Top 3 Best Desktop Linux Distros | 2019 Edition!

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
  • Here it is! ~ My top 3 favorite desktop Linux distributions, 2019 Edition!
    In this video, we'll look at Linux Mint, elementaryOS, KDE Neon, as well as Solus Linux, and Manjaro!
    I want to clarify what I mean by "Desktop Linux Distribution" - basically any Linux distro that is specifically made for the "everyman" Linux user. There are lots of Linux distros with specialized purposes, such as Kali Linux, but there are also distros that are tailored for developers or sysadmin work. Pop_OS, for example, is a fantastic distro, but I feel it is geared towards developers rather than everyday desktop users.
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Comments • 834

  • Avinash Rao
    Avinash Rao Day ago

    Manjaro + i3 gaps = DISTRUCTION3000000

  • Gibran Zawahra
    Gibran Zawahra 5 days ago

    i just love how you can no longer login atleast on elementary if you have no more space available....but otherwise awesome looking on th esurface book 2

  • Sepehr Dark
    Sepehr Dark 6 days ago

    whay whay whay. beatufiul interface snapOS ...... like box-icons. box colours. :)
    where i s to download snap OS.

  • Cyanika Bern
    Cyanika Bern 7 days ago

    elementary and zorin are my fav linux distro

  • EqualLandFreePeople
    EqualLandFreePeople 8 days ago

    I used a bunch of distros and tried a lot of these top 5 distro lists for linux. But I tried KDE neon for a day, and have to say I am impressed. The nvidia driver was installed during hd install. The problem I see is mozilla, it is good but the youtube playback is poor compared to chromium. At least on my system.

  • Dystar 924
    Dystar 924 9 days ago

    "...But witch distro really interact with the 3D icons already into the packages?" 🗨😏♨️📆🐦🗳

  • CodeStalk
    CodeStalk 11 days ago

    just here to say that manjaro may seem less stable but arch is insanely stable. manjaro went far away from original arch which has a very bad but cool installation process.

  • Luis C
    Luis C 12 days ago +1

    Really thou, I had more issues with debian based distros like ubuntu rather than Arch, once Arch is installed the system can go years without maintenance and still doing it great. You clearly are spreading misinformation, so I have to dislike and report your video.

  • 슬옹Engunto
    슬옹Engunto 13 days ago +2

    Glad someone on TheXvid agrees that Arch Linux is NOT the best thing since sliced bread.

  • Pratish Vishwasrao
    Pratish Vishwasrao 14 days ago

    what is the name of the browser at the starting of the video ? which linux was it ?

    • Egee
      Egee  13 days ago

      It's an elementaryOS app called Ephemeral. It's a privacy focused browser.

  • Dollar Bill
    Dollar Bill 14 days ago +1

    Personally I recently started using Zorin OS and am pretty happy with it to far. But I'm more a casual user and don't really do heavy gaming on the pc

    • Egee
      Egee  14 days ago

      So many people talk about Zorin, I'm really excited to feature it in Season 2

  • tux
    tux 16 days ago

    Artix :)

  • Mayank Upadhyay
    Mayank Upadhyay 17 days ago +6

    99% comments: I use arch btw..
    1%: Ollalalala olalala

  • Serge Sharp
    Serge Sharp 19 days ago

    manjaro is the best, solus also great, others look good but crash and freeze a lot, tested most recent versions. Deepin also looks good but trouble to work with.

  • Pronojit Dutta
    Pronojit Dutta 19 days ago

    Arch Linux is more stable than Manjaro in my experience.

    • Pronojit Dutta
      Pronojit Dutta 16 days ago

      @Business Mail Why use pamac or yaourt when you can just use pacman and AUR. Trust me, once you get into the "pacman" game(pun intended), you'll get so used it you won't want to go back to anything else. I think they also support bttrfs, so it's good for back up as well.

    • Business Mail
      Business Mail 16 days ago

      Any arch based distro seems just super inconvenient imo. Like, "yaourt", "pamac" and "AUR" "Syu" why are the commands on arch so dull? I started with the kde edition of manjaro but the commands seems just so dull and inconvenient after switching to ubuntu. Even though I didn't care about ubuntu but try commands and the gui makes more sense to me

    • Pronojit Dutta
      Pronojit Dutta 19 days ago

      @Serge Sharp It's always some update with breaks Manjaro for me.

    • Serge Sharp
      Serge Sharp 19 days ago

      Manjaro is stable enough, even with yaourt packages

  • Станислав Матвиенко

    MX Linux is Best Desktop Linux Distros!

  • Loredan Blajovici
    Loredan Blajovici 21 day ago

    Hello!I agree,but you try to use PC Linux OS KDE?

