Everything Wrong With Star Wars: The Last Jedi

  • Published on Mar 9, 2019
  • *This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 6/22/18*
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    Star Wars: The Last Jedi is one of the most divisive movies of the 21st century. Most people either really love it or really hate it. But regardless of which side you land on, one thing is obvious: it has plenty of sins.

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  • CinemaSins
    CinemaSins  2 months ago +1982

    Hey guys! This video is a re-upload because the original version of this episode was no longer viewable. We’ll be posting these re-uploads every Saturday for the next few months. There are still NEW sins videos every Tuesday and Thursday!

    • Mike Wazowski
      Mike Wazowski 13 days ago

      +Gemnox - I never said it was documentary. The fact is that Johnson was trying to do copy WW2 bombers and failed. Trying to replicate WW2 bombers in outer space is stupid. Bombers such as the ones they created are unnecessary and inefficient. This shows that the creator of them has no clue about physics or strategy in combat.

      The entire scene is dumb. It is created by a person thinking in a 2-dimensional space. Thinking as if they needed to do bombing runs like they did over Europe.

      You wouldn't need to do bombing runs. You also wouldn't use humans to calculate the dropping of the bombs.

      You also wouldn't need a ton of projectiles. They would be very small, the size of a soda can.

      The fact is that a weapon of this nature would be a barrel gun.
      The weapon would be a high energy, high density projectile, not an explosive.

      The damage would be immense. A projectile hitting a large ship at high speeds would do far more damage than standard bombs hitting the exterior.

      The rail gun would most likely go through the entire ship, which might actually hit the reactors, causing an explosion inside the ship, thus destroying even the largest cruisers.

      In closing, this movie as well the other movies written and directed by these clowns are terrible.

    • Gemnox -
      Gemnox - 13 days ago

      Mike Wazowski - It’s a Star Wars movie, not a WW2 documentary. Most people are fine with it as long as it’s somewhat connected to the physics presented in the franchise.

    • Mike Wazowski
      Mike Wazowski 14 days ago

      ​+Gemnox - I've seen all kinds of explanations on how these bombs worked, but in reality, they are impractical and show how a person who directed the film isn't grounded in the world of logic.
      The idea was to recreate a scene like World War 2 where you had bombers over Europe dropping bombs. The bombs dropped from heavy bombers back then used gravity to drop unguided bombs on to their target. The process was highly ineffective and gave way to the term "terror bombing" and "carpet bombing" because they had to drop thousands of bombs just to get one STATIONARY target. 95% of the bombs intended for their target missed, which is why there was so much collateral damage with civilians and buildings.
      This entire process, in the movie, does not work in real life and would never work. The entire scene, the battle, was created by a person who does not understand combat strategy nor combat technology.
      Sure, looks cool on the big screen, but I'd laugh at the entity which wasted their R&D money making bombers for battle when they really should be focusing on things like shield disruptors, plasma canons, lasers, guided missiles.
      It would have been a better idea to have a rail gun which fired projectiles like a normal gun, but these weapons wouldn't be explosives. The rail gun would fire a high density object which would go through the entire ship like a hot knife through butter. Look no further than the rail gun used in the Amazon show called The Expanse. The weapon uses high energy projectiles and they go through the entire ship no matter how good the armor is, causing a problem with the hull of the ship being compromised.
      THIS ALSO doesn't consider the amount of energy needed to use a rail gun, which needs several minutes to recharge and uses tremendous amounts of energy.
      The idea to making WW2 bombers to be used in outer space, which use some sort of magnetic propulsion system to "PUSH" bombs out at moving ships, in a vacuum, with no propulsion, no guidance system and that they could get close enough to a moving, fully armed battle cruiser is lunacy. It is a very bad idea, from a very ignorant person.

    • Gemnox -
      Gemnox - 14 days ago

      Mike Wazowski - Yeah...right. The bombs fall down while their in the ship.
      When they reach space, they’re already moving towards the enemy ship.
      Inertia keeps them going in the same direction.
      What part about that is unbelievable?

    • Mike Wazowski
      Mike Wazowski 14 days ago

      +Gemnox - LMAO oh sure.. yeah.. right!

