu Month ago

      @iceman3317 You know now Ludwig is competition for Valkyrae.

    • n
      n Month ago +1

      @iceman3317 why are you lying to make rae look good? she obviously hates lud after the fight and thats why she didnt go

    • iceman3317
      iceman3317 Month ago +1

      @BunsGlazing The person who answered about getting into a fight is dumb. During her stream a few days ago, when she was watching older episodes of this game, she realized that it was being recorded live. This caused her to suddenly get stage fright or something similar. So she probably decided to drop out because she wouldn't be able to handle it. She was already afraid to do it even before and was only doing it for Ludwig, but the stage fright likely got to her.

    • Cold Day
      Cold Day Month ago +3

      @Victoria Wise they're trolling, don't listen to them

  • NightSwipe17
    NightSwipe17 Month ago +1

    What an amazing episode, had me rolling the whole time hahaha

  • Mister Cat
    Mister Cat Month ago +4

    Leslie and Sykkuno has soo kuch chemistry that I enjoyed watching them hahahahaha

  • Kristen Fernandez
    Kristen Fernandez Month ago +1

    Loved that they took this seriously and great dynamic between them!! Great episode!

  • sebz
    sebz Month ago +2

    this is actually my favorite nogul money. i loved the questions and the contestants so very good job lud

  • Cyberfall
    Cyberfall Month ago +1277

    This show is a whole new experience when you get contestants that actually want to win!

    • Kaneggi
      Kaneggi Month ago +10

      @czars salad this episode was great; but the cyr xqc and soda episode was such a blast; could watch that over and over

    • czars salad
      czars salad Month ago +45

      they all wanted to win, but more surprisingly all of them have this weird chemistry. Even when they troll, you kinda feel they're not out of place. This is probably the show's best episode so far.

    • Koolaid Salad
      Koolaid Salad Month ago +1

      underrated comment

    • Fonseca Tresjordino
      Fonseca Tresjordino Month ago +2

      and even the ones really trying to win are mega pepega lol

    • M
      M Month ago +14

      I think Cody wanted to win a lil too much

  • Calvin Licuanan
    Calvin Licuanan Month ago +2

    I always thought Sykkuo thinks out loud too much but he really showed how precious and wholesome he is in this. Fuslie must also be protected at all costs.

  • ForeverZeroX101
    ForeverZeroX101 Month ago +1

    Ludwig with that quality content. Love Mogul Money, hope many more in the future with also all star winners returning.

  • The DeadSwan
    The DeadSwan Month ago +3

    Came for the clip of Syk guessing the spaghetti question, Stayed for the whole thing

  • Hexquest
    Hexquest Month ago +26

    I find it very funny Sykkuno almost never answered in the form of a question even after being reminded about it

  • Nevieth
    Nevieth Month ago +1381

    Was such a good stream. I'm excited for Ludwig even more now after seeing his 85k viewer performance.

    • Adaven
      Adaven Month ago

      @Matt Griffin I feel like Rae's went up too when she switched, something to do with the platform maybe? Idk, regardless as someone from melee days I'm so proud of how many viewers he's managing to pull these days, very cool to see a guy you watched commentate melee in early highschool and stream to 300 viewers turn into a full on show host for tens of thousands in a matter of years.

    • Henri S
      Henri S Month ago +3

      Don’t think people realized how many more people are on TheXvid than twitch. The second someone you follow goes love they’re at the top of your sub feed so even the casual viewers are way more likely to end up in a stream

    • MonoToneMoe
      MonoToneMoe Month ago


    • Papi Chulo
      Papi Chulo Month ago +4

      Also Valkyrie missed it it’s interesting to speculate maybe he would of got a shit ton more if she was here who knows but I don’t care I’m proud of lud! He truly deserves it!!

    • Cole Yaun
      Cole Yaun Month ago +9

      Ludwig picked the perfect streams for his first week ion TheXvid. First stream had the hype around, then mogul money, he also has a bro vs bro with tommyinnit, and an irl stream happening. He should be able to hold at least 20-30k after this week

  • RGB
    RGB Month ago +1

    Love these Lud, really excited to see more and so glad you made the switch to TheXvid, the streams are way more accessible to me now because twitch isn't really appealing to me but now I'll probably see the notifications and tune in to stream. Keep up the good work!

  • Nothing Really
    Nothing Really Month ago

    i love the mood here, so chill and not awkward!! i laughed so hard, loved it

  • Mr.Complicated
    Mr.Complicated Month ago +1

    I'd love for this gameshow to continue more though. I have to admit this show is so good

  • Marc Luft
    Marc Luft Month ago +5

    I love how through this entire show Lud never got the Monthly Multiplayer part down.

    Also I think Pigeotto is named after that term. Hence why he also has the weird slicked back hair

  • Animagician
    Animagician Month ago +1424

    purple theme kinda hits different now

    • Samantha Urbaniak
      Samantha Urbaniak Month ago +2

      @Air N I apologised my friend x

    • Air N
      Air N Month ago +1

      @Samantha Urbaniak yxnnah was saying it used to be streamed on Twitch, which is why the purple theme hits different. Stop correcting people when you don't understand the situation.

