Simple Mushroom Soup

  • Published on Jan 24, 2021
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    This video is based on this recipe of mine, though as usual, I don't follow it precisely. You can do it precisely if you'd like!:
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  • RustySmeg
    RustySmeg Year ago +673

    A trick I learned from my old head chef was to put the thyme in the freezer keeping it in the bag you’d bought it in. After it has frozen you gently crush the bag which dislodges all the thyme leaves off of the stems. Then open the bag and pour out the frozen thyme leaves into a container and keep it in the freezer. Probably one of the most thyme-saving tricks I learned.

    • Kate
      Kate 2 months ago

      THANK YOU!!!!

    • Rebecca Bosley
      Rebecca Bosley 4 months ago +1

      I do the same things with fresh greens that are getting old . I throw the bag in the freezer and when you need greens you just crush your bag and you have chopped frozen greens to use in any cooking application you need

    • MisterMister5893
      MisterMister5893 8 months ago +2

      Wow game changing advice. I guess I have to reevaluate my position on the comments section being full of memes and toxicity.

    • RustySmeg
      RustySmeg 9 months ago +28

      @Jan Kardaš that’s because you’re not cooking the thyme, you’ve just defrosted it and used it in a herb butter. The freezer will have degraded cell structure and so it will oxidise faster. Cooking will stop oxidation.

    • Jan Kardaš
      Jan Kardaš 9 months ago +14

      They will turn brown after you freeze them. I learned the same trick from my old head chef and some time later I used it in another restaurant for a thyme butter - not the herb butter look you'd prefer. Choose wisely if you can tolerate browning of the herbs for your recipe.

  • Christian Ordonez
    Christian Ordonez Year ago +2722

    Fun fact: if you boil everything in kenji's trash can you will make the best stock ever

    • Po Chuy Ma
      Po Chuy Ma 3 months ago

      😄 LOL!

    • jammin6816
      jammin6816 3 months ago

      Bwahahahaha!!!! 😂😂

    • Name NL
      Name NL 7 months ago

      @santanalz I do this too! hahaha I dunno why, but the stems need to GO! 🤪

    • Toby
      Toby 8 months ago

      Didn’t Alex French guy cooking do exactly this?

  • Kodie Frankele
    Kodie Frankele Year ago +781

    I was high as shit when I saw this video for the first time and I said “I can fucking do that” the next day I made the soup from memory and it was a hit. I’ve come back a few times now to remember the order to put shit into the pot. I just want to thank you Kenji for giving me an actually simple AND delicious recipe to have in my back pocket

    • funkydankspliff
      funkydankspliff 23 days ago


    • snusmumriken232
      snusmumriken232 7 months ago +7

      Based high celebrated home chef

    • loosingmymemory7
      loosingmymemory7 7 months ago

      This is not simple Kodie... Simple is you sending me whatever you have and then putting it all in a pressure cooker and walking away for 40 or so minutes... That is simple...

    • DaDragon555
      DaDragon555 8 months ago +10

      @Aditya Chebrolu Mmmm, Magic Mushroom Soup

    • BryceBlazeGaming YT
      BryceBlazeGaming YT 11 months ago +29

      @Aditya Chebrolu LMAO

  • Aaron Feinberg
    Aaron Feinberg Year ago +119

    When pouring chicken broth from those kinds of box containers, try holding it so the pour spout is on the top instead of the bottom, ie the pour spout is the maximum distance from the pot. It takes some getting used to, but this method eliminates all glugging because air can freely enter the container as you pour.

    • Novotny
      Novotny 3 months ago

      oh nice, I can see how that would work with any sort of cartons. Thanks!

    • Jacki C
      Jacki C 4 months ago +2

      I pour mine into a glass measuring cup to see it before I add it to the pot because once I opened a new box and slime nasty mother type thing ended in my pot, ruining it all.

    • knifeforkandaspoon
      knifeforkandaspoon 6 months ago +22

      So it's almost similar to pouring a quart of motor oil, where you rotate the bottle 90 degrees so that it's parallel to the ground. I would still recommend using broth for the soup as it is tastier than motor oil.

    • J. Kenji López-Alt
      J. Kenji López-Alt  Year ago +61

      Oh that's a good tip!