  • Dee Rush
    Dee Rush 19 minutes ago

    One hundred sins to CinemaSins for failing to criticize Rian Johnson's decision to make Rey attracted to the very toxic male who had mind raped Dameron Poe, kidnapped her, murdered Han Solo before her eyes, tried to kill Finn, tried to kill her and tried to mind rape her just a few days earlier.

  • Brent Granger
    Brent Granger 4 hours ago

    +1 sin the incompetence of the First Order leaders is just too unbelievable. If the First Order truly reigns, then they must have earned it through incompetent leadership.
    +1 sin Didn't I just say the First Order leadership is incompetent? The incompetence of the Resistance leaders is just too apparent as well. I'm sinning that on the incompetent writers that wrote this bullshit film.
    +1 sin How in the hell did the First Order leadership not know of the approaching planet of Crait? Are their quartermasters sleeping on watch? This would've certainly tipped them off that an evacuation with escape pods was the most logical decision for the Resistance. I'm calling bullshit!

  • kkk Rebelion
    kkk Rebelion 9 hours ago

    They mention fuel in star wars rebels

  • Ariplayz The Artist
    Ariplayz The Artist 22 hours ago

    Since there's no gravity in space, then how does Star Wars even exist?

  • 노민재
    노민재 Day ago

    This MOVIE is wrong

  • Troll King Productions

    @6:33 That's Doc Brown's Flux compactor they plotting to destroy, how will Marty get back to the future?

  • Coleton Waller
    Coleton Waller Day ago

    Everything wrong with TLJ in 3 hours or less by Riann Johnson

  • pfefferfilm
    pfefferfilm Day ago

    10:43 and a hexagon would make a terrible manhole cover... there's a reason circles are popular

  • MoltenLavaGuy
    MoltenLavaGuy Day ago

    16:06 my favorite clip in the movie.

  • tony fendex
    tony fendex Day ago

    I'm a star wars fan, but I can't stand even a frame of "the last jedi". The worst movie ever!!!!!!

  • MetalSandman999
    MetalSandman999 2 days ago

    It's understandable that no one followed General Leia's orders to disengage. Probably no one but Poe even heard her. They would do whatever Poe said (since he was the commander leading the attack). So if he defies Leia and doesn't order everyone to fall back, the fight would continue.

  • Valkenalpha Blackhawk
    Valkenalpha Blackhawk 2 days ago +1


  • da Dwagon
    da Dwagon 2 days ago


  • john kieth gaganting

    At the beginning no one tries to just aim at the cruisers.

  • mudkip does
    mudkip does 2 days ago

    Let me get this straight. This movie which sucked ass got 121, but revenge of the Sith got like 1mil. Soyboy.

  • Giving life Purpose
    Giving life Purpose 2 days ago

    They should’ve just uploaded the whole movie

  • Alejandro Cabrera
    Alejandro Cabrera 3 days ago

    thexvid.com/video/x-4LpSUHgZw/video.html here

  • BlackDragon-kin
    BlackDragon-kin 3 days ago +1

    Rey and Kylo vs Royal Guards fight is worth 1000 sins alone

  • Stoop Floy
    Stoop Floy 3 days ago

    I loved the Bowie reference at the beginning, lol

  • The Outsider
    The Outsider 3 days ago

    Poe is the real villain he killed more Resistance than Kylo did HAHA

  • Thomas Tiberio
    Thomas Tiberio 3 days ago

    I shocked that this has less sins than infinity war

    • The Outsider
      The Outsider 3 days ago

      but it has more people living at the end

  • Jubal Martin
    Jubal Martin 3 days ago

    No sins for the dues ex foxes leading the protagonists to a exit in a base that supposedly had no exits?

  • Definetly Gaz
    Definetly Gaz 4 days ago

    Is talking about a movie about a FUCKING chase spoilers?

  • Thundersub
    Thundersub 4 days ago

    This movie killed Fisher, its that bad.

  • Mark Compton
    Mark Compton 5 days ago

    the bombs are propelled by magnetic rails...I questioned this too until I saw the specs

  • ixxgunnerx x
    ixxgunnerx x 5 days ago

    i though this movie was bad !

  • Saiko Kujo
    Saiko Kujo 6 days ago +1

    How much ya wanna bet I could approach MUBI from any direction and get a month free? If I cared enough to bother...

