• Published on Apr 18, 2020
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    In this episode, we rip the back part of our house up as we continue converting it into an interior part of our home. Making decisions like this is never easy, but we are so excited to start seeing it all come together.

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  • trine højland
    trine højland 8 months ago +26

    It does all the graphics one would need to display an idea to a container home lover. Easy. Effective. Must have. I especially enjoyed the auto-roofing option. It made a long story short, and did it with amazing lines.

  • Randy Crew
    Randy Crew Year ago +92

    This is a great video and from a 63 year old guy, away from my family since Jan 23 and MAY NOT see them until next year... it’s so delightful to see young adults stop and appreciate all of the things they have. Beautiful couple, beautiful child, beautiful dog, beautiful lake ... yup, you’ve got it all. And so do I... even away from my beautiful family... thank goodness for FaceTime/zoom and wonderful friends. This video just makes it so much more enjoyable. Thank you and wishing you three all the best and a wonderful life! R

    • Randy Crew
      Randy Crew Year ago +1

      COVID... singapore won’t let me back in and if I was allowed, 2 weeks quarantined in a facility ... I only get 8 days off per month in a row... then when I get back to Korea (where I’m based) another 2 weeks quarantined ...without pay.

    • gary matson
      gary matson Year ago


  • Juicy G
    Juicy G 2 years ago +44

    I felt those tears! I love you guys’ humility ❤️ and persistence 💪🏽 y’all got this. #reallifepowercouple

    • Elizabeth Peterson
      Elizabeth Peterson Year ago +5

      @Sierra Project I confess to tears. They're blessed to be so surrounded by beauty, love and purpose in these uncertain days. A life planned wonderfully. Grateful they're sharing such peace! (72 here.)

  • 10- 8
    10- 8 2 years ago +19

    Bit of an emotional roller coaster for you guys. You've come a long way, always remember what you've accomplished. Love from Canada.

  • Ridgerunner Patriot
    Ridgerunner Patriot 2 years ago +335

    I’m 73 and my wife is 64. Ten years ago we built our house on a mountain in Maine, by ourselves, no contractors. Was We’ve been where you are and we feel your pain and also your joy. We now grow almost all of our own vegetables, our house is solar and wood heated and we love it. Keep pushing on, you’ll make it and the journey will be worth it! Thanks for sharing your story with us it brings back good memories. If you ever come to Maine come see us at Journeys End.
    Alex & Lynn

    • Megan Trumplove
      Megan Trumplove Year ago +6

      So at 55 it's not unrealistic for my husband and I to build our own home. You all give people so much inspiration and hope. God bless and please keep sharing!

    • Philicia Kinney
      Philicia Kinney 2 years ago +4

      I’m in Maine as well!! It’s neat to see someone else from Maine comment. Someday, my Husband and I will either build or buy our own home, God willing. Maybe getting a job again would be a nice Much respect to you and yours for building all by yourselves....WTG

    • Lu
      Lu 2 years ago +12

      Man you built your house at 63, only with your wife's help? Wish there were more people like you around...

    • David Brush
      David Brush 2 years ago +5

      Respect Pops

  • matt meiners
    matt meiners 2 years ago +53

    My wife and I love watching your show we're going to do the same thing here pretty soon on an island out in the Caribbean will let you know when we start setting up the containers

    • Tracie M
      Tracie M Year ago +4

      Take me with y'all!!!! I carry luggage do laundry...heck I'll even film while you build!! 😁

  • Heather H
    Heather H 2 years ago +12

    Awww, I almost cried when Kenzie did! You guys are ROCKING it on your house and how accomplished you are going to feel once you get to move in day and realizing over the years as you raise your family, that you did it with your very own hands! So proud of y'all and I don't even know you outside of TheXvid! :)

  • Charr Ski
    Charr Ski 2 years ago +12

    I think you guys are very talented people and it is an honor that you let us tag along on your journey!

  • YvngNash 88
    YvngNash 88 2 years ago +20

    You said y’all started this not knowing anything now look y’all have went so far y’all are a true inspiration. Thank you❤️

  • Zach Huff
    Zach Huff 2 years ago +111

    When people possess strong backs and soft hearts they very rarely fail. Keep it up you two! It’s looking great!