    • GangSnapp_YT
      GangSnapp_YT Month ago

      i think the purple was meant for the board rounds. and when the final trivia round would go on it would've turned red. like

    • y x n n a h
      y x n n a h Month ago +1

      sorry if my english is bad, it's not my native language.

    • y x n n a h
      y x n n a h Month ago +6

      @Samantha Urbaniak i wasn't specific enough. The whole series was streamed on twitch, except for this one last episode. The purple concept was made because it was streamed originally on twitch. Of course they wouldn't change the whole setup/theme just because he switched platforms.

  • Charben
    Charben Month ago +1

    I actually think this format suits TheXvid streams so much better! Really enjoyed the finale Lud! Congrats!

  • 12natsmith12
    12natsmith12 Month ago +2

    Lud, your comedic timing is getting even better.

  • JordynIsBoredyn
    JordynIsBoredyn Month ago +4

    Sykkuno with the Plot armor and giving pity to Leslie and Connor 💀

  • paglo1989
    paglo1989 Month ago

    I'm so happy I got to see this live! Good luck on your TheXvid journey!

  • ricecakesforlife
    ricecakesforlife Month ago +827

    Leslie was so entertaining and really brightened up the show! Loved the energy and vibes of this episode, definitely the best mogul money one by far!

    • Yu Verlord
      Yu Verlord Month ago +22

      @Doodleblah conor is always like that though, I actually thought leslie and sykkuno warmed up to him, and also, i thought he was really friendly with Leslie too! especially with that trashtalking

    • Doodleblah
      Doodleblah Month ago +7

      I feel like leslie and sykunno had super good energy, but Connor didn’t really fit with them vibe-wise. He’s a great guy obviously but I felt some second hand embarrassment watching this.

    • Yu Verlord
      Yu Verlord Month ago +24

      Leslie honestly underrated, even OTK thinks that she is a really great streamer.

    • Masseyferg
      Masseyferg Month ago


    • Maur
      Maur Month ago +29

      yeah thats the reason she got nominated

  • Andrea CC
    Andrea CC Month ago +1

    Leslie was amazing in this, so glad she got to be in this

  • Kenneth Chin
    Kenneth Chin Month ago +2

    By far the best mogul money stream ever!

  • k.c.
    k.c. Month ago +3

    loving all the love fuslie is getting right now

  • jakeman52
    jakeman52 Month ago +2

    Insanely close game for the finale. Great stuff.

  • Rose Psych
    Rose Psych Month ago +890

    Ludwig: "Are you not a gamer?"
    Leslie: "I'm a gamer, if I'm not a gamer would I be nominated for content creator for the GAME awards?"
    Ludwig: "Yeah CONTENT CREATOR not GAMER of the year alright"
    Connor: "It used to be trending gamer then they changed it"
    Ludwig: "Did it?"
    Connor: "Yeah, so that Leslie can be involved"

    LMAOOOOOO Connor literally roasted Leslie and I'm lovin' it! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

    • MilkBunny
      MilkBunny Month ago

      I don’t get it?

    • Michelle Kim
      Michelle Kim Month ago

      I read this before actually watching it but it still made me laugh out loud when it happened 😂😂😂

    • marclimez •
      marclimez • Month ago +3

      1:24:37 as well LMAOOO

    • czars salad
      czars salad Month ago +27

      The trolling in this episode were very smart and witty.

      Unlike in previous episodes with Soda, Poki, X, etc.. those people trolled for the sake of trolling, which becomes corny at times tbh.

    • Devin Lykins
      Devin Lykins Month ago +26

      Best moment of the stream. excellent delivery. so deadpan

  • Jess
    Jess Month ago

    This is my first time to watch Ludwigs' stream and it was very entertaining💙 It felt like I'm also in the game. More streams and game shows Ludwig!

  • Darmbie
    Darmbie Month ago

    way more fun to watch when the contestants actually try :) great final ep

  • Life of I
    Life of I Month ago

    Great finale would love to see a second season but know the new content will be fire 🔥

  • Sam HL
    Sam HL Month ago +2

    Fuslie was pretty cutthroat lol out here stealing points and being very competitive. Loved the finale and can’t wait to see more!

  • AndRoo
    AndRoo Month ago +666

    I mean I gotta say, being able to view this VOD immediately on a platform with a good VOD system is really nice...

    • porcupine
      porcupine Month ago

      @Veovis Not really. Valkyrae had multiple VODs with 8-10 hours from a year ago and they got saved normally.

    • goth angel
      goth angel Month ago

      and Lud actually gets good money from ads off it compared to twitch

    • Veovis
      Veovis Month ago

      its not always that great if its a really long stream it will only show the last 4 hours for a few hours while its processing. Unless that got fixed.

