theodd1sout and I Complain About Arizona


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  • Makayla Dickens
    Makayla Dickens 8 minutes ago

    One time I went to a waterpark in someone’s nose was bleeding in the wave pool but the people never told anyone to get out! Luckily me and my family I noticed the bleeding person and got out immediately☠️🤮😠

  • Game Detective
    Game Detective 39 minutes ago

    Come to the Netherlands during the summer.
    38 °C with 90% humidity is a normal summer's day...feels like 50 °C. :)....... ;-;
    And a winterday of 0 °C with the same humidity.....feels like -10 °C...... ;-;

  • Lo Tingey
    Lo Tingey 2 hours ago

    There are actually cacti in Montana. Just not the big saguaro ones

  • JSB WaffleCone
    JSB WaffleCone 2 hours ago

    Glove compartment?

  • Um BR do Brasil
    Um BR do Brasil 2 hours ago

    O bom do Arizona é q não tem mosquito
    I hate mosquitos

  • Um BR do Brasil
    Um BR do Brasil 2 hours ago

    Rio de Janeiro in summer and Arizona are brothers

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 2 hours ago

    Gets as hot as this in Louisiana too :P

  • JC Gamer
    JC Gamer 2 hours ago

    (Glove compartment)

  • Hannes Wedenig
    Hannes Wedenig 3 hours ago +1

    well i bet 1 pro is no mosquitos to be seen close to deserts

  • Rylee Kearns
    Rylee Kearns 3 hours ago

    I live in Tucson so I can relate I have also never seen snow

  • Qudoos Bhatti
    Qudoos Bhatti 4 hours ago

    How can u catch lizards. They are dirty

  • Sherry Marshall
    Sherry Marshall 4 hours ago

    Its a real fact

  • Benjamin Kidd
    Benjamin Kidd 4 hours ago

    its called a glovebox

  • Jesus Galindo
    Jesus Galindo 5 hours ago

    I hate how everyone wants James and Jaiden should date or get married just stfu

  • Angie
    Angie 5 hours ago

    I live in the Peninsula of Mexico and guess wut ;3

  • Winston Pound
    Winston Pound 5 hours ago

    Sub 4 pewdiepie

  • SteveMutt
    SteveMutt 5 hours ago

    Feed Javelina Banana Peel.
    Don’t Grab Underneath Off Rocks.
    Go Somewhere Cool Like A Mountain.
    And Cactus... Well Imagine You Bought A Cactus.
    Da Dare Dat Should Fix It.
    I am In Love With Arizona SOOO I Don’t know why TheXvid recommended me this.

  • xGSx_Phatal
    xGSx_Phatal 5 hours ago

    Arizona is basically an oven that’s bipolar either it’s broken and doesn’t get hot, or it’s broken and gets too hot, either winter or summer, freezing cold or extremely hot

  • Undertale Colton
    Undertale Colton 6 hours ago

    My sister got attacked by a jumping cactus in Nevada and it kept jumping on to everyone there even me and there where 22 people

  • Meat Boy
    Meat Boy 7 hours ago

    i swear if anyone says they ship James and Jaiden i will tell you that you pee yourself when you were 8 years old.

  • Syah Budin
    Syah Budin 7 hours ago

    The Trumpets Are Funneh

  • Derek Nguyen
    Derek Nguyen 7 hours ago

    Kinda like Australia

  • Umar Abrahams
    Umar Abrahams 8 hours ago

    The savior 😤👌

  • Ari Praneza
    Ari Praneza 8 hours ago

    Is just me that agree if they become a couple?

  • Mohamed Libaan
    Mohamed Libaan 8 hours ago

    The part where both of you were doing ASMR was so cute

  • Hunter Black
    Hunter Black 9 hours ago


  • Fluffy Ninja
    Fluffy Ninja 9 hours ago

    We have small native cacti in Alabama too. They just don't get very big.

  • ville d24
    ville d24 10 hours ago

    Sweden is the same but it's sooool cold and always raining

  • Rapter 2697
    Rapter 2697 10 hours ago

    I remember when I really wanted to see a real cactus..... I ended up falling into one while trying to find stolen property when I was doing work with some active duty MPs in Texas. I’ll admire from a distance from now on

  • Hambal Asim
    Hambal Asim 11 hours ago

    Why they're talking like awkward :/ or it's just me

  • Vin Nozar
    Vin Nozar 12 hours ago

    Ehem ehem Glove Compartment

  • Candice Perry
    Candice Perry 14 hours ago

    Arizona is an awesome place for vacation

  • NW horse
    NW horse 14 hours ago

    I live one state above Arizona... so luckily it is not as hot here. :)

  • theallaroundnerd
    theallaroundnerd 15 hours ago

    Another reason to live in Washington

  • Skully
    Skully 15 hours ago

    I lived in Arizona for half my life now I live in Idaho

    Obviously 😒

  • X Quinn Gunner
    X Quinn Gunner 16 hours ago

    Don’t press

    Read More

  • LOLProductions
    LOLProductions 16 hours ago

    “I think someone needs to invent like a little compartment for holding oven mitts or something in the car”
    It’s called a glove compartment...
    Boom! Minds blown.

