Data Recovery On A Dropped 3TB Seagate Hard Drive

  • Published on Sep 23, 2015
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    This is an actual data recovery case on a 3TB Seagate hard drive that was dropped. It did not end up with a seized spindle, like most of them do, instead the heads slammed into the platters and were completely wrecked. Hard drive repair is challenging enough, but this drive was being extra difficult to work with.
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  • AmsFox
    AmsFox 9 days ago +1

    Gr8 autopsy video bro.

  • William Curry
    William Curry Month ago

    general question on average what does it cost

  • southsidemikevlogs
    southsidemikevlogs Month ago

    My had driving just fell off my desk on to a carpet floor all it does is make a clicking sounds I got 500 GB of music how can I get it working again

    • southsidemikevlogs
      southsidemikevlogs 26 days ago

      @ACS Data Recovery I just started getting all my music back downloading it again next time I am going to be more careful

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  26 days ago +1

      @southsidemikevlogs yeah, it's not uncommon for physical recoveries to range anywhere from $800 to $1,500 on drives less than 2TB. Really depends on how it's configured and the extent of the damage.

    • southsidemikevlogs
      southsidemikevlogs 27 days ago

      @ACS Data Recovery I talked to one guy already he said 1400 for a down payment and it could go up from there

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  27 days ago

      If you dropped it and it had those symptoms, there won't be much you can do with it yourself. It will need to go to a data recovery company.

  • Aurélio Ricardo
    Aurélio Ricardo Month ago

    Seagate HDDs have the highest failure rates in the world. See the

    DEXTVHD Month ago +1

    I have two seagate drives that were from an external hard drive. I bought a Kingwin True Dock to try and get the drives to show up but as soon as I plug the hard drive into the dock the dock itself loses power so the drives never power up to show on my laptop. What could the issue be?

      DEXTVHD Month ago

      ACS Data Recovery short where exactly?

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  Month ago +1

      @DEXTVHD It most likely has a short.

      DEXTVHD Month ago +1

      ACS Data Recovery yes I’ve tried putting it into my desktop pc and still the same issue. It’s odd that both are showing the same signs and both are seagate externals

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  Month ago +1

      Have you tried to apply power to them via another method? If they still don't, there could be a short somewhere.

  • InGreed666
    InGreed666 2 months ago +1

    Oh gosh I hope the people here in Germany are just as good as you are. I have all of my customers' pictures on there (I'm a photographer) and I'd be screwed if they can't recover my data. I'm so worried.

  • See I told you
    See I told you 3 months ago

    This is a work for a $400/month Thailand skill worker (mostly woman)'s job, don't make a big deal of it.
    Of course in the US the wages are obscenely inflated.

  • Emran Khan
    Emran Khan 3 months ago

    4:50 repaire

  • iamkzonjames j
    iamkzonjames j 4 months ago +1

    I sent mine to seagate lab for recovery but they could not recover anything.😭

    • iamkzonjames j
      iamkzonjames j 3 months ago

      @ACS Data Recovery ok.thanks

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  3 months ago

      At this time we are only doing recovery work for U.S. based customers.

    • iamkzonjames j
      iamkzonjames j 3 months ago +1

      @ACS Data Recovery Im from Norway, can I avail of your service?

    • iamkzonjames j
      iamkzonjames j 3 months ago +1

      @ACS Data Recovery wow! I wish I live near you too.😞 really need my data stored in there.

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  3 months ago

      Almost every company will discard the plastic external enclosure. It is useless and not needed for recovery purposes. But yes, we have recovered data from drives that were deemed unrecoverable.

  • comingx4xyou
    comingx4xyou 4 months ago

    Here is your photo's back .. That'll be $10,000. for 2 weeks pay.

  • Geneross YT
    Geneross YT 4 months ago +1

    Thanks dude i save my xbox 360 games

  • Absolute Monarch
    Absolute Monarch 5 months ago +1

    The Micro controller on solid state drives go out all the time.Mechanical drives fail from little bumps.
    Can't win either way.