    • Aldrich Navarro
      Aldrich Navarro Month ago +1

      True if you missed something on the livestream u can just track it back immediately craaaazzyyyyy

    • Manas Pradhan
      Manas Pradhan Month ago

      @mollie frank its there, just takes a bit of time

  • Categorical Imp
    Categorical Imp Month ago +2

    Leslie and Ludwig are hilarious together!

  • k.c.
    k.c. Month ago

    this is was such a great line up!!!! love that it had a good balance of competitiveness and “entertainment” lol

  • Taylon
    Taylon Month ago +8

    This one was the best, because you had actual personalities instead of the "biggest personalities" for once!

    • Hakuna Matata
      Hakuna Matata Month ago +1

      @bob don People in other episodes were really dumb so they had no choice then to troll as they did not know any answers

    • bob don
      bob don Month ago +8

      and they were actually trying to play the game to win, instead of trolling like the other episodes

  • x Riizo
    x Riizo Month ago

    Aww it's cool you got uncle Fuslie! But seriously, this was super entertaining! Excited for the future and all the shit you're going to release!

  • Ain't I just the Cutest! :3

    Leslie's "Kingdom Hearts" and Sykkuno's "WHAAAAT?!" reaction were the highlight of this stream for me 🤣🤣🤣

    • Amsigi
      Amsigi Month ago

      @عارفه مزروعی TBH, that was me

    • عارفه مزروعی
      عارفه مزروعی Month ago

      L: "i was gonna say Fifa"
      S: "FIFA?!?!?!?!"

    • Harshita Joshi
      Harshita Joshi Month ago +1

      @Amsigi To be fair, I see it. But I'll take any references you may have 😜👉👈

    • Amsigi
      Amsigi Month ago +6

      Its Leslie, what do you expect? She even thought Wendy was Lily and Rae was Poki Lol

    • Star_Fruitti
      Star_Fruitti Month ago +4

      Oh no, I shouldn’t have opened the comments before watching it 😂 now I’ll be looking out for that instead of being surprised
      Edit: LMAO I just saw it 💀 I would have been shocked too

  • DrumFox 7
    DrumFox 7 Month ago +4

    Damn it I wanted sykkuno to win! Awesome show

    • 93550
      93550 Month ago +1

      same i was hoping he would win so he can pay his waterbill

  • Because Ican
    Because Ican Month ago +1

    I love Sykkuno so much!! Poor baby was heavy breathing and anxious! I'd have hugged me if I was Lud

  • Austin Aleman
    Austin Aleman Month ago +1

    by far the best mogul money! i was literally screaming during the second and lightning rounds!

  • Cyphule
    Cyphule Month ago

    Really good stream. Down to the wire with the 2 boards and the final quick round.

  • Too Many Hats
    Too Many Hats Month ago +1064

    These contestants were probably the strongest showing as far as scoring points.
    Also, I think it’s the first time Ludwig was taller than all contestants.

    Breaking records already.

    • phlyerhigher
      phlyerhigher Month ago +1

      Its because qt and poki were standing on boxes or something. Probably to make miz seem shorter

    • Too Many Hats
      Too Many Hats Month ago +2

      @Anshuman Yeah actually you’re definitely right;. I guess he just didn’t seem that much taller than QT at the time; whereas here he felt noticeably taller than the contestants, at least to me.

    • Anshuman
      Anshuman Month ago +9

      Poki, Qt and Miz episode

    • czars salad
      czars salad Month ago +7

      @Chicken Wait... Lud isn't at least 6 foot?

    • Chicken
      Chicken Month ago +65

      Take off those heals and he’ll be the same height as sykkuno lol

  • AZA AM
    AZA AM Month ago +11

    Lud the biggest Sykkuno shrimp hehe.. loved this episode!!!

  • Drake S.
    Drake S. Month ago

    Just watched the whole VOD, best episode yet. The fact that it was super competitive and the dynamics were also great.

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    Lettice Ban Month ago

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  • BurialSphinx
    BurialSphinx Month ago +607

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    • TheLegendOfLivz
      TheLegendOfLivz Month ago +1

      As a US citizen, I knew every answer, but i think that's because I've actually watched a hockey game before. which is basically all you need to do to know the answers lmao.

    • عارفه مزروعی
      عارفه مزروعی Month ago +3

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    • Snacker
      Snacker Month ago +3

      It's made worse by the fact that several of their friends (Pokimane, Toast, Yvonne) are all Canadian and they don't even know the capital of the country their friends are from.

    • Cai Robinson
      Cai Robinson Month ago +3

      Same, Vancouver, Alberta, and Toronto the three big cities. Though I'm sure some albertans think that way anyways.

    • fankik
      fankik Month ago

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    Carrieunraveled Month ago +966

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    Jordy La Forge Month ago

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  • Jordy La Forge
    Jordy La Forge Month ago

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    • bamie16
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      @Shaz Sykkuno has the middle desk out of three, but he moved all the way to the side. The corner of his desk if you will.

    • Shaz
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