Trying Harry Potter Sorting Hat Bath Bombs • Saf & Tyler

  • Published on Apr 5, 2017
  • We tried out the viral Harry Potter Sorting Hat bath bombs! I still think Pottermore is more accurate, BUT... taking a bath for the first time in a while was ~magical~ (and linty).
    Link to where I got my bath bombs:
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  2 years ago +7634

    HELLO LOVES! it's a new week, time for a bath!! hehe. what house are you in??!?

  • Michelle Aguda
    Michelle Aguda 5 hours ago

    what site did safiya use to do the harry potter quiz

  • Bri Avila
    Bri Avila 18 hours ago

    I'M A HUFFLEPUFF👑!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ruby McCormick
    Ruby McCormick Day ago

    When she was talking about the smell of the bath bomb (safiya's bath) I thought she was talking about the hufflepuff house location XD

  • Pandabun Slime
    Pandabun Slime Day ago

    My friends patrons is a slug...

  • CosmicDevYT
    CosmicDevYT Day ago

    Safiya's Ravenclaw energy is so strong the two bath bombs just exploded when she held them

  • Jaimy Braspenning
    Jaimy Braspenning Day ago +1

    I'M IN HUFFLEPUFF🥰🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤

  • Nails Are Life
    Nails Are Life Day ago +1

    Wow. I just went to Pottermore. I'm a Ravenclaw!! 💙💙💙💙💙

  • Gry Kristensen
    Gry Kristensen 2 days ago

    I would Think that Tyler were an hufflepuf

  • Luna Matias
    Luna Matias 2 days ago

    I'm Gryffindor but a little ravenclaw

    DPCisAWESOME 3 days ago

    Yo! Hufflepuffs are the best!

  • hufflephan
    hufflephan 3 days ago

    This reminds me of that scene in Goblet of Fire, it's upsetting you didn't have the Golden Egg :(( Great vid tho!

  • Aiden's World
    Aiden's World 3 days ago

    The bath bomb is radom the test is by the writer

  • Charlie Ester
    Charlie Ester 3 days ago +1


  • Button Pan
    Button Pan 4 days ago

    Team Ravenclaw.

  • Ryden’s Milk
    Ryden’s Milk 4 days ago +2

    I’m a proud Hufflepuff 💛🦡💛

  • Izzypopps The ravenclaw

    I’ve taken the potter more quiz like 9 times, to MAKE SURE, every single time I’ve gotten ravenclaw, ravenclaw pride and my patronus is a hippogriff

  • Alice Tranter
    Alice Tranter 4 days ago

    *Harry potter has entered the chat*

  • Lara Pritchard
    Lara Pritchard 5 days ago

    Where is my gryfindoor squad at ❤️💛❤️💛❤️

  • jaZZle daZZle
    jaZZle daZZle 5 days ago

    i took the test 3 times. 1 Ravenclaw, 2 Gryffindor ;)

  • Dora Špoljar
    Dora Špoljar 5 days ago

    I was sorted 3 times and got Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. But I feel like s Ravenclaw!

  • Knallbart
    Knallbart 5 days ago

    Yass, Slytherwin!! 😜😜

  • Knallbart
    Knallbart 5 days ago

    Why didn't you fill up the tub more? 😂😂😂

  • Queen Me
    Queen Me 5 days ago

    I'm a hufflepuff well axtually my first one was ravenclaw and I knew I was a hufflepuff so I took it again and I got hufflepuff so yeah

  • Abigail Houghton
    Abigail Houghton 5 days ago

    I'm a slitherin

  • It's Kenzie and Kate

    I have Raven claw under where

  • Beth Breese
    Beth Breese 6 days ago

    My patronous is a nightjar and I'm in Hufflepuff

  • Sarah Zuwairi
    Sarah Zuwairi 6 days ago

    Hufflepuff pride

  • tonya wolever
    tonya wolever 6 days ago

    I’m hufflepuff

  • Zoe’s Planet X
    Zoe’s Planet X 6 days ago

    I am slitheran

  • Adria
    Adria 6 days ago

    Hufflepuff 💛💛✊

  • M&E productions
    M&E productions 6 days ago

    I'm acc triggered they said CAPREE SUN instead of CAPRAY

    • Emily Unicorn
      Emily Unicorn 4 days ago +1

      M&E productions That’s the way it’s supposed to be pronounced. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • MeowMeowKitty Swanny

    Goooooo! Gryffindor ( my house )

  • TropicalPlaties2017
    TropicalPlaties2017 8 days ago

    The fact that both bombs that she broke were raven claw proves that she’s a raven claw.

    STELLA WONG 9 days ago


  • KamrynKawaiiGacha :3
    KamrynKawaiiGacha :3 10 days ago

    I'm a Ravenpuff >w

  • Sarah Edwards
    Sarah Edwards 10 days ago


  • Lea Brock oli
    Lea Brock oli 10 days ago

    I’m a raven claw with an owl patronis

  • Mallory Boyd
    Mallory Boyd 10 days ago

    Ok why is everyone hufflepuff....I mean where are the slytherins

  • Rory Carter
    Rory Carter 11 days ago

    Hey have you got any videos in Harry Potter world?

