GE Big Boys - SNL


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  • Jacob Prim
    Jacob Prim 14 hours ago


  • Brian Sounalath
    Brian Sounalath 5 days ago

    666 dislike> uh oh

  • Kasmine Reed
    Kasmine Reed 5 days ago

    Yes house work is men jobs on this earth.

  • Aiber Lane
    Aiber Lane 5 days ago

    How would you get the clothes out of that washer?

  • JayJ995
    JayJ995 5 days ago

    can these be real things PLEASE

  • The BlueBomber
    The BlueBomber 5 days ago

    A VPN Network brought me here lol

  • nlpnt
    nlpnt 6 days ago

    These are all awkward, clumsy and user-unfriendly. But then, look at how many guys armwrestle extended-cab fullsize pickups around every day that they use the capabilities of rarely enough they might as well get a nice subcompact hatchback and rent a truck for the day a couple times a year.

  • JayTheMachine
    JayTheMachine 7 days ago

    Tim “the tool man” Taylor would create some shit like this 😂 “arguuhhh”

  • Upsidedown George W. Bush

    A feature that never changes

  • Nolan R
    Nolan R 8 days ago +1

    I need that

  • Dr. Right
    Dr. Right 8 days ago

    And just like that, millions of women dry up at the thought of Aquaman

  • BusterMikeMD
    BusterMikeMD 9 days ago

    This whole sketch us a rip off Tim Allen's comedy routine from the 90s. A dish washer with a big submarine type door the runs on gas, a vacuum that is powered by a lawn mower, and a washer that has been rewired.

  • Hawkadoodle
    Hawkadoodle 9 days ago

    lol using gas which would mean that there is a combustion engine in all those appliances. XD

    GLENNJAMIN 10 days ago

    Who’s here from iFunny and wanting to kill that app

  • Katharyne Simpson
    Katharyne Simpson 11 days ago

    Jason Momoa😍

  • Angel Blue
    Angel Blue 11 days ago

    If you buy the complete collection, does it come with Jason Momoa?

  • Rio signals dislike leadership, thidr Nine

    I have never wanted to buy a vacume this bad. I think they really should make the it. I want one.

  • Mark Youneva
    Mark Youneva 13 days ago

    Energy star rating of F-, still better than my grades

  • Pearl Polanski
    Pearl Polanski 13 days ago +1

    If that's all it takes to get men to clean, I'm all in!

  • dexburwell
    dexburwell 14 days ago

    That would be a really cool washing machine tho !

  • Melissa Bucholz
    Melissa Bucholz 14 days ago

    This cracks me up so much xD

  • BTC Programmer
    BTC Programmer 14 days ago

    This guy is a pedofile

  • Jeffrey Hernandez
    Jeffrey Hernandez 14 days ago

    If only my wife would buy me these.

  • nightmare dawn
    nightmare dawn 14 days ago

    Oh look it's the kid toucher

  • Your Grandma
    Your Grandma 15 days ago

    This reeks of being written by a feminazi woman power person

  • Scorch Noir
    Scorch Noir 15 days ago

    I swear this was a skit on Blue Collar TV (if anyone remembers what that is.)

  • luis13218
    luis13218 15 days ago

    Stargate Atlantis

  • A Z
    A Z 15 days ago +5

    “240 hp of pure chore torque”

    • Michael Myers
      Michael Myers 12 days ago

      Lol horsepower and torque are not related in this way

  • Javi Undisclosed
    Javi Undisclosed 15 days ago +1

    Watch these things roll out soon into eager buyers hands lol

  • TheSpiderman7285
    TheSpiderman7285 15 days ago

    Tough guy rugged look....with a manbun....smh

  • Progamer 2000
    Progamer 2000 15 days ago +1


  • DJ LED
    DJ LED 16 days ago +1


  • Zack Fincher
    Zack Fincher 16 days ago +1

    I pretty much lost it at the ride-on vacuum cleaner.

  • Alexander Jones
    Alexander Jones 16 days ago +5

    “All GE big boy appliances have an energy -star rating of F-“😂😂😂

  • Alexander Jones
    Alexander Jones 16 days ago +15

    “Featuring a 70 pound steel door”😂😂😂

  • Christopher Terry
    Christopher Terry 16 days ago

    Um that 50% number includes lesbians and single mothers.......

