Billie Eilish - Ocean Eyes (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Mar 24, 2016
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    Directed and Edited by Megan Thompson
    Director of Photography by Jon-Michael Mooney
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  • Mark Shirley
    Mark Shirley 7 hours ago

    harmonizer n bbe sonic maximizer Lil delay n almost ANYONE can do this. I love y'all

  • BusterOfficial
    BusterOfficial 7 hours ago

    Shes 14 in this vid omg

  • jayy paul
    jayy paul 7 hours ago

    i love billie and her songs so fking much😭.

  • ApplePieAvatar
    ApplePieAvatar 7 hours ago

    she has ocean eyes 2019 anyone just me ok

  • Norma Stitz
    Norma Stitz 7 hours ago

    Billie is an artist, not a pop star

  • Kadynce Howell
    Kadynce Howell 8 hours ago

    🌊 👁

  • Vanessa Rubio
    Vanessa Rubio 8 hours ago

    Este video lo hizo cuando solo tenia 13 años wow

  • Victor Arnett
    Victor Arnett 8 hours ago

    Lol just listened to xanny. It's the same fucking song

  • random boi
    random boi 8 hours ago +1

    She looks so different 🤧

  • Just call me chez Something

    Hope Billie Eilish does not die

  • Jackson Gross
    Jackson Gross 8 hours ago

    Wait she was 14 in this??

  • Syd For Life
    Syd For Life 8 hours ago

    It just occurred to me, would she be 13 in this video

  • Daunt Lesss
    Daunt Lesss 8 hours ago

    The song which made her who she is now

  • Olga Bernard Andrea
    Olga Bernard Andrea 8 hours ago


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  • LMG Clan
    LMG Clan 8 hours ago +1

    Bille elilsh or cardi b

  • kate adams
    kate adams 9 hours ago

    How this song was released several years ago but it still gets comments XD

  • William Shakespeare
    William Shakespeare 9 hours ago +1

    Billie: *Ocean Eyes*

    Billie lickers: *oMg mY eYeS aRe oCeAnS*

  • Kyihaa Gangg
    Kyihaa Gangg 9 hours ago +1


  • Annie and olive
    Annie and olive 9 hours ago

    My friend says that she's mini Billie Ellish and I'm her brother

  • Luan Official
    Luan Official 9 hours ago


  • ninjarevv
    ninjarevv 10 hours ago

    She looks beautiful here

  • Adrian Trahan
    Adrian Trahan 10 hours ago


  • Sandy King
    Sandy King 10 hours ago

    she moves so smoothly to the beat dawg

  • Derrick Curry
    Derrick Curry 10 hours ago

    You never answered my question 😡
    I cannot give an answer as two ☠️ why you are here I will consider you presence trolling! I never invited you here! So, until get an answer I will press not interested!

  • Kitty Menaal XXX
    Kitty Menaal XXX 11 hours ago +1

    Billie said rn in 2019 that she loved the song but didnt like the make up and hair the crew did on you billie
    like for Billie
    comment for Lana del rey

  • robert ellison
    robert ellison 11 hours ago

    this song played loudly + a potent dose of mdma + while seated near a body of water may induce tears

  • Trey Diddy
    Trey Diddy 11 hours ago

    Nice song

  • Sophia Hoover
    Sophia Hoover 11 hours ago

    i love your voice, it is so beautiful and i don't care whether you wear baggy clothes or dye your hair black and green. i will listen to your music no matter what

  • Cass Btnr
    Cass Btnr 11 hours ago +1

    Boy she sounds much different singing live i.e. Alisha Keys

  • Tommo The Teaser
    Tommo The Teaser 12 hours ago +6

    Who’s here after her performance with Alicia Keys ?!

  • Kawaii Potato
    Kawaii Potato 12 hours ago +3

    I can’t believe she was 13 in this 😢 at 13 I was playing tag with my friends 😂

  • Gustavo Salinas
    Gustavo Salinas 13 hours ago +4

    I'll be the only one who sees it in 2019 Someone in 2019😑

  • soroush farid
    soroush farid 13 hours ago +2

    This is befor she became the bad guy

    NORA BROOKEY 13 hours ago +1

    2020 anyone

  • Maestro Jr
    Maestro Jr 14 hours ago +3

    Who's here after James Corden show just to see how Billie sounds.... Her raw voice is better than her voice in this video

    AIDANA 14 hours ago

    Billie i love your voice so much 👑❤

  • g a n g
    g a n g 14 hours ago

    i wonder if billie talks like this

  • Zeus
    Zeus 14 hours ago

    Lana Del Rey looks so young in this

  • Sally Villumsen
    Sally Villumsen 14 hours ago

    Friendly reminder, this song is nearly 4 years old! Feel old yet?

  • Gabriel Roig
    Gabriel Roig 14 hours ago

    Is it just me or dosent she look like cara delegnive here (sorry for the awful spelling )

  • Nina Bentz
    Nina Bentz 14 hours ago

    She sings like an angel and looks like one! She is truly an amazing kid

  • alishia raju
    alishia raju 15 hours ago

    ❤ Billy Eilish omg ur pretty want you!

  • Elise Isabel
    Elise Isabel 15 hours ago +2

    Who's after Alicia keys and billie perform together?

  • Flor Fogaza
    Flor Fogaza 15 hours ago

    Quien en 2019

  • Flor Fogaza
    Flor Fogaza 15 hours ago

    Me encanta

  • Marta Tekle
    Marta Tekle 15 hours ago

    She doesn’t sound the same at all

  • Ruth Nzi
    Ruth Nzi 15 hours ago +2

    Can we talk about the fact like she was 15 years here ??

  • adza X
    adza X 16 hours ago

    I listen this song every Day!!!!!!... I love this song!!!!!! 😍💙💍

  • Isaacky Power
    Isaacky Power 16 hours ago


  • Nishan Mohamed
    Nishan Mohamed 16 hours ago

    I really like your official vidio song and love much than anything

  • powe rangerainbow
    powe rangerainbow 16 hours ago

    Just a layer, blue tint, and hands.
    And now everyone knows her

  • lotusmercenary
    lotusmercenary 16 hours ago

    My favorite song of billie😍🖤
    Like if it's also one of your favorite👇

  • Rose Mary Nazareth
    Rose Mary Nazareth 16 hours ago +1

    U 🤘

  • Rose Mary Nazareth
    Rose Mary Nazareth 16 hours ago +1

    I wish I could sing like you

  • Rose Mary Nazareth
    Rose Mary Nazareth 16 hours ago

    You are too good

  • M S
    M S 16 hours ago


  • Amogh Mahajan
    Amogh Mahajan 17 hours ago

    This music video was coincidentally uploaded on my birthday

  • Nicola Nowak
    Nicola Nowak 17 hours ago +1

    If you see hands in the backroom like

  • Anissa Saoudi
    Anissa Saoudi 17 hours ago

    Je t’aime 😭♥️

  • Sarb Fzl
    Sarb Fzl 17 hours ago

    Who is still listeting???