The Game Awards 2019 Livestream

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Watch The Game Awards 2019 for new game announcements, award winners, special guests, and more news for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.
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  • Phillip Witt
    Phillip Witt 3 days ago

    That translator translating dude's final "thank you" was classic.

  • Cosmopavone
    Cosmopavone 9 days ago

    the Viggo guy was so eurovision...

  • Video Photo Montage
    Video Photo Montage 9 days ago

    Dimash singin better

  • Video Photo Montage
    Video Photo Montage 9 days ago

    Public not fun. More much fans it! People watch it every country!

  • Rotcrawler
    Rotcrawler 10 days ago

    What a joke rofl x'D That was all scuffed af.
    Except Ikumi, she's the perfect cinnamon roll.

  • M87DD9
    M87DD9 11 days ago +1

    Buhgah is here

  • Nichlas Lütke-Harmölle

    Just wait for Cyberpunk winning everything next year...

  • Abdullah Ahmed
    Abdullah Ahmed 13 days ago

    I personally feel that the judgment was unfair cause GOW had a 6 month head start and more people were able to finish and have more time with the game and RDR2 coming out 6 months later had a late start and being a open world game with so much to do and feel and explore, most people didn’t even finish it by the time the awards came out. 😢😩😤 🤠

  • roodoo
    roodoo 13 days ago

    Nobody cheered for gears 5 lmao

  • Dark Prince
    Dark Prince 14 days ago

    I just watched historian channel now i want to see no man sky winning

  • Aksal Cahjarjo
    Aksal Cahjarjo 16 days ago

    Wait a minute doa 6 ? Are u sure man 😅

  • Brandon Pinones
    Brandon Pinones 17 days ago

    Apex beat modern warfare 2 times

  • Yobill Lin
    Yobill Lin 18 days ago +1

    Kojima received 3 game awards for his new company for Death Stranding, amazing achievements....not easy for him to build new studio games, recruite the right staff and create new games like that, you gotta respect that...and finally HIdetaka Miyazaki received his Game of the Yeat awards with Sekiro shadow die twice, he deserved it after fail twice for Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3

  • Mickey Arechiga
    Mickey Arechiga 18 days ago

    1:25:35 Nintendo Switch Has Games

  • ꧁ ƲHDĸꪰ꧂
    ꧁ ƲHDĸꪰ꧂ 18 days ago

    Pfffooouuuuu bla-bla-bla blabla bla bla-bla bla-bla-bla pfouuuu bla-bla-bla wtf

    YtFRISTGAMING ,!? 20 days ago

    I watched this cause of vin diesel he's my fav make that thumps blue if u do to :)

  • emptynaem
    emptynaem 20 days ago

    linus, youre too close to the tv

  • Jiame 284
    Jiame 284 20 days ago

    Sin muzska esto ya no es lo mismo

  • Cris Tyson
    Cris Tyson 20 days ago +2


  • GTO Plays
    GTO Plays 21 day ago

    I swear on god if fortnite won Community support award

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side 21 day ago

    please never do it agan shitiest fake shitstorm i ve ever seen in my life and they give an award to destiny 2 LMAOOO and HACKEX LEGENDS :D the game literally is hack heaven get a best online game award ??? really why it should be a BR game ? there plenty of good genre's here which doing well and have bigger community ? i mean you don't know what are you doing ! you don't know what is this ! so JUST STOP IT !

  • Liya Lila
    Liya Lila 21 day ago

    Fuck too

  • a banana
    a banana 22 days ago +1

    I’m sorry, I’ve never heard the game that was game of the year...

  • Mini Van Dan
    Mini Van Dan 22 days ago

    Bro Tbh I'm kinda disappointed they didn't hype Amazon's game at all. It actually looks pretty sick I know they didn't show much. But for being their first game ever and now another industry they have jumped into. You think they would've hyped it a little more but they like legit almost ignored it all together.

  • Nimra Allamehzadeh
    Nimra Allamehzadeh 22 days ago

    I am so happy fifa 20 didn't get an award, I fucking hate that game, not only is it almost always the same but also is it so fucking py2win. I would understand that BUT NOT IF IT'S A GAME YOU GET FOR 70 BUCKS. I know people will hate on me cuz of my opinion but fifa is a bullshit game

  • Nimra Allamehzadeh
    Nimra Allamehzadeh 22 days ago

    Am I the only one who never heard of sekiro

  • Dany B
    Dany B 22 days ago

    Contodol! YAYYYYYYY!

