TWL #2: Bir Tawil- The Land Without a Country

  • Published on Mar 15, 2016
  • Pretty much every piece of land on earth is part of a Country, except, of course, Bir Tawil.
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  • Spencer Snitil
    Spencer Snitil 7 days ago

    Bring TWL back for 2020!!!!!

  • Dugroz Reports
    Dugroz Reports 9 days ago

    Wendover's voice sure has changed over time. Call it "TheXvid Puberty" or something.

  • Orange Yummy
    Orange Yummy 10 days ago

    if bir tawil had matter what country claimed or not.She will need freedom and democracy establish by USA.

  • Virescent
    Virescent 19 days ago

    can you make this a podcast

  • Andrew Clarke
    Andrew Clarke 19 days ago +1

    And there’s auntartica

  • Devin Thompson
    Devin Thompson Month ago

    well ill be starting a country cya

  • sblinder1978
    sblinder1978 2 months ago

    Ah yes, the "jagd" from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, where there are no BS judge rules

  • Coole Dylan
    Coole Dylan 2 months ago

    Um... why do I See the flag of the UN and the flag of Tibet and the flats of whales and Schotland in the end?

  • jaredloveless
    jaredloveless 2 months ago


  • Iraj Pandey
    Iraj Pandey 3 months ago

    Please sell it on eBay I’m interested

  • BoraCM 39
    BoraCM 39 4 months ago

    Bir Tawil belongs in Egypt, I believe.

  • FlegSlav //JimDSB HardbassFanatic

    I should make a communist country there. Cyka blyat

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous 4 months ago

    Dumb brits caused this.

  • Triple B
    Triple B 5 months ago +2

    Egypt should have followed What the 1902 Border, or maybe because they want their country to be a bit bigger.

  • S Gill
    S Gill 5 months ago

    Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos should claim it for a launch site.

    SIDDHARTH PILLAI 5 months ago

    At least we won't have to pay tax

  • Jack Green The weird Once-Ler

    How do I officially claim this land ?

  • Full Time Blues! !
    Full Time Blues! ! 5 months ago

    The hala’iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiib triangle.

  • Full Time Blues! !
    Full Time Blues! ! 5 months ago

    Map men, map men, map men, map men me-
    Wrong channel

  • TerribleTonyShow
    TerribleTonyShow 6 months ago

    Bir tawil? more like Bir Twl

  • CaptRex YT
    CaptRex YT 7 months ago

    I’m watching this video when there are 206 countries. Hm. 2019, anyone?

  • Zachary Mohammadi
    Zachary Mohammadi 8 months ago

    Bir Tawil je srbija

  • HLB Birky
    HLB Birky 8 months ago +1


  • autistic MGTOW
    autistic MGTOW 8 months ago

    stop making fun of the kekistani

    LIZARD GUY 4 8 months ago

    I call it

  • Jeremy Wong
    Jeremy Wong 11 months ago

    *free real estate intensifies*

  • Citrus Studios
    Citrus Studios 11 months ago

    *_-this is what I do at 1 am-_*

  • Brownskikuca Garlic Bread

    3:15 im serb

  • Weasle 65
    Weasle 65 11 months ago

    Do moar of these

  • Jihwan Kim
    Jihwan Kim 11 months ago

    This is so lazy, but I love it

  • Yoshiaki Okaguchi
    Yoshiaki Okaguchi 11 months ago

    0:35 Of course there is! It's called Antarctica

  • Omar Safwan
    Omar Safwan 11 months ago +2

    I'm Egyptian and that's interesting
    Fun fact , Bir Taweal means tall/long well

  • Addie H
    Addie H Year ago


  • Matthew Donko
    Matthew Donko Year ago

    i know i don’t know enough about the topic, but why dont egypt and sudan split the hala’ib triangle? then split bir tawil in half.

    • Matthew Donko
      Matthew Donko Year ago

      i understand that tribes and people would be split, so get equal area and nearly equal population on both sides

  • shipra singh
    shipra singh Year ago

    Guys if you’re trying to spread awareness of something amongst whom you think are mostly ignorant people on this earth except you super knowledgeable folks!
    Between 1:26 -1:30 mins of this video, you showed a video from women from a village in India instead of Sudan , indicating that video is from Sudan? I’m very very sure and certain about that video being from village from India and not from Sudan.
    At least try to have correct pictures and videos? Are you actually going to those places and getting the actual pictures? I can sit here in US and talk all things about whole world like Trump ,while knowing nothing about what’s actually happening in that part of the world. Be real and original guys or stop this stupid judging and opinionated about other people, countries, civilizations, etc

  • HandsomeUfology
    HandsomeUfology Year ago

    I will claim it and build a scientific utopia! And lots of psychoactives will be legal.

  • Muscovy Mapping
    Muscovy Mapping Year ago

    *Claims Bir Tawil*

    *Finds an ancient alien blah blah thingy that has the nuclear code of Russia*

    *Sudan and Egypt both claim Bir Tawil*

    *Russia surrenders after getting itself nuked*


  • HassanLechkar
    HassanLechkar Year ago

    198th country

  • crimson90
    crimson90 Year ago

    193th. Seems legit.

  • Diamond
    Diamond Year ago

    4:19 TIBET!?

  • Mortus Evil
    Mortus Evil Year ago

    0:42 so is it 2060 square *kilometREs or 2100 square *kilometREs?

  • MishapTrap
    MishapTrap Year ago

    A permanent population you say? does that mean if every person that ever claimed Tawil banded together they could make a country?

  • afootineachworld
    afootineachworld Year ago

    I claim it

  • [RaihanHA]
    [RaihanHA] Year ago

    Empire: ok lets make an Egypt-Sudan border
    Some guy: guys it’s getting late. Pass me the ruler.
    PM: why
    Some guy: *draws line* perfect! Time to go home guys.

  • Jack JEDD
    Jack JEDD Year ago +2

    Why did the British change the border so Sudan had bur tawil if there are no people living there and they said it was for the placement of tribes. If they didn't change it, then it wouldn't have unclaimed today.

  • Trahshsh
    Trahshsh Year ago

    In the intro u but gay bomb 3 times

  • Sports Car Boy
    Sports Car Boy Year ago

    Bir Tawil is claimed by Suyash Dixit.

  • Akay Goldner
    Akay Goldner Year ago

    Jay foreman 😋

  • RED Engineer
    RED Engineer Year ago

    I personally considered Bir Tawil as a country in the updated Yakko's World that I made for school over the summer.

  • Potter's Police, Security and Railway videos

    3:30 Wrong! You would need to file your Declaration of Independence with the governments of Egypt and Sudan and receive no objections from either country before you can actually claim the territory.

  • Potter's Police, Security and Railway videos

    2:10 You're wrong, it's administered (and therefore ruled) by Egypt.

  • Ian Mortensen
    Ian Mortensen Year ago

    Bir Tawil is unclaimed. In other words, it's free real estate.

  • Σeegma
    Σeegma Year ago

    Wait, there are actually claimed places in Antarctica?


    Bir Tawil now Kingdom of Dixit

  • Tamara Vuk
    Tamara Vuk Year ago

    3:06 where did you find this map it says kučka wich means bitch

  • Funny Snail
    Funny Snail Year ago


  • Funny Snail
    Funny Snail Year ago

    I have

  • Funny Snail
    Funny Snail Year ago


  • Gavin Wilbur
    Gavin Wilbur Year ago

    Someday it would be mine!

  • Sleeper Master
    Sleeper Master Year ago +2

    Lets make it a nuclear test site! Or military site!