  • darrick steele
    darrick steele 5 months ago

    My heads and platter have no visible damage, the platters would not spin until I reset the head, now the platter spins no problem, but the head will not move. What would be the next diagnosis? *note: Platter was checked and spins smoothly with no apparent off balance, wobble, or off center motion of any kind. Disk diagnostic tool can read or re-format/ write to disk.

  • K N
    K N 6 months ago

    Why are u dressed like that

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  5 months ago

      Just keeps clothing fibers, skin, dust, etc. from falling onto the platter surface.

  • Matt Aby
    Matt Aby 7 months ago

    Any idea what's wrong with this drive?

  • Bill c
    Bill c 7 months ago

    Seagate 3TB drive are made in China. Crap

  • James Mana
    James Mana 7 months ago +1

    I quit using Seagate as soon (Over 15 years ago) as I found out how terrible they are. Told a lot of people as well to buy better. I see now Best Buy does not carry them. Wow things seem to catch up to companies that put the shaft to people.

  • Egg
    Egg 7 months ago

    Hi. I suspect that I dropped my hard drive after attempting to plug it in many times receiving the same message of the hard drive not being recognized. I tried data recovery software, tried checking device manager, even tried to go to my local computer repair service that's a mile away from home (he didn't open the hard drive at all), etc. When plugged in, I don't hear any clicking noises or any similar noises like that. I haven't opened the hard drive yet due to fear of dust ruining it. I'm currently in Florida. Am I pretty much fucked? Also, how long does it take on average and what is the highest cost you charged for data recovery?

  • TheRedSpyder
    TheRedSpyder 8 months ago +1

    Can Platters collapse? I took my dropped seagate laptop sized drive apart and it looks like the middle platter has dropped low, they're not evenly spaced
    Head was parked properly. Hard drive just clicks and is not recognized anymore

    • TheRedSpyder
      TheRedSpyder 8 months ago

      @ACS Data Recovery Thanks for the reply...I wasn't seeing it correctly, I now know it has 2 platters. The head seems to have gone bad... It's a seagate momentus 1TB Laptop drive, I have the right head comb on the way, and am planning to try to swap in a good head. to see if I can pull the data off it. Top platter looks good, head was found parked on ramp, and wont mount the platters.

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  8 months ago

      Did it have 3 disks? They have metal spacers between each platter, so it seems impossible for one to be lower than the other. Some disks will have a "blank" where there would be a platter if the capacity were larger, so it can make the spacing look odd.

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 8 months ago

    hard disk error

  • neptronix
    neptronix 8 months ago +1

    That's an insane pain in the ass.

  • Matt Yang
    Matt Yang 8 months ago

    May i know what recovery software you applied in this video?

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  8 months ago

      We use a combination of Deepspar and Ace Laboratory software.

  • A Crustacean
    A Crustacean 9 months ago

    What was the final quote for this?

  • Islam Helal
    Islam Helal 10 months ago

    Name of that program you are use please

  • David F
    David F 10 months ago

    If a hard drive is not running, i.e. with parked heads, can it still get damaged by dropping?

    MBC KOREA 11 months ago

    what is the program that you used and thank yoy

  • Clade Brandalise
    Clade Brandalise 11 months ago

    Sorry for my English, it's not the native one and do not have subtitles in the video. . .

    Please inform which software is used from the 22:00 minute and what is its function?

  • angelthman
    angelthman Year ago +1

    Why the space suit?

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  Year ago

      It's nothing more than a way to keep as much debris off of the platters as possible. Just covers up clothing, skin, hair, etc.

  • ZpG Killua
    ZpG Killua Year ago

    how much did this repair cost

  • Denise McCormick
    Denise McCormick Year ago

    Very interesting and educational. But whenever I am disassembling anything I have compartmentalized trays for every part - screws, nuts, connectors, you name it. Just dropping screws on the workbench is begging for a visit from Mr. Murphy! Cheers

  • ADKIc3mAnXYT
    ADKIc3mAnXYT Year ago +1

    I prefer Western Digital.