  • Velvetina
    Velvetina 6 days ago

    Threepio: “Blah, blah, Admiral Holdo, blah, blah...”. Jeremy: “I hate you.” -Jeremy, it is why you remain excellent at CinemaSins!🤣❤️

  • Wade Boombastic
    Wade Boombastic 6 days ago

    Excuse me are you not going to address that the title crawl is pointless because it retreads what happens in the previous film that is definitely a sin

  • Allo
    Allo 7 days ago

    15:43 there are literally dozens of videos showing how awfully choreographed this scene is.. but hey you can't do a video where you don't remove a single sin

  • Đạt Vũ
    Đạt Vũ 7 days ago

    that 1 holy fuck scene at 16:07 knock 5 sin off???holy fuck

  • Ryan on PS4
    Ryan on PS4 7 days ago

    4:00 No, Obi-Wan asked for fuel when he landed on Utapau in Revenge of the Sith.

  • HasselHoffman1234
    HasselHoffman1234 7 days ago

    18:15 No

  • kieran elliott
    kieran elliott 7 days ago +2

    Yeah no, the scene where Luke was BOMBARDED by laser blasts and literally brushed it off TOTALLY deserved a sin off. Maybe 2! And this is coming from a seasoned CinamaSins fan! What the actual fu*k!

  • Dan M
    Dan M 7 days ago

    last jedi deserved 700 sins minimum. the sequels were better and u managed to give them more sins than TLJ

  • Justin Sizemore
    Justin Sizemore 8 days ago

    That's not how the force works. You should never move that many syns for that one scene

  • MemeChicken
    MemeChicken 8 days ago

    The bombs are magnetic

  • Jbomb 360
    Jbomb 360 8 days ago +2

    4:38 Im sinning Cinemasins for not sinning them for saying something is lighter in space

    • captininsanoo00
      captininsanoo00 Day ago

      Even in space the heavier an object the more force you need to change its velocity. Yes there is no gravity to pull it down, but it is still mass that has to be accelerated. more mass needs more force to accelerate it

  • ericb31
    ericb31 9 days ago

    anyone else think that Rose and the pilot of the last bomber look alike?
    16:45 at least in Empire Strikes Back, the Rebels had a force-field covering the base, so the Empire HAD to land outside of it.

    • Owen Walker
      Owen Walker 8 days ago

      The pilot and Rose are siblings btw.

  • Atomically Awesome
    Atomically Awesome 9 days ago

    Ships in star wars do use fuel but I believe its mentioned in the clone wars animated show that the hyperdrive uses a different type of "fuel" i put " on fuel since its not actually fuel but a substance that doesnt run out or does very slowly allowing for many hyperjumps... like car oil you could say

  • Tjadke G.
    Tjadke G. 9 days ago +1

    Well there is many mentions out of the movies about the fuel. There is fuel Stations, there is Isotope-5 - The kind of best fuel you can get, but it's not available anymore in this time.

    • ericb31
      ericb31 9 days ago

      reminds me of several novels where they used "helium-3" for power. (2 protons, one neutron)

  • MegaNowaydude
    MegaNowaydude 9 days ago +1

    With such an attention to detail, you really overrated that fight sequence in the throne room. Weapons teleport, the birds purposely miss, I mean for fucks sake it looks cool but it’s edited totally horribly

  • Frank Bowman
    Frank Bowman 9 days ago +8

    The Last Jedi and Star Trek Discovery make me think that the 21st century has lost its damned mind.

    • Dee Rush
      Dee Rush 21 minute ago

      Not Discovery . . . you mean The Last Jedi. I'm not some bigot who has a problem with Discovery because its lead is a black woman.

  • Wizziewife 450
    Wizziewife 450 10 days ago +1

    Jeremy? The singing must stop PLEASE 😖

  • Imre Kovacs
    Imre Kovacs 10 days ago +2

    I can't belive I'm saying this but this movie is making miss transformers the last knight

  • Mathew Jackson
    Mathew Jackson 10 days ago +3

    Thor in End Game is comparable to Luke in this film. But Thor pulled it off well.

  • AJ 1998
    AJ 1998 11 days ago +1

    Lmao funny how cinema sins thought that the throne room scene was a well choreographed fight. Watch it in slow Mo and you'll see how bad the choreo is 😂😂😂😂

  • Joshua Canales
    Joshua Canales 11 days ago

    Do you have to keep saying inappropriate language you fool there are children watching this bro!