    DANIEL RAIN 22 days ago

    Rigged Game Awards by casuals fake videogames experts.

  • CowCat
    CowCat 23 days ago

    the audience looks so dead

  • The Canadian Guy
    The Canadian Guy 23 days ago

    lol the nintendo shenanigans are MAYD

  • Patrick MacCarthy
    Patrick MacCarthy 23 days ago

    og please

  • Cryptic_ Esp
    Cryptic_ Esp 24 days ago

    1:10:45 i found ninja!?

  • Ruchiyoto
    Ruchiyoto 24 days ago

    Final Fantasy VII Remake! I can't wait for it to be released! I'm so glad I got a PS4 this year.

  • Ya like jazz
    Ya like jazz 24 days ago

    1:38:50 Linus Samsung advertisement.

  • VlaXDan
    VlaXDan 24 days ago

    Why not Death Stranding is da best? ..



  • Chi Wai Tran
    Chi Wai Tran 25 days ago

    all these mfers in suits and "elegant" dresses. Even forced our boy Linus to wear a suit. Can any of them beat the tutorial of Cuphead?
    @1:44:10 Ikumi Nakamura is alright

  • Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov

    Well I missed the live stream. But damn the salty man-children crying about smash was glorious 😛 lick those salty tears.

  • Sakis Zafeiriou
    Sakis Zafeiriou 27 days ago

    Wow who was that blonde guy that sang on the control music amazing voice

  • Social Suicide
    Social Suicide 28 days ago


  • plolz
    plolz 28 days ago

    G-Man at 1:10:30

  • CrazyCSIW6
    CrazyCSIW6 29 days ago

    36:58 - Timer
    37:58 - 4M
    38:58 - 3M
    39:58 - 2M
    40:58 - 1M
    41:28 - 30S
    41:43 - 15S
    41:48 - 10S
    41:53 - 5S

  • Ryan Rax
    Ryan Rax 29 days ago

    At 48:25 the people screaming reminds me of outlast 2 music when marta chase after you

  • Zack
    Zack 29 days ago


  • KingOfDaStereo
    KingOfDaStereo Month ago

    Sekiro didn’t deserve game of the year...of anything out of those choices it should have been Resident Evil 2. So stupid

  • Candy Rhodes
    Candy Rhodes Month ago

    Some time they say a name of something that I never heard of till then and I'm like huh never heard of that then everyone in the crowd just goes bat sh*t crazy

  • Jeffery Thunder
    Jeffery Thunder Month ago

    1:44:23 She's speaking God language.

  • Jeffery Thunder
    Jeffery Thunder Month ago

    1:23:43 Straight up racist feminist group. "Tired of playing games that man are a superhero and they're always white men" are you kidding me? Literally every single video game has female characters and other races. I doubt they've never played decent games.

  • 707 variedade
    707 variedade Month ago

    Control ?

  • X-III-XI
    X-III-XI Month ago

    *And the game award for having no social skills goes to* 3:43:44

  • Emirt37
    Emirt37 Month ago

    All of the game in here might be temporary,But DOOM is ETERNAL

  • Pravesh Alva
    Pravesh Alva Month ago

    So happy the only game I played this year "Sekiro" won GOTY!!

  • Jimote ;;
    Jimote ;; Month ago

    I was waiting for Sally Face. :-(

  • judy bacchus-joseph
    judy bacchus-joseph Month ago +1

    2:37:40 let's go apex

  • King_Apple
    King_Apple Month ago

    Take a shot of whiskey every time you hear "game"

  • Shaggy Gaming
    Shaggy Gaming Month ago

    Game Awards Orchestra was little off this year compared to previous ones.Probably they wanted Super Smash Bros to win?

  • ELementalGaming [EMG]
    ELementalGaming [EMG] Month ago +1

    Terrible lapse of judgement, Resident Evil 2 Remake should have at least won something

  • Narmodi
    Narmodi Month ago

    Thank you sooo so so much for the Part with the Muppets and the Goose =D

  • Usman Tariq
    Usman Tariq Month ago +1

    1:34:52 When did they talk about PlayStation?

  • Meta Knightmare
    Meta Knightmare Month ago

    This is the first time I’ve seen the best fighting game award go to a game that DOESN’T have blood XD