  • Dauntless Scorpion
    Dauntless Scorpion 11 days ago

    I’m Slytherin >:3

  • Cathrine Cryer
    Cathrine Cryer 12 days ago

    I'm a slytherin and I have a dolphin patronus

  • AGT Toys
    AGT Toys 12 days ago

    Is it weird that I took the test 5 times and 4 times I got Ravenclaw and 1 time Slitherin.

  • Pamela Walker
    Pamela Walker 12 days ago

    I'm pretty sure I'm the only person alive that has never watched Harry Potter movies 🤓

  • Haley Galapati
    Haley Galapati 13 days ago

    I would love to be a fezzen if that’s how it acts XD

  • Channy Whocares
    Channy Whocares 14 days ago

    So since I also started Pottermore before it's xy construction I as of now had every house at least but if we go by majority it is something like 8 Hufflepuff : 7times Ravenclaw maybe at this point even 8:8 and on all questions Quizz it said like 78% Hufflepuff and 74-76% Ravenclaw so I am a funny badger, I guess with Eagle moments.

  • Ava Welly
    Ava Welly 14 days ago

    Ravenclaw but the bath bomb said Gryffindor

  • Ava Welly
    Ava Welly 14 days ago +1

    🤔 Ah ha! I knew it was a sponsored video, I am not saying it is bad though

  • Tim Roe
    Tim Roe 14 days ago


  • PinkTaco OfDoom
    PinkTaco OfDoom 14 days ago

    My Taco is a Ravenclaw!!! 🌮 (Wow there's no raven flavored emoji 🤔🤨🙄😞)

  • Emma Robertson
    Emma Robertson 14 days ago

    Hufflepuff rocks

  • Jullianne Sollano
    Jullianne Sollano 14 days ago +1


  • Emily Nguyen
    Emily Nguyen 15 days ago

    Where is my hufflepuff squad at?

  • Ethan Van Schellebeck
    Ethan Van Schellebeck 15 days ago

    💛💛💛💛Where all my Hufflepuff at💛💛💛💛

  • #Iswashere
    #Iswashere 15 days ago

    I am a proud Gryffindork - er - Gryffindor my Ilvermorny house is the Thuderbird

  • Laurann Scarlett
    Laurann Scarlett 15 days ago

    Where are my Slytherin babies?

  • mil the unicorn
    mil the unicorn 16 days ago

    im in grifindor
    im hermionie
    i have hermionies wand
    all by test

  • Patricia sandoval
    Patricia sandoval 16 days ago

    Im gryfffindor


    Are you in reavenclaw if you are I’m in reavenclaw claw

  • Ana Carolina Marineli
    Ana Carolina Marineli 16 days ago

    Hey!! How did u take the house test more than once?
    (Sorry if I spelled something wrong, I'm from Brasil)

  • Rattiegamer 6
    Rattiegamer 6 16 days ago +2

    I'm Ravenclaw and my patronous is a Rotwillier

  • Karencillapilla
    Karencillapilla 16 days ago +47

    **Shane has left the chat**
    **Garrett has entered the chat**

  • Irene Potter Playz
    Irene Potter Playz 16 days ago

    Pottermore is actaully exactly acurate,
    My pottermire results IM NOT JOKING!!!! AND I DIDN'T CHEAT!!!
    hogwarts:I am Gryffindor
    Wand:Phoenix tail feather, Holly, and quite supple 11'3
    Blood status:Half Blood
    I AM THE REAL HARRY POTTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kyla Johnson
    Kyla Johnson 16 days ago

    I am also a ravenclaw

  • pearl bailey
    pearl bailey 16 days ago


  • Aj And Lauren
    Aj And Lauren 16 days ago

    PROUD PUFF💛🖤💛🖤💛
    For me I’m:
    Most like Hufflepuff 91%
    Second like Slythern 64%
    Third like Ravenclaw 21%
    Least like Gryffindoor 10%
    I’m loyal and I guess good at finding things and I have hufflepuff merch and always get hufflepuff on all tests. I can become moody and mean but in the end I’m not evil like most slytherins. I’m creative but not very smart like ravenclaw and I’m loyal like Gryffindoors

  • Girly Gamer!
    Girly Gamer! 16 days ago

    I'm raven claw too

  • Laura Habiba
    Laura Habiba 16 days ago

    *Ravenclaw gang*

  • Sarah Ethawi
    Sarah Ethawi 16 days ago

    Why did tyler make a weird/creepy face right after the intro

  • Abigail Bickerdike
    Abigail Bickerdike 16 days ago +1


  • Sammy Laporte
    Sammy Laporte 17 days ago

    Im a Slytherin and my patronus is a snake. So thats pretty interesting lol.