  • I'm Charming
    I'm Charming Year ago +105

    I like how you take the time to explain things even if you’re repeating yourself from other videos. You don’t presume the viewer has any certain level of experience in the kitchen and that makes your videos unique and helpful to cooks at any level.

  • etherdog
    etherdog Year ago +431

    Kenji really knows his audience when he can say "I'm sure you've all made or seen Beef Wellington being made." Yep!

    • Owen
      Owen Year ago +8

      Would love it if Kenji made a beef wellington

  • The_StarByte
    The_StarByte Year ago +76

    I just laughed out loud when he smashed the mushrooms with his hands. It's so unexpectedly and delightfully simple. Definitely doing that when I get the chance!

    • M. Theresa
      M. Theresa 4 months ago

      To me, smashed are so much more natural looking in a sauce or soup . It’ll be my new preferred method ,

    • Jeani Long
      Jeani Long 6 months ago +1

      @A Crawford with both tricks being equally excellent 👌

    • A Crawford
      A Crawford 7 months ago +1

      For me it was the garlic smash. I wasn’t expecting the same trick twice

  • Reece Dunne
    Reece Dunne Year ago +103

    Thank you for highlighting the mushroom-washing myth. I’ve been in kitchens for over a decade and countless times I’ve had this argument!
    My stance was to weigh a raw mushroom, weigh a washed one and see there was minimal difference in the weights, thus meaning they did not absorb water.

    • Jessica Jones
      Jessica Jones 3 months ago

      Quick rinse is fine, but do not let them soak in water.

      ROSEMARY DUDLEY 9 months ago +1

      Reece Dunne ... Tell that to Gordon! ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • complicateditis
    complicateditis Year ago +1560

    "The mushrooms don't care, they're easy going fungis" hehehehehe

    • Ren
      Ren Year ago

      I can't believe I laughed as hard as I did at that pun when Kenji said it

    • I'm Charming
      I'm Charming Year ago

      What about the fun girls? Or those who identify as neither for that matter?

    • Hairball CT
      Hairball CT Year ago +3

      he must have had a lot of thyme on his hands to come up with that one
      i'll see myself out

    • Richard vO
      Richard vO Year ago

      Dad Joke of the week!

    • Emerson
      Emerson Year ago +6

      @redoorn easygoing, fun guys

  • Jani Baldwin
    Jani Baldwin Year ago +20

    Side note: you can totally use this soup as a gravy. Ive made it at Christmas and Thanksgiving multiple times and everyone loves it. I just blend it down a lot smoother. Its great on potatoes especially

  • Blzt
    Blzt Year ago +783

    that went from a 5 dollar to 10 dollar to 25 dollar bowl of soup before my very eyes

    • Carolina Lomeli
      Carolina Lomeli 4 months ago

      LOL! I haven't been able to find Sherry anywhere in the supermarkets.

    • hanajuku
      hanajuku 9 months ago


    • burymeinpink
      burymeinpink Year ago +1

      I honestly think that was more than 15 dollars worth of truffle

    • mrbouncelol
      mrbouncelol Year ago +1

      simple = 10 ingredients :')

      BUTANO GAMING Year ago +9

      well he did mention truffles are very optional

  • Raxfyr
    Raxfyr Year ago +2082

    "if you've got a little kid who wants to do mushrooms" lol

  • Gloria A
    Gloria A Year ago +10

    I had a mushroom soup that was flavored with rosemary at a local cafe and it was incredible. I have never since made a mushroom soup without infusing a fresh Rosemary sprig into the broth. Just wanted to pass that tip along.

  • Cyrribrae
    Cyrribrae Year ago +23

    I loved the mushroom sauteeing hack from Dan at ATK. Cook them in water first. Then, you can get them to a beautiful crisp with very little oil.

    • Jessica Jones
      Jessica Jones 3 months ago

      @jacquelyn hill Porcini was his taste preference, might not be yours.

