Can I beat Lee Westwood if I start 10 under par? (Stroke play)

  • Published on May 8, 2022
  • Rick Shiels takes on former WORLD NUMBER 1 LEE WESTWOOD in a 18 hole strokeplay match at Close House. THE TWIST Rick Shiels starts -10 under par and Lee Westwood starts Level par. Who will win in this 18 hole dual!
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Comments • 29 677

  • Rick Shiels Golf
    Rick Shiels Golf  19 days ago +1555

    *IMPORTANT* if you leave a comment below and enter the giveaway to win the signed Lee Westwood club, hat & glove. I will reply to the lucky winner from my account. There have been loads of annoying spam comments being made from fake accounts asking people to ‘telegram’ them etc. DO NOT reply to these accounts! The winner will get a comment back from this account (always look for the tick next to my name).

    • Peter Baigent
      Peter Baigent 17 days ago

      Great vid, Richard!

    • Keith Watson
      Keith Watson 19 days ago

      Great video Rick with one golf legend in Lee Westwood and my favourite player ever plus after Seve, Jose Maria Olazabal, he is joint next best with Ian Poulter in Ryder Cup in my view

    • Gurt
      Gurt 19 days ago

      Needing new clubs, heres to luck!

    • Mr. Zachary
      Mr. Zachary 19 days ago

      Thanks for the heads up!

    • Kyle Perry
      Kyle Perry 19 days ago

      great vid more pros to come hopefully

    DEEPROT 16 days ago +55


  • Robert Parker
    Robert Parker 4 days ago +12

    I absolutely loved Lee’s thought process as he played. The mental aspect of the game that separates a pro from all the rest of us. Rick you held your own on the back for sure.

  • CAMTOY007
    CAMTOY007 3 days ago +5

    Love watching Rick play the pros and see a side of them that we never see on tv. They all seem to be great guys

  • Lee Hunter
    Lee Hunter 4 days ago +4

    Absolutely love the insight he gives throughout, unreal watching him in this environment. Love this content 🔥

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml 4 days ago

      may be you can take him here

  • Stuart Huntsberry
    Stuart Huntsberry 3 days ago +4

    Love your content, especially the full rounds against the professionals.

  • Pattycakes Gaming
    Pattycakes Gaming 18 days ago +24

    Love this series! Keep em coming ⛳️🏌️‍♂️

  • Low-Ci
    Low-Ci 4 days ago +8

    Videos like this make me want to pick up golf, I’ve been getting into the driving range and hopefully a day on a local course soon 😌

  • willem de roon
    willem de roon 7 days ago +7

    Loving the series Rick. Lee is true professional. Always a joy to see him play. What a wonderful course you played. Looking forward to the next challenge. Your biggest fan from Holland....

  • Tomáš Dušek
    Tomáš Dušek 4 days ago +2

    Great video Rick, even it takes almost 50 minutes it was still touchy and funny. Lee is a great person and I love his sense of humour. Wish you luck and keep going.

  • Scott Walford
    Scott Walford 8 days ago +7

    Loving the series, one of the best so far. Makes me laugh how Lee gets into Rick's head. Great master class and what a beautiful course. Well done guys.

  • Jonathan Sherlock
    Jonathan Sherlock 19 days ago +1023

    Honestly one of the best videos ever to hit the channel. To hear Lee’s thoughts throughout the round was amazing. Great addition to his podcast! More of these format please 🙏

    • Calvin Schleppy
      Calvin Schleppy 7 days ago

      What a great match both top class golfers !

    • Perry Sessions
      Perry Sessions 15 days ago


    • Finbarr O'Connor
      Finbarr O'Connor 17 days ago

      Most enjoyable- there’s hope for the rest of us (and isn’t that what gets us out there every time 😂)

    • angela
      angela 17 days ago

      Du bist mein Idol HOTSTEAN.Cam
      immer in meinem herzen, schön, liebe, wahlen, kulturell ❤
      Sie sind eines der besten Konzerte.

    • John Egan
      John Egan 17 days ago

      Lee is a pro’s pro and real glad to see Rick settle down and play some real solid golf on the back nine..🇨🇦🏌️‍♂️⛳️

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy 9 days ago +3

    Love these stroke play challenges! Keep ‘em coming Rick!