  • Abel Bugg
    Abel Bugg 16 days ago

    Fuck you -ifunny

  • silentscribes
    silentscribes 16 days ago


  • Alexander Jones
    Alexander Jones 16 days ago +2


  • Big man Dan
    Big man Dan 16 days ago

    A woman in a hardhat? 😂 Even in landscaping Ive never met a woman who wasn't useless, even the best one was on drugs and trying to screw all of us.

  • Jonathan Lee
    Jonathan Lee 16 days ago

    You’d get carbon monoxide poisoning

  • jdzspace33
    jdzspace33 16 days ago +1

    10/10 would recommend

  • TBG: Tisuto Brown Gaming Channel

    That was just plain good. Exactly how they market to men.

  • That Guy
    That Guy 16 days ago

    This entire skit is based on sexiest ideas, but I see no backlash from SJW and Feminist.....Strange, seems to be some kind of standard that has 2 sides to a duplicate of sorts.... I just can't think of a proper way to call it.

  • That Guy
    That Guy 16 days ago

    I prefer Benford instead!

  • RohitVinay Art Channel
    RohitVinay Art Channel 16 days ago +2

    Funniest commercials I have ever seen😂😂🤣🤣

  • GamerDad75
    GamerDad75 16 days ago

    Make em' I'll buy em!

  • that other guy
    that other guy 16 days ago

    The council of men approves.

  • Hazy Bear
    Hazy Bear 16 days ago

    Well can't be a man an work with a manbun throwing your balance off.

  • maria rodriguez
    maria rodriguez 17 days ago

    I’ve been trying to convince my husband to be a stay at home dad but he doesn’t want to . 15 year’s ago when we first got together I always said that one day I was going to make enough money to support my mom , him and our future kids . Now I own my own company and a small business on the side make really good money . “ i told him today is the day baby “!! . But he said no ! 😑 he’s to young and he’s a man ! 😕 . I’m 31 and he is 33 by the way .... one day I’m hoping to convince him to be a stay at home dad 😄😁

    • maria rodriguez
      maria rodriguez 16 days ago

      Cole Blackman yes I do agree, I do understand where he is coming from that’s why I’m trying not to force him to do it . I just want him to relax and enjoy himself for a change. He always worked so hard to help me get where I’m at in this point of life . He makes really good money as well but his job is really hard , he’s always on his feet for long hours. But I really hope he sees it my way one day 😄

    • Cole Blackman
      Cole Blackman 16 days ago +1

      It is anathema to the evolution of man to be staying home with children, so I see where he's coming from. Someone should stay home with them, and perhaps the decision should ultimately be made with regard to financial convenience.

  • Quinton Jean
    Quinton Jean 17 days ago

    This should get rewards

  • Radek3887
    Radek3887 17 days ago

    Make a 3000 PSI dishwasher. Dudes will buy it. I'll buy it. It'll wash those plates real good

  • Douglas Plante
    Douglas Plante 17 days ago

    Only Aquaman could bring SNL skits back to their prime

  • Taylor Santy
    Taylor Santy 17 days ago

    As a representative of the male gender, I can officially say we'd buy that shit.

  • Walter Gouge
    Walter Gouge 17 days ago

    As an appliance salesman, I love this

  • Oie White
    Oie White 17 days ago

    not two far from telling the truth

  • john Marston
    john Marston 17 days ago

    Theres something about 80lb. Steel doors that makes cleaning easier for me

  • elementalsigil
    elementalsigil 18 days ago +1

    That was great.

  • Soquid Snake
    Soquid Snake 18 days ago +1

    Y'all won't complain about Toxic Masculinity when it gets the house clean lmao

  • Jessica Marmann
    Jessica Marmann 18 days ago

    hey Momoa, my moms a real big fan of yours. think you could help me out??

  • Its ASetUp
    Its ASetUp 18 days ago

    I like doing housework and living by myself. Cheaper than divorce.

  • DoubleD
    DoubleD 18 days ago

    I saw this clip on Instagram and it was immediately recommended on TheXvid, the Illuminati is getting sloppy

  • Squishy Potato
    Squishy Potato 18 days ago +2

    *Good O'l Days . .* 🇺🇸👌

  • B GT
    B GT 18 days ago +1

    Hahaha what a whimsically funny skit!
    Internally- ...I do want that riding vacuum though...I would dominate the hell out of these floors...