  • Pete Nelson
    Pete Nelson 11 days ago +1

    🔔ding🔔 on Cinemasins...This POS deserved “♾ Sins”!

  • YTP: BOI
    YTP: BOI 12 days ago

    I don’t understand why they decided to get a different director for the second movie out off 3 like wtf!!! That is so idiotic like why not get the different director for the 1st or 3rd movie or just keep the same director for all 3, Jesus Christ.

  • iwan williams
    iwan williams 12 days ago +1


  • Cole Richardson
    Cole Richardson 12 days ago

    how did you take off a sin for that awful throne room scene? it was anything but "well choreographed"

    and you took off a bunch for that stupid hyperspace kamikaze shit.

  • Jesús Malverde
    Jesús Malverde 12 days ago

    I have a theory. Luke believes Rey is going to go to the dark side if he trains her, and yes there’s reasons she won’t and she does seem to have so much will power that she won’t go to the dark side. However Kylo ren went to the light side for just a moment in this movie. But MAYBE just MAYBE. In the next movie, Rey will go to the dark side to defeat the dark side. Maybe that’s the way this all ends, maybe they need to learn to control the dark side with the light side and defeat the first order using the dark side. Maybe. Something to think about.

  • DarkDeserter
    DarkDeserter 12 days ago +1

    You missed a lot! haha

  • HoldTheReggae
    HoldTheReggae 12 days ago +4

    15:43 watch that scene again CinemaSins, that shit was not well-choreographed...but I do get your point

  • Sailing Away
    Sailing Away 12 days ago

    I heard the girl who played Rose got a lot of hate but shouldn't people be mad at the writers?

  • Dastaan007
    Dastaan007 13 days ago +1

    That you took your time to explain this garbage episode. Oh Well whats done is done. Al my hope is with JJ now....

  • Memnon
    Memnon 13 days ago

    0:22 that is unequivocally and undeniably Lysa Tully. Change my mind.

  • Andrew Elder
    Andrew Elder 13 days ago

    No sin for the "PEW!!"?!?!

  • The SirHansVader
    The SirHansVader 14 days ago +1

    You went waaaaay to easy on this movie.. you remove multiple sins for things that destroyed the franchis, e.g. the lightspeed suicide attack. Which completely ruins the intern logic. When this is possible... why didn't they just send one single ship into every deathstar. Easy.
    But not once you gave like 100 sins for things like:
    - Rey fighting Luke and fucking winning wtf
    - Space Marry Poppins
    - Rose: saving what we love crap
    - Waste of captain phasma
    and soooooo much more
    This movie should have ended with about 10000 sin points

  • Normal Boii
    Normal Boii 14 days ago +11

    Should've given 1000 sins for Leia into space

  • Mark Knight
    Mark Knight 14 days ago +56

    121 - Last Jedi
    129 - Empire Strikes Back.
    I have no faith in you anymore.

    • m. m.
      m. m. Day ago

      400k starwars part 1 my faith in this channel us in tatters

    • Shannon Gerry
      Shannon Gerry 9 days ago +8

      Well Last Jedi is clearly worse, and looong, but it has so much less in it.

  • W GU
    W GU 14 days ago

    Also also, no sins removed from Kylo vs Luke? Because that fight was fucking amazing!

  • W GU
    W GU 14 days ago

    I would have said that the Dreadnought doesn't have enough mass to generate a pull that strong for the bombs to fall at that speed

  • Juan Rangel
    Juan Rangel 14 days ago +1

    Yeah that movie sucked!

  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan Lee 14 days ago +1

    How the fuck did this get less sins then revenge of the sith I didn't hate the last jedi but come on revenge of the sith was a way better movie

  • Ethan Dudley
    Ethan Dudley 15 days ago

    As a broncos fan, i do NOT appreciate that Super Bowl 24 dig

  • Xzidia
    Xzidia 15 days ago

    This movie is so shit, I've watched the infamous prequels nearly 20 times and the originals even more. I've watched TLJ twice, once on cinema, and when it came out. It's awful.. TFA is also garbage (rehash)

  • DraculaCronqvist
    DraculaCronqvist 15 days ago

    Substracting, not adding sins to the hyperspace torpedo thing is disgusting. It changes absolutely everything about Star Wars in such a fundamental way that it devalues everything ever shown in every piece of Star Wars media. Fuck you, CinemaSins.

