Top 5 Times Dr Disrespect BROKE Character

  • Published on Aug 13, 2021
  • Dr Disrespect rarely breaks character, but when he does it is hilarious. Little chuckles and smirks are the big giveaways, and while it doesn't happen often at all, it definitely does and you'll see it if you're paying attention. Here is our top 5 times Dr Disrespect broke character..
    Host: James jamesjustplays
    Editor: evetS evets_

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  • Rey S
    Rey S  +19

    Him laughing is breaking character.

  • Jookie
    Jookie  +9

    “Stupid fourth monitor” now that’s some comedy right there

  • BizzleMyPickle

    I love the little smile he cracks at "Stupid fourth monitor"

  • soggycookie Crumbs

    "Stupid fourth monitor" he said... calmly

  • claspehea

    * doesn’t break character

  • SausageImp

    He broke character when he first heard "Give 'Em The Love, Tonight"

  • Tipsing
    Tipsing  +865

    If these are the worst/funniest times Doc broke character, that's pretty good considering he only laughed

  • Ognjen Ilic

    Me who knows Dr. Disrespect will break his character if he respects someone: I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you

  • loid Molina

    bruh you should include the one guy that uses hes own hotmic in warzone deathcomms

  • 6Vitu9
    6Vitu9  +172

    Only time you see him breaking his character is when he's asleep.

  • suma on crack

    Doc: laughs

  • LumberjackSamurai

    Now that he is playing with Tim again he has been breaking character a lot. It was great to see him with Z and Tim in Z’s tourney

  • MDPgaming
    MDPgaming  +57

    The way his moustache moves when he grins makes it better 😂

  • Mark Zuckerfuck

    The best time I saw doc break character was when he was reading a dono someone sent that said they stuck their hands down their wife's pants and it felt like they were feeding a horse lmao

  • Smexy Waluigi

    "Top 5 times Dr. Disrespect broke character!"

  • TrapX Gaming

    Haha I was the last one! He had us stream snipe him on purpose that day, the clip was hilarious 😂

  • Official Nikrila

    Him breaking character breaks me

  • MrKrabs.Bikini

    i guess having a good time is considered breaking character

  • Aaron Flores

    Dan tdm? Just fucking with you

  • PhilSkii

    I love how him just laughing is breaking character.