Best of: Red Letter Media - Part 01

  • Published on Nov 10, 2015
  • Have fun with some of the best moments from Red Letter Media. Fuck Movies!
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  • ff789n10
    ff789n10 9 days ago

    This is totally my kind of humor and weirdness

    SZRLM 12 days ago

    I both love and hate that only Jay sees and reacts at 27:20

  • dewidiot79
    dewidiot79 28 days ago

    Hey, you guys remember dicks?!

  • Jim
    Jim 29 days ago


  • Joostin Kookel
    Joostin Kookel 2 months ago

    The reason Rich Evans is popular, is because he's not a hypocritical piece of shit who made 2 hour long reviews that eventually make him look like a over zealous piece of shit. yo Mike, you ruined Starwars and Startek, good job. Why don't you create another review where act drunk on purpose so that no matter what you say can't be refuted by any side. it's literally your only call to fame. Let's see the next franchise you ruin based on your impossibly long bipolar tirades you did in the past. Oh you don't do that anymore? Oh man, It's almost like you shouldn't have made 5 hour tirades against someone more talented than you. Oh you didn't read this because you're too popular and drunk? Well maybe you should stop working for redlettermedia because you fucking suck.

  • Je Yi
    Je Yi 2 months ago

    This kats are doing the same thing that eric Andre does xept they do it independently without the conexions at the sinagoge. More power to them

  • paulvin2010
    paulvin2010 3 months ago +1

    mr plinkett, should we help him off the god damn ground?

  • Zaius Ex Machina
    Zaius Ex Machina 3 months ago

    Some of this material is not on TheXvid right. It's outtakes from Patreon right?

  • The Amateur Reviewer
    The Amateur Reviewer 3 months ago

    My name is *DOOOON WILSON*
    *I R U N I O W A ' S L A R G E S T W I L D L I F E R E S E R V E*

  • VultureClone
    VultureClone 4 months ago

    The way Americans pronounce Brisbane physically hurts me.

  • MrBloodbunny
    MrBloodbunny 4 months ago

    I can proudly say I follow them from the very beginning, but you have some footages which I haven't seen. Like cut outs. Where are those from? Btw thanks for your effort, I like this video.

    • Fupa Mastah
      Fupa Mastah 4 months ago

      Do you know the name of the video that features the southern lady? The one that said that satan butfucked her home

  • Geek Chorus
    Geek Chorus 4 months ago

    I wanna be just like Mike when I grow up!

  • joh joh
    joh joh 4 months ago

    who's the thicc southern girl OwO

  • The Notorious Yim
    The Notorious Yim 4 months ago +1

    Fuck movies. Fuck everything

  • Shred Gein
    Shred Gein 5 months ago +3

    this RLM compilation subverted my expectations

  • Jesse Carozza
    Jesse Carozza 5 months ago

    23:22 is just sad after 2016. :(

  • ardas
    ardas 5 months ago

    Shut up Hajib!

  • ThisSiteisCrap
    ThisSiteisCrap 5 months ago

    29:30 a sad sad glimpse into mikes home life

  • OliverObz
    OliverObz 5 months ago +1

    7:00 finally reviewed it!

  • Uli Peterson
    Uli Peterson 5 months ago

    "you guys remember dicks?"


  • Simone The Digger
    Simone The Digger 5 months ago

    Look at how fat Jay was. Look at how not fat Mike was.

  • mechanical hands
    mechanical hands 5 months ago

    Rich's genius really shines when he makes these prank phone calls. I would love to hear him do more.

  • Mathy Don
    Mathy Don 5 months ago

    My stomach hurts so much, I was puking all night and I have watery diarrhea

  • JosephJamesScott
    JosephJamesScott 5 months ago

    Rich Evens is should be in every scene.

  • HTSenpai9000
    HTSenpai9000 5 months ago

    I love when they break character 😂

  • David Tangen
    David Tangen 6 months ago

    Black ops 4 zombies i mean

  • David Tangen
    David Tangen 6 months ago

    Love your show

  • David Tangen
    David Tangen 6 months ago

    If u notice on the corner left of the new zombies map 9 there is aret work on it and it looks like mr plinket check out

  • Globo
    Globo 6 months ago

    how stoned do you think they were during the resident evil scenes?

  • Twilight Cowboy
    Twilight Cowboy 8 months ago

    This makes me feel nostalgic

  • Red5Wormy
    Red5Wormy 8 months ago

    7:23 Lmfao!!

  • Rural Ascetic
    Rural Ascetic 8 months ago

    The delivery of 12:02 is just hysterical to me

  • Man Beadle
    Man Beadle 8 months ago +1

    Was he actually hammered there? Hilarious.

  • •OMEGA•07
    •OMEGA•07 8 months ago

    29:30 best reaction ever

  • boots10000
    boots10000 9 months ago


  • Freezie Pop
    Freezie Pop 9 months ago +1

    Rich's secret talent is crank phone calls

  • Faktea Lalfakzuala
    Faktea Lalfakzuala 9 months ago +1

    I just realized RLM is funnier when you're drunk as fk

    ITS ME AUSTIN 9 months ago

    Mike is a national treasure

  • TonyKipriani
    TonyKipriani 10 months ago

    i need the video about the Comedy Club pls :D

  • Davey Johnson
    Davey Johnson 11 months ago +3

    15:09 is my favorite Rich is Plinkett moment of ALL-TIME! !!!!

  • Brian Cliffdogg
    Brian Cliffdogg 11 months ago

    What episode is the one where Plinket thinks hes in a bank?