    • jacquelyn hill
      jacquelyn hill 7 months ago +2

      Nothing better than mushrooms, garlic and onion! Thanks for the “Porcini (dried) is the best flavor-enhancing ‘pop’.” As a Vegan, I look for tips like that; hope to see more grain and legume recipes, too.
      I enjoy your free-flowing, unscripted cooking lessons!
      Namaste 🙏

  • Andrew Watkins
    Andrew Watkins Year ago +199

    I love Kenji's measurements "end of a bottle of sherry"

    • Videos
      Videos Year ago +8

      this means you need to drink 3/4 of a bottle before you can start cooking 😂

      BUTANO GAMING Year ago

      "culín" as they say here

  • Peter Linton
    Peter Linton Year ago +16

    That mushroom trick is amazing, thanks Kenji! I feel like I just learned the smashing garlic trick all over again.

  • Eastern
    Eastern Year ago +441

    I always end up scared when I expect to see Kenji right off the bat but he shows up from the bottom like that. Scary stuff man.

    • bakuguardian
      bakuguardian Year ago +4

      Kenji's gotta keep us on our toes. It's a new year.

    • tiamiibo
      tiamiibo Year ago +1


  • Alec Thomson
    Alec Thomson Year ago +122

    I feel like a better title for this episode would be "Faster cooking by smashing stuff." Smashing the mushrooms, smashing the garlic. I apparently need to start doing this more in my kitchen.

    • Nathan
      Nathan Year ago

      Makes me think of Isaac Toups’ videos where he basically smashes his garlic to pulp

  • Tamales1612
    Tamales1612 Year ago +58

    Hey kenji, I just made this recipe from your cookbook yesterday it's delicious. I didn't have any cows milk so I decided to use cream for the dairy and used less because of that. I also used store bought stock reinforced with unflavored gelatin like you have recommended before. Out of all the recipes I have tried from the food lab, this is my favorite so far. Thanks!

    • zrobeast
      zrobeast Year ago +7

      That sounds so rich and amazing, I bet you didn't have to puree it like Kenji did in the video. Also, where do you live and do you have any leftovers? :P

  • Shale
    Shale Year ago +47

    My cooking has gotten so much better since I started watching kenji's videos, thank you!

  • TheStrangeGreenMan
    TheStrangeGreenMan Year ago +6

    I just made this. It's easy enough that I can make it after working 10.5 hours, and it's delicious and satisfying. The part about the lemon juice was eye-opening, it completely changed the flavor of the soup! Fantastic video, please make many more like this. (This was my first and only Kenji video I've watched so far, so maybe all of yours are like this). Thank you very much, sir.

  • Brendan R
    Brendan R Year ago +15

    It might be fun to hear about the process of setting up your new kitchen! Like the thought process behind layout and what makes things efficient. Super glad to see all the new uploads!!

  • Amer Al-Hiyasat
    Amer Al-Hiyasat Year ago +206

    I love how loose you are about your recipes. There are so many cooking channels that use a dozen extremely specific ingredients that no one has at home or can find at the grocery store. You make sure to point out when something is essential and when it can be substituted or left out.

  • Enhanced Eats
    Enhanced Eats Year ago +113

    When Kenji said he loves us I honestly felt that.

    • mrahzzz
      mrahzzz Year ago +1

      @hardasanut Like Tolkien said: “If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”
      I think a lot of us are with him on that, at the end of the day :)

    • M M
      M M Year ago +4

      @James John Please stop

    • Basomic
      Basomic Year ago +1

      And dammit we love him!

    • hardasanut
      hardasanut Year ago +8

      Good food makes people say all kinds of wonderful things. Need more good food in the world.

  • Hudson
    Hudson Year ago +341

    man this makes me want to buy mushrooms just to squash them........

  • Poutsi
    Poutsi Year ago +8

    Hey Kenji, I tried this recipe just now substituting milk with oat-based yogurt, and I thought it'd be most interesting to hear more of your thoughts about using plant-based dairy supplements in future videos. Ps. Love to have you back!

  • Sneha Amaresh
    Sneha Amaresh Year ago +2

    I've been a Binging with Babish fan for a long time and always heard him reference you, and now I'm so glad I started watching your channel. Between the puns and getting a taste of what a chef cooks like at home, you're my new favorite cooking youtube channel. Thanks Kenji!!!

  • Kohyar Naderi
    Kohyar Naderi Year ago +1

    Hey kenji this was great! My sister worked as a chef for a while. I cook for my self and my parents. I usually cook recipes off of youtube and I love your channel thanks.

