Richard Hammond reveals the new Land Rover Defender

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • After much anticipation, the new Land Rover Defender is finally here! Richard Hammond found a spanking new 90 and 110 in the middle of the woods somewhere and it looks like he approves of the redesign of the British off-roading icon. Watch as he takes you through all the main features of the 2020 Defender!
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Comments • 14 795

  • Pedro Pinheiro Augusto
    Pedro Pinheiro Augusto 11 hours ago

    It wasn't the hardest job, designing the new defender, it was the simplest job. You botched it, Land Rover.

  • Dustin Serbin
    Dustin Serbin 11 hours ago

    Same guy who trashed the H2 at launch thinks this pos is nice...hmmm

  • Jim Patrick
    Jim Patrick 11 hours ago

    I like it, but I think it should be called a Defender. This is something else.

  • tom m j goodridge
    tom m j goodridge 11 hours ago

    i could do a better design, looks more like a skoda roomster than a defender to me!
    and computers don't belong on a defender, defenders are supposed to be slow, hardy machines that can keep on pulling a freight train for 50 plus years (given enough fuel) without much complaint.
    so much plastic!
    it makes me want to squint and shy away. i don't want to recognise it as a land rover product!

  • Anthony English
    Anthony English 12 hours ago

    Overpriced bloated Mini for wealthy schooll run mums. Yuck!

  • Mr Diavel
    Mr Diavel 12 hours ago

    Buddy was at the launch , real Land Rover nut , said he was mightily disappointed , quality is shockingly bad , he could pull the plastic wheel arch trim off with the slightest pressure . Acres and acres of flimsy plastic on the outside which will fall off in any serious off-road scenario , it’s expensive , expensive to run and will be hideously expensive to repair . As someone else coined the phrase which i think covers it the “ Land Rover pretender” what a bummer , I was going for a proper defender replacement not a Chelsea tractor to add to all the others drive. by school run mums .

  • Matt Salon
    Matt Salon 12 hours ago

    Gave you a thumbs up for quality..
    I watch this amazing defender do everything my wife did in her x5 with road only tires... Her first time going off road...
    This is not a defender.. this is a soccer mom's ride.. but I heard they require lockers front and rear... That counts this out..

  • Proteus6684
    Proteus6684 12 hours ago

    21,000 unnecessary things to go wrong....

  • snafujag100
    snafujag100 12 hours ago +1

    Over here in the colonies (Canada) the Defender for some obscure reason was never available. A mistake on LR’s part imho. I think they would have sold loads of them. This thing is just another overpriced annoying suv .

  • Fabio Gamboa
    Fabio Gamboa 12 hours ago

    85 ECU's. Do they come with the tow truck?

  • Martin Jones
    Martin Jones 12 hours ago +1

    Hammond,,,,, just HOW MUCH did you NEED the money to promote a SLOVAKIAN 4x4 with a shed load of ECUS to sell your heart and soul,,,,, and "enthuse" its a "DEFENDER"...... cheap, tacky. cringeworthy, thought more of you ,,,,,,,,,,,,until now.

  • Martin Jones
    Martin Jones 12 hours ago +1

    THe best of SLOVAKIAN 4x4 cars,,,,, GIVE US a BREAK !!!!!!

    • Matt Salon
      Matt Salon 12 hours ago

      I missed the Ugo.. this should make up for us...

  • Martin Jones
    Martin Jones 12 hours ago

    how much to replace a headlight? how much to replace a front wing? how much to service? and guess how n\ much to replace the clutch at LR,,,,,,,, I double dare them to answer those questions and answer how much it costs to service over 5 yrs,,,,,,, oh. and how many ECUS??????? *%????? Good luck in the outback with 85 ECUS to go wrong...... and they WIL !!!!

  • tony rainey
    tony rainey 12 hours ago

    Its a multi purpose vehicle made to appeal to a wide range of people and sell in numbers to help make the land rover brand profitable. A 2020 land rover with extreme versatility in a similar way the Series, 90/110, and Defender vehicles did, across many decades, but in a thoroughly modern and up to date way. I like it.

    GREG CAMILLERI 13 hours ago

    This is a NO defender, sorry but hats off for the G-Wagon to keep the shape till this day. Don't get me wrong, I have 2 defenders myself. "the original one". SHAME ON YOU LR and Hammond, thats not funny at all.

  • Harry Lisle
    Harry Lisle 13 hours ago

    I have owned my Jeep JK now for 11 years... Jeep has stayed more close to their roots... We are just as passionate about our Jeeps as those who loved the old Defender... No manual.. no removable top?