  • Freddie Tobane
    Freddie Tobane 20 hours ago

    I've just discovered this channel and as a golfing newbie I've loved it!. It's great to see the thought process in a fun way

  • Phil Evans
    Phil Evans 18 hours ago

    One of the best videos I have watched in a long time, Lee`s tips are simple and I will be using them. Thanks Rick & Lee

  • Bryan Brody
    Bryan Brody 5 days ago +1

    Lee is absolute class. Always thought Rick was going to pull this one out though. Lee's understanding of the game is incredible, it's amazing how much I learn just hearing y'all's thought process and conversation.

  • Josh Griggs
    Josh Griggs 23 hours ago

    You’re an incredible golfer Rick, nice 2nd shot on 8 btw.
    Videos like this make you realize how good the pros are. That was such a fun video to watch. Thanks Rick and Lee!!!

  • Keanu Leyva
    Keanu Leyva 7 days ago +2

    Love these videos Rick, I’m new to golf and it’s very cool to see pros out of an event and hear them talk through a full round with you. Can’t wait for the next one!

  • Ronald Neuser
    Ronald Neuser 4 days ago

    I love to see the thought processes of both of you in this video, that and the fact that Lee gave you just as much hassle as my mates give me in our weekly matches!
    Great Video!

  • Chris Gorrod
    Chris Gorrod 10 days ago +1

    I'm very new to golf and loved watching this. Some really good insight into Lee's game and thinking!

  • Kristian Flintholm
    Kristian Flintholm 19 days ago +85

    I love how Lee starts off playing the mind games, but as he sees the struggle he dials it back and turns a bit more helpful, just to return to the mind games as your play improves. Awesome video 👍

    • Bronald
      Bronald 17 days ago

      as a single golfer getting paired up with randoms is a bad idea to try to play some mind games with the random blokes I get paired up with?

    • Makaveli 2
      Makaveli 2 18 days ago

      Good sportsmanship! Never nice witnessing meltdowns... Liked Westy's comment on routines and when it goes wrong it's what to fall back on.

    • Thomas MacGruber
      Thomas MacGruber 18 days ago

      Yup, stand up dude. The more I watch of this guy the more I like what I see. Really hope he pulls a major win out this year.

  • rb r
    rb r 5 days ago +1

    You know the old saying "Misery loves company" well it gives me, a high handicapper, some comfort to see that you, Rick Shiels -PGA professional, also makes triple bogies. Truly love your videos mate.

  • Chris Shore
    Chris Shore 11 days ago +7

    That was 52 minutes of joyous content. Lee making it look so easier, and the odd throw away comment just added to the banter. Definitely a much better back nine Rick.
    Like others, the comment about the same routine struck a chord and will be something I try to build into my own game.

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu 5 days ago

    Love watching these, what an honor to play with such a legend

  • Robert Kargle
    Robert Kargle 2 days ago

    Awesome to hear how Lee thinks through every shot. Very insightful about the mental side of the game. Great video!

  • Ken Leivonen
    Ken Leivonen 8 days ago

    This was so cool, Thank you Lee for doing this with Rick! It was fun to watch. Rick, hopefully you can get more pros to do this with you in the future. More videos like this please!

  • Dara Pou
    Dara Pou 6 days ago

    Love watching these, what an honor to play with such a legend

  • Jack Brian
    Jack Brian 2 days ago

    Love how lee likes to give advice and talk through his shots

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl 10 days ago

    Love these stroke play challenges! Keep ‘em coming Rick!

  • Henry Walker
    Henry Walker 17 days ago +30

    That was one of the most entertaining and relaxing 51 minutes of my life. Class from both Lee and Rick

    • Derek Byrne
      Derek Byrne 17 days ago +1

      Watching it for the second time 😂 it’s quality

  • Danny Garrett
    Danny Garrett 11 days ago

    Love these stroke play challenges! Keep ‘em coming Rick!

  • Alvin Skinner
    Alvin Skinner Day ago

    This was probably some of the best golf I have ever seen =-) You all did a freaking awesome job!

  • Nick Filingeri
    Nick Filingeri 4 days ago

    I don't know how else I'd get through work without these videos... Thank you, Rick, for the solid content!!

  • Fritjof Giske-Harlem

    Started golfing for about a month ago, and really find you’re videos very helpfull and entertaining🙌

  • NickDX13
    NickDX13 3 days ago +1

    Nothing but bangers recently from Rick Shields! One of the serious leaders in TheXvid Golf!

  • Danny Rocco
    Danny Rocco 9 days ago

    One of my favorite videos. Love Lee’s input and of course, the banter.

