Doctor Who: Series 12 Trailer

  • Published on Nov 23, 2019
  • Doctor Who. Coming early 2020.
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Comments • 7 210

  • will Grello
    will Grello 2 days ago

    very dumb and boring stories

  • Wakanda Forever
    Wakanda Forever 3 days ago

    waiting for this nurse to leave so we can have our REAL doctor who again. this is her last season too haha bye bye sjw

    • Agentgaming720 PA
      Agentgaming720 PA 18 hours ago

      1. It's not her last series, both she and chibnall have been confirmed to be returning for series 13
      2. Ok sure let's day she did leave, what makes you think the SJW stuff would stop as well

  • Pandinho Pablo
    Pandinho Pablo 4 days ago

    Onde eu assisto, n acho na internet nem nos canais da tv

  • Rob
    Rob 4 days ago +1

    After spending a couple of weeks watching previous series I can honestly say the latest Doctor really doesn't cut it, thought I would give benifit of the doubt and wait for series 2 of hers and OMG its worse what is going on!!!

    • snokful
      snokful Hour ago

      I'm so sorry for your loss. Take a hiatus eh & go explore all the wonderful world of entertainment out there.

  • mleczko
    mleczko 4 days ago

    promoting race-mixing is explicitly anti-white and is harmful.


    make the end is poo

  • A Page
    A Page 5 days ago

    Top Gear, Doctor Who and Qi without Stephen Fry - oh BBC I didn’t leave you, you left me...

  • Chronos
    Chronos 6 days ago +2

    The rhino police are returning and the cybermen it looks like

    • Chronos
      Chronos Day ago

      @jaidenandco ! they have

    • jaidenandco !
      jaidenandco ! 5 days ago +1

      Chronos and they’ve changed! AGAIN🤣

  • Flame zodiac
    Flame zodiac 6 days ago

    So I hope whatever is coming will regenerate her into a man.
    I hate this show the acting is bad the story is bad her face is bad her voice is bad, everything is bad. 😂☕

    • jaidenandco !
      jaidenandco ! 5 days ago

      Flame zodiac as a fellow yorkshire person i can relate to a lot of people not liking our accents, but apart from that and the face it’s all down to chibnall the way he writes and wants jodie to portray the doctor, I don’t think that chibnall gave people the thought that a woman doctor was a good idea mainly from what he did to the doctor and how he mangled the whole storyline

  • XxMr1XxX
    XxMr1XxX 7 days ago +2

    I really hope this season will be better than the last one. The last one had such bad writing..

    • jaidenandco !
      jaidenandco ! 5 days ago

      XxMr1XxX aww i love blind naivety, but not when we’re talking about something writted and directed by chris chibnall

  • GtaV5ice
    GtaV5ice 7 days ago

    Yaz: I didn't know things could get into the tardis

    doctor: neither did i,

    weeping angels: am i a joke to you?

    • GtaV5ice
      GtaV5ice 5 days ago

      @lexxy boy 10th doctor - he was doctor when they got in

    • lexxy boy
      lexxy boy 5 days ago

      But the angles never got into the tardis..

  • Larry Nintendo
    Larry Nintendo 7 days ago

    Dr. Whogivesacrap am i right? Lol

  • Easy Tutor
    Easy Tutor 8 days ago

    Yes!! Go fam!! Seriously the captain kirk stage of doctor who is over guys and gals

  • Fistie
    Fistie 8 days ago +1

    Jeepers Creepers ... what is this carp? I can't be bothered to watch this vomit roll down my screen! They're also treating us like 4 year-olds with their sermons from SJW representative, Rev. Dr. Who. The story, acting and the production is so incredibly bad that I actually got embarrassed and covered my face ... here, all by myself. BY MYSELF! OMG, how I miss Dave and Matt's era! BBC, please pull your collective heads out of your backdoor eggplant holder and realize you're destroying Doctor Who. I can only hope it gets better, WOW! Do you find Jodie sexy as hell? ... lemme hear you say "Wut" - Fistie

    • jaidenandco !
      jaidenandco ! 5 days ago

      Yeah i really dont think chris chibnall was the best person to write, run and direct an over 50 year old iconic sci fi tv series

    • Agent47
      Agent47 7 days ago +2

      Jody is sexy as hell? Wut

  • darren edwards
    darren edwards 8 days ago

    man BBC suck ,, seen the first 1 ,,, half of the second ,,,,,NEVER AGAIN ,,, looking forward to a 5yr old dancing with the stars rerun ,,, sad sad sad chit/jodie woo ,,, move to India or somewhere far far away ,,,cheers to real who fans ,,

  • Nemesis Dylan
    Nemesis Dylan 9 days ago +2

    “Something’s coming for me...”