    • Matt Salon
      Matt Salon 12 hours ago

      I just got a jk.. had a discovery for 15.. I had high hopes for the defender..

  • Alex Povolotski
    Alex Povolotski 13 hours ago

    The centre panel wiggles though, it gives way when you out your forearm on it. Yikes!

  • 85DMODE
    85DMODE 13 hours ago

    Looks like a higher end Kia Soul

  • MeLtedLogiK
    MeLtedLogiK 13 hours ago

    Fuck yeah!! ...I'll just have to wait 20 years of depreciation before I can afford one xD

  • Andres Perez
    Andres Perez 13 hours ago +1

    Could not even finish watching this. Am sure they will sell tons to grace Ikea parking lots. But as a bush workhorse, the Defender is DEAD. I feel such solidarity with the hilarious, raging, weeping, mournful, resigned comments below.

  • Joe Public
    Joe Public 13 hours ago +1

    All those ECU's are actually a negative selling point!

  • Joe Public
    Joe Public 13 hours ago +1

    That spare wheel will destroy the tail gate hinges in no time with continuous corrugated roads, Oh wait, is was designed for on road use, by people who probably never worked in far out areas of India or Africa

  • Joe Public
    Joe Public 13 hours ago

    Where's the PTO?

    • Matt Salon
      Matt Salon 12 hours ago

      I am sure they smoked tons of pot making this one.

  • Joe Public
    Joe Public 13 hours ago

    If you watch the original LR adverts and compare it to this one, I'd still choose the old one

  • Todd Stewart
    Todd Stewart 14 hours ago

    Oh Look - it's the LR4 with better approach angles and 85 ECU's for the entertainment system :)... Full option in the USA, 98k USD - that is crazy for what you get. Full option LR4 LUX with HD package around 72k and it came with a V8.

  • Tirah5
    Tirah5 14 hours ago

    What is this, Drivetribe money on the side plan?
    Hes sounds like a local car salesman who watched lots of Doug Demuro videos to prepare.

  • buggeroff
    buggeroff 14 hours ago

    Let's hope it's more reliable than the usual Landy junk .
    Why is no one telling them these should be built in the UK ?

  • Ben Dodd
    Ben Dodd 14 hours ago

    Meh......still a Rover product that will have the air ride blow out under 20,000 miles and come dragging butt into the dealer. Ask me how I know about the reliability of land rover products

  • Jeremy Gil
    Jeremy Gil 14 hours ago

    For the same price buy a Class G , it is free bug , free issue, work everyday....

  • pfg333
    pfg333 14 hours ago

    I miss Top Gear

  • Ged Cain
    Ged Cain 14 hours ago

    Too much tech, too much luxury, too much money (unaffordable to average bloke) the worst thing is, this british icon isn't even built here, they wont get my money.

  • Hen Mar
    Hen Mar 14 hours ago

    My country hates land rovers . Expensive and always breaking down. Toyota Hilux or nothing.

  • Puppet lover
    Puppet lover 14 hours ago

    here on out! Jeeeesus.

  • Ultra_Phantom AJ
    Ultra_Phantom AJ 15 hours ago

    Hammond! You idiot!!!

  • Kris Savona Ventura
    Kris Savona Ventura 15 hours ago

    Not sure about this, looks like it belongs on the road. Maybe a car for when I'm old.

  • 415 s30
    415 s30 15 hours ago

    All the new LR products are plastic suppositories, LR is dead. I'm sure it's a nice vehicle but I guess we are at the end of simple and tough. Only Toyota makes that for other markets, where i can't get one!

  • ncis
    ncis 15 hours ago

    a classic model,poorly re-executed.all the pomp in the world wont stop the old one saying.....hold my beer.

  • G.S.
    G.S. 15 hours ago

    It’s never be made for world travellers as the old defender was made for. If Land Rover will let grow a lot of workshops in the middle of (nowhere) Africa,Russia ... you probably can drive with the new one. But nothing else is better than the off-road cars from 2000 e.g. old defender, Nissan patrol Y61, ... which everyone can work on and repair it - but this time is gone...

  • marian_f 170
    marian_f 170 15 hours ago

    They are removing critical comments

  • Legacy Pergolas
    Legacy Pergolas 15 hours ago

    Just a sign of the times. Up is down, good is bad, and junk is gold. I'll stay with my 110 extra cab.