  • finehappycamper
    finehappycamper 2 years ago +3

    it’s gonna get better. We built our house from the ground up 22 years ago. It was all worth it doing it together. one day you both will look back and will have something to talk about your shared lifetime memories together.

  • Daasmangi DIGBY Holeong
    Daasmangi DIGBY Holeong 2 years ago +17

    I’ve finally caught up by bingeing on this channel... great content... great work... great character! Just love you guys... greeting from Esperance Western Australia 🇦🇺

    • Daasmangi DIGBY Holeong
      Daasmangi DIGBY Holeong Year ago +3

      Christine S Hi Christine! Great to meet a fellow Weststralian… Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!

    • CB is me
      CB is me Year ago +2

      @Daasmangi DIGBY Holeong fancy meeting you here, hi from Mandurah 👍🇦🇺

  • Nicolene Daniels
    Nicolene Daniels 2 years ago +6

    Everything will come together and turn out fine. Bless your sweet heart. All the best, a whole lot of people from around the world rooting for you!

  • Savvy Designs
    Savvy Designs 2 years ago +2

    Aww we love watching y’all and look forward to seeing a new video!
    It’s really easy to get overwhelmed especially going without resources you are used to having. And y’all have done it for a long period of time! Y’all are an inspiration 💕

  • Karlos Smith
    Karlos Smith 2 years ago +47

    have watched this build from day 1. im sure i speak for all of us when i say you dont need to thank us. Im glad your building your own dream home for you little family to live in. Keep up the amazing videos and fairplay to spencer he has worked his ass off building this and if really shows! He's a superhero 🙂

  • Rosa Evette
    Rosa Evette 2 years ago +84

    Girl that overwhelming peace in the woods was the presence of God, you made me cry! He will see you guys through, just don't miss Him in the process!

    • Threat Level Midnight
      Threat Level Midnight 2 years ago +2

      I agree so much life especially with the baby and love.

    • SheFlungDung
      SheFlungDung 2 years ago +2

      Took the words outta my mouth.

    • Jay Larue
      Jay Larue 2 years ago +4

      Wow. Amen to that . I find such serenity in watching them. So happy for them and thier future..

  • Mercy L N
    Mercy L N Year ago +54

    Let's appreciate REAL PEOPLE who live real life...NOT those freak so called stars and super stars of hollywood. THIS IS what the world needs, real life and survival, hand work. Love you guys so much. PROUD!
    Btw, are there anymore men out there like our Spencer? That's the kinda man I want...hardworking from scratch...just gets things done!❤

  • Mark Spencer
    Mark Spencer 2 years ago +4

    I really love when your videos show up every week. I just wish they could be more regular of even a little bit longer as i feel like having with drawels symptoms couple days after newest video, waiting for the next one. Your journey has been very inspiring, id love for my family to live like this, its just my wife could not live with snakes, bugs etc around. Were lucky in Ireland we dont have much of that but thing is living in a container wouldnt be good here with the weather we have. Good one you guys, till the next video 👍

  • Priscilla Dea Scott
    Priscilla Dea Scott 2 years ago +3

    I've had my plans for my Container Home for over five years and then I found you two. You're a true inspiration. Looking for my land. Now that's the biggest nut to crack but I know it's going t happen.

  • Project Camper
    Project Camper 2 years ago +2

    For the second time today I cried, it was my grandsons birthday and I couldn’t visit him, you and my daughter are like two peas in a pod, strong loving and adorable, you standing in the forest with daughter brings life, light,love and hope to us fathers knowing your looked after by your hardworking husbands, I wish you all the best from here in the uk. Such love and warmth and amazing vlogs from a inspirational young couple. Bless you four. ❤️

  • GaryMo2u
    GaryMo2u 2 years ago +2

    Been watching for the last couple of months, you guys are awesome! Wish u made videos everyday, I would watch them all. Thanks for entertaining!!!

  • Katie Lynde
    Katie Lynde 2 years ago +1

    Love your honesty and rawness. Your home is truly a labour of love and I feel blessed to be able to watch and share in your journey through your videos. 💝

  • Cinderella
    Cinderella 2 years ago

    I'm grateful y'all do these videos, I really enjoy watching and learning - so thank you!

