Richard Hammond reveals the new Land Rover Defender

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • After much anticipation, the new Land Rover Defender is finally here! Richard Hammond found a spanking new 90 and 110 in the middle of the woods somewhere and it looks like he approves of the redesign of the British off-roading icon. Watch as he takes you through all the main features of the 2020 Defender!
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Comments • 15 876

  • Peter Jones
    Peter Jones 2 hours ago

    Fabulous! Er 4,1 MILLION VIEWS IN JUST 2 MONTHS...?!!?

  • James Nelson
    James Nelson 4 hours ago

    I hope I am not right about this. The design of the new Defender reminds me of the new Bronco.

  • Ian Tonna
    Ian Tonna 7 hours ago

    as always people dislike change, this new defender looks brilliant, will be much much more comfortable, only issue is reliability

  • Riley Reddick
    Riley Reddick 7 hours ago

    One could accomplish the same goal by fitting a Kia Soul with air suspension, throwing in a ton of pointless tech that will only fail and cost the owner thousands in repairs and weeks of time, and polishing the exterior to appeal to clueless people who only buy it as a status symbol or to somehow prove that they’re “outdoorsy”. Congratulations Land Rover, you’ve done it again. Another crossover with horrible depreciation that will live a life in the suburbs. This is a slap in the face to any credible 4x4.

  • PoonDestruction
    PoonDestruction 9 hours ago

    its like they listened to what everybody likes about the old defender and made the opposite.

  • Jason Lavelle
    Jason Lavelle 13 hours ago

    All that tech is absolutely amazing on paper but when it goes wrong which it will the invoice at the end will be... Well your bank account will be consumed, I've been driving a landrover for a fair while in Australia and here at least the parts are priced like antiques. Im sure it will be a lovely car, I do like it but I just can't imagine the issue's coming from all those computers. But hey might suprise us.

  • aaron
    aaron 14 hours ago +1

    I prefer the old defender.
    The new one it looks pretty cheap, We men like the rough and square look like the g class or the Wrangler.

  • Nate Devilin
    Nate Devilin 17 hours ago

    Looks like the spy shots of the new Bronco. 🤔

  • Mr. Baghdad
    Mr. Baghdad 19 hours ago

    The British Ford Flex.

  • Dougie
    Dougie 21 hour ago

    What the fuck have they done. Ruined it

  • Charles Robert
    Charles Robert 23 hours ago

    I had the choice of the previous Defenders and chose the 300 tdi. Reason - no electronics. When a part of my 300 tdi chassis needs welding it’s a fairly simple task. If I break a mirror it is just a few quid to replace. Yes this new Defender looks amazing but I doubt many will ever be used off road in the way I have used my Defender. I am very keen to see how it deals with the rough stuff. Further more how much is it going to cost to repair? Deep pockets I would think.
    My Defender is 22 years old and works the same way it did when new. Yes I have had to spend a few quid each year to keep it running. I wonder how many of the new Defenders will still be financially viable to keep going after 22 years?
    Yes the modern information systems seem amazing and it is definitely more comfortable. `I am sure it will appeal to many.
    Would I buy one? Well that depends on how it performs when it’s price drops to about £10,000 - how old will it be then I wonder?

  • Daniel Banica
    Daniel Banica Day ago

    45k? Made in Slovakia? 85 ECU's? In only three years, they managed to forget the purpose of the Defender: simple, reliable, agricultural, tough. Why did they not do it electric? It would make sense.

  • Joao Marques
    Joao Marques Day ago

    Se salió d lo q era un rústico puro.

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  • EpicBangers
    EpicBangers Day ago

    cant ever see a farmer chucking hay bales in the back of it can you ?

  • Chris T
    Chris T Day ago

    Is it just me or are Land rovers getting uglier. It looks more like something a housewife from Surry would drive their kids to school in rather than a true offroader.