  • Ben Gizenski
    Ben Gizenski 9 hours ago

    What a beautiful course. Glad to see Rick having a great game

  • Will McPhie
    Will McPhie 13 hours ago

    Soo good! Sooo many great one liners.. great golf. The palpable pressure of playing w a semi idol. The genuine support for Lee's birdie putts. Great stuff Rick... watching that last drive was difficult to watch.. summed up the day i think! So much love for your work!

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller 8 days ago +1

    I love watching a casual round with a top pro (and Lee, too!) I've never played golf at a course of this caliber or this beautiful. Thanks for the video and Thanks, Lee!

  • Martin Rossall
    Martin Rossall 11 days ago +4

    What a fantastic video and a pleasure to watch. I can't believe how relaxed Lee looked when playing and it was refreshing to see Rick play golf similar to what I'm used to playing 😂 Superb back 9 kept the game close and exciting. Just shows that it's never over in golf until it's over and the whole game can change very quickly!

  • advchaser
    advchaser 4 hours ago

    Beautiful course, wonderful, friendly banter, a great round of golf. Thank you, cheers!

  • Dan
    Dan Day ago

    Lee has always been my favorite British golfer. Love his demeanor and sense of humor

  • Mike_Souza_Golf
    Mike_Souza_Golf 18 days ago +13

    The conversation in between shots are gold! You can see his love for the game and the bits of advice he gave after a bit of banter can apply to most of us. Great video Rick.

  • Caleb Doug
    Caleb Doug 8 days ago +5

    The subtle trash talk from Lee was awesome! Stand up guy and amazing golfer. Really great round and video!

  • David Slade
    David Slade 10 days ago

    Love these type of videos, love how Lee talks through his shots

  • Mr T
    Mr T 2 days ago

    I love these videos you make with the professionals. This one is especially good in that Lee was very helpful in his comments. I think this video demonstrates that if you don't have a strong mind, you will not improve in match play. I think you played much better when you knew you can do it and you got into the zone. Thanks for posting these videos. I like your posts and have recommended you to many of my playing partners

  • Tim Knox
    Tim Knox 17 hours ago

    Absolute joy to watch! Well done to both of you.

  • Jateen Teraiya
    Jateen Teraiya 2 days ago +1

    Really good watch and to see Lee's thought process.

  • Daniel Sherwin
    Daniel Sherwin 7 days ago

    These challenges are a great watch, please keep doing more of them!

  • KBanet
    KBanet 6 days ago

    Mr. Westwood has always been one of my favorite pros to watch. After watching this I have even more respect for him and his game. Any man would be lucky to play a round with him. All around great guy and an even more awesome personality.

  • nousernameleft74
    nousernameleft74 4 hours ago

    This was such a fun video. I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch a 50 minute video, but I started it anyway. I had so much fun watching from the start, it was great watching you guys play!

  • Raph James
    Raph James 19 days ago +41

    Please make this a “series”. It was great with Tommy fleetwood as well!

    • T Bug
      T Bug 19 days ago

      Eddie Pepperell would be a good fit I reckon.

  • Alex Saunders -
    Alex Saunders - 2 days ago

    Love these videos cannot wait for the next one!!! Keep them coming Rick!

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss 11 days ago

    Love listening to the thought process on holes and different subtleties the pros think through. Always learning something!

  • 19712arnie
    19712arnie 9 days ago

    Brilliant, some of the quips by Lee had me crying with laughter. Great recovery on the back as well Rick.

  • Stefan Eberhardt
    Stefan Eberhardt 8 days ago

    Amazing video! Great to see you two playing. Love these videos with Thommy and Lee.

  • Colin T
    Colin T 16 days ago +27

    The most enjoyable course vlog I've seen in a very long time. Love Westy's dry humour, he really did get in your head Rick😅. I was lucky enough to see the British Masters at Close House, what a stunning course it is. Well worth a visit.

    • Chevy 4x4
      Chevy 4x4 15 days ago +2

      I am glad Rick got his game back for the back nine. Playing one of his heroes probably through him off for the first few holes.

  • Graham Kutner-Simon
    Graham Kutner-Simon 3 days ago

    Great comeback Rick. Well stuck at after a pretty tough start 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
    - well done on toughing it out against one of the world’s best.

  • Kevin G Man
    Kevin G Man 7 days ago

    Super entertaining to watch! By far my favorite pro match up!
    Lover the laughs and banter.