  • Johan B.
    Johan B. 23 days ago

    Mint is nice, but Peppermint is nicer;)

  • Masixim Xander
    Masixim Xander 23 days ago

  • Eddie O'Connor
    Eddie O'Connor 24 days ago

    `i have tried all three of these distros, and I love ElementaryOS!...Linux Mint is also a fan favorite around my house, as both "Mom" and my brother use it....then there's to say this?.....I don't mind its looks?...but to me its a resource hog! I mean while I'm all for throwing everything in there? have to know when to say "when" and they've gone overboard with stuff! trying to do something simple like change a background is just so involved!....LoL! Still....I think this is what makes Linux so great, the fact that what one person likes?...might not be someone else's cup of tea, and yet they can BOTH agree that Linux is AWESOME!... Great video!!!

    • EqualLandFreePeople
      EqualLandFreePeople 8 days ago

      How can you say that? You can change background in two clicks. Then you have the option to have a new background everyday by other people nasa, or you can have a whole new theme, or you can download new backgrounds. Also all the fonts sizes were changed easily. The theme show as a thumbnail so you can switch or change easily.

  • Savage Angel
    Savage Angel 24 days ago

    Aren't we gonna ask about the name of the game at the end of the video ?

  • Iseurt56
    Iseurt56 25 days ago

    Hi I break my system with sudo rm -r /*
    What that hell

  • re FLIPd
    re FLIPd 27 days ago

    I am using Kubuntu, 19.04 and I can't get the app store to work.

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown 27 days ago

    Mint is faster

  • AlienGamer
    AlienGamer 28 days ago

    Iam surprised you did not even mention MX19, since it pretty much beat all these distros.

  • Joseph Noblepal
    Joseph Noblepal 28 days ago

    Hey Egee's Tech, which distro are you currently using in this video?

    • Egee
      Egee  26 days ago

      all of em

  • Bongo Cat
    Bongo Cat 28 days ago


  • Rob Ch.
    Rob Ch. 29 days ago

    For me Manjaro and Pop Os are the best. Manajaro because of the heavy customization, it's robust, stable and it's good for gaming , every application is there . Pop Os if you need touch support. One thing I have issues with is with the Bluetooth with every distro I tried in the Huawei matebook 2016 convertible. So I stick with Pop os because was the more stable of them all . I tried deepin tho it was very clean and polish I had that Bluetooth problem and was even worst than in the other two. Screen support on deepin is not ideal as onboard keyboard was a nightmare to getting it to work , I never was able to, not even following all the troubleshooting. So for touchscreen support and wacom support I will recommend pop os

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    Lol I thought you said soulless linux

  • realm realm
    realm realm Month ago

    If we are talking whats the most beautiful, then no doubt, DEEPIN is the winner

  • vickimon
    vickimon Month ago

    I've always been cautious about Linux because it's open source, it's out safe? Will software be but in there to take my passwords from emails, Spotify and etc????

    • elukok
      elukok Month ago

      It is save because it is open source.
      If you are worried what some part of the system does, you can just check the source code.
      Using proprietary (closed source) SW is dangerous, because you or community cannot check what is the SW actually doing. You just have to believe what the authors say.

  • Ekkehard Morgenstern

    I'm using Debian with XFCE desktop and I love it! :) -- it's not fancypants and I get to be stuck in 200x user interface bubble. ;) -- I absolutely dislike Gnome 3 (which seems to be used by some distros introduced in the videos), I'd prefer KDE any day. I'm using SOME GTK3 apps but generally they feel very awkward (custom drawn window frame and controls, lack of customization, stuff like that).

  • Beun007
    Beun007 Month ago

    I use Feren OS, Ubuntu based... Pretty awesome! Awesome support too...

    • Beun007
      Beun007 Month ago

      @Egee Yes, for sure! I'm running it at the moment!

    • Egee
      Egee  Month ago

      Is Feren still actively developed?

  • Eddie O'Connor
    Eddie O'Connor Month ago

    If I had to compile a list? would look like this:

    Linux Mint
    Ubuntu Linux
    Elementary OS
    MX Linux
    Linux Lite
    Robo Linux
    Sparky Linux
    Zorin OS

    KDE Neon
    Puppy Linux

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux
    Kali Linux
    Bodhi Linux
    Bunsen Labs
    Slackware Linux
    Arch Linux

    All of these distros have something to offer for the person who is looking for a definitive "change". I'm in-between the middle and bottom category as I use Fedora / OpenSuSE / CEntOS and Debian.But overall?..I love 'em all!

  • Łukasz Markow
    Łukasz Markow Month ago +1

    If anyone is interested in wallpaper from video's thumbnail - google "JoeJazz cityscape".

