Exposing My Boxing Opponent

  • Published on Apr 14, 2021
  • TikTok vs TheXvid Boxing Event is taking place on June 12th!!
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    FaZe Jarvis tricks his boxing opponent Michael Le a.k.a. justmaiko into a phone call where he exposes his true colors featuring @TeaWap @FaZe Kay
    🕺 TikTok: @jarvis
    📸 Instagram: @fazejarvis
    🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss
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  • CometzFNM YT
    CometzFNM YT Year ago +1962

    Plot twist, this is one of their plans to hype three fight, Jarvis exposing michael

  • Young Kicker
    Young Kicker 11 months ago +1107

    Whos here after Jarvis absolutely ruined michael in the ring

  • Slothy
    Slothy Year ago +613

    Micheal seems really nice and it seems like he just wants to have fun and hype but I don’t think he wants beef or anything.

    • Chario Ehi
      Chario Ehi 6 months ago

      thats the truth tho, Jarvis just wants views😒

    • Wakybaky420
      Wakybaky420 8 months ago

      He lowkey scared

    • xoarishxo
      xoarishxo 9 months ago

      @M 3 tic tac > tiktok

    • Niko the monkey
      Niko the monkey 11 months ago +1

      Michael is spelled ae not ea

    • Idk actually
      Idk actually 11 months ago

      He’ll do anything he can for attention

  • Balahka
    Balahka Year ago +110

    Not gonna cap I understand where he is coming from. Creating more hype for the fight can help you both out.

    • Obinna Odoemenam
      Obinna Odoemenam 9 months ago +1

      This does exactly that like cmon think ppl gonna care about some cringe shit oh he texted my girl like bru

  • gnf_alexixs 69
    gnf_alexixs 69 Year ago +2087

    jarvis went from playing fornite at his school to boxing. i’m so proud of this kid.

    • Calories
      Calories Year ago

      fOrtnitE oMg

    • Milan 🎮
      Milan 🎮 Year ago

      Yeah that's awesome

    • YB Kenzel
      YB Kenzel Year ago

      @Ultimate Griefer he makes money you don’t

    • Sevs
      Sevs Year ago

      @Hit-platser is gay af cringefest

  • coffin kanserz
    coffin kanserz Year ago +140

    Michael sounds like a genuine good guy tho. damn!

    • Obinna Odoemenam
      Obinna Odoemenam 9 months ago

      @bluekoala so is this

    • Ashes7
      Ashes7 11 months ago

      @bluekoala still lmao.

    • bluekoala
      bluekoala 11 months ago +4

      @Ashes7 it was for attention for the fight

    • Ashes7
      Ashes7 11 months ago +2

      He shouldn’t have been talking shit

  • Gloriana Mbela
    Gloriana Mbela 11 months ago +149

    I probably shouldn't but I feel so bad he genuinely wanted no beef:(

  • Jocelyn Castro
    Jocelyn Castro Year ago +395

    I feel bad, Michale seems like such a nice person and all he wanted was to hype up the fight. Idk who to go for anymore, but it's all good. Get that coin 💓

    • Obinna Odoemenam
      Obinna Odoemenam 9 months ago

      @SHURIKEN GIRLS GAMING personally I wouldn't try to knock out someone am friendly with and that's most decent human beings so it makes a a lot of sense, you can tell jarvis was focused and only had 1 goal in mind in that ring and him feeling sympathy would just get in the way sure hype it up but choose sum else

    • Brucki
      Brucki 11 months ago +1

      @Jocelyn Castro ok u too

    • Jocelyn Castro
      Jocelyn Castro 11 months ago

      @Jackal After the event- all of the tiktoker lost except Vinnie :)

