Vile Food Sends Gordon STRAIGHT TO THE BATHROOM | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • Vitalis Otene
    Vitalis Otene Day ago

    AT 3:47 WHAT THE HELL IS THAT creepy hairstyle

  • Tye Nunn
    Tye Nunn Day ago

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  • Wazzup
    Wazzup Day ago


  • Cathy Ferrari
    Cathy Ferrari Day ago

    honestly, those chitlins looks like someone crapped on a bed of mushy old oatmeal....gross

  • AspireToBe
    AspireToBe Day ago

    If everything is terrible except the cake then why don't they just become a dessert shop lol

  • Swedish Otaku
    Swedish Otaku Day ago

    More like shitlins.
    4:29 XD

  • boo boo da fool
    boo boo da fool Day ago

    Those chitlins look nasty

  • Attack On River
    Attack On River Day ago

    Chitlins more like SHITLINS!!

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi Day ago

    The waiters and chefs are so nice

  • JustSomeCringyKid

    5:49 is why you're here

  • AnOrderOfSeokjin Please

    That looked terrible.

  • Polar Pepsi
    Polar Pepsi Day ago

    I finally found where the meme came from lmfao

  • Nate fishes
    Nate fishes Day ago

    TeeHee... shitlins

  • Katie M
    Katie M Day ago

    Finally, some good fucking food.

  • Feverer
    Feverer Day ago

    Euuuuuugh that shit nasty as hell

  • Osasu or just call me Su

    As a black person I kinda feel offended....

  • Death Fear
    Death Fear Day ago

    It does look like actual CHIT...

  • allan kline
    allan kline Day ago

    Why do they always microwave his food

  • carrotcake
    carrotcake Day ago

    I love the title lmao, like the food wasn’t bad, it didn’t even just make him sick, no. It sent him STRAIGHT TO THE BATHROOM!!

  • Ashley Henley
    Ashley Henley Day ago

    Chitlens and okra though wtf

  • wolf xex
    wolf xex Day ago

    I see the "Finally done good fucking food" meme so much that TheXvid reccomended this to me

  • Jheisson Gaona
    Jheisson Gaona Day ago

    Ramsey says it has no seasoning but it's black people cooking ?

  • Keyonna Plain
    Keyonna Plain Day ago

    Dem chitterlings looked like shyt on a plate literally

  • BarbieKellyJune
    BarbieKellyJune Day ago +1

    Hell no everything looks like shit.

  • Dreymond Thedevil

    This is gross, I may be black but the way they ran this restaurant Was so unprofessional, putting food in the microwave and lying about would have been the last straw for me, even the employees had bad things to say about it

  • London Purvis
    London Purvis Day ago

    I love how every single employee in the whole fucking restaurant knows the owner's full of shit when she says her food is the best.

  • UnknownStanger 21

    It looks like they smoosh there food that's not real food that's not real food the food they giving out think it's funny to give out no it's not feed that to a kid he go die

  • Delaboyo Magazine

    this is where the meme was born..." finally some good f*cking food "

  • flowey
    flowey Day ago


  • Rabona Football
    Rabona Football Day ago

    Id love to make the food disgusting for him and really spicy and make him throw up not because I don't like him because it's hilarious

  • Hazel O'Grady
    Hazel O'Grady Day ago

    "It's great.. He's crazy" .. You invited him to taste your food and he's a successful chef.. You wanted his opinion so be prepared for it to be brutally honest.

  • James Dominguez
    James Dominguez Day ago

    He's not used to eating shit

  • Dough 619 Nut
    Dough 619 Nut Day ago

    Everybody black can't cook soul food

  • Declan O'Shaughnessy

    5:51 turned into a meme😂

  • Dough 619 Nut
    Dough 619 Nut Day ago

    That pork chop ain't no where near dry with all that gravy c'mon now gordon you can't serve bloody pork you know that

  • Dough 619 Nut
    Dough 619 Nut Day ago

    Did she really say that's a pretty plate what is wrong with that lady

  • iiChelseaPerkins

    oh. my. gob

  • Gabi Eru
    Gabi Eru Day ago

    the old lady who made the cakes its so cute

  • Christian Backmon

    This has to be one of the worst owners Ramsay has come to help.

  • Swagg3r _Souls
    Swagg3r _Souls Day ago

    That bald women looks like a feral ghoul from fallout

  • Aprilhippie
    Aprilhippie Day ago

    Already the sound the food makes is disgusting.

  • Bird
    Bird Day ago

    I thought it was supposed to be white folks who don't season their food?

  • Ian
    Ian Day ago

    Saw the word bathroom and thought that was a piece of shit in the thumbnail

  • Liv Z
    Liv Z Day ago

    My mother can cook better food

  • Voting Democrat 2019

    I don't like this guy always putting people down. If you don't like other peoples cooking, cook for your own damn self, chef!

  • Jel Ew
    Jel Ew Day ago

    Finally some good fucking food 😂

  • albert fish
    albert fish Day ago

    The thumbnail looks like it came straight from the toilet

  • mem10fan2
    mem10fan2 Day ago

    What is the waitress wearing?

  • Emitis Mirhosseini

    He is not crazy woman he is a chef 👨‍🍳

  • Julius Pereiea
    Julius Pereiea Day ago

    She's gone mad

  • White Blogger Black Specs

    These broads shouldn't be laughing when a customer is puking...they should be offering his fucking money back

  • White Blogger Black Specs

    $24 for what looks like dogshit on a plate??