  • Onio Darkhölme
    Onio Darkhölme 9 months ago +1

    I just made this soup! I’m not a professional cook and I found this to be an easy and flexible recipe. Very delicious

  • der echnaton
    der echnaton Year ago +190

    "So I'm probably going to be going out truffle hunting and maybe I'll try and share some of that with you." ... YAY! I am so hyped for: Shabu the Truffle Hunter!!! :D

    • Darwinsom
      Darwinsom Year ago

      Where Kenji lives now I think Shabu will find the wrong kind of get chased by a farmer...

    • Wet Paperbag
      Wet Paperbag Year ago +2

      I bet Shabu would be a great Truffle Hunter. A food motivated, high-energy pooch is the perfect companion. One sniff and OFF!

  • Cassie
    Cassie Year ago +1

    I stumbled across your video this morning and realized I had all the ingredients so I decided to give it a shot. It was super easy to make and is absolutely delicious. Thank you for helping me make a wonderful lunch!

  • upstairs cat
    upstairs cat Year ago +16

    That mushroom smash technique is honestly more impressive than just chopping. That was awesome!

  • buzzsaw64
    buzzsaw64 7 months ago

    Thank you Kenji for introducing me to one of the best soups I have ever had in my life.
    Just tried this recipe with white button, baby Bella, and shiitake. Went by the precise recipe but used leeks instead of onions. Finished it off with some lemon zest, cured egg yolk, and black truffle infused oil.

  • Andrew Rueckert
    Andrew Rueckert Year ago +2

    I made this on a whim after realizing that I hadn't planned dinner, and had all of the ingredients for Kenji's latest video already on-hand, and it turned out amazing! This is easily the most-delicious simple meal that I've cooked in a long time.

  • Wen Bilson
    Wen Bilson Year ago +1

    I love Kenji’s lessons and tips. It’s so calm, warm and inviting. Like a delicious soup.

  • Taylor Stevens
    Taylor Stevens Year ago +1

    Kenji and June are my favorite chefs to watch on TheXvid 🥰

    • Lassie Sandiego
      Lassie Sandiego 9 months ago

      Do you mean Junskitchen or is there someone named June with a similar vibe to these two? If it's the latter I *need* to know!

  • Teuntje
    Teuntje Year ago

    I just made this soup for lunch and it's a keeper! Super easy and wholesome. I've been getting more into cooking and your videos encourage me even more!

  • SunFlames7
    SunFlames7 Year ago +1

    Made this tonight for dinner! Tastes great! Thank you for the recipe and all you cook! 😍👍🏽👏🏽

  • Alexander Vestbjerg
    Alexander Vestbjerg Year ago +8

    Hey Kenji, one of my favourite tricks with big cartons like the stock you used is to pour with the opening close to my hand, so the opening is at the top of the carton. Then it almost doesn't gulp and is a lot easier to control. I hope you understand what I mean -- you kinda turn the carton 180 degrees so the opening is furthest from the tip of your thumb and index finger.

  • Leonie Dollman
    Leonie Dollman Year ago

    Me and my partner made this for dinner last night and it was the best mushroom soup we’ve ever had. Thank you for the recipe. Love from the UK 🇬🇧

  • rainsoakedpuppy
    rainsoakedpuppy Year ago +1

    At the Kroger store near me they have this broth brand called "Kitchen Basics" that comes in a similar box, and among their varieties is a completely unsalted chicken stock. It has like 1/4 the sodium of low sodium broth. I love it.

  • SonMayol
    SonMayol Year ago +44

    Mr. López,
    I'm a young cook who's in the industry for some years by now. I worked for some of the best Chefs in my country. The deep understanding of cooking that you spread which is so important catches me everytime... No matter beeing a home cook or a professionell cook, I admire your work.
    Best regards from Austria,
    Max E.