  • Ali Moon
    Ali Moon 17 days ago

    Umm ok 2-second-long- at-the-begging Tyler u can leave before ury new nightmare fuel

  • Quarterbean 12
    Quarterbean 12 17 days ago +2

    I’ve taken the quiz many times on different sites and I’ve only gotten ravenclaw

  • LifelyAesthetics
    LifelyAesthetics 17 days ago +3

    He likes Slugworth..?

    We all need to run and block our doors, this man is dangerous.

  • Mikaeli Howden
    Mikaeli Howden 17 days ago

    I'm a Ravenclaw too! and I also hated my Patronus! my dad got a Thestral

  • Courtney Faddis
    Courtney Faddis 17 days ago

    I'm hufflepuff

  • Kaelyn Marie06
    Kaelyn Marie06 17 days ago

    I am a proud HUFFLEPUFF 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  • Kaelyn Marie06
    Kaelyn Marie06 17 days ago

    I am a proud HUFFLEPUFF 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  • Olivia S
    Olivia S 17 days ago

    Here’s my problem with pottermore. On EVERY test I’ve ever taken, I got ravenclaw but on pottermore I got hufflepuff. It’s wrong. I am ravenclaw

  • CrazyPotterhead 1000000%

    Hi im a griffindoor all the way. Fun fact harry could hate all of the other houses with the exception of hufflpuff in his 7th year bc slytherin is a given, and ravenclaw had chi chang reject him and basically try, keyword TRY to roast and downplay him.

  • ginger monkey07
    ginger monkey07 18 days ago

    Im in gryffindor

  • Umbridge Potter
    Umbridge Potter 18 days ago +1

    Took the pottermore quiz around 5 times as well
    1) Hufflepuff
    2) Ravenclaw
    3) Ravenclaw
    4) Slytherin
    5) Ravenclaw
    also my patronus is a lioness :)

  • Alissa Duford
    Alissa Duford 18 days ago

    Team huffelpuff

  • Emilythe_ potterhead
    Emilythe_ potterhead 18 days ago +1

    I got sorted to hufflepuff on pottermore but I really feel like a ravenclaw so yes

  • Xx_ Frozen
    Xx_ Frozen 18 days ago

    Im Hufflepuff!! 💛🖤

  • Sophia Kliatchko
    Sophia Kliatchko 18 days ago

    I'm a Slytherin Thunderbird (who lives in the US) and my patronus is a lynx. I took the Pottermore quiz 4 times and I got Slytherin 3 times and Ravenclaw once, I'm a huge Potterhead. I'm excited to see what will happen if I get one.

  • Georgia Lawman
    Georgia Lawman 18 days ago


  • Gus Long
    Gus Long 18 days ago

    I don't know if it's just me making bad comparisons, but does anybody else think of them as Carly and Freddie (from iCarly) that grew up? 😂😂 Just me? Okayyy

  • BD Python
    BD Python 18 days ago

    why is there a raven on your robes? the "logo" has an eagle.

  • Madison WolfySomething

    I'm a proud GriffinClaw

  • Morgan
    Morgan 18 days ago

    I have gotten Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw on the same sites but on Pottermore I’m a raven claw and my patrons (Ik it’s spelt wrong) is a stallion

  • Lara
    Lara 18 days ago

    I got a friggin hyena

  • Zuzanna Skowronska
    Zuzanna Skowronska 19 days ago

    Welcome to the RAVENCLAW family!

  • Nayeli Cuthbert
    Nayeli Cuthbert 19 days ago

    I don't live Harry potter

  • Natalie _Editz
    Natalie _Editz 19 days ago

    I taken it 3 times the first I got gryffindor the second is ravenclaw the last is ravenclaw also

  • snowy gamer101
    snowy gamer101 19 days ago

    I'm a raven-puff, I'm half raven claw, half hufflepuff

  • Ashley Stein
    Ashley Stein 19 days ago

    Aye where are all the Ravenclaws💙🦅💙

  • hayven Lee
    hayven Lee 19 days ago

    Gust had a panck atack thot I had raibes

  • Irelyn Skye
    Irelyn Skye 19 days ago

    Ravenclaw buddies💙💙💙i took the test like a year ago and i was a ravenclaw but just the other day i took again the first time i was a hufflepuff but(i was doing this on an app so idk if its different) it was only a 33% match so i took it one more time to see if there was a better match and i got ravenclaw and it was a 41% match so i guess im a raven claw(i changed a few answers in the second test cause i felt like the first time after i had answered but then been like " would never do that.")💙💙💙

  • Cadance carroll
    Cadance carroll 19 days ago

    We hufflepuffs are better than your ravenclaw's your gryffindor's and most importantly we are kind but Slytherin you are careful you are not important and I thought you were going to but you are a terrible things or kind would you sitting there being evil stop being evil and pops have fun