  • brando pb
    brando pb Day ago

    To be honest. The 4+4 pickups on the market cater for every farmers need now. Stick a tractor weight in the back and it will pull you through the mud. At £40,000 for a defender I can’t see many getting dirty. 😂😂😂😂

  • Almir
    Almir Day ago

    Is it built for some uglyest car of decade contest or what? Loaded with gadgets for civilian market its final surrender to Japanese 4x4 when comes to utility 4x4 donkey in police and military apps. ...

  • koen van geleuken

    i wonder what choice is there now left for the military if they need new 4x4's? mercedes g and the toyota 70 series, is all i come up with.....

    • Seb C
      Seb C Day ago

      Why would any modern military buy a modified road car?...

  • Steve FTW
    Steve FTW Day ago

    Why does it feel like I’m watching the grand tour



  • Ted
    Ted Day ago

    The Lexus GX and Land Cruiser Prado laugh at this thing.

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie Day ago

    I didn’t know they were bought by Mattel

  • Simon Gibbs
    Simon Gibbs Day ago

    Why the fuck is it left hand drive?

  • Cliff Rhino
    Cliff Rhino Day ago

    Utterly disappointing! They need to go back to the drawing board asap, this doesn't do the "Legend" any justice at all!!

  • Turling Drome
    Turling Drome Day ago

    Too much electronic schnickschnack from Gizm-O-tronnix-R-us. For that price I'd rather have a second hand Pinzgauer or Mercedes Wolf.

  • Fire and Brimstone
    Fire and Brimstone 2 days ago

    For that price buy reliable Toyotas or Lexus models

  • j t
    j t 2 days ago +1

    Dont waste your time & money. New 70 series toyota land cruiser is everything a landrover will never be. 😅🤣😂👍🏻👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👋🇦🇺

  • michael ross
    michael ross 2 days ago

    Looks like it's succumbed to the throw away tendencies of this day and age. You won't see these on the road in 20-30 years. I suppose it's understandable from a business perspective but it's quite sad at the same time.

  • Mo Medea
    Mo Medea 2 days ago

    The only thing I don't like is the price.

  • MiB Agent T
    MiB Agent T 2 days ago

    Richard, man has never been to the Moon.

  • Pixie & Dixie
    Pixie & Dixie 2 days ago

    This car makes me 💤💤💤💤💤

  • Andrew Jones Productions

    I love it. The old Defender was much loved by I as much as anyone else, but it was outdated and simply didn't meet enough safety standards in enough countries to make its continued sale viable. I am now seriously considering getting this new Defender. I'm very pleased it is made in Slovakia and not in England as this will ensure it won't be broken like the rest of the UK, but more importantly the import tax on this vehicle will consequently likely be cheaper on entry into Japan following the trade deal between the EU and Japan which came into force this year. Something the UK will not have with Japan for at least a decade (It took almost this much time for EU/Japan trade deal negotiations). Yep! Broken Britain.

  • mekkemusic
    mekkemusic 2 days ago +1

    The day Defender became the rich mom's car taking the kids to school

  • Joe Webb
    Joe Webb 2 days ago +1

    Oh Hammo what have they done .... old one was a classic a statement. This looks ... well s#*t.

  • Adrian Oakes
    Adrian Oakes 2 days ago

    All very well filling it with clever tech but a Toyota it aint. All the electronics will go wrong and make you wish you hadn’t. Discoveries all have issues so will these. If intend to do proper old defender stuff get a five year old land cruiser for half this.

  • Tile Mart
    Tile Mart 2 days ago +1

    This is what happens when Indians runs the company

    • suraj phalke
      suraj phalke 3 hours ago

      Founder of Bose speakers is an indian.. Google , Microsoft , MasterCard , Adobe , PepsiCo all these companies are Run by indian CEO's.. 30 % NASA employees are Indians.. why would you say that.. ?

  • Harrison Dauglas
    Harrison Dauglas 2 days ago

    i like this car

  • Роман Шелов

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    NIELS MICHIELS 2 days ago +1

    .........It looks good and all, but is it *realy* a defender?
    Defenders are made to go of road and not care if you scratch the paint.
    It's supposed to be a solid piece of metal screwed to another solid piece of metal.
    Rugid. just..........too much luxery and plastic.
    You don't buy a defender for its "infoteanment system"
    You buy it to go ofroad.
    If i buy this, i would be constantly scared to ruin it.
    This would have been a better range rover than a defender.