  • Snow - Tutorials and more

    "The food is phenomenal."
    Phenomenally bad.

  • Bobbie Bobbenson

    Man should’ve known better than to order those chitlins.

  • Tito Alvarado
    Tito Alvarado Day ago

    Fucking cringy laugh

  • King kai
    King kai Day ago

    For the record....

  • Alex Hey
    Alex Hey Day ago

    Who else thought the thumbnail was shit

  • Jeff Liss
    Jeff Liss Day ago

    Okay he didn’t like the chitterlings, but he didn’t even taste the shit that was on the plate.


    That's what we all eat at restaurants, we gotta admit that 😫

  • Sharooz Asghar
    Sharooz Asghar Day ago

    The editors awareness of nino is just hilarious

  • solomon odulusi
    solomon odulusi Day ago

    It look like the Chitlins were in the porridge

  • SupK 25
    SupK 25 Day ago

    They gave him shitty food and then they say "he is a mess " 😂😂😂

  • Rectum Ralph
    Rectum Ralph Day ago +1

    Puke-worthy decor too.

  • Ella Marley
    Ella Marley Day ago

    I thought that the thumbnail was what came out of him 😬

  • Lezuum
    Lezuum Day ago

    Where is the Pork Chop supposed to be dry?!
    Thats not how dry meat looks!

  • Brandon Shaw
    Brandon Shaw Day ago

    Pork chop looks like it's from a hospital cafeteria

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson Day ago

    The bald lady said that Ramsay is a mess. No bitch, your food just looks and tastes like shit 💯 I give Gordon props for even putting that “food” in his mouth, let alone near it.

  • Kris Mackey
    Kris Mackey Day ago

    All hail king Nino

  • mjdelirious
    mjdelirious Day ago

    This a disrespect to black people cooking period gordan Ramsay did a great job judging the food period

  • Preston Ron
    Preston Ron Day ago

    Omg he can sometimes be stupid

  • royal princess
    royal princess Day ago

    I would love to have some of mother Mary's cake! Looks yummy

  • Hardtechnoboy
    Hardtechnoboy 2 days ago

    That thumbnail looked like doodoo.

  • deathkiller
    deathkiller 2 days ago

    ugh that piece of shit woman laughing at ramsay after making him sick is absolutely insane

  • Rochelle Pratt
    Rochelle Pratt 2 days ago

    That looks nasty as hell, I would have walked out !!!

  • Pesi Kimoana
    Pesi Kimoana 2 days ago

    i can’t look at gordon the same ever since he harassed Sofia Vegara on tv 😒

  • Francis Miggy
    Francis Miggy 2 days ago

    I love how the chef and the cooks honesty about how shit their food is

  • Datura Metal
    Datura Metal 2 days ago

    The main Chef was just delusional on god

  • Scp 173
    Scp 173 2 days ago

    Finally, some good fucking food.

  • WWEGarzaSlam
    WWEGarzaSlam 2 days ago

    When I saw the food get put into the microwave after she said the food was phenomenal ....yeah phenomenally BAD!!!

  • ArkansasRedneck96
    ArkansasRedneck96 2 days ago

    That one lady laughing should have never been disrespectful by laughing about a professional being sick

  • Cherry Berry
    Cherry Berry 2 days ago

    They should change it to Mother Mary’s Bakery and have her make cakes and desserts.

  • YoungDaggerDick
    YoungDaggerDick 2 days ago

    1 white

    10 blacks

  • diamondwave
    diamondwave 2 days ago

    "i'd like to pray to NINO"

  • Lillpriz
    Lillpriz 2 days ago

    If Chef throws it up you KNOW it’s bad,

  • The Fox Trot
    The Fox Trot 2 days ago

    Is that thumbnail the food or shit? No joke I cant tell

  • r0zE@ r3d
    r0zE@ r3d 2 days ago

    That’s not even funny your food is terrible

  • JacyBugz
    JacyBugz 2 days ago

    I could never inconvenience someone as harsh as this lol.... I would feel so bad

  • Noodles •-•
    Noodles •-• 2 days ago


  • Gordon Barnes
    Gordon Barnes 2 days ago

    The amount of levity from these people is appalling. Geez.

  • Lion Fire
    Lion Fire 2 days ago

    These are not classy 1st class restaurants. What do you expect? You pay for what you get.

  • Vtheorem
    Vtheorem 2 days ago

    Looks like cock...

  • SaltSaltSalt
    SaltSaltSalt 2 days ago

    3:44 pls tell me that's some rope around his head and not his hear jdjdj

  • n o t_ a e s t h e t i c

    It makes me uncomfortable when she laughs

  • RomanOutdoors
    RomanOutdoors 2 days ago

    I don’t even like a Red Velvet Cake but that looked delicious

  • Ming Jaejoong
    Ming Jaejoong 2 days ago

    Chitlins plate look like it came straight from the toilet😕

  • drifttheultimate 1
    drifttheultimate 1 2 days ago

    Why is he such a dick

    GAMERforLIFE 2 days ago

    This is just mind blowing

  • it'sjust Trin
    it'sjust Trin 2 days ago

    "just microwave it"🤣🤣🤣

  • leah bakewell
    leah bakewell 2 days ago

    Why you always lying to that guy because he said I never seen that before to that guy because there was something in the wall