  • DraculaCronqvist
    DraculaCronqvist 15 days ago

    Disney Wars has made "Hope" my most hated word ever. Hope this, hope that. Fucking Disney.

  • DraculaCronqvist
    DraculaCronqvist 15 days ago

    "Look, if you want Luke to be disillusioned and turned away from the Force, fine." No, not fine. That's the single greatest sin ever commited in Star Wars history. With that, there can be no Star Wars.

  • Colin Sutcliffe
    Colin Sutcliffe 15 days ago

    4:22 that spinning isn't unnecessary it's a good trick

  • All about Star Wars
    All about Star Wars 16 days ago

    15:40 it’s not a well coriagraphed fight... Rey kicks 3 people with one kick

  • UberPizzaZombie
    UberPizzaZombie 16 days ago

    You removed a sin for the throne room fight yet there's so many sins during it + 25 sins

  • ThrawnCCB
    ThrawnCCB 16 days ago

    I think it's missing a few thousand sins.

  • Michael DeRosa
    Michael DeRosa 16 days ago

    4:30 What is the point of ALL THIS, if we can't blow up three tiny cruisers...it's how I feel at work

  • Malice
    Malice 16 days ago

    Your bowie impersonation is terrible. Just saying

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan 16 days ago

    The entire B and C-Plots of this movie...

  • MrHopeless
    MrHopeless 17 days ago

    this movie itself is a sin.

  • The Collector
    The Collector 17 days ago

    This movies aren’t about who is the better tactician, but about who is makes the dumber mistakes then the other

  • Trey Hansen
    Trey Hansen 17 days ago

    The Rebels: Give me fuel give me fire, give me that which I desire!

  • Evan Shraga
    Evan Shraga 17 days ago

    16:10 Not to worry, we’re still flying half a ship. Also, why did you keep removing sins? And there was so much wrong with the throne room scene.

  • sini harshan
    sini harshan 18 days ago

    Sin No. 17
    25 hours
    not 25 minutes

  • EnjoyFanta
    EnjoyFanta 18 days ago

    At 4:02 that is NOT the first mention of fuel in Star Wars. In Star Wars the Clone Wars the Battle of Malastare was literally fought for the sole purpose of securing Malastare’s fuel for the Republic to use for their fleet. In Star Wars Rebels the Ghost Crew goes on many missions to secure fuel for Phoenix Squadron during the early seasons of the show.

    • EnjoyFanta
      EnjoyFanta 17 days ago

      Andy Miller Just because they say he’s dead doesn’t mean he’s dead. They THOUGHT he was dead, and if you think he was brought back for fan service, so what? Still doesn’t change the fact that he survived TPM. Sorry, bud, you don’t get to decide what’s Canon.

    • Andy Miller
      Andy Miller 17 days ago

      +EnjoyFanta Yoda and Windu literally talk about him being destroyed, on top of us seeing him fall down that shaft. The first Sith they confirmed coming across in centuries, and not one person decides to check out the body or do an autopsy? That's sinful as hell. He survived due to fan service, no other reason.

    • EnjoyFanta
      EnjoyFanta 17 days ago

      Andy Miller And if you want to think the movies outweigh the shows, then Solo says he survived. Easy as that.

    • EnjoyFanta
      EnjoyFanta 17 days ago

      Andy Miller Maul survives in Canon, regardless of what your retarded mind wants to think.

    • Andy Miller
      Andy Miller 17 days ago

      +EnjoyFanta Oh, right, can't forget that Holy Canon.
      Again, he's sinning a movie, and from the perspective of someone who doesn't watch the show.
      Maul died in Episode One, regardless of what the TV series says.

  • EnjoyFanta
    EnjoyFanta 18 days ago

    At 1:51 they explained that the bombs are magnetic, but that’s stupid.
    My explanation is that the bomber has artificial gravity to prevent the pilot and crew from floating everywhere. This artificial gravity would pull the bombs down, and since the bay doors are open, there’s nothing to stop their motion, so by Newton’s First Law of Motion, the bombs would continue “falling” toward the dreadnaught.