    • Jackal
      Jackal 11 months ago +1

      Pretty confident that the tiktokers are screwed

    • Kai Malintine
      Kai Malintine 11 months ago

      @TmZz-Ghost - So faze is cringe

  • エロアニメ
    エロアニメ Year ago +342

    Kay when Jarvis throws a jab

  • blurr
    blurr Year ago +50

    I genuinely feel bad for bro, he seems hella nice

    • Un Known
      Un Known 6 months ago

      @Atticus Pena foo it was for clout listen to the video

    • Vloomix
      Vloomix 10 months ago

      @Atticus Pena did you not listen to the video, it was for clout

    • Atticus Pena
      Atticus Pena 11 months ago +1

      Naw did you see what he tweeted or not

    • Jackal
      Jackal 11 months ago +2


    • Yeet your problems
      Yeet your problems 11 months ago +1


  • rage infamous
    rage infamous 11 months ago +38

    Imagine losing to michael after all this

  • DS
    DS 11 months ago +109

    Anyone else came back after Jarvis absolutely *DESTROYED* Michael

  • Nikki L
    Nikki L 11 months ago +36

    I mean, it would of been smart to hype the fight up like he is saying. Idk why but I kind of feel bad for him lol, he seems so innocent.

  • Darling
    Darling Year ago +527

    Imagine they both agreed to this and this is the actual plan

    • Techs60fps
      Techs60fps Year ago +3

      This is just reverse phycology

    • Josiahh .
      Josiahh . Year ago +1

      Yoooo your a genius 😂😂

    • j u d e
      j u d e Year ago +1

      That’s exactly what I thought

    • MFM ZR
      MFM ZR Year ago

      It probably is doe

    • Charles gamer
      Charles gamer Year ago +3

      Jarvis and Michael le are actually friends

  • Shadow
    Shadow 11 months ago +116

    Frazier didn’t cap Jarvis put that man in a corner in beat the ever living crap out of him

  • Rice farmer dude
    Rice farmer dude 11 months ago +357

    he sounds so nice and he doesn’t really want any beef and i feel really bad now :(

    • John Hiltner
      John Hiltner 10 months ago

      @Ha!nuu that's why he got knocked tf out

    • Ha!nuu
      Ha!nuu 11 months ago +8

      @Nezy Tarek that’s what people do to get more attention. TheXvid boxing made creators get more attention so they can make a living out of it. It’s just how things go, and I respect it.

    • Nezy Tarek
      Nezy Tarek 11 months ago +12

      He shouldn’t have been talking shit on Twitter

    • Vern
      Vern 11 months ago +1

      In ur dreamsm

  • Jalei Nakamura
    Jalei Nakamura 11 months ago +6

    When you realize he technically started beef as well with this video exposing Michael 😂

  • Arrendale660
    Arrendale660 Year ago +2

    I love how Jarvis just trolls everybody 😂

  • Corey V
    Corey V Year ago +433

    “The public doesn’t know I have girlfriend
    Jarvis: Everyone knows now

  • Crystal Olvera V.
    Crystal Olvera V. 11 months ago +82

    Will i just saw that u won him and shit i kinda feel bad for him why you might be asking it's bc he was being nice and actually want to be friends and Bryce put to much into him aka Michael and like he looked hurt bc he was trying to be nice and hype things up for the fight and it's hurts sees him your 18 and his 21 i mean only 3 years of difference but still hopeful u guys actually be come go friends maybe in the future or when ever but he looked hurt and ofc he didn't win maybe it's bc Bryce was putting all this on top of his shoulders and was forced to focus on the fight he didn't how so much time to practice if he did then that fight would've been the best one and maybe go to tie but no he was trying to be nice and shit he seems hurt I'm not a hater i swear he was trying to make a friendship with u :/

      GUTS4DAYS 7 months ago

      @faZe Jarvis lezzz gooo

    • Alexande R
      Alexande R 11 months ago

      @Mr clean bet

    • hi hi
      hi hi 11 months ago +2

      @Cash prolly cuz he’s human and feels emotion, that Michael kid clearly never had the fight in him

    • Cash
      Cash 11 months ago +5

      Why do u feel bad for him he started it by saying I’m boxing this guy and out Jarvis crying like ofc Jarvis is gonna get revenge

  • rishab chopra
    rishab chopra 11 months ago +10

    man rocked him🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌we all proud of you