  • Globe Twig
    Globe Twig 2 days ago

    The new Prelander. It's a joke.

  • scott stephen
    scott stephen 2 days ago

    85 ECU's.... Great, let's see how reliable it is after 100K / 10yrs.

  • Todd Kaiser
    Todd Kaiser 3 days ago

    Land rover came a long way. Now adding jag engines they have a world class vehicle on to again. Picking Richard to present it was a wise choice also

  • Yamaha DT Tuning
    Yamaha DT Tuning 3 days ago

    Is there an army version?

  • Steve Sanders
    Steve Sanders 3 days ago

    It looks like the FJ Cruiser and the Honda Element had a baby…but it is growing on me…and I might end up getting one…the white steel wheels is a nice touch. And I like that they actually made it off-roading capable…and that they actually made it somewhat affordable.

  • Yudi Herdiana
    Yudi Herdiana 3 days ago


  • Andy P
    Andy P 3 days ago

    Bag of shite. A real Defender is great. This is awful.

  • T Tt
    T Tt 3 days ago

    next 007 bond car

  • Stephen Hunt
    Stephen Hunt 3 days ago

    Why don't they carry on making a version of old one too, to keep everyone happy?

  • delakota555
    delakota555 4 days ago


  • David S
    David S 4 days ago

    Oh yippee! Just what the world needs, another Chelsea tractor. I liked the old Defender but that just looks like a #'&?%*$ up Range Rover. It's not even a Solihul sheep lugger.

  • Dave H
    Dave H 4 days ago

    I am a life long super fan. Ive had pretty much every landrover there is. I love the look of the new 110 but 80odd ECU's makes me nervous. I admit the newer landrovers drive much better than the old ones but from experience they are not very reliable, extreamly expensive to fix and are so far removed from the original ethos of being field repairable that I have to confess I stick to the older ones for piece of mind. If only I could have the smoother more refined drive coupled to the old school simple, reliable and field repairable landrovers of old, I would be a happy chappy.

  • Mossien Awadh
    Mossien Awadh 4 days ago

    Made in Slovakia?! But I thought brexit means brexit??

  • scubaroo
    scubaroo 4 days ago

    Only £45k...bargain!! hope it comes with free AA'll need it! What on earth are the square pieces on the side windows all about?

  • Britopia
    Britopia 4 days ago

    Too complicated.

  • Gerard Moral
    Gerard Moral 4 days ago


  • Evfast
    Evfast 4 days ago

    What do I think? I think it's sad that as soon as you hit your stride and produced a solid season of GT, you cancelled it. Because reviewing this vehicle would have made a great segment.
    That said, meh. Looks like an expensive dolled up FJ with a bunch of sensor driven junk that will stop functioning after the first salted winter road, or muddy stream. Aka a "Garage Queen", or "urban attack vehicle".
    Makes me think of how hard I laughed at an H3 the other day...

  • Eben Swanepoel
    Eben Swanepoel 4 days ago

    I don't know what this is, but i do know that it's not a defender.

  • DC
    DC 4 days ago

    The important one will be the MOD version, that will set the ultimate standard once the Paras and Royal Marines have played with it.

  • Nicholas Dalton
    Nicholas Dalton 4 days ago +10

    I have long waited for this car, I even had to invest some money into the stock market to raise more money. Price of the *Land Rover Defender* It’s about $50k. I got that money after investing in the stock market for 2 months. So now I guess I’m owning one soon

    • jack meHoff
      jack meHoff 3 days ago +1

      Oh so you are one of those scams lmao. Pls stop playing with people's hard earned money. Shame on you.

    • Cindy Morley
      Cindy Morley 4 days ago

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    • Billy Rowland
      Billy Rowland 4 days ago +1

      I’m interested in Investing too but how can I know he is a legit trader?

    • David Dinh
      David Dinh 4 days ago

      Good to hear good news