  • Allen Pickett
    Allen Pickett 2 years ago +147

    I feel the pain of everything going on in the world when i seen you crying i cried yall deserve every bit of love you get on here i have watched every video yall have come out with and its amazing i wish yall the best of luck in your build as it continues to make you happy 😃

    • Elizabeth Peterson
      Elizabeth Peterson Year ago +1

      @wnd711 No. Humble gratitude and appreciation.

    • wnd711
      wnd711 2 years ago

      Post Partum?

    • yanknoz
      yanknoz 2 years ago +3

      I know, McKenzie had me rethinking my petty complaints. I could really feel her pain and gratitude. And how gutsy is Spencer? That was a seriously difficult and dangerous job he did. I was holding my breath when those beams were coming out. Then you look at little Beau and all is right with the world again.

    • Penguin
      Penguin 2 years ago +4

      Allen Pickett me too l've watched every video , amazing people

  • Pam S
    Pam S 2 years ago

    I love the determination you guys have. Congratulations on living your life in a great place. It’s going to be awesome. Stay positive.

  • Multnomah Matt
    Multnomah Matt 2 years ago

    Just wow. THANK YOU for sharing your life-experiences with us! It is so much fun to watch this channel. The "realness" that you show is inspiring. Real life, yet so beautiful. Your attitudes are great. What a treat for so many of us to live vicariously through your struggles and triumphs! (Oh, and the photography/videography is so creative!)

  • maria fernanda Schlaufman

    I have watched so many in the same day, I’m hooked on this, beautiful journey, good luck with everything

  • Steven Chavez
    Steven Chavez 2 years ago

    I wanna thank you for sharing your journey with us... makes my day go by easy, so yeah thanks guys.

  • Robert Bartholomew
    Robert Bartholomew 2 years ago +48

    This has turned into must watch TheXvid for me. You two are absolutely inspirational.

  • AshleyJo
    AshleyJo 2 years ago

    I think what you guys are doing is AMAZING! I've watched your journey and its so inspiring... I can't wait to watch how everything turns out in the end!!! Keep up the GREAT WORK !!!!!!!!!!

  • Megan Rydman
    Megan Rydman 11 months ago

    I just want to say I adore how you save all the creatures and let some be 💞

  • Veronica Loeppky
    Veronica Loeppky 2 years ago

    you guys are doing an amazing job. can't wait to see what it looks like finished.

  • roots
    roots 2 years ago

    Love what you both have built. The growth and bond that you both have is incredible. So beautiful and heartwarming.

  • MB Rider MCR
    MB Rider MCR 2 years ago +35

    I’m so disappointed when these videos end. I just want to keep watching the progression 😫. Love these guys :) x

  • alky32nz
    alky32nz 2 years ago

    Well that was an amazing journey to watch over lockdown. Thank you so much for sharing, you guys are doing an amazing job the outcome will make all the bad moments worth it.

  • Barbara Downen
    Barbara Downen 2 years ago

    You two are amazing. Looking forward to seeing the finished interior. Your baby girl is so beautiful and she is so fortunate to have two wonderful parents. You are in a wonderful place to live with nature all around you. There is no artistry like God's artistry. I wish you the very best and above all stay safe and stay well.

  • Charlie Cat
    Charlie Cat 2 years ago +1

    I always look forward to your videos. You keep plugging away. Your dreams will come true. Meanwhile, the baby gets cuter each week!

  • Woobie House
    Woobie House 2 years ago

    You guys are amazing!! You & your beautiful family just keep moving forward and We'll be here to support y'all along your journey!! Sending positive vibes your way

  • Kory's Story
    Kory's Story 2 years ago +530

    For crying out loud, y'all are building everything from the ground up, without any experience. Just that in itself is amazing to me.

    • K1U
      K1U 11 months ago


    • Saignt
      Saignt Year ago

      Kory's Story fr man i’m so jealous

    • John Henry
      John Henry Year ago +2

      @Barton B 99% of the people don't have the discipline to delay gratification and save their money to start a project like this. Let alone the vision, dedication and work ethic to get it done once they've saved the money to start.

    • Yosephine Listiyani
      Yosephine Listiyani Year ago

      Senang melihat rumah kalian sdh jadi..

    • Nanashi
      Nanashi 2 years ago

      No, "HE" is.