    • Danger Dash
      Danger Dash 16 days ago

      +EnjoyFanta While I'm all for books that explore and expand the lore of the universe, and fill in what wasn't shown between the movies, a book shouldn't be needed to understand a movie or justify what happens in the movie. That's just lazy and shows that fleshing out the character and story was an afterthought.

    • EnjoyFanta
      EnjoyFanta 17 days ago

      Andy Miller Are you retarded? “The books don’t matter,” uh, they kinda do because they’re Canon. You’re probably just some retarded casual that thinks the movies are the only things that matter and anything else is bullshit.
      Also, your comment doesn’t exactly explain why the explanation I gave is nonsense.

    • Andy Miller
      Andy Miller 17 days ago

      +EnjoyFanta The books don't matter.
      Because all sorts of things could mess up a magnetic or 'gravity fed bomb" in space. We see all sorts of missiles in Star Wars, so it wouldn't be hard to have bombs or missiles with some sort of engine on it.

    • EnjoyFanta
      EnjoyFanta 17 days ago

      Andy Miller The “magnetic chips” wasn’t stated in the movie, it was stated in a book, I don’t remember which book. Also, how exactly is my explanation nonsense?

    • Andy Miller
      Andy Miller 17 days ago

      When does the movie state that? And all those "explanations" are nonsense.

  • David Ray
    David Ray 18 days ago +1

    I loved Holdo's lightspeed kamikaze, so I'm very happy you removed five sins for that badassery.

  • JR_UK
    JR_UK 18 days ago

    Every sin deserved. This film killed Star Wars for me.

  • Tacticalfox 17
    Tacticalfox 17 19 days ago

    1:48 (insert fans saying the bombs are magnetic) btw I disliked this film.

  • Tacticalfox 17
    Tacticalfox 17 19 days ago +1

    1:48 (insert fans saying the bomb is magnetic) btw disliked this film.

  • Rocket Boots
    Rocket Boots 19 days ago

    16:07 absolute dislike, you remove 5 sins off something that completely disobeys all the laws of the previous movies. That one scene creates one of the biggest plot holes for the previous movies out of any scene in the entire franchise. Why didn't they do this with the death star, why didn't they do this with the death star 2, why didn't they do this in every situation that a big, well, anything was destroying them? BECAUSE THAT IS NOT HOW HYPER-SPEED WORKS. Hyper-space isn't as simple as going really, really fast. You basically enter a different dimension, if that was how light speed works, the separatists and the resistance would just be creating non-maned ships that they point at certain places and send into hyperspace before Anakin was even conceived. I HATE the sequel trilogy sooo much, not just because they are terrible, it's because they crap on the previous movies and don't follow any of the previous law set up. Kylo Ren, the grandson of the greatest force-using, lightsaber-wielding star wars character to ever exist was beaten BY REY, A GIRL WHO HAS NEVER USED A LIGHTSABER.

  • OhioStateTexan
    OhioStateTexan 19 days ago +1

    I could add at least 100 more sins. Well done, but why did you take it easy on them? Frankly, your sin counter should have been broken like with Fate of the Furious.

    • DraculaCronqvist
      DraculaCronqvist 15 days ago

      CinemaSins are coprorate shills bought by Disney to not be too harsh on pieces of shit like this.

  • AtomicStoner77 7
    AtomicStoner77 7 19 days ago

    If it sucked so much why'd rotten tomatoes give it such high ratings

  • Urza26
    Urza26 20 days ago +4

    This movie kills my hope and fuels my dark side. Soon I will rival even darth binks.

  • jrag1000
    jrag1000 20 days ago

    5:59 does anybody think she acts like she's some kind of psycho?
    She literally looks like some sort of escaped mental patient here, just look at her face and her expression she seems actually crazed.

  • Wildman2012
    Wildman2012 20 days ago +1

    I got 20 minutes into the movie on Netflix, and then thought: I'll bet Cinema Sins can wrap this up in another 15 or so. Yup. Thank you!

  • TheMarkster245
    TheMarkster245 21 day ago

    Only one part

  • Mario Ivoci
    Mario Ivoci 21 day ago

    I'm so done with star wars thanks to this movie

  • Arkenbrand
    Arkenbrand 21 day ago

    Shame that this dumpster-fire of a film only has a handful more Sins that Rogue One, which was the best film since ROTJ.

  • Al Pacino
    Al Pacino 21 day ago +1

    Fuck Holdo, fuck Rose