Johanna Konta Quarter-Final Press Conference Wimbledon 2019

  • Published on Jul 9, 2019
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Comments • 609

  • Chris garlick
    Chris garlick 4 hours ago

    4.40 mins - I doubt Federer would of been asked this question. Total lack of respect from that rude guy.

  • Peter Young Peter Young

    Way to go Jo, take no notice of these press lizards. They all tipped Serena to win the final, which shows how much they know about tennis.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Day ago

    Is Konta Hungarian for cxxx?
    Certainly looks like it!

  • Kathryn Quin
    Kathryn Quin 2 days ago

    This is not journalism. This is bullying.

  • Tim Sharpe
    Tim Sharpe 2 days ago

    #awkward 😬😬

  • Matthew Leitch
    Matthew Leitch 3 days ago

    I was willing Johanna to say "I'll be going back over that match and the whole tournament with my team to see what can be learned but right now I haven't settled on the main learning points." The 3.30 questioner seemed to think she would have it all worked out already and that the lack of learning points at this stage indicates a fundamental character flaw in her. Answers that show a professional, team-based approach to preparation would also reduce the number of questions about her emotions and psychology, which are rather annoying.

    MANUTD4LIFE171 3 days ago +1

    I agree with Johanna for reacting like that at the journalist. She did her best, and was just out done by a better player on the day. No need to start questioning her performance, and picking holes in her ability. That’s something for her and her coach to look at. Not some journalist who’s never played professionally to question her infront of the TV cameras.

  • WhiteChocolateMocha
    WhiteChocolateMocha 3 days ago

    that question 3:30 is a typical British style, the journalist thinks he's being Simon Cowell and giving his opinion on her performance

  • MuscleSheriff
    MuscleSheriff 3 days ago

    Why does she play for England?? Go back to Hungary Kunta!

    • Henry Black
      Henry Black Day ago

      Curious why the English are reacting so negatively to the Hungarian Australian English player, it's not the first foreigner the English have in their sport, Kyle Edmund is South African, then there's Canadian Rusedski, same with English
      cricket it's full of foreigners. Does she play for England I thought it was Britain?

    • Peter Walker
      Peter Walker 2 days ago

      She's Australian dumbo

  • Adam Barker
    Adam Barker 3 days ago +1

    I wonder how Nick Kyrgios would've answered that question...

  • Bob, do something
    Bob, do something 3 days ago

    Another bottler.

  • SerMattzio
    SerMattzio 4 days ago +1

    Mainstream journalism in general is dying with the advent of online networks and social media where people can get their news instead, and I feel as a result journalists are becoming more biased, more extremist and more sensationalist.
    This whole interview was just 80% of the reporters baiting Konta into an angry response because it's the only way they can get people to read their clickbait articles and garbage content.

  • Yvette Renee
    Yvette Renee 4 days ago

    What did the interview say at 4:07? It sounds like "IBM's". I couldn't understand what he said or meant.

    • Twillight15
      Twillight15 3 days ago +1

      @Yvette Renee :)

    • Twillight15
      Twillight15 3 days ago +1

      Yes, the company IBM does the tennis live scores.

  • Movie Monster
    Movie Monster 4 days ago

    Brave, talented and articulate - a credit to the sport.

  • Stan Wawrinka
    Stan Wawrinka 4 days ago

    I'm single

  • Harshcore811
    Harshcore811 4 days ago

    She cannot put a whole tournament together. Similar to Pliskova....Bye bye Konta....

  • James Hunter
    James Hunter 4 days ago

    Theres just something about her that makes her so unlikable

  • cja sewell
    cja sewell 4 days ago +6

    Wow! I wish I hadn't watched that. The "question" at 4:38 was breathtakingly condescending; and he’s completely oblivious.

  • Human Entity
    Human Entity 4 days ago +3

    Loved the way she shut up that patronizing journalist

  • Jens Clarberg
    Jens Clarberg 4 days ago +1

    Didn't know Gareth Bale played in the WTA.

  • Lilian Clopet
    Lilian Clopet 4 days ago

    4:30 that question was so stupid I hate that person who said that

  • k odu
    k odu 5 days ago

    Anybody who thinks that Konta's level is enough for a Grand slam win does not understand Tennis. This journalist clearly overstepped his boundaries by wanting the English woman to win even if she was not ready.

    • k odu
      k odu 4 days ago

      @Henry Black They do the same thing with football. There is a feeling of entitlement because they invented football. The fact that Wimbledon is in the UK does not mean a British citizen should be harassed to win.

    • k odu
      k odu 4 days ago

      @Henry Black The journalist would beg to disagree.