  • Marvin Newton
    Marvin Newton 2 years ago

    Love your adventure! Love to watch all the things you do to the containers!! Looks good keep up the work from California! Be safe

  • Michael Twing
    Michael Twing 2 years ago +2

    We call it “design as ya go” and y’all are doing great. Stay with it!

    • pdvoraksr
      pdvoraksr Year ago

      I just found this series on TheXvid and love it.. We did something similar in the late 80's buiding a double geodesic dome on our own.. I am also imressed with the meticulous details..which would probaby not be done if you hire contractor.. One detail I missed.. are the metal containers bonded to the electrical ground?? If not..I think they should be..just to be safe...
      Hope you keep the videos going even after the house is finished...Im sure there will be many more projects🙂

  • Michelle Y.
    Michelle Y. 2 years ago +1

    They give me hope one day i can be like them as well😊 I love this family, they change my perspective of living somehow..

  • Linda Fitzgerald
    Linda Fitzgerald 2 years ago

    The bug face, lol! You all have your hands full (still), hoping it all goes well! Beau is so cute (love that smile)! Bear...super swimmer!

  • Paul trishaan
    Paul trishaan 2 years ago +51

    Being a emergency physician from India its probably the toughest phase of my life or probably everyone's in the world for a fact. But honestly I wait for your uploads it's motivating in so many ways..keep rocking

    • Reimagine
      Reimagine 2 years ago +2

      Paul trishaan 💛👍🏼

  • Donna Lemke
    Donna Lemke 2 years ago

    Love watching and how they work together and get along.

  • Delois Delespin
    Delois Delespin 2 years ago


  • Alan Viner
    Alan Viner 2 years ago

    We really love you guys and your journey, keep up the great work and keep smiling look at that blessing you are carrying around every day what a legacy she will receive, you should both be proud you deserve the rewards because you did the work.

  • Kevin Egesborg
    Kevin Egesborg 2 years ago

    Hang in there! You are inspirational to watch!! Thank you so much for being so real and for sharing your journey with us.

  • Kory's Story
    Kory's Story 2 years ago +31

    You guys do a really good job with the shooting, editing, and just everything overall. I'm hooked on this channel, for sure!

  • Patrick Prouty
    Patrick Prouty 2 years ago

    I’ve followed you two now three from the beginning. It’s amazing that you guys have done this by yourselves. Pulled up roots came halfway across the country with no experience in construction or rural life. You guys are doing great. Y’all shared your vision with us for what you wanted that place to be and are showing us the work it takes to make it happen. I’m a fan.

  • CharminglyWicked
    CharminglyWicked 2 years ago

    LOVE watching you guys. Since all my friends are inquiring on good binge watches, you were an easy sell😉 My daughter has was diagnosed about 7months ago with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. It's been very hard. Your videos have gotten us/me through many long and worrisome nights. Thank you for sharing and giving smiles along they way. We are cheering for you always.

  • Yung Bezel
    Yung Bezel Year ago

    Your daughter is really gonna appreciate these videos when she grows up ❤️

  • Fahad Alvi
    Fahad Alvi 2 years ago

    You guys are awesome. The house is gonna look amazing. Best wishes. : )

  • MultiFabulous14
    MultiFabulous14 2 years ago +45

    I love how honest you are with your struggles, sometimes I think you’re inhuman with how much progress you two (or four if you count your two kids👶🏻🐶) make😂

  • Nevona
    Nevona 2 years ago +1

    Awe I appreciate you acknowledging the blessings. Baby girl is adorable! She’s getting so plump. 💗
    Press on! it will be worth all of you guys hard work. 🤗

  • Briana Chung
    Briana Chung 2 years ago

    I love you guys! You seem so amazing. Best of luck to you and your family ❤️

  • Hazrd Rose NYC
    Hazrd Rose NYC 8 months ago

    What an incredible journey. Thank you for bringing us along. God bless.

  • Dr Gunsmith
    Dr Gunsmith 2 years ago +2

    Hope all your family stay safe and well amidst this madness in the world, love and respect from the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 love you guys so much 🙏 god bless your cotton socks 🙏

  • Doug DiPlacido
    Doug DiPlacido 2 years ago +10

    Watching you build your home is so uplifting. You are a wonderful family.

  • Jojoe Tonga
    Jojoe Tonga 2 years ago

    I hope to have the courage to do this one day. Thanks for continuing and allowing us to join you.

