theodd1sout and I Complain About Arizona


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  • Le Juice
    Le Juice 57 minutes ago

    Start your car 15 minutes earlier with the air conditioner all the way on cold, then it will be le perfect.

  • Anastasios Baldounis

    I thinking that I see a love thing between those two

  • AlphaChaser
    AlphaChaser Hour ago

    James and Jaiden both live in my state :)
    AZ for life, except Summer

  • jackie
    jackie 2 hours ago

    Arizona is great stfuu

  • Karolina Jaloszewska
    Karolina Jaloszewska 2 hours ago

    Pffft if you think it’s an oven in Arizona,it’s exactly a ICE CUBE in America

  • Gilly136
    Gilly136 2 hours ago +1

    Move to Quebec City that’s where I live and I speak English as a secondary language that doesn’t matter but I speak it in my vids and that also doesn’t matter but if you move to QC then you can appreciate the cold and the population
    Edit: there was this one time I went to Venezuela for some reason when I was like 10 or something I don’t remember but there my brother had a heat stroke attack and was in the hospital with Spanish speaking doctors and my brother is dying and my family can’t communicate with these people ermagr

  • Dandroid The FUNnel Robot

    Let's do the ODD1SOUTDYSSEY!!!

  • Scuffed Blackmore
    Scuffed Blackmore 2 hours ago

    i live in the sunniest city in the world which is arizona so i can relate to this video alot


    Try living in ohio! 50 degrees is hot there

  • gabmii2
    gabmii2 3 hours ago

    he is yu boy friend? °>•

  • KPOP IS My Life
    KPOP IS My Life 3 hours ago +1

    0:35 and I live in the Ice Block Minnesota

  • Angelica Schuyler
    Angelica Schuyler 3 hours ago

    I live in Arizona, during the summer it's super hot, and in the winter it's super cold. Like one year we got 15 inches of snow

  • Fred Does Gaming
    Fred Does Gaming 4 hours ago

    I'm late for this but I feel your pain. I'm in California

  • yusaku cyberse
    yusaku cyberse 5 hours ago


  • Snowy cat 4467 Joe
    Snowy cat 4467 Joe 5 hours ago

    This was funny

  • Rockso Clown
    Rockso Clown 6 hours ago

    I hate that floor drop thing at sunsplash

  • Kalee Giant
    Kalee Giant 6 hours ago +1

    I live in the carribean pretty sure that would be cold for me

  • Magenta Freak
    Magenta Freak 7 hours ago +1

    Arizona... Where Do I Start?

  • walker 1902
    walker 1902 7 hours ago

    I ship u guys :3

  • Articfox 7789
    Articfox 7789 8 hours ago

    I live in yuma which is this worst in the summer, you start sweating as soon as you walk out in the summer

  • A_254 X
    A_254 X 9 hours ago

    In Kuwait, it reached 60°c, which if you're wondering is 140°f

  • Michelle Juarez
    Michelle Juarez 9 hours ago

    James is actually really cute

  • Caleb Sleadd
    Caleb Sleadd 10 hours ago

    I'm going to Arizona this summer

  • dat one boi
    dat one boi 11 hours ago

    Here in New York we experience Winter and Summer the problem being how harsh each one is, the Summers hit about 100° max and the winters can go below zero now obviously the Summer isn't as bad as Arizona but for me it is

  • Scarlett Elizabeth
    Scarlett Elizabeth 11 hours ago

    It’s the complete opposite for me it’s always freaking raining

  • Present Bomb YT
    Present Bomb YT 12 hours ago


  • Pixelated_Pixel
    Pixelated_Pixel 13 hours ago

    Pause at 2:21

  • Genia Lotzer
    Genia Lotzer 13 hours ago

    My dad is in texas

  • Genia Lotzer
    Genia Lotzer 13 hours ago

    I live in new mexico

  • Anita Bansal
    Anita Bansal 14 hours ago

    wh have havelinas to

  • Handsaw [ESK]
    Handsaw [ESK] 14 hours ago +1

    At least you get sunshine. In the UK it's just... clouds.