  • Rice Eater
    Rice Eater 11 months ago +8

    Austin McBroom: Steroids ain’t gon’ help him either 🤣

  • ItzPerko
    ItzPerko Year ago +47

    honestly i feel bad he just wants to be respectful and shit but im still for the better platform ... all the youtubers will win haha

  • lol Dm0N
    lol Dm0N Year ago +2433

    Why do i kinda feel bad for the bro he seems like a genuine nice guy ngl

  • Lord Uchiha
    Lord Uchiha 11 months ago +4

    Brooo I feel sorry for Michael Le cause he actually fell for it and did the fight for his bro but then got knocked out

  • Sam the Reaper
    Sam the Reaper Year ago +6

    Soooo can we at least acknowledge that he is a humble hypocrite 😂😂😂😂

  • 38eudhwi
    38eudhwi Year ago +294

    jarvis just exposed him for having a girl and for the beef

  • Arusha Farheen
    Arusha Farheen 11 months ago +4

    update: jarvis was literally the only one who actually knocked out someone in the whole battle. And Austin Mcbroom distroyed Bryce Hall in the game

  • bxvnm-.
    bxvnm-. Year ago +482

    Yo can we take a minute to appreciate teawap's sick editing

  • Slay3rWolf
    Slay3rWolf 11 months ago

    Michael seems like a good guy tho 😂

  • dr meat
    dr meat 11 months ago +65

    Who here after the ABSOLUTE ANNIHILATION, well done Jarvis.

  • Elite A.R.M.Y
    Elite A.R.M.Y 11 months ago +5

    I genuinely just think he was just trying to hype the fight up I don’t think he meant it in a mean way

  • BirdMan29
    BirdMan29 11 months ago +3

    honestly im kinda a fan of Jarvis and all but after watching this video, I starting to think that Jarvis is kinda messed up for doing this.

  • FaZe Sway
    FaZe Sway Year ago +14393

    Broooo Michael about to get that work 👀😭

  • Sam
    Sam 11 months ago +1

    Anyone here after the KO? So proud of him 🔥🔥

  • Enrique Blanco
    Enrique Blanco Year ago +2

    If a tick token actually wins a fight I will be shocked, Jarvis has this match in the bag.

  • Daksh Vashishtha
    Daksh Vashishtha Year ago +37

    i feel michael is getting bullied😂

  • _mike_
    _mike_ Year ago +2

    They could definitely be friends lmao

  • RblxStellar
    RblxStellar 11 months ago +2

    I feel bad for him he is a nice guy

  • blahh
    blahh Year ago +3

    idk why but i feel bad cause michael actully kinda nice and he finna get rocked hahahaha

  • MTP
    MTP 11 months ago +4

    And Michael just got knocked out 😂

  • Demarcus Q
    Demarcus Q Year ago

    2:20 Danny would fuck everybody up while laughin at the same time 🤣💀

  • Auzzieboi78
    Auzzieboi78 Year ago +1532

    Plot twist:
    Jarvis has faked this video to create attention for their boxing match

  • kaiden donnelly
    kaiden donnelly Year ago +1

    I low-key feel bad for Michael but I’m sticking with the better platform yt :)

  • Cristo Rivas
    Cristo Rivas 11 months ago +6

    Who’s here after he knocked out Michael

  • Anis
    Anis 11 months ago +17

    i love Jarvi, i loved his fight . but this video ain't a thing bro, Le was obviously tryin to get intention by posting that tweet Bcs all the eyes were on Bryce n Austin fight, and Le DMed Jarvi to collab. u could've refuse but not an expose Jarvi.

  • Deen khan3144
    Deen khan3144 11 months ago

    “ Training bruv youv been doing tik tok dances “ Kay so funny man😭🤣

  • linda douglas
    linda douglas 11 months ago +1

    See what happened when he tried to do that. He got knocked out!

  • BadGato gaming
    BadGato gaming 9 months ago

    Your next opponent is right here, LET'S GO JARVIS!!