    Jack: WAIT!!! DOCTOR

  • Pat McCauley
    Pat McCauley 9 days ago +3

    I loved both episodes of Spyfall and hope all the other episodes are just as good. I love Jodie Whittaker's Doctor.

  • Stutter of the House
    Stutter of the House 9 days ago +2

    Aaaaaaaaand it hit an audience rating of 8%.. congrats.

    • jaidenandco !
      jaidenandco ! 5 days ago

      Stutter of the House no not 8%!!!! 8 YEARS OLD

  • FDR R
    FDR R 9 days ago

    What is this trash

  • Ken Lyall
    Ken Lyall 9 days ago

    Awful rubbbish

  • nightowl
    nightowl 9 days ago +2

    0:49 they *did* put him in the trailer!! You know who I mean.

  • BLANK _____
    BLANK _____ 9 days ago

    And I was hoping for a new doctor this one sucks

  • Scotty Bee
    Scotty Bee 10 days ago

    Horrible video

  • Kai Kennthy
    Kai Kennthy 10 days ago +2

    So we are just gonna act like we didnt see the judoon

  • Naemzo
    Naemzo 10 days ago +5

    Ignore all the haters,

    This series rocks!

    • rev erie
      rev erie 2 days ago

      Yeah sure, ignore the criticism and stay garbage forever, that way no one will ever watch the series.

  • Steven99
    Steven99 10 days ago +8

    i miss it when doctor who was still a man

    • jaidenandco !
      jaidenandco ! 5 days ago

      Steven99 i know, a female doctor could’ve worked an been amazing if it wasn’t for chibnall, he’s just completely ruined it

  • Summer Power
    Summer Power 10 days ago +1

    These series with that woman are not cool, the series with Matt Smith were way more better. I hate this bring that him back!

    • Summer Power
      Summer Power 5 days ago +1

      @jaidenandco ! wait is he dead?

    • jaidenandco !
      jaidenandco ! 5 days ago

      Summer Power oh yeah lets bring him back from the dead

  • Mr Knowbody
    Mr Knowbody 10 days ago +1

    Go woke go broke

  • s.0nam
    s.0nam 11 days ago +2

    Replace Chris Chibnall! His writings are terrible.

    • jaidenandco !
      jaidenandco ! 5 days ago

      Finally a comment that makes sense and isn’t sexist🤣 I’ve been searching far and wide for another person who believes chibnall messed it all up

  • Brian Mardon
    Brian Mardon 11 days ago +3

    There only two seasons of doctor who that I've not been excited for that being season 11 and 12

  • antisga
    antisga 11 days ago +1

    I hope they drop this SJW garbage and return to what Dr. Who is really about. I didn't come to be lectured; I came because I wanted to see a flawed character beautifully struggle to do the right thing and have wacky adventures while doing it.

    • jaidenandco !
      jaidenandco ! 5 days ago +1

      antisga i mean the lecturing was ok in other series, when it would be merged it and wired into other speeches, not moving too far away whilst still getting the point through, but this is just plain talking at her companions and practically us

  • bruce wayne
    bruce wayne 11 days ago

    remember the saying " you cant polish a turd "

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf 11 days ago

    Wow another way to ruin one of my favorite shows let the feminist take over doctor who was never supposed to be a girl why!!!!!!!👿👿👿👿

  • Idiotic Sandwich
    Idiotic Sandwich 11 days ago

    no fo lo to ko so jo bo o

  • Martin Tm Tajemný
    Martin Tm Tajemný 12 days ago +1

    0:19 So that is Nikola Tesla

  • Rich Peacock
    Rich Peacock 12 days ago

    Woke Junk. Even Rotten Tomatoes have blocked the ability to give a review/score and hidden the % given by the audience. But they do tell is the blue tick critics score it at 92%! Take that patriarchy.

  • dudemeister25
    dudemeister25 13 days ago +1

    Anyone here after watching Spyfall part 1 and 2

  • Kenny Olivier
    Kenny Olivier 13 days ago +1

    Congratulations on starting the new season off terribly. 2 million viewers lost by episode 2

  • Lil Homo Erectus
    Lil Homo Erectus 13 days ago +3

    Now THIS season premier felt like a real Who episode. Season 11 really lacked in overarching plots, but now we have something.