  • Charles Brunsdon
    Charles Brunsdon 16 hours ago

    just NO !!!! And no further comment ..
    Long live the box shaped Defender

  • alcowenneker
    alcowenneker 16 hours ago

    They should have make it like the new mb g- class.
    This is a shame...

  • Rudolph du Plooy
    Rudolph du Plooy 16 hours ago

    Don't think it will make it on a Cape to Cairo trip like the old one.

  • Craig T
    Craig T 16 hours ago +1

    Don't like the front as much, but the rest and the interior are spot on.

  • Jack Striker
    Jack Striker 16 hours ago

    Hammond has morphed in to Noel Edmunds !

  • Nicholas Sciarrillo
    Nicholas Sciarrillo 16 hours ago

    Holy shit that sucks. Lr4 extended cab and Lr4 sidekick.. good luck.. 120 for life..

  • Vasiliy Polyvanyy
    Vasiliy Polyvanyy 16 hours ago

    The Grand Tour have to test New Defender through Africa. Like it was with original Defender

  • Rolands Svētiņš
    Rolands Svētiņš 17 hours ago

    Year 2060 - We are still praying the automotive makers to stop making SASSY offrad-ish cars. They do not listen us.
    Jimny > LR Defender

  • Ninja Nuke
    Ninja Nuke 17 hours ago

    Mat Watson in 3 months time sitting in a defender...

    Ohhhhhhhhh wowwww that Model X is quick!!!

  • Paul Williamson
    Paul Williamson 17 hours ago

    At last, a proper replacement for my Disco 4. Feel sorry for all the Defender boys waiting for the new defender to arrive. Never mind there's always the Landcruiser!!!

  • T H
    T H 17 hours ago

    Looks nice

  • pb5x5
    pb5x5 17 hours ago

    They should do a simplified/stripped version for people who actually need to drive off road, as most of the electric stuff won't work in few years anyway.

  • Tim Brace
    Tim Brace 17 hours ago

    I really like the looks of the new Defender, but when I think of a Defender I don't think of complexity. The market is filled with Hi-Tech vehicles, I believe simplicity and durability would have been a better approach. It is marketed to someone who would like to live in the city and pretend to be a rugged outdoorsy type when they are really just going to the market. In other words just another grocery getter (I know, not a real word). Oh well they have a business to run and you just won't sell enough simple to a gadget crazed world.

  • RandomStuffit
    RandomStuffit 17 hours ago +1

    Ugghh defenders should be live axels. Nothing else. None of this independent suspension malarkey for me...

  • Jacques Ferreira
    Jacques Ferreira 18 hours ago

    Oil leaks...

  • Pete Kelly
    Pete Kelly 18 hours ago

    Hummmm....I'm a major Landy fan. I think this actually looks more promising than I expected. I think.....hope....their will be a no frills, basic version made available. Can it be thrashed off road repeatedly and survive? Can it tow a huge trailer with another older LR across the Sahara and not break ? At least it is a new product from Land Rover that does not look like a squashed bug or look ANYthing like the Discovery that looks hideous from all angles. I vote 7/10 for effort....oh...and I DO want a 6 speed manual please!

  • zachary querci
    zachary querci 18 hours ago

    Show us old vs new on a tough course, how has this not been done yet?! Cohagen, give da people da air!!

  • 1chish
    1chish 18 hours ago

    Superb car, beautifully designed, breaking new structural ground (excuse the pun), brilliantly usable technology, sympathetic to the history that comes with the name Defender and clearly a very hi-tech piece of kit.
    And then JLR go and build the damn thing in bloody Slovakia ... There is no bigger British icon than the Defender. And they sacrifice it like it means nothing thrown in the bin to please the EU (or was it in thanks for the EU money like Ford and Peugeot did all those years ago? Well screw you JLR ... Sacking thousands of workers in the UK while spending £ Bns in Slovakia has one thing around it - The stench of hypocrisy. You now build the Discovery and the Defender in Slovakia. Here? The Range Rover.....
    And don't blame Brexit JLR. This was planned long ago. SHAME ON YOU!
    When we do leave the EU this will come back to bite JLR when they have to put an EU sticker in the windscreens of Defenders and Discoverys to show where they are built. Many of us will deliberately NOT buy anything from the EU after the way they have acted in the last 3 years.

  • Zinc Patriot
    Zinc Patriot 18 hours ago

    It’s all about the price- it’s too much! Would be interesting to see if ford bring their new bronco to the uk showrooms. Bet that would give j.l.r a big headache.

  • Omar Bretado
    Omar Bretado 19 hours ago

    Let's see how the Bronco turns out