  • Mariam Hamouda
    Mariam Hamouda 14 hours ago

    Omg I really ship them 😔✊🏻❤

  • Uddam CHEA Ratanak
    Uddam CHEA Ratanak 15 hours ago

    This is cuttee

  • rajawali riyadie
    rajawali riyadie 16 hours ago


  • Byron Wood
    Byron Wood 17 hours ago

    I whatch you both

  • Blue N00b
    Blue N00b 18 hours ago +2


  • Gina Diaz
    Gina Diaz 19 hours ago

    Oh my God I'm a big fan can you make more videos together you guys are both my favorite TheXvidrs can you and I'm an artist too but I am only 8 years old so yeah goodbye

  • M G
    M G 19 hours ago

    -core of the earth
    -immediate death
    -birds are exploding
    -swimming pools are hot tubs
    -corn is just popcorn
    -almost doesn't feel like satan
    -little less of a volcano
    -bake at 36•F
    -dank memes
    -small loan of a million dollars
    4 don't make sense the dank memes small loan of a million dollars corn is just popcorn birds are exploding

  • emperor j
    emperor j 19 hours ago

    Texas is below freezing in the morning and 1000000 degrees in the middle of the day

  • Horror fan wolf
    Horror fan wolf 20 hours ago

    Awww when I was little I sat on a cactus and I don’t live in a place where Cacti grow naturally and it took ages to get all the spikes out

  • TheBlueHexer Speedpaint

    Anyone watching this on 2019 anyone?

  • Rex ian Fuentecilla
    Rex ian Fuentecilla 21 hour ago

    Yes hi you join 👋🏼

  • Emilio Diaz
    Emilio Diaz 21 hour ago

    Bro I live In Surprise, Arizona it’s been raining so much and it even hailed two days ago and ITS SO COLD TOO.

  • Trey Shibahara
    Trey Shibahara 21 hour ago

    I go to Arizona during spring break. TRUE FACTS

  • Creeper King346
    Creeper King346 23 hours ago

    Once I thought it would be cool if I high-fived some cacti... ouch.

  • jack jenness
    jack jenness Day ago

    You Can Find Cacti In California

  • Myztotic Gaming
    Myztotic Gaming Day ago +1

    Wait...u a couple...right? Orrrrrrr

  • Hany Lubers
    Hany Lubers Day ago

    No se quejen con los cactus Vivo en México y si está lleno

  • Tomater
    Tomater Day ago

    This video is so awkward

  • Samuel Williams
    Samuel Williams Day ago

    1:25 doomsday is apparently on a Saturday

  • Swagness intheBagness

    I'm from Az and I can confirm all of this also the best part of living there is when there is a haboob and you can go to school the next day and say hey guys there was a haboob.

  • Fenix Thunder Hawk

    I can relate to you guys,
    I'm in South Dakota! ITS -45 DEGREE'S HERE!!!
    You have to wait for the car to warm up, And you would maybe die of frost bite.

  • Tigre Russey
    Tigre Russey Day ago +1

    I visited Arozona last year during summer (what a great idea! ) and... yeah only I'm a warm person so I kinda like the heat...

  • nerdd _
    nerdd _ Day ago

    they alredy have a glove space a glove compartment.....................or do day know dat???

  • Patrick Hart
    Patrick Hart Day ago

    You should move to Virgina it's perfect.

  • Stephen Stephenson
    Stephen Stephenson Day ago +1

    My mom never lets me go to water parks or public pools because people pee in them

  • Stephen Stephenson
    Stephen Stephenson Day ago +1

    Jaiden:... because it is a pretty, ;) A1👌 video

  • Karianne Hensley


  • Depressing Smile!
    Depressing Smile! Day ago +1

    2:00 same in malaysia its sooo hot here like idk how people complaining about the cold but i just disagree.

  • Emiliano Palma
    Emiliano Palma Day ago

    Jaiden x theOdd1sout

  • Enbirobear NevadaE.U.

    W T H

  • Cami Waite
    Cami Waite Day ago

    Utah has cacti

  • Donna Russell
    Donna Russell Day ago

    You'll have to buy the whole section of bananas to keep away the javelinas

  • Morgan Wright
    Morgan Wright Day ago

    I love you both *hugs both* thank you for making this!