  • Marlon Gomez
    Marlon Gomez 10 months ago +1

    Micheal:I keep this private that I have a relationship *jarvis:*records the video*

  • V bulldog
    V bulldog 11 months ago +2

    Jarvis busted his nose 😂😂😂 spoke it to reality

  • Lasherlazer
    Lasherlazer Year ago +2713

    Plot twist: Jarvis and Michael set this video up to start beef already.

  • Alejandro Lerma
    Alejandro Lerma Year ago +45

    Not gonna lie I prefer Michael’s attitude he seems like a nice dude

  • Shubhpatel1209
    Shubhpatel1209 11 months ago +1

    I no joke wanna see morgz fight someone lmao😂

  • Xander Dean
    Xander Dean Year ago +1

    He’s tricking the entire internet again don’t fall for it

  • SoulX2
    SoulX2 6 months ago

    plot twist,this is actually meant to be the plan and not "I exposed my boxing opponent"it should be"Planning with my boxing opponent"

  • Qoufa
    Qoufa 11 months ago

    So proud of Jarvis

  • Rosebelle’s Hacked
    Rosebelle’s Hacked 11 months ago +2

    Congrats for winning Jarvis

  • Fksa 1021
    Fksa 1021 Year ago +1

    You are going to slap his face 👊 you are more strong I already know it let’s goooo

  • Aority
    Aority Year ago

    Kinda feel bad for him 😂😂

  • MikiMouseMan
    MikiMouseMan Year ago +33

    I feel bad for him. He seems like a genuine guy

  • linda douglas
    linda douglas 11 months ago +3

    but on that tweet that shows jarvis crying, Underneath it someone said " Yes, and he is going to beat you".

  • Kenna Lynn
    Kenna Lynn 11 months ago +1

    Frazier:wait till you get into the ring and Jarvis breaks your nose and you have to wait 3 months for it to be normal again

  • Alecto Ikosa
    Alecto Ikosa Year ago +19

    Let's gooooooo Michael 👏👏 you

  • Jeremy Beihneitha
    Jeremy Beihneitha 11 months ago +4

    jj always a goat man..he had to be put on a video where he wasn't even directly involved in (he indirectly is connected cause he was one of the ones to start this whole youtube boxing thing)

  • Fierce Peter Gaming
    Fierce Peter Gaming Year ago +2770

    Best Prank Of The Season....💙💙💙

  • Batmxnae
    Batmxnae Year ago +3

    I’m on TheXvid side for Jarvis, lol Michael is about to get his assbeat

  • ʚ ☆ 1lygracexox!! * 。 ・-quit

    Damn I type feel bad for micheal but CONGRATS JARVIS FOR WINNING !

    SHURIKEN GIRLS GAMING 11 months ago +10

    I can’t lie but he didn’t even exposed Micheal le only because his text shows that he wanted the attention more to be on their match more than Bryce hall match

  • Marwa *-*
    Marwa *-* 11 months ago

    Michael literally got exposed💀

  • Jairus the Virus
    Jairus the Virus Year ago +307

    sheesh lowks feel bad for michael bc he actually seemed coo. Idk just me tho

  • Tijht
    Tijht Year ago

    The irrelevant part got me dead🤣

  • Nick_ytryfn
    Nick_ytryfn Year ago

    Bro Jarvis is about to go crazy when it’s up to fights

  • huntrrr
    huntrrr 11 months ago +3

    4:35 is so funny now😂😂🤡🤡😂

  • Cornel Cretu
    Cornel Cretu 11 months ago

    Michael mum is so disappointed in him 😂😂

  • Senozp
    Senozp Year ago +540

    “The public dosent know my girlfriend”
    Jarvis’s brain: not anymore

    • Pranaay Kumar
      Pranaay Kumar Year ago

      @darkflareon_13 back up bro ur prolly like 12 with chicken arms and chicken feet

    • darkflareon_13 back up
      darkflareon_13 back up Year ago

      @lkrx oh I will

    • lkrx
      lkrx Year ago +5

      @darkflareon_13 back up Doubt that you will lad.