  • Tom Guo
    Tom Guo 13 days ago

    0:50 is that Bad Wolf Bay?

    • jaidenandco !
      jaidenandco ! 5 days ago

      Tom Guo oh yeah the beautiful mountains and sun bleached sand and the transparent blue ocean is surely in wales...

  • Ross H.
    Ross H. 13 days ago +1

    I wonder if it’ll ever be good again or if it’s all downhill from here.

    • jaidenandco !
      jaidenandco ! 5 days ago

      Ross H. Well i mean if chibnall leaves or you know, dies it could have an amazing chance to reboot into what we all know and love

  • Hoji
    Hoji 14 days ago


  • Михайло Заклецький was downgrade, actually.

  • Enoch Abraham
    Enoch Abraham 15 days ago

    Where can we watch the entire episode or could you post it

  • Iss Mo
    Iss Mo 15 days ago

    worst doctor ever

  • Retro Amateur
    Retro Amateur 16 days ago

    maybe they should rename this to doctor woke

  • Cassandra Morgan
    Cassandra Morgan 16 days ago +5

    The master, Cybermen and judoon, with a Gallifrey timeless child mystery arc!! I can't wait this season is actually going to be honestly good

    • jaidenandco !
      jaidenandco ! 5 days ago

      Cassandra Morgan i cannot believe you typed that after two of the episodes have been released

  • Daniel Vetter
    Daniel Vetter 16 days ago

    Stop Chris 2020.

  • Vlad Filippov
    Vlad Filippov 16 days ago

    Why, Mr. Chibnall?

  • EastEnders 4K
    EastEnders 4K 16 days ago +1

    Doctor Who should go back to how it was in series 1-3 especially series 3 with a companions background from the start of series 3 Martha Jones and at the end that episode was brilliantly set and it carried on from being brilliant until Gridlock it was good after Grodlock but it would've been better letting companions test their abilities. Doctor Who has lost its touch in the future this series and last series will be forgotten and before that from series 8

  • A1BadBoy 105
    A1BadBoy 105 16 days ago

    Cyber man check now I just need a weeping angel🥺

  • Marco P
    Marco P 16 days ago +3

    Juste temporarily unsubscribing from this wonderful channel to avoid the spoilers while I can't watch Series 12 😁

  • Johnny Prep Bushcraft
    Johnny Prep Bushcraft 17 days ago

    The title says doctor who but where is the doctor

    • Johnny Prep Bushcraft
      Johnny Prep Bushcraft 5 days ago

      The Spymaster Na doesn’t look like Doctor who to me is this a spin off

    • Mister McChicken
      Mister McChicken 5 days ago

      0:02 there you go, it's the blonde one at the front

  • Antony Copland
    Antony Copland 17 days ago +7

    13: Something is coming for me.
    Graham: I guess you could say for you the chase is over.

  • Peter Shuttleworth
    Peter Shuttleworth 17 days ago

    sack the writers for love of god, find some good ones as the last few season have been crap and last one almost unwatchable. this new direction for season 12 is failure before it ever started.

  • Mr NoOne
    Mr NoOne 17 days ago

    This one was the worst dr who trailer ever. What the actual fluck was that song. Nothing epicness. I miss capaldi already.

  • Dars Vars
    Dars Vars 17 days ago +1

    Oh! YEAH!

  • Alex Pennymeme
    Alex Pennymeme 17 days ago +2

    Hold on a tick, the plane and Yaz screaming are not the same footage in Spyfall... two plane crashes in one Series?

    • jaidenandco !
      jaidenandco ! 5 days ago

      Alex Pennymeme well im 15 and a boy so maybe not that sassy🤣 but still quite a bit

    • Alex Pennymeme
      Alex Pennymeme 5 days ago +2

      @jaidenandco ! it's fine, I mean I'm thirteen and hang out with lots of girls who are incredibly sassy so I'm kinda used to it haha, thank you all the same though

    • jaidenandco !
      jaidenandco ! 5 days ago +1

      Alex Pennymeme yeah sorry ive just realised how rude i sounded in that comment 🤣🤣 I can’t controll my sass sometimes

    • Alex Pennymeme
      Alex Pennymeme 5 days ago +2

      @jaidenandco ! Good point, thanks for that

    • jaidenandco !
      jaidenandco ! 5 days ago +1

      Alex Pennymeme or it could’ve been a deleted scene or one made especially for the trailer

  • RandomPlayIist
    RandomPlayIist 17 days ago +1

    lol at all the snowflakes downvoting