• Published on May 24, 2019
  • You can now send different stuff to your friends or anyone in advance server.
    If they receive these stuff, their charisma will increase.
    I thought I can convert it to BP or diamonds but no, it can only increase your charisma.
    Let's try sending Thanos one Agate and one Layla's Chocolate.
    You can access the gifts section right here in your profile zone.
    The list of items are:
    1. Agate
    2. Layla's Chocolate
    3. Angela's Doll
    4. Harley's Magic Hat
    5. Angel Ark
    So what can you say about these new feature?
    Will you give gifts to your friends?
    Let me know what you think
    in the comment section.
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Comments • 776

  • Amir AT
    Amir AT 23 days ago

    i lost a lot of diamonds, because i thought i can send diamonds to my friends!

  • Kaiser Tatak
    Kaiser Tatak 27 days ago

    I thought it's a battle effect

  • J Moon
    J Moon Month ago

    I thought you receive some amount of diamonds if you received a gifts! Disappointed

  • Lorna Bauto
    Lorna Bauto Month ago

    I thought I'd recieve those diamonds and coins if I get any of these gifts T-T

  • deth dangca
    deth dangca Month ago

    Elgin where are you come from?

  • Subscribe Or I’ll Cry

    How I claim it?

  • Darshan Singha
    Darshan Singha Month ago

    Hey bro 1 freind send me a layla chocolate gift how i collet the diamond

  • AsQaLLani
    AsQaLLani 2 months ago

    lol thanos

  • Gilo Cayabyab
    Gilo Cayabyab 2 months ago

    fuking moontooooonnnn

  • Jordi Dos Santos
    Jordi Dos Santos 2 months ago

    How do you send dimonds to reach other ?

  • Jordi Dos Santos
    Jordi Dos Santos 2 months ago

    Han somone help me got 499 dimonds with angel ark but how do i get the dimonds

  • Jordi Dos Santos
    Jordi Dos Santos 2 months ago

    Can i covert an angel ark to dimonds and if how

  • Charlene Eneria
    Charlene Eneria 2 months ago

    Elgin:who cares in the lame chrisma
    Elgin:oh im top50 give me gifts pls

  • nrohman598
    nrohman598 3 months ago

    Cara claim nya gimana cuk?

  • Jane Rico
    Jane Rico 3 months ago

    Why it didn't show in my profile if how many agate i have? it's just 0 how can i change that?

  • Dave Pascual
    Dave Pascual 3 months ago

    paano ba ma claim yan pag may mag gift? dinaman na ke claim eh sayang masyado diamond..

  • Kynth John Escodero
    Kynth John Escodero 3 months ago

    Give Me Angek Ark Only One Plss

  • Aeron Martinez
    Aeron Martinez 3 months ago

    nope. i dont give a fuck on my friends haha

  • Flora Hugo
    Flora Hugo 3 months ago

    Sir can i claim the diamonds?

  • marx rafael
    marx rafael 3 months ago

    Is that can be converted into diamonds?

  • Tonya Koyu
    Tonya Koyu 3 months ago

    You mean we can't claim just waste huh

  • Deymdry Geronimo
    Deymdry Geronimo 3 months ago

    Is your true name "Nigle"?

  • Sol Burst
    Sol Burst 3 months ago

    moontoon wanted to waste your diamond

    JUSTINE MARQUEZ 3 months ago

    how to claim your gifts in profile??

  • Dancok Dancok
    Dancok Dancok 3 months ago

    gak berguna anjing

  • desyifa yusuf
    desyifa yusuf 3 months ago

    Elgin can you give me pleas nickname : Danaxis

  • kuroro chanかわい
    kuroro chanかわい 3 months ago

    Wait is that zkael?

  • Ganesh Ale
    Ganesh Ale 3 months ago

    I need one

  • Akib knows it
    Akib knows it 3 months ago


  • j u l i u s a t a y
    j u l i u s a t a y 3 months ago

    What is the purpose of charisma btw?

  • jacques life
    jacques life 3 months ago

    I saw zkael wow

  • keven YT
    keven YT 3 months ago

    kuya pano namn eh receive yang gift sa ml

  • Jose Karlo Rebleza
    Jose Karlo Rebleza 3 months ago +1

    Goodness i spent 380 diamonds for nonsense do you think i can get them back?? Cause my purpose really is to give a friend a starlight member

  • Zirkenstone
    Zirkenstone 3 months ago +1

    I thought i can send diamonds to my small account with this method....

    Rip 683 Diamonds

    • Zirkenstone
      Zirkenstone 2 months ago

      @ikka tukz rip xd

    • ikka tukz
      ikka tukz 2 months ago +1

      Zirkenstone same here.. wasted 499 diamonds..

  • kristian sustento
    kristian sustento 3 months ago

    How to claim it ?

  • Shaine Nichole
    Shaine Nichole 3 months ago

    Hindi makaka recieve ng 500bp ang napagbigyan?

  • Ömkar Bhalekar
    Ömkar Bhalekar 3 months ago

    I think I will get diamonds but what I get ####

  • Rimaguro Graguro Channel

    Kuya i add kta accept moko

  • Dogre GT
    Dogre GT 3 months ago

    Can we claim gift?

  • Ultralord11 YT
    Ultralord11 YT 3 months ago +1

    When u get agate can u get the battle points or not cause someone send me agate

  • Chou B
    Chou B 3 months ago

    I hope I can sell my nonsense stuffs

  • ian velarde
    ian velarde 3 months ago

    it would be awesome if your friend will receive half of the cost of the gift they've received, in diamonds of course..

  • Kemuel
    Kemuel 3 months ago

    Its not convertible to dias or points? The facck?

  • Oyen oyen
    Oyen oyen 3 months ago

    Omg im here at this video

  • AlexiszTV
    AlexiszTV 3 months ago

    Ark angel X Moontoon

  • Revenant
    Revenant 3 months ago

    0 likes 50k charisma. NANI?!

  • id: 211462426
    id: 211462426 3 months ago


  • Brent Abag
    Brent Abag 3 months ago

    Accept my friend invitation first in the present server so that i can gift you my name in ml is LegengaryRANGER44870

  • Yamashi Shizuka
    Yamashi Shizuka 3 months ago +2

    Another waisting of diamonds🤔.. well play Moneyton.. you got me🤐

  • Chris Kulit
    Chris Kulit 3 months ago

    Cant wait for those posers to up their game.

  • johnpaul00Æ Gaming
    johnpaul00Æ Gaming 4 months ago

    Filipino c Elgin???😅

  • SlenderMax The Gacha Slenderman

    Dr.Rooney? uhh pretty much hear that from someone that said the name was it diggy😐 I used to play ML but I seem to not remember

  • Erwin lol
    Erwin lol 4 months ago +1

    Can you send me a gift please elgin im a fan of your channel and your vids

    ZT MCPE 4 months ago

    Filipino si elgin

  • I’ll_Always_Chus_U
    I’ll_Always_Chus_U 4 months ago

    This is pointless it's just a waste of money

  • Kiyanne Castro
    Kiyanne Castro 4 months ago

    Notoce me sir:(

  • Kiyanne Castro
    Kiyanne Castro 4 months ago

    I cant afford it because lack of dias:(

  • Kiyanne Castro
    Kiyanne Castro 4 months ago

    So many stuff huh

  • serhat baba
    serhat baba 4 months ago

    Paranoid ciler burdami

  • Danielle Matsumoto
    Danielle Matsumoto 4 months ago

    Ay elgin filipino kapala number1 fan moko