  • Mino Levon
    Mino Levon Month ago

    all the arch linux memes lol. I am happy with pop_os or mint they are all same for my main goal is to use the terminal as much as possible and avoid the gui. everything is possible on terminal its so satisfying opening my favourite code editor... opening an html file with my favourit editor everything is just awesome who cares for arch or other distros a good distro is one that is reliable and stable cuz you are using it daily and u have no time to troubleshoot something every 2-3 hours.

  • Robert Lim
    Robert Lim Month ago

    Kubuntu user since 2011.

  • Johann
    Johann Month ago

    Startpage FTW!

  • Nanda Slami
    Nanda Slami Month ago

    Deepin os is the best for me

  • Music Parser
    Music Parser Month ago

    I bought an Asus ux32vd several years ago (2011) and installed directly ubuntu on it, because of power saving reasons. I can use it in batterie mode around 8 hours/ Idle, on windows i only would get around 4h/ idle. Yea, u get powdered your ass in windows, with easy installations but in ubuntu u need to think about workarounds to get programms started, which aren't supported. I'm still happy with ubuntu. For Laptops i would alaways recommend Linux, for desktop PC's Windows

    LIES IN THE SKIES Month ago

    Manjaro KDE is rock solid.

  • Bongo Cat
    Bongo Cat Month ago

    manjaro xfce linux

  • Sendy Pamungkas
    Sendy Pamungkas Month ago +1

    Whoa all of them are Ubuntu based distro

    • Egee
      Egee  Month ago

      Next year's won't be ;)

  • Lolscrubzz
    Lolscrubzz Month ago +1

    Are you sure that this are 3 distros and not 5
    Great Video Btw

  • .
    . Month ago +1

    arch + i3 + st terminal = life
    I use arch btw

    • bananaman
      bananaman Month ago +1

      lfs + dwm + st = life
      I use lfs btw

  • .
    . Month ago +11

    arch + i3 + st terminal = life
    I use arch btw

    • Peace of Soul
      Peace of Soul 3 days ago +2

      Just had same configuration.
      Dumped arch to try freeBSD.
      Did not support any of my drivers..
      I am coming back to arch..
      Love my arch

    • .
      . 5 days ago +1

      @CodeStalk sorry I've since moved on to gnome3 with gnome terminal on arch

    • CodeStalk
      CodeStalk 11 days ago +1

      i3 + st .. :D dude get a life :D

  • James Williams
    James Williams Month ago +1

    KDE is my favourite desktop environment. Even though KDE has loads of settings, they are better organised in KDE 5 than they were in older versions and KDE isn't as memory hungry now as a lot of code was rewritten.
    Manjaro is my favourite distro and probably the most user friendly rolling release distro, unless distros like Linux Mint now have rolling release features? Manjaro, to me, is like Arch + Linux Mint merged together.
    For any Windows users reading this, Linux is much safer in terms of viruses, it's faster, it's smaller and it has loads of programs you can download for free. A heavier desktop environment like KDE still feels much lighter than Windows. You can also choose to use a smaller desktop environment if you want, like Xfce or Budgie. I use Windows as a virtual machine, only for software development and testing web pages in Microsoft Edge.

  • Sniper 2000
    Sniper 2000 Month ago

    What happened to extern OS?

  • Clod Gozon
    Clod Gozon Month ago

    PLAY THE VIDEO 1.25x

  • Sambal Balado
    Sambal Balado Month ago

    1. Linux mint
    2. Elementary OS
    5. Manjaro

  • B watson
    B watson 2 months ago

    Parrot kde

  • MyHideOut
    MyHideOut 2 months ago

    Which game you playing at the end?

    • Egee
      Egee  Month ago

      Mount & Blade Warband

  • fanticniklas
    fanticniklas 2 months ago

    arch is the most stable distro ive used and oh boy i have used a lot of distros

  • Bastian36
    Bastian36 2 months ago

    linux is trash, tried pureos, elementary os, ubuntu and linuxmint. in pure os the wifi isnt working, all other distr. the touchpad of my laptop is laggy + the system hangs itself after i press "restart now"

  • Tuxpeng
    Tuxpeng 2 months ago

    You can order from Zareason and request they install most any distro

  • Sean Don
    Sean Don 2 months ago

    currently having trouble downloading Kali Linux on my mac using Virtual Box , For some reason when i download Linux From their website it doesn’t give me the correct file that i need to use in Virtual box ! Pls help Im on a imac 2017 running the latest ios

  • Sean Don
    Sean Don 2 months ago

    hey wasup bro

  • ben B
    ben B 2 months ago

    nice video thank you..what is that game right at the end?? looks pretty cool!

  • F. Alves
    F. Alves 2 months ago

    Mint ubuntu and manjaro. You can go away now

  • Jesse Rosenbaum
    Jesse Rosenbaum 2 months ago

    Solid list.