  • Claudia Roman
    Claudia Roman Day ago

    Lol please Texas is death and I cooked cookies in my car but it was kinda bad

  • Weekly Vlogs
    Weekly Vlogs Day ago +1

    You guys need to go on tour with somethingelseYT

  • Jake Harrell
    Jake Harrell Day ago

    I’ve been to Arizona, and I feel like Tennessee is hotter due to the humidity, but that’s just me

  • lildragongirl
    lildragongirl Day ago

    I ship it

  • NightLockGaming
    NightLockGaming Day ago

    It’s snowing right now in arizona

  • fran
    fran Day ago

    spanish subtitles are literally ocular cancer, oh god. Fortunately I kind of understand english, here's my like

  • Unpronouncable
    Unpronouncable Day ago

    oven mittens are a type of gloves right? if only there was a some kind of storage for gloves in car. like a compartment... for gloves... a glove compartment... nah that would never catch on.

  • Audra Knipschild
    Audra Knipschild Day ago +1

    its is an oven in airizona 1:53

  • Lexie Curry
    Lexie Curry Day ago

    And in the spring too

  • Lexie Curry
    Lexie Curry Day ago

    It snows alot in the winter

  • Lexie Curry
    Lexie Curry Day ago

    If it's so hot, live in the mountains of it

  • Jesse Lan
    Jesse Lan Day ago

    Is Florida hotter than arizona? Hmm...

  • Nooping
    Nooping Day ago

    I live in Florida and I've been to Arizona and I'm just like
    you guys think Arizona is hot...

    yeah you'd be right... they're... the same for the most part... I still rather live there though cuz you guys have better grass.

  • The Bass Fisher
    The Bass Fisher Day ago

    you may live in the oven of Arizona but i live in the refrigerator of Pennsylvania and the hottest it got here was 111°F in 1936 the hottest i have ever experienced was like 90°F. It was bad (we have pretty bad humidity). and the coldest it has ever gotten was -42°F in 1904. sooooo the weather here is really weird.

  • Phuong Linh Ngo
    Phuong Linh Ngo Day ago

    Aaaah ok let me explain.
    Well some people find cacti interesting cuz they don't see them very much .
    Like some Asian dudes over here.

  • Flyingfox 12 swift

    England is pretty cool

  • Devin Johnson
    Devin Johnson Day ago

    The first one with cars. C.O.D. Black Ops 4:*Makes Heat Blaster

  • Lara
    Lara Day ago +2

    Everyone ships James × Jaiden.

    *So Im gonna ship Harry the moth × Ari with all genders.*

  • Ragga rock Tv
    Ragga rock Tv Day ago

    I live on iceland

  • Univ.s Fell
    Univ.s Fell Day ago

    I live in Australia, if you think Arizona is bad don’t come here

  • extreme gamer amitoronok

    does james know jaidens face???????

  • Philip Chan
    Philip Chan Day ago

    Cacti’s are cucumbers ya know your just gotta skin it with a 🔪

  • Redp1ayz
    Redp1ayz Day ago

    I ship you two

  • ironically finished

    i guess its time to start complaining about australia’s heat

    KANE GRANGER Day ago

    Jaiden x james

  • SillyStuffNart and MapleCowApplePi

    I wanna stalk you both down and high-five you.

  • D4vide39
    D4vide39 Day ago +1

    Why do you guys complain about Arizona? Try Dubai...

  • Tremble Bee
    Tremble Bee Day ago

    California also has alot of cacti

  • FaZe Official
    FaZe Official Day ago


  • Gacha Mixoshine
    Gacha Mixoshine Day ago +2

    Got the same problem I live in Arizona

  • AJ Bffs
    AJ Bffs 2 days ago

    Mmmmmmm why am I back here?

  • AngelandIsaiahdosestuff


  • Raquel Ardila -Vargas
    Raquel Ardila -Vargas 2 days ago +1

    And I tough where I lived was hot

  • WanderOver 64
    WanderOver 64 2 days ago

    OK SO WHAT'S BETTER THEN? HOT OR COLD? I like the cold personally but I live in canada sooo

  • Final Lol Bit
    Final Lol Bit 2 days ago

    Wut is James voice