    • Henry Black
      Henry Black 4 days ago

      Not English Australian Konta has three passports Hungarian Australian & British.
      Where's the English tennis players -- the men's British #1 is South African. What's
      very funny is England's sour grapes at Britain's greatest player not being English

  • Michael
    Michael 5 days ago

    She chose to represent Britain and knew that would come with additional scrutiny and money. With that said, interviewing sports people has always seemed like a waste of time.

  • Mary Magdalene
    Mary Magdalene 5 days ago

    Maybe she is in a depression and that is the reason why she lost so big.

  • Mary Magdalene
    Mary Magdalene 5 days ago +1

    She was more concerned with her bruised ego than with really being open and honest. Yeah, the words were very measured and seemed to be selected by a "perfect answers" application , but they sounded , underneath it all, very defensive.

  • Michael Carty
    Michael Carty 5 days ago

    The journalist was out of order

  • RoughRider757
    RoughRider757 5 days ago

    British journalist are the worse. No integrity at all.

    • Henry Black
      Henry Black 4 days ago

      This is an arrogant English journalist one can tell by his
      1) very obvious English accent
      2) delusional self importance

  • Giulio Campobassi
    Giulio Campobassi 5 days ago

    Konta was too kind to that asshat journalist who stated “that she could have done better”? How is that a question ?

  • Uliana Exmelin
    Uliana Exmelin 5 days ago +2

    Konta, don't worry... im on your side... 😉👌

  • Uliana Exmelin
    Uliana Exmelin 5 days ago +1

    3:31 to 5:00 I feel like she want's to cry...

  • Paul Jackson
    Paul Jackson 5 days ago +4

    why do some of these idiotic male journalists concentrate on the emotional and tactical 'failings' of female players, but not the males???

    • Andrew J
      Andrew J 4 days ago

      Paul Jackson Yeah, because they never do that to Kyrgios or Tomic do they..?

  • Uliana Exmelin
    Uliana Exmelin 5 days ago +1


  • Uliana Exmelin
    Uliana Exmelin 5 days ago +1

    I feel sorry for Konta... theese peoole are reallg stupid asking theese questions

  • Mick Vinny
    Mick Vinny 5 days ago

    She doesn’t sound English....

    • Henry Black
      Henry Black 4 days ago

      That's because she's Australian with Hungarian parents.
      Has three passports the last being British she could easily
      leave & backtrack her allegiance to the other two countries.

  • b0sH
    b0sH 5 days ago

    I actually think the question is fair. Watched her live against Kvitova and it was almost comical in the 3rd set, she was her own worst enemy and the groans were audible as she threw away chance after chance to end the match.

  • regal163
    regal163 5 days ago +1

    Jo gave all she could to win that match and she is a wonderful player and good for her that she came back at the press. One day she will win Wimbledon I'm sure of that, GO GO JO JO!!!!.

  • Gabrielle Hollington
    Gabrielle Hollington 5 days ago +6

    Too much of a grilling, handled incredibly well by Jo.

    • John Smith
      John Smith Day ago

      pr shill alert. She was despicable in Jonathan Ross and John Humpries AND other interviews too. Vile woman.

  • Ichinomiya Conbimai
    Ichinomiya Conbimai 5 days ago

    What a fcuking snow flake ....!

  • Albrecht Weyrother
    Albrecht Weyrother 5 days ago

    The reporter here is a small intestine.

  • SparXX WzZz
    SparXX WzZz 5 days ago

    Win or lose, Jo is so amazing. I'm hoping to watch her play in this year's Rogers Cup in Toronto.

  • Derk Hart
    Derk Hart 5 days ago +2

    What happened she chocked

  • Louise Law
    Louise Law 5 days ago +2

    “Is that in your professional tennis opinion” that’s patronising, not the journalists question

  • Randy Bermudez
    Randy Bermudez 5 days ago

    some if these reporters were asking some stupid questions. look at venus first round press conference....str8 unnecessary questions.

  • Clique53
    Clique53 5 days ago

    Are these compulsory??

  • Joseph Bateman
    Joseph Bateman 5 days ago +1

    Can't believe there giving her such a hard time for losing a match

  • Kusta Kuties
    Kusta Kuties 5 days ago +1

    Well handled Jo!😍

  • Anna Vacková
    Anna Vacková 5 days ago +1

    I didn't find Barbora Strycova's press conference... does anyone know if it happend?

  • mario hommersom
    mario hommersom 5 days ago

    Bad day in the office ?!

  • A Hola
    A Hola 5 days ago +8

    If I was her I’d actually flip the table and leaves

  • Ciaran Selva
    Ciaran Selva 5 days ago +1

    She is not good enuf to win a slam, the french open semi was a complete bottle job...embarrassing really. But these questions are ridiculous but she knows her failings bcos she wouldnt of reacted like that if she really believed what she was saying about having no regrets etc etc. She needs to grow up and accept that this is part and parcel of being a pro athlete. Murray gets alot more criticism for being a winner in an age of tennis titans.