    • Jennifer Kiehl
      Jennifer Kiehl Year ago +2

      @Uros Marjanovic lolol I doubt many got your reference :)

    • Aravind K.M
      Aravind K.M Year ago

      @Uros Marjanovic watch out for those drop bears

    • SonMayol
      SonMayol Year ago +2

      @Aravind K.M
      Paprizierte Kutteln
      Those are a few very delicious Austrian dishes

    • Uros Marjanovic
      Uros Marjanovic Year ago +3

      @Aravind K.M Kangaroo steaks, coral snake skins, and of course, shrimps on a barbie.

    • SonMayol
      SonMayol Year ago +1

      @the 13 M T scratches the surface but yes

  • Mai Huong Nguyen
    Mai Huong Nguyen Year ago +64

    6:55 MY VIETNAMESE MUM DOES EXACTLY THAT. She always tells me "Don't be silly" when I try to chop it any other way hahaha

  • demon
    demon Year ago +5

    Kenji: once again giving a nice guideline
    my brain: souper delicious

  • Milo the Culinary Corgi

    This is now a favorite recipe I'll try to hold onto. Low effort, high yield recipe. Very simple and easy to prepare and tastes amazing

  • JjrShabadoo
    JjrShabadoo Year ago +1

    Kenji coming in strong with the dad jokes. Mushrooms are fun guys! My daughters love that one. 😂

  • Aibek Karimov
    Aibek Karimov Year ago +15

    Little tip: Young can add a red mushroom and a flower and get a nice suspicious stew

  • yawn
    yawn 3 months ago

    I just made this and it was the most delicious thing I've ever cooked. Thank you!

  • neo
    neo Year ago +216

    "guys, gals & non-binary pals" i love kenji

  • honor1231
    honor1231 Year ago +1

    Hey Kenji! I know there is a big price difference between the Pepper Cannon and the Unicorn, do you think the pepper output difference makes the latter a justifiable purchase for the home cook? Curious to here your thoughts! Thanks!

  • Tristan Bates
    Tristan Bates Year ago +5

    I'd personally love to see some truffle hunting as a prelude to a video where you used it in a dish. Thanks for the great content Kenji.

  • Maddi Honnold
    Maddi Honnold Year ago +2

    Made this with a couple subs.... dried wild scaber stalks, onion, rosemary and beef stock. I ate what (would) have been ~ two days of food in one sitting and enjoyed Every. Single. Second. of it.
    Kenji is THE MAN.

  • Forest🍄🌲
    Forest🍄🌲 9 months ago

    i love how inclusive and adaptive your cooking style is i think it really reflects your approach to life (of the little i know) 😊

  • Andy Sutton
    Andy Sutton Year ago +6

    I really, really love your videos Kenji. They're really helping with my sanity when the UK is constantly being put into lockdown 😊

  • Jim Pook
    Jim Pook Year ago

    Hi Kenji: Just finished making this Mushroom Soup for the second time. It's great - I love it.
    I didn't have a Leek, so I used White Onion, and instead of Milk, I used Heavy (33%) Cream.
    Turned out great both times.

  • Biggus Dickus
    Biggus Dickus Year ago +725

    "If your food is not popping the way you want it to, sometimes its cos you need a little acid" - instructions unclear, my family are now tripping balls and I dint know how to bring them down

    • GG undercover
      GG undercover 9 months ago +1

      @TJ Riddle I fucking can't. you answered this so seriously and I love it

    • Manuel Vela
      Manuel Vela Year ago

      He is really into psychedelics. :D

    • Maxi ql
      Maxi ql Year ago


    • Dio Brando
      Dio Brando Year ago +6

      Give them some m u s h r o o m s o u p.

    • TJ Riddle
      TJ Riddle Year ago +11

      Keep water on hand in case they show signs of dehydration, but there's not much else you can do. Don't let them leave your sight and let them ride it out

  • Connor May
    Connor May Year ago

    I made this the other day as described in the video. It was so good that I had to make more! The next day I made the larger amount described in the written recipe. I really was blown away by this soup, and the splash of lemon juice at the end really does elevate the soup to the next level!

  • Trevor O'Keefe
    Trevor O'Keefe Year ago

    Made a variation on this last night after watching this video a few times to make sure I got all the steps. This recipe is amazing, thank you Kenji!

  • MyNameIsKingdom
    MyNameIsKingdom Year ago +1

    That pantry of herbs! Really digging the new kitchen (and this recipe), Kenji!