  • Maribel Ortega
    Maribel Ortega 2 years ago

    My husband and I love watching your channel. This is our dream and will be doing the same in a couple years. You guys are so blessed to be doing this :)

  • Mirela L.
    Mirela L. 2 years ago

    I love you, guys! Be strong and do your best! You're my example to follow! I too dream of building a container house!

  • Chris Koval
    Chris Koval 2 years ago

    I am SOOOO in love with this... #Addicted.... 1 of my most favorite things to watch ... let alone look forward to new episodes.... my life sucks due to poor life decisions and alcohol abuse..... I'm just happy for you both and can't wait to watch more.... you bring joy and happiness to my life ... thank you from the bottom of my already broken heart ...

  • Leandro Brocco
    Leandro Brocco 2 years ago +81

    Who needs Netflix and Holiwood when you have channels like this. Love you guys!

  • jose jordan
    jose jordan 2 years ago

    Keep a journal of every detail. You might end up doing more houses. Amazing work guys. And I love the quality of the videos.

  • Mavic Moves
    Mavic Moves 2 years ago

    You guys been great and blessed! I been watching since day one, and when I look back on both of you of how happy both of you are to put this together kinda made me jealous! Don’t look back and think of anything different, I’d love to be in your position right now than to be stuck in this city with a lot of careless people not staying home and being safe. Please hope those tears are for hope and happiness. God bless all 3 of you, please stay strong and keep your head up.

  • Regina Tafoya
    Regina Tafoya 2 years ago

    I am super proud of you both. The way you both stick together. You’re great friends to each other,and great parents. Keep the faith.

  • Jenny C
    Jenny C Year ago

    You're entitled to shed a tear or two Kenz hugs to you. You have a beautiful property, gorgeous hubby, adorable little daughter and 2 cute dogs, soon you will have a cosy 'you built it together' home, good to see how you appreciate what you have. Your families must be so proud of you guys 💚 btw those caterpillars you rescued will soon be eating your plants!!!

  • Baracudabill
    Baracudabill 2 years ago +12

    Just wanted to let you guys know how much joy your videos bring me... I literally stop what I'm watching when I get a notification that you've dropped another video and watch yours.

  • Jammed Toe
    Jammed Toe 2 years ago +1

    As always, leaving me wanting more. Really want to give you a hand when I see you working hard man. Great job on everything.

  • Rhonda Roles
    Rhonda Roles Year ago

    I absolutely love you guys. Music is perfectly edited into the videos. Your courage, patience and gratitude are a blessing to us!💖🙏💖🙏

  • Donalla Designs and Gifts

    Thank you for allowing us to be able to watch and follow your journey. I know I’m like 2 years behind but I have loved watching you guys grow, explore and experience this all. Feels like I’m there with you.

  • Yvette Washington
    Yvette Washington 2 years ago

    Keep your head up you two have something special together. Praying strength for you two.

    JUNO WILLIAMS 2 years ago +7

    I am from Maryland, you two are wonderful, your little one is adorable, and I love the way you work, and play together. HELP EACH OTHER, KEEP LOVING EACH OTHER, KEEP DOING AS YOU ARE.

    F1RST CLASS 2 years ago

    Y’all are super troopers, inspiring so many. I love your legendary craftsmanship and craftsWomanship. I love your positive energy. Abundant blessings and much continued success. Y’all pray and stay safe.

  • Dwayne friend
    Dwayne friend 2 years ago

    I've watched you guys from day one. What I like most about your videos is the love that you guys show for each other. All things are possible with love. Keep doing what you guys are doing. Great work on the videos by the way 👍👍

  • Debbie Woodward
    Debbie Woodward 2 years ago

    Luv keeping up with you!! Amazing the work you have done!! Yes major blessings!! And that little face peering over her carryall!! Priceless!!!

  • Jerry's Ink
    Jerry's Ink 2 years ago

    This was an awesome video and seeing that little smiling face everyday has to make all of it even more worth the effort!

  • bird
    bird 2 years ago +204

    No other TheXvid channel gives off this vibe. It’s like a real movie

    • Marny Nottenkamper
      Marny Nottenkamper 2 years ago +2

      Right!? This is a good find!!!