  • ucnfuntimefoxy
    ucnfuntimefoxy 17 hours ago

    Yep, I live there to! I never want to go outside

  • Hellfire163763
    Hellfire163763 17 hours ago

    I live in Minnesota... It's wayyy to hot here in the winter and the summer

  • Mystic Gems
    Mystic Gems 17 hours ago

    And I thought Texas was hot!!!
    *no for real*

  • Natalie Huerta
    Natalie Huerta 18 hours ago +1

    My best friend sat on a cactus today.

  • master panther
    master panther 18 hours ago

    Arizona pffffft try living in the NT Australia

  • Sofia Quintanilla
    Sofia Quintanilla 18 hours ago


  • Crash Gaming
    Crash Gaming 19 hours ago

    0:06 when i try any instruments LOLXD

  • Zak Gwynne
    Zak Gwynne 20 hours ago

    My Dad once got first-degree burns by touching the steering wheel

    DA PANDA BOI 20 hours ago

    I feel you guys lol

  • leah
    leah 20 hours ago


  • Izzy
    Izzy 21 hour ago

    Actually, cactuses and cacti are both correct. They just come from different roots

    JAMES CLEVEN 21 hour ago

    Life in Texas
    Spring: rain and tornadoes
    Summer: T H E H E A T
    Autumn: hurricane season
    Winter: rarely snows. If it does then it is only 1 inch

  • JM Quijano
    JM Quijano 22 hours ago

    Hello :D

  • I suck at forinite
    I suck at forinite 22 hours ago

    Hiq. J

  • Shadow_ starhero
    Shadow_ starhero 22 hours ago

    I feel your pain I live here too

  • SupperElite Amino Msm
    SupperElite Amino Msm 22 hours ago

    I live in Rio de Janeiro , ITS 40° EVERYDAY, in Brazil dont have snow ;-;, sometimes we beat the Arizona's record

  • VorTex Emalava
    VorTex Emalava 23 hours ago

    what do you use to animate? how do you animate!

  • RussellMovieMaker
    RussellMovieMaker 23 hours ago

    So im from the netherlands where it always rains and is cold and stuff.. a couple years ago i went to Nevada Las Vegas and we had to walk about 200 metres (about 0.12 miles??) From the car to a McDonalds in Vegas. In Vegas the wind is HOT! It felt like a giant hairdryer was in our face the whole time. We arrived at the mcDonalds totally exausted. Also we drove through Death Valley and my brother burned his hand on the window from inside the car with AC on full blast

  • WarriorCats4Life Bloodclan

    I ship you guys ❤ ShHhHhHHhH

  • Emilee_Plays_17
    Emilee_Plays_17 Day ago +3

    In michigan, we get every season in one week.

    • Cody Peterson
      Cody Peterson 36 minutes ago

      In Texas we get every season In one day

    • Thomas Fowler
      Thomas Fowler 5 hours ago

      Its about the same way in Oklahoma.

  • JackFwag
    JackFwag Day ago

    I live in Hot country every time I get into my Car There is Massive Heat Wave lmao

  • Manu Sharma
    Manu Sharma Day ago

    Sub to Jaiden and pewdiepie! thank you

  • Gabrijel Skalak
    Gabrijel Skalak Day ago

    I live in croatia teling about boring

  • DeathAero
    DeathAero Day ago

    I live in Arizona. The worst part of being in a car, is the metal parts of the seatbelt. You touch that, it'll hit you like a Jolt of electricity

  • Stacey McKinnon
    Stacey McKinnon Day ago

    "The oven that is Arizona" 😂😂😂
    I live in a freezer, Im from Scotland. We complain when its cold we complain when its hot😂😂. 20C is summer for us, infact 17C is too hot as well😂😂. I like winter, its easier to warm up 😂😂.