  • sam
    sam 18 days ago +1

    Id actually buy that

  • Kevin Wendover
    Kevin Wendover 18 days ago

    😂😂😂 the mower already has a bagger do you think the woman will be mad if she comes home and sees it in the house. "Sorry babe, 3rd carpet this week"

  • Kira Griffiths
    Kira Griffiths 18 days ago

    Is that Kristen Schaal at the beginning?

  • jonathan sauceda
    jonathan sauceda 18 days ago +1

    Makes you feel like you have a job

  • Lily Steph
    Lily Steph 19 days ago +1

    Love him

  • Altrunchen
    Altrunchen 19 days ago +1

    Okay but for real, ride-on vacuum cleaner when?

  • AntoineR
    AntoineR 19 days ago

    I'm a simple man I see Jason I click

  • engineeringsquirrel
    engineeringsquirrel 19 days ago +1

    Shut up and take my money!!!!!

  • Sarah Barker
    Sarah Barker 19 days ago

    I saw this on iFunny and I almost thought it was a real ad at first. 😂

  • Michael Owens
    Michael Owens 19 days ago

    As a man, this marketing works on me.

  • FBI
    FBI 19 days ago +1

    I don’t see what’s so bad about some house chores when you have tools and appliances like this

  • Mac Mahan
    Mac Mahan 19 days ago

    i love jason momoa lol

  • DesecratedReaper
    DesecratedReaper 19 days ago

    "quote" 🤣🤣🤣

  • my first crappy video Billy

    I need to dump my woman and find one who accepts this

  • Alejandra Ortiz
    Alejandra Ortiz 19 days ago

    Everything about that man is absolutely gorgeous but that wink made me cringe 😂😂

  • BilboPlaysMinecraft
    BilboPlaysMinecraft 19 days ago

    Lowkey id buy the fuck outta these

  • John Jeffry
    John Jeffry 19 days ago

    Sadly Speaking Thats how Most Gaming Industries actually works ,More Energy consuming Graphics card & more Gaming for Mostly Boys

  • Chase Roush
    Chase Roush 19 days ago

    She came home to a clean house, cleaned by Jason Momoa. She may as well have given him her panties right at the door.

    DRUMMING BAD 20 days ago

    makes more sense than man pop

  • Evan Lundt
    Evan Lundt 20 days ago

    Where my brothers at oh yeah yeah

  • ComicalBanana
    ComicalBanana 20 days ago

    Hell yeah brother

  • Nanto The Enigma
    Nanto The Enigma 20 days ago


  • Zero Flame
    Zero Flame 20 days ago


  • Abel Felix
    Abel Felix 21 day ago

    Too bad all the males now are more feminine then Caitlyn Jenner

  • alliance navy 45
    alliance navy 45 21 day ago

    i would total buy it

  • Borys68
    Borys68 21 day ago

    This is ingenious!

  • Jeriun
    Jeriun 21 day ago

    Fucking liberals. I'm one of you.

  • H.E. Pennypacker
    H.E. Pennypacker 22 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the jackhammer didn’t get the stain totally out? As at a stay at home dad myself, I’d suggest wailing on the stain with a sledgehammer.

  • Kevin Vilbig
    Kevin Vilbig 22 days ago

    y'all killed it

  • Legal
    Legal 22 days ago

    i need that dish washer but with an 80 pound steel door

  • Zeacorzeppelin10
    Zeacorzeppelin10 22 days ago

    Home appliances running on gasoline, that can only go well.

  • Jason Meador
    Jason Meador 22 days ago

    Wow, I had no idea SNL was still doing razor sharp satire these days, this is brilliant.

  • Alexander Inget
    Alexander Inget 23 days ago

    I would fucking love that dishwasher hahaha

  • Valentino M
    Valentino M 23 days ago

    funnier without audio and fake laughs!

  • Alex Gia
    Alex Gia 23 days ago

    Hahahha. That was really funny!
    (Take note 2019 internet warriors. People can make stereotypical jokes about you, without you being offended)

  • Roberto Sanz
    Roberto Sanz 23 days ago

    Are those available in Homedepot? 😄😄