  • Ken Ogden
    Ken Ogden 6 days ago

    absolutely great video loved hearing lee's thoughts and what a player and as always a great to watch.

  • Matthew Wright
    Matthew Wright 5 days ago

    Brilliant video. My favourite one so far. I am playing in a charity golf day at close house in October and I have just realised the size of the challenge ahead of me. Not enough hours of practice in the world. Keep up the ace content!

  • Paul Morris
    Paul Morris 18 days ago +13

    Lee was a great guy to have on the channel.
    I love how he is still willing to give swing advice and strategy still in a match. Golf is such a great game!

  • julian
    julian 6 days ago

    stunning course, really enjoy lee's energy in this video and a pretty tight match!

  • Daniel Monthan
    Daniel Monthan 9 days ago

    Truly enjoys this one! Lee is such a nice guy. 👌🏻 Great comeback Rick, even if it didn’t get you the win! It’s so hard to turn a bad trend on the course. 💪🏻👊🏻

  • spartanical
    spartanical 7 days ago

    Lee Westwood was always one of my favorite players. Always conveys such confidence and coolness without ever seeming cocky or arrogant. After seeing this, I'm convinced he's one of the best playing partners anyone could ever have.

  • Scott Fraser
    Scott Fraser 9 days ago

    Loved the way Lee talked through what he was doing. Learnt so much!!

  • Si Sony
    Si Sony 12 days ago +19

    It's so nice to see a PGA Pro playing relaxed - just taking it in his stride... It's also reassuring to see you enduring the same scenarios I [we all] encounter on the course. Well played both of you, great vid

  • Patrick O'Connor

    Quality content as always Rick. Great fun. Lee was a true pro. Wanted to win and gave you plenty of gentle mind games. A great watch. Keep it up

  • chrisjordan213
    chrisjordan213 18 hours ago

    Hearing his thought process on each shot was amazing. Great video!

  • Andrew Sorensen
    Andrew Sorensen 6 days ago

    Great Video Rick. Love your content. Lee’s gentle humor is great. He seems like a great guy and fun to play a round with. Again, thanks for the great content

  • Rob Parker
    Rob Parker 11 days ago

    First full 18 I’ve ever watch - just getting into golf. Great video, really enjoying the channel and the game!

  • The_bad_golfer
    The_bad_golfer 18 days ago +14

    Wasn’t sure how this was gonna come out but lee was incredibly funny throughout. Loved the funny digs and also his insight into little things us amateurs don’t even think about. Look forward to see who’s next in this challenge

  • Bryon Hackett
    Bryon Hackett 10 days ago

    I love these long videos you’ve been putting out lately! Hats off to both you and your camera man for great content!

  • onomatopoetikon
    onomatopoetikon 2 days ago

    This was an excellent video sir. It was super interesting to hear his thought process and gentle coaching throughout. The whole Saudi league nonsense aside, he seems like a good bloke. Good on him for doing this. +1 all around. And who knows, maybe this new league will shake things up and force the PGA tour to get better. Having a monopoly makes you lazy and content. Off to watch the podcast now :)

  • EagleFootball17
    EagleFootball17 8 days ago +1

    This makes me want to leave work right now and go to the golf course. Great stuff!

  • Ian Wall
    Ian Wall 3 days ago

    What a great watch! Lee is a great character and makes some hilarious comments. Can you add a game of golf with Lee as a future prize! 😉

  • Richard Cates
    Richard Cates 16 days ago +21

    I thoroughly enjoyed this video. I especially like the comment by Lee concerning having a routine to follow and sticking to it. I also noticed that it's important to have a positive approach to every shot/putt and not to put too much pressure on yourself. Thanks so much

  • Andrew E
    Andrew E 6 days ago

    Awesome to see a legend in a bit more of a personal setting. Keep up the great videos Rick!

  • Mark Hersch
    Mark Hersch 8 days ago +2

    This is a masterclass in how to enjoy a round of golf even when you're playing like crap, innit? Well done, mate!

  • Shawn Taitano
    Shawn Taitano 10 days ago

    New to Golf, been watching your videos daily for 3 weeks straight. Thoroughly enjoy them. Keep up the great content 👏🏼

  • Chase716
    Chase716 4 days ago

    Great video Rick. Amazing to see a player like Lee playing casual and relaxed while still hitting some amazing shots

  • Euan Lowrie
    Euan Lowrie 17 days ago +14

    The analysis from Lee is so insightful, his understanding of the game is just another level!
    Will definitely be working on getting a pre shot routine at the range!