  • Osvaldo Mendoza
    Osvaldo Mendoza Day ago

    You! Guys! Should! Date!! 🙃😗

  • Candice Wallace
    Candice Wallace Day ago +1

    I live in the oven named Texas

  • Darius Pirvu
    Darius Pirvu Day ago

    posted on my birthday

  • Alfredo el cubos locos

    Why I ship this so haaaaaard

  • Mieze Katze
    Mieze Katze Day ago

    you cant put ovengloves in the car cause they will get hot too
    like frickin satan xD
    (i tried it and its not working :( )

  • Melani Sunardi
    Melani Sunardi Day ago


  • StarShineGalaxy
    StarShineGalaxy Day ago


  • Life_with_izz vibess

    Why do I Ship James and Jaiden?? 😂

  • Sparkle Adventures

    I guess winter is like summer there.

  • Star Platinum
    Star Platinum Day ago +1

    What if u guys move to LA

  • Mikey Elkins
    Mikey Elkins Day ago

    Wait ari zona

  • Thomas Piskorski


  • Fabian Ariandy
    Fabian Ariandy Day ago

    Imagine ride a motorcycle in arizona,your ass will burn

  • Bladeface 789
    Bladeface 789 Day ago

    Hey I also live in Arizona

  • Go Pro
    Go Pro Day ago


  • TheDeadman342
    TheDeadman342 Day ago

    Unfortunately all of this so true about Arizona. Especially, ITS FUCKING HOT AS SHIT THERE

  • Lucas Lopes
    Lucas Lopes Day ago


  • The Last Dewott
    The Last Dewott Day ago

    California has Joshua trees which are technically cacti (nitpicking)

  • Shadow TheRandomGamer

    Ahem ahem, flagstaff? Btw I live in Scottsdale

  • PurpleFirefly
    PurpleFirefly Day ago

    You guys are so adorable together omg i friend-ship it ;o;

  • KlapAl0ng
    KlapAl0ng Day ago

    No more holding the wheel
    Use Tesla autopilot.

  • ellathon22
    ellathon22 Day ago

    Living right next to the biggest airport in the world is friggin annoying. TRAFFIC, AIR TRAFFIC, THE NoIsE... It may seem cool but it gets boring after a while. /Welcome to Atlanta, the City with big things./ ( you know what I mean...)

  • Simone Bolacklees

    u say cicada's are bad in Arizona check out aushrtalia at christmasin the bush (its 100 decimals)

  • The_Dolphin
    The_Dolphin Day ago


  • Sahira Moreno
    Sahira Moreno Day ago


  • xd LunarLOL
    xd LunarLOL Day ago

    Hello everyone

  • Nawir Rani
    Nawir Rani Day ago

    Me : Jaiden and James
    My friends : Sun

    If you dont get this. The joke is my friend wants me to come out when im studying.

  • Froggy Universe
    Froggy Universe Day ago

    “A little compartment for holding oven mitts?” Mitts.... compartment... gloves... box....

  • LuckyandStars
    LuckyandStars Day ago

    4:10 ok so here in Brazil we also have these animals, I think it mostly in the north of Brazilian but I'm not sure. Anyway my friend's mom lives in a really rural area and she loves animals a lot, so what she did when she found this baby javelina is adopt it and named her Mary, it really liked her, followed her everyway. But it was a jerk to everyone else, tired to bit my friend's hand and feet lots of times, and when it got bigger it start to terrorize the ducks and chickens they had. I think they ate her after all that.

  • Steamy Sauce
    Steamy Sauce Day ago

    2:37 that's why glove boxes exist lol

  • Chester Patten field

    You guys are adorable

  • friskxlove64 _
    friskxlove64 _ 2 days ago +1

    Not to mention theres only ONE theme park and that's castles and coasters. But we hace the state fair. Also DO NOT. Go to the dance thingy at big surf we once saw a lotta rats by there. But yep GOTTA LOVE ARIZONA. ^^

  • Graveyard Trooper
    Graveyard Trooper 2 days ago

    Ok I recommend to me (or anyone in Arizona) to stay in my country it’s can be cold hot cold hot forever xD P.S it’s england

  • ChayTheWolf
    ChayTheWolf 2 days ago

    I used to live in Arizona and I honestly miss it. The wildlife inspired me to go to school for wildlife ecology. I loved catching lizards and seeing bobcats all over the place. Fun fact about javelinas, they are also known as collared peccaries and have some of the sharpest teeth of all known mammals.

  • shity player
    shity player 2 days ago

    Why not turn the car on with air conditioning then let is sit then go

  • Salado
    Salado 2 days ago

    Sooooooo, Fallout new vegas in a nutshell?

    MLG VICTOR 2 days ago

    When I first started watching I thought you and James should be in a relationship…

    Lemme think twice on that one

  • missmangolove
    missmangolove 2 days ago