  • Aloe Vera
    Aloe Vera Year ago +1

    Thank you for doing these videos Kenji. You're who i aspire to be.

  • Steven Feser
    Steven Feser Year ago +1

    I’ve always either peeled or thoroughly washed my mushrooms. I’ve seen how they’re grown, and around my area they’re always fertilized with chicken manure

  • Snappy
    Snappy 10 months ago +2

    * first time on the channel ! You wouldn’t believe the smile on my face when you said guys, gals, AND nonbinary pals!! 💛🤍💜🖤 Might try this recipe out for my vegetarian roommate this fall :)

  • Mike Croly
    Mike Croly 7 months ago

    J. Kenji: 1st time seeing your show..absolutley terrific! So very down-to-earth and so informative from a real professional! Thank you so dear sir!

  • John Filhmar Ola
    John Filhmar Ola Year ago +1

    I am more in love with how the kitchen is design more than the actual food.

  • Chron1cles
    Chron1cles Year ago

    Your videos are great, i've followed three of your recipes thus far and all have come out great. It's so handy to see you make these foods in real time no edits. Thank you so much J. Kenji Lopez-Alt Lopez-Alt Kenji J.

  • Mark Jennings
    Mark Jennings Year ago +1

    Thank you so much. I’m going to try cooking this for my family.

  • c-mills
    c-mills Year ago

    Hey Kenji, just received your book. Really awesome stuff! I look forward to studying your ways more and more!

  • Trap_sandwich
    Trap_sandwich Year ago +1

    watching you cook and talking is just like therapy for me, really.. i enjoy it so much and im so thankful, that you share all of this with us! I already impressed my turkish friends with your menemen recipe :) take care

  • huntersonification
    huntersonification Year ago +5

    This is so timely! I was chopping mushrooms just now and thought how nice it would be in a soup

    • huntersonification
      huntersonification Year ago +3

      @Edna Mode well to eat it of course. Making some pan seared chicken and finishing with some mushrooms in pan sauce. :)

    • Edna Mode
      Edna Mode Year ago +6

      You were just randomly chopping mushrooms for no reason?

  • Maarten
    Maarten Year ago +1

    I made this today. It was amazing, thanks!

  • Chloe S
    Chloe S Year ago

    Looks delicious! And so simple too. Might try it for lunch sometime.

  • Mayuri Birari
    Mayuri Birari Month ago

    Best soup 🍲 I have ever had…I tried and it was 😋
    Must try
    Thank you for such a detailed video

  • nobody
    nobody Year ago +1

    A tip for pouring stuff from boxes of milk, stock, juice, etc.: Hold it with the nozzle at the top, not the bottom! (At least until it's almost empty.)
    Reason: If you hold the pack such that the nozzle is at the bottom (like most people do), air has trouble entering the box and you'll get slow splashy/gurgling flow. If you hold it such that it's at the top, air can flow in unhindered and the flow of liquid is fast & smooth. (And due to the arc / horizontal acceleration it won't drip along the box or something like that, just flow as usual.)

  • Birticus
    Birticus Year ago +1

    I made this and can confirm it was one of the best soups I have ever eaten

  • Chuck Spencer
    Chuck Spencer 9 months ago

    Made this tonight with golden oyster mushrooms. Great recipe!

  • Chaoticlifemaker
    Chaoticlifemaker Year ago +1

    He feels like such a dad. Showing what hes doing and just sprinkling in some tidbits of info/ ways to apply what he's doing to other stuff.

  • Something Special
    Something Special 7 months ago

    Amazing recipe Kenji!!! Love your recipes

  • JMO _
    JMO _ Year ago +1

    I just made this soup and am currently eating this soup and it is DELICIOUS!! Thanks Kenji! It also gave me a good excuse to buy some wine which is always nice.

  • D H
    D H 11 months ago

    Great content as always! I learn something cool and useful with every one of your awesome videos🙏

  • Steve Rundle
    Steve Rundle Year ago +1

    Thanks for the reassurance, I just don’t enjoy a puréed soup. This has become my favorite mushroom soup. My husband LOVES it.

  • Scott Sorrell
    Scott Sorrell Year ago

    I have said it so many times before, but thanks for all you do. You are a constant inspiration.