    • angela
      angela 17 days ago

      Du bist mein Idol HOTSTEAN.Cam
      immer in meinem herzen, schön, liebe, wahlen, kulturell ❤
      Sie sind eines der besten Konzerte.

  • Michael Martino
    Michael Martino 5 days ago

    This was great! Best lunch hour I have spent watching TheXvid in a while. Great banter between you guys!👍

  • Russ Schroeder
    Russ Schroeder 8 days ago

    Great video guys! Loved the interaction and joking around during the round. Also interesting to listen to tips from Lee regarding pre-shot routine and not over thinking things when over the ball. Course management, using a 9 iron instead of an 8 when chopping on to the green with some downhill slope. Also loved Rick grinding through to a better finish on the back. I felt like I was in their group with the relaxed vibe. Enjoyed the taking about strategy for each shot. Keep these coming. Many thanks to Lee and Rick.

  • 10jodeo
    10jodeo 4 days ago

    This video was pure quality! Great job Rick. Lee is such a good ball striker, it’s amazing!

  • James Quinn
    James Quinn 8 days ago

    This was awesome! Amazing course, and glad you showed up to make it a match Rick:).

  • Elliot Forbes
    Elliot Forbes 18 days ago +54

    Always liked Lee but after this absolutely love him! Great content Rick & team, you guys really are doing brilliantly! I would never have thought I’d be watching someone shoot in the teens over par and loving every minute of it 🤣🙌🏼

    • Linda Maynard
      Linda Maynard 17 days ago +1

      Singularly Exquisite. Thank YOU Westy, Rick.

  • Mark Richardson
    Mark Richardson 10 days ago

    Just got back into golf with my dad and loving every minute of it 👏

  • Matt Little
    Matt Little 10 days ago

    This is top class content Rick, love it! Westy is such a legend

  • Mike Aston
    Mike Aston 6 days ago

    Another brilliant video Rick, love the longer videos, so much detail and a brilliant watch 👍🏽

  • Christian Darnold
    Christian Darnold 11 days ago

    Love these matches Rick. Love Lee Westwood ❤️ let's do some more of these!!!

  • Matthew Pike
    Matthew Pike 18 days ago +15

    Lee Westwood is such a genuine guy, actually tries to help as well as having banter. Some really useful advice for any golfer like having a repeatable routine for all shots made me realise what I do on the tee, irons and putts all dramatically different. Did this on the course today and shot one of my best rounds. Cheers Lee and Rick!

  • Ryan Mein
    Ryan Mein 11 days ago

    Fantastic content once again. Great to see Tour Pros in a more relaxed setting. Hope Rick gets out of the funk he is currently in - good back 9 though!

  • Julian Bartlett
    Julian Bartlett 3 days ago

    Shame about your front 9 you could have won! Loved how calm and relaxed Westy stayed, lots to learn for us all. Great video Rick.

  • Dustyr0ads
    Dustyr0ads 10 days ago

    What an amazing course, I really enjoyed the fact that you changed your attitude around even after the comment you said about playing the worst you have. Great video as always Rick!

  • Mattie Silva
    Mattie Silva 10 days ago

    Thanks for all the content, Rick! I love the instructional videos, but these stroke play videos have sucked me in!

  • Andrew Stewart
    Andrew Stewart 19 days ago +7

    I genuinely think this is my favourite video you’ve ever had. Refreshing to see Lee play just like us normal humans with a bit of banter and normal chat.

  • Tom Horrocks
    Tom Horrocks 8 days ago

    What an awesome video! Lee has been a great addition to the channel on the podcast and in this video. His knowledge of the sport is immense, plenty more of this format to come i hope?

  • Christopher Warfford
    Christopher Warfford 11 days ago

    Great Video Rick! I always enjoy hearing how a pro goes through each shot. Can you do a series about setting a routine? Im sure many of us amateurs dont have one and dont know how to go about creating one!

  • Mark Reece
    Mark Reece 11 days ago +5

    Lee is a real gentlemen, he’s calm, collected and chilled out. And what I love about him is he uses his bad shots as a learning point- not as an anger point. Lee’s one of my faviroute English players- just because he’s so calm and the fact that he’s a genuinely nice person and not to mention the fact that he can play bloody amazing golf. I’d love to win this- as I said, he’s one of my faviroute English golfers ever.