    • Ahmad Mustafa
      Ahmad Mustafa Year ago +2

      @Gym Deestroying*

  • StxgeBopin
    StxgeBopin 11 months ago +3

    So who is here after Jarvis knocked out Michael?

  • Yessir productions
    Yessir productions Month ago

    “ and one of you are getting knocked out” well no cap

  • Whitebeard
    Whitebeard 10 months ago

    This is too funny, Michael Le is a straight 🤡

  • ✨Marshallgacha✨
    ✨Marshallgacha✨ 11 months ago

    We already know Jarvis the king is winning this

  • sasha
    sasha Year ago

    3:42 why they do jarvis like that😂

  • KamzinoHD
    KamzinoHD 11 months ago +6

    How can he ask to face time his mum😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Houtlepel
    Houtlepel Year ago

    Of course im on yt side Jarvis youre the best u abouta knock his ass out

  • Salahuddin Sayyad
    Salahuddin Sayyad 11 months ago +1

    Well he lost anyway and Jarvis got all the attention good play

  • Struan Millar
    Struan Millar Year ago +494

    Plot twist: They have already done this and now they are recreating it and this video was one of the ideas.

  • ZK7
    ZK7 11 months ago +1

    Bryce got shat on and WELL DONE JARVIS!!!

  • TreyPizzy
    TreyPizzy 11 months ago +2

    The funny thing is Danny has not trained for shit😂

  • Asher Hillestad
    Asher Hillestad Year ago +7

    Bro I’m so hyped for the fight Team YT ALL THE WAY!!

  • Muhammad Tar
    Muhammad Tar 11 months ago

    Jarvis you did what you needed to

  • K1ngSoup
    K1ngSoup Year ago +388

    Does Kay realize that not every fight ends with a K.O

    • K1ngSoup
      K1ngSoup 11 months ago

      @Sqedy yea I know but that's not what I was saying

    • Sqedy
      Sqedy 11 months ago

      But he was correct

    • dj Gatewood
      dj Gatewood 11 months ago +1

      Well he was right😭

    • Sy7co!
      Sy7co! 11 months ago +1

      Maybe not all fights, but his fight did.

    • sassy_gamer
      sassy_gamer 11 months ago +2

      This one did lol

    RAFAL GALAUSZKA 11 months ago +1


  • Alecto Ikosa
    Alecto Ikosa Year ago +4

    You are going to lose LOL🤣 but beat of luck 🤣 bro

  • AS Popz
    AS Popz 6 months ago

    his fight was honestly pretty much the main fight xD

  • Idkjustalejandra ❤︎
    Idkjustalejandra ❤︎ 11 months ago +2

    I knew my boy Jarvis would come in hard. It’s so harddddd 🤣 congratulations jarviss I knew you could do it :) I’m so proud

  • Unknown
    Unknown Year ago +324

    I actually feel bad for Michael. Man give you his trust and you did him dirty lol.

    • Isaac Lara
      Isaac Lara Year ago

      It smart actually now that he exposed people wanna see what Jarvis it mike do

    • ichirakuramen
      ichirakuramen Year ago

      Pretty sure michael only talked shit on twitter to start some beef, nothing personal

    • CaseyStarman
      CaseyStarman Year ago

      @Walid Karroum my guy, did you just...cal twitter "tweeter" lmao

    • wert 54
      wert 54 Year ago


    • No Name
      No Name Year ago

      @Walid Karroum tweeeeeeeeeeeeeterrrrrrrrrrr

  • CT-The-Champ
    CT-The-Champ 11 months ago +1

    Le talks all that 🤡🤡🤡 and gets knocked out 😬😬😬 SHEESH…

  • Gabby A
    Gabby A Year ago +1

    bruh he just wanted to hype this up instead of doing real beef... is being nice a problem?

  • Mumzki
    Mumzki  10 months ago

    Plot twist: This is already the beef💀

  • Prem Narayandas
    Prem Narayandas 10 months ago

    The real fight we need is Michael’s mom vs Jarvis’s mom

  • Aryan🐐
    Aryan🐐 Year ago

    Well he got the attention he wanted so…😅