  • R JJ
    R JJ 5 days ago +4

    She ain't even English lol

    • Djay Are
      Djay Are 3 days ago

      She's a citizen, she pays taxes, she's more English than a lot of brits.

    • J Films
      J Films 4 days ago +1

      She's British. She has lived in England from her teens.

  • Adrian Doyler
    Adrian Doyler 5 days ago +1

    She’s not even British she only moved countries for attention

  • Francesca
    Francesca 5 days ago +1

    Well done Jo - both for the match and for berating the tosser when he asked his stupid, patronizing questions.

    • Robert Vaughn
      Robert Vaughn 5 days ago

      Why was he a tosser ? For asking relevent questions about her performance if if shes too​ thin skinned to take a bit of heat over a very poor performance thats her problem .

  • The G Dawg Era
    The G Dawg Era 5 days ago +3

    That journalist at 3:33 is an absolute bell end.

  • Mr. K
    Mr. K 5 days ago

    That rude reporter was a c**t

  • Mats Airey
    Mats Airey 5 days ago +5

    She was disappointing and these are the questions she should be asked. Her responses suggest she knows it all and has no room to improve. This is why she crumbles and loses. Top players dig in and have more than one strategy when things go wrong.

  • Mitch Wild
    Mitch Wild 5 days ago +31

    Good grief! 3:30 to 5:00, Journalism sinks to a new low.

    • Mitch Wild
      Mitch Wild 4 days ago

      @cja sewell Yes, exactly right.

    • Mitch Wild
      Mitch Wild 4 days ago +1

      @Jens Clarberg It was the manner of the questioning that annoyed Konta. He was rude. She did her best on the day. The same accusation could be levelled at many a tennis player actually. Same goes for any other sport.

    • cja sewell
      cja sewell 4 days ago +4

      @Jens Clarberg (The "unforced" stats are nonsense.) The wording and tone of the question was hostile and he wouldn't does not ask about errors in that way of male players.

  • Kath Paddle
    Kath Paddle 5 days ago +2

    Grace while under attack! Admirable

  • BK
    BK 5 days ago +1

    Is it really so bad to ask a player if there are any areas for improvement, the result speaks for itself and yet Konta is obviously blind to it. Keep losing then.

  • bluewhale18
    bluewhale18 5 days ago +1

    The Hungarian-Australian needs thicker skin

    • Djay Are
      Djay Are 3 days ago

      And the English some manners

  • Michael O'Toole
    Michael O'Toole 5 days ago +1

    I hate how she went from an Aussie to a UK accent- reeks of falseness

    • Michael O'Toole
      Michael O'Toole 5 days ago

      I S in 2012 she sounded as Australian as Crocodile Dundee though - it feels forced to me. That said those journos were unnecessrily viscous

    • I S
      I S 5 days ago

      Michael O'Toole she moved to the UK when she was 15. She’s 28. It’s completely normal for her to have lost her accent.

  • Kenneth Rafanan
    Kenneth Rafanan 5 days ago +11

    Congratulations on a fine Wimbledon, Johanna. And kudos for your grace and dignity in handling some rather impolite reporters.

  • Gillian Price
    Gillian Price 5 days ago +2

    What measured dignified responses. Well done Jo

  • sports4eva115
    sports4eva115 5 days ago

    Is there one provocative "journalist" asking these questions? The same that asked Rafa about Barty.

  • Dominick Monte
    Dominick Monte 5 days ago +2

    Dead as sore loser

  • Marxam 66
    Marxam 66 5 days ago +1

    The Sydney born British number 1. Welcome to the UK media Johanna. Parasites the lot of them.

  • B M-Y
    B M-Y 5 days ago

    They're jerks. Can't believe she stayed as long as she did.

  • Sean Q
    Sean Q 5 days ago

    I'm just astounded by the ignorance of the journalist here. I think that the initial questions were probing and critical but in a fair way. The third or maybe fourth question was ridiculous. She'd every right to be offended. Who does that guy think he is? If I was her, I'd refuse to answer his questions in future. I'm not a fan of players switching nationality and don't think that she should be representing Britain but it is what it is. This line of questioning was too strong.

  • Mia-India Laing
    Mia-India Laing 5 days ago

    The first chance the media get they try and drag sports women/men down. I would love to see them play sport, daft people

  • Movie Monster
    Movie Monster 5 days ago +21

    Johanna Konta has earned a lot of respect from his interview. She was trying to answer the questions as honestly as possible. The bad question WAS disrespectful and patronising. But, with no show of temper, she fixed him with a steely eye and icily put the reporter in his place. Well done, Johanna!

    • Uliana Exmelin
      Uliana Exmelin 5 days ago +2

      She is so brave. I would have never been as brave as her. 😳