  • 王国民
    王国民 Year ago +1

    thank you ! i want to kone the name of recovery tools ? can you tell me,thanks !

  • Joseph Mullen
    Joseph Mullen Year ago

    hi my hard drive sounds it running ok but wont play on my sony smart tv it keeps asking me to register but i done this already before i started recording from the smart tv can anyone help me out please thanks very much.

  • Arman A
    Arman A Year ago +2

    @ACS Data Recovery,
    Hey guys, in the future before you attempt a head swap double check that the "Pre-Amps" are the same/very similar.
    To do that connect to Seagate drive through Serial TTL (this one is 1.8V beware to get logic converter! There is schematic for Kindle on the web). Then once in connected to the drive click "ctrl+Z" to get into service mode. Then click "ctrl+l" (its l and not i) to get HDD info, which will show the "Pre-amp" model.
    Then just compare numbers between patient and donor drives.
    But in this case I guess you didn't want to power it up at all to avoid further damage. You could cover the motor contacts to prevent the drive from spinning - then it shouldn't try to move the heads.
    Great job anyway!

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  Year ago +1

      That is something we've been doing for a while now, but we weren't doing it when this video was produced. You are right, it is an excellent way to avoid head compatibility issues. Thanks for the awesome contribution!!

  • Nanddo Ribeiro
    Nanddo Ribeiro Year ago

    What Program is it? and what is it for?

  • bbityoshi
    bbityoshi Year ago +1

    Great video, my friend dropped her external WD hard drive. It reads and mounts in Linux but data transfer is very slow, about 1hr for a 1GB file. Have you seen this before? If so, do you have any recommendations?

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  Year ago

      Most likely one head is damaged and severely degraded. What happens is, the heads that read the servo tracks are ok and the drive calibrates. Sometimes, depending on which head it is, you can still mount the drive and see the data because the bitmap can also be read. But when transferring data, when it needs to read from the platter surface with the damaged head, the drive will almost come to a standstill. If that is the case it would need the heads replaced to be able to read all platter surfaces.

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  Year ago

      Most likely one head is damaged and severely degraded. What happens is, the heads that read the servo tracks are ok and the drive calibrates. Sometimes, depending on which head it is, you can still mount the drive and see the data because the bitmap can also be read. But when transferring data, when it needs to read from the platter surface with the damaged head, the drive will almost come to a standstill. If that is the case it would need the heads replaced to be able to read all platter surfaces.

  • Kehora Errios
    Kehora Errios Year ago

    most of my stuff is on dvd the super import. stuff the rest in a google drive or ssd. but yes i still have a 2tb hdd in my laptop and an old 500gb segate shes an old 5400 rpm drive but still goin strong. BTW loved the vid very informative on recovery of hdds i wonder how to rebuild old sd cards lol

  • Jerel Lorenzo
    Jerel Lorenzo Year ago

    Seagate is trash new out the box. WD all day everyday. NEVER had an issue ever. EVERY Seagate drive i've ever used has died within 5 years.

  • Trexi Star
    Trexi Star Year ago

    We have a 128GB on a 0.59 inch SD card.
    Shouldn't we be able to make cards of 128TB on 5.9 inch (size of an HDD) by now?Just expand that SD card o_o...

  • Chic01taliano
    Chic01taliano Year ago +1

    DeepSpar Disk Imager?

  • DragonKnighte2798

    Hey how much would it cost to have a recovery done on my hard drive? 500gb SATA SEAGATE. PCB Board gets really really hot. and it takes windows like 30 minutes to recognize the drive. After 30 minutes I click into the drive and it does not open the folder.

  • ronniezzzz
    ronniezzzz Year ago

    its nearly 3 terabyte in conversion

  • Hello Kitty Lover Man!