  • Tom Hanlon
    Tom Hanlon 9 months ago

    Made this soup tonight & it was delicious! Thanks brother!

  • Rebecca Mercado
    Rebecca Mercado Year ago

    Oh hell yes. This looks amazing. Make it tomorrow just in time for the snow storm. Just got some mushrooms in my Hungry Harvest box today so it was meant to be!

  • Mel T.
    Mel T. Year ago

    This is definitely going on my to-cook list, it looks fantastic!

  • George Robarge
    George Robarge Year ago

    Just made this with mini portobello mushrooms. Holy crap! How have I been missing out on this? Thanks for the video!

  • LostAdventurer
    LostAdventurer 10 months ago

    Hey Kenji! Would using bread and blending result in a similar “creamy” soup as your tomato soup? Instead of using cream.

  • Melody Brooke Boyett
    Melody Brooke Boyett 11 months ago

    I am so glad I found this video. I can't wait to try this. You did a great job with the video. 💜💜💜

  • Jaq Gaeta
    Jaq Gaeta 8 months ago

    Tastes AMAZING! thanks for the recipe:-)

  • Matt N
    Matt N Year ago

    You're the man Kenji. Happy the move went well, glad to see you pumping videos out again!

  • Hungry Amazonian
    Hungry Amazonian 9 months ago

    Teaching me food science and great recipes. Watching Jenni is chaotic and peaceful at the same time.

  • DeliaLee8
    DeliaLee8 Year ago +1

    Great video! I learned 3 things to make my life easier in the kitchen. 1) holding the knife in place and bringing the mushroom to it - total economy of movement. 2) smashing mushrooms! Been doing that with garlic forever. Have made millions of mushroom dishes but NEVER thought about smashing them. Game changer! Such a time saver. And 3) - my favorite! Rehydrate dried mushrooms in the stock to be used for the soup. Genius!

  • iveo83
    iveo83 Year ago

    Made this for dinner and it was awesome 😍

  • SoleEpiphany
    SoleEpiphany Year ago +1

    That’ll warm you up on a winters day! Stay safe Kenji and fam jam!

  • Ashamancito
    Ashamancito 7 months ago

    I saw your video and made the soup today. It was really good.
    I tried the smashing mushroom "technique", and to my surprise there was a benefit I did not anticipate. There were a lot more craggly bits on the pieves of mushroom, which led to faster and much deeper browning. The mushrooms started expelling moisture a lot quicker as well.
    So not only did I get a good recipe from you, yet again, I also might start dealing with mushrooms like you did in the video more often.
    I might try making a fried mushroom topping, where I smash and rip the mushrooms to even smaller pieces, for maximum Malliard Reaction.
    I cannot understate how excited I am about this, the flavour of thoroughly browned mushroom bits I kept trying were amazing.

  • Paul Lee
    Paul Lee 5 months ago

    Thanks for the recipe and tutorial Chef. I will make this tomorrow. By the way, what is the brand and model of you're immersion blender? Thanks!

  • Unintentionally Dramatic

    One trick I learned: Sauté the mushrooms either _dry_ or with a little bit of tap/filtered (depends on how many minerals you have) water until they've released their moisture and softened up and the moisture has evaporated.
    Take off the heat.
    Add in oil/butter and return to heat.
    Sauté until browned to satisfaction.
    Enjoy even browning, soft yet al dente structure and a perfect balance of fatty, roasted and mushroom flavours.

  • Harpreet Singh
    Harpreet Singh Year ago +1

    I really enjoyed that. Learned a lot from something that seemed so simple

  • chapo gang
    chapo gang Year ago +13

    I love ya, kenji. Brightens my day whenever I hear "guys, gals, and non binary pals"! ❤️❤️❤️

  • landen raszick
    landen raszick Year ago +1

    I make a mushroom gravy in a similar process (without the blending) but I find the mushrooms sometimes tend to get a bit rubbery and chewy. Is this because I need to move them in the pan more as they brown, or because I’m letting them boil too long as the gravy reduces? Glad to see you back. I’d love to see some truffle hunting

  • 6Twisted
    6Twisted Year ago +2

    Cooking is a mix of art and science that I wish I knew more about.