    • Malcolm McSpadon
      Malcolm McSpadon 2 years ago +5

      I agree with you , except it's actually better than a is the actual reality of life, and it is good....the ultimate REAL reality show...

    • Mo Wilson
      Mo Wilson 2 years ago +11

      Albert Kelly a production company by the name of Mackenzie and Spencer.......

    • MarVill TX
      MarVill TX 2 years ago +3

      Whatchu talkin bout Willis?

    • Albert Kelly
      Albert Kelly 2 years ago

      lol you do realise these channels are run by production companies right?

  • R R
    R R 2 years ago

    Love your channel....every time I watch I can't help but connect with you guys and your situation. Another awesome video! Thanks

  • Praise 24-7
    Praise 24-7 Year ago

    I found you guys tonight and thank you for sharing your journey. Bear has these deep eyes, he is beautiful! Congrats. You are not lucky you are blessed!

  • Nane
    Nane 2 years ago

    I send you love, happiness and health from Germany, together you can do everything!
    You are wonderful!

  • Richard Avery
    Richard Avery 2 years ago

    I so enjoy watching these videos. Your laugh is infectious and all of these are enjoyable to watch! Thank you!!!

  • Mauro Maia barber
    Mauro Maia barber 2 years ago

    Sou de Manaus-Am Brasil
    Sou fã de vcs
    Quando teremos mas videos
    Estou ansioso pra ver como vai ficar essa casa linda

  • Karen Thompson
    Karen Thompson 2 years ago

    thank you Mackensie for being real and grateful from the heart, it is nice to know that you care.

  • Sammy Jane
    Sammy Jane 2 years ago +1

    I am totally routing for you family this is such an amazing experience to literally be building your own home such a privilege may God continut to bless you with wisdom strength and finances to complete this amazing house for your family.
    God bless you abundantly

  • RichieSA77
    RichieSA77 2 years ago

    This was a great video. You guys rock! I find snakes pretty fascinating so glad you let him live in the barn. Love the music you are using btw

  • Thomas&Jennifer Cassidy
    Thomas&Jennifer Cassidy 2 years ago +90

    Everything Will Come Together
    Stay Positive Don’t Stress
    We Love The Videos...Keep Them Coming
    Your Daughter Is Adorable
    Happy building From New Hampshire

  • Israel Fraga
    Israel Fraga 2 years ago

    Absolutely love what you guy's are doing keep up the good work

  • Saunya Boutot-Rodriguez

    You two are doing a great job! Keep your heads up!

  • Richard Burris
    Richard Burris 2 years ago +31

    It's very important to take a minute and just celebrate all the blessings.

  • cybergamer1969
    cybergamer1969 2 years ago

    Just wanted to drop you a note to say, my daughter (11) and I found your channel a few months ago and love watching the updates while we are in lock down, keep up the good work and hope you can post more often to keep us going. As the last comment said, Rome wasn't built in a day but if it was at your pace , it still wouldn't be finished :)

  • Melody Crissman
    Melody Crissman Year ago

    You two are amazing !!! Best of the world to you in your journey. !!!

  • MsJWheels
    MsJWheels 2 years ago +1

    Sorry for the tough patch you're going through. Keep positive.

  • John Key
    John Key 2 years ago

    Such a cute couple, building a wonderful home, I love looking out for your videos, they are clever and funny and you both work so hard, a joy to watch and thank you so much for sharing them, they are thrilling...

  • Paul Thorade
    Paul Thorade 2 years ago

    You two are awesome and your husband is a workhorse!! My wife and I remodeled a home together and it proves if you can do that together you can go through anything. We are married more than 34 years now and I'm so blessed!!!!

  • MrNado12
    MrNado12 2 years ago +15

    I love how much you 2 LOVE each other. That rocks.

  • Romero Hdez
    Romero Hdez 2 years ago

    Much Love, Respect and Blessing to you guys!

  • Alicia V
    Alicia V 2 years ago

    Been watching your videos the past few weeks during quarantine. You guys have cheered me up! It's been tough not seeing my family. So thank you. My SO and I want to build our own home someday too!

  • Torin Halsey
    Torin Halsey 2 years ago

    I always look forward to your videos. You do a great job of providing interesting camera angles, close-ups and all the little slices of life. This one was powerful.