    Just as I'm trying to archive stuff to Blu-ray discs right now, I have a question: So how much would a recovery by you that goes *exactly* like this one cost?
    (I'm not trying to say that there will be another one exactly like this, but telling me that would give me an idea of how much my bank account would need to worry if I ever needed this level of service.)

  • Hello Kitty Lover Man!

    Right, no one-stop solution: This stopped at least twice!

  • Hello Kitty Lover Man!

    Uh-oh, 666 comments (just before mine now)!

  • Zach Schweinsberg

    What software is being used here?

  • ufftatabummbumm
    ufftatabummbumm Year ago

    porn sucessfully restored!

  • Drake Savory
    Drake Savory Year ago

    Every Seagate drive I've bought (all 1 of them) were DOA.

  • jillybean
    jillybean Year ago

    This is really interesting and appreciate your professionalism. I've moved away from storing any data that is critical on single drives and moved to Raid 6/10 or ZFS, with additional data backup policies. I treat my hard drives with the expectation that they will fail eventually. For the price of recovery, you can just buy a new drive or two.

  • Mike H
    Mike H Year ago

    i'm an IT for years now, all my worst cases are Seagate - no exaggeration! i don't know how they make such bad product and still be in business.

  • Kashif Khan
    Kashif Khan Year ago
    Plz send ur email. As soon as possible.

  • Bodragon
    Bodragon Year ago

    (1:00) - One thing you would not recommend doing?
    Are you crazy?
    I mean, who wouldn't, after accidentally dropping one or two feet to a carpeted floor, power it up just to see if it worked?
    OK, If strange noises, then turn it of IMMEDIATELY and send it in to you guys, but to just assume it's gone bad and just send it in without even checking it??
    When the cost is in the hunnerts of dolbies???
    Who ARE you people??
    Have you not heard of *_human nature_*?
    Listen, Peeps,
    So yous need to think up some other new trendy procedure...

  • Cryptolocker
    Cryptolocker Year ago

    Is that Wendell I hear? lol

  • Hālian
    Hālian Year ago

    Why replace the individual heads and not the whole headstack?

  • john donovan
    john donovan Year ago +1

    every single SEASHIT drive ive ever had has failed. some with a warning so I was able to copy them to a reliable brand before all data was this company is still in business is beyond me. they have been sued so many times too

  • Hamit Campos
    Hamit Campos Year ago +1

    It's real shamefull that these guys don't case these drives in something that's Tonka strong. Remember the tonka toys? Dude that was some heavy dudie metal those things were made of. I had a Tonka jeep. Just from the heft and heaviness I always knew you didn't want to drop this thing on your foot.

  • Hamit Campos
    Hamit Campos Year ago

    By the way what up with these external drives? Like dude seriously you can't take a good knock? Keep away from babies. Infact that's what happened with my first my book. A baby pooled the cable.

  • Hamit Campos
    Hamit Campos Year ago

    Oh shit! Parden the PG 13 language but I wish I'd known the if you have crucial data on a dropped drive don't boot it bit in 2012.

  • tom pom
    tom pom Year ago +1

    *this place is professional? like hell. to open hard drives in a professional way requires a clean room or sealed "reach-in" box. you can wear gloves and a mask to no real advantage. dust and microscopic particles gets on the platers the instant the air sealed drive is open. you do not open mechanical drives in normal rooms. or has something changed in the last decade or so i'm not aware of?*

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  Year ago

      tom pom We work under a laminar flow hood. as most companies do.

  • X E N O N
    X E N O N Year ago

    why is he wearing the chem suit? Just wondering if its like some gas from the drive or something idk

    • X E N O N
      X E N O N Year ago

      ACS Data Recovery ah got it didn't think of that

    • ACS Data Recovery
      ACS Data Recovery  Year ago +1

      It just keeps dust, debris, fibers off the platter surface.