  • Zach Geiser
    Zach Geiser 11 months ago +1

    Imagine if Rich Evans saw that movie inn the theater😂😂😂

  • ardas
    ardas 11 months ago

    woooooooooooow amaaaaaaaaaaazing

  • Howbo Sanap
    Howbo Sanap 11 months ago

    Lets get some peanuts come on!

  • TheAceLewis
    TheAceLewis Year ago

    15:10 the day after leg day

  • Cabbage Nation
    Cabbage Nation Year ago

    So I have aids

  • rob rick
    rob rick Year ago +26

    From hobbit to catalogue model, the Jay Bauman story.

    • Karl Karlos
      Karl Karlos 11 months ago +1

      Oh come on! Hobbits are already hot!

  • Terry Nieuwoudt
    Terry Nieuwoudt Year ago +2

    9:50 "I forgot the nail... But the Romans didn't."

    EXTRA JERKY Year ago


  • Subject 2 Productions

    Yup, this is about perfect. It was that Jack and Jill review that made me realize how awesome they are.

  • darkblur101
    darkblur101 Year ago

    I failed my exam. I really needed this laugh.

  • Griffin Tremaine
    Griffin Tremaine Year ago

    What are these? Super bottles?
    Haha I hadn’t seen that clip in like 5 years. Thanks man

  • PostingIsMyThingYo
    PostingIsMyThingYo Year ago +1

    holy shit Mike looks like Kevin Spacey if he was a rapist... oh.

  • Chiron God Emperor of

    Thank fuck for Dan Wilson and Iowas Largest Wildlife Preserve.

  • Private Pizza
    Private Pizza Year ago +4

    You missed the chance to call this “the best of the worst”

  • Andy Salter
    Andy Salter Year ago +19

    Why do I have more faith in Rich Evans as George Lucas making star wars then George Lucas making star wars!!!

  • Andy Salter
    Andy Salter Year ago +6

    Red letter media is what TheXvid was invented for !! Greatest channel ever !!!how is Adam Sandler allowed to make big budget movies but these guys are still on TheXvid ?!?? Someone give these guys 50 million to make the Mr plinkett trilogy !

  • Khechari
    Khechari Year ago +4

    You picked a great clip for the last one of the video. THAT'S good editing.

  • A Ninja
    A Ninja Year ago +2

    Alright I'm new to RedLetterMedia and that 8 seconds is a good first impression of these guys...

    FRESH TV Year ago +9

    Jay went from

  • Christian Perez
    Christian Perez Year ago +1

    Look bitch, I don't jump sharks.
    I fuck them for breakfast.
    - Mr Plinkett

  • princesstamika
    princesstamika Year ago

    :58 that's so obviously Jay because of the way he holds things like a leftie with his right hand.

  • NomnomJawsnomnom
    NomnomJawsnomnom Year ago

    "WHY NOT!?"

  • Bohemen
    Bohemen Year ago +25

    "You heard me c*nt" That bleep is super funny to me for some reason.

  • Total Destruction

    3:45 Trying his hardest not to laugh.

  • ungratefulmetalpansy

    They like chubby redheads and I approve!

  • Alex C
    Alex C Year ago +1

    I love how Mike just falls off the chair.

  • Robot Bjorn
    Robot Bjorn Year ago +29

    They were once so virile and young.

  • Bill Murray from The Man Who Knew Too Little

    What're these, sooper battles??

  • Musicvidsetc
    Musicvidsetc Year ago

    Where does one find all of the outtakes that are in this?

  • sophie m
    sophie m Year ago +4

    Rich Evans laugh can cure cancer

    • Lord Giles
      Lord Giles Year ago

      sophie m Mike's laugh could cause cancer...

  • bruce wayne
    bruce wayne Year ago +26

    what ever happened to Jillian and that redhead that played the cop/hooker. They were pretty damn funny.

  • Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson

    Rich Evans is the world's greatest prank caller

  • ᔕTᗩYᑎIᖴTY
    ᔕTᗩYᑎIᖴTY Year ago +97

    This is borderline experimental.

  • Psychedelic Lizard
    Psychedelic Lizard Year ago +1

    19:04 so true

  • TZBY
    TZBY Year ago

    I love jays face at 16:48

  • exonerative
    exonerative Year ago

    Rich Evans should have his own crank call show.

  • exonerative
    exonerative Year ago +8

    The greatest show on TheXvid (aside from Cinemassacre), without a doubt in my mind.

  • Mclovin Buddha
    Mclovin Buddha Year ago

    1:39 comedy gold

  • The Big Wumpus
    The Big Wumpus Year ago +8

    I wonder how much money they spent on all the furniture they break

  • FoldingChairSA
    FoldingChairSA Year ago +7


    • Alex K
      Alex K Year ago +1

      FoldingChairSA Dan/Don whatever

  • Kap3z1
    Kap3z1 Year ago +1

    Where did you get those deleted scenes?

  • blaire
    blaire Year ago +6

    i still can't believe jay was right about the Not Movies

  • alice shrugged
    alice shrugged Year ago +45

    I love how the 3D revival fad pretty much ended with Phantom Menace

  • spookydonkey42
    spookydonkey42 Year ago +17

    Every "best of" is a tums festival!

  • Keizer Van Enerc
    Keizer Van Enerc Year ago

    9:56 for the clip that explains what happened to the airplane from malaysia airlines MH370

  • AgentFlea
    AgentFlea Year ago +3

    im the 9/11th like on this vid.

  • Joseph Adam
    Joseph Adam Year ago +19

    The knife in the wall by its handle.... My laugh hurt me.

  • Kurt Krienke
    Kurt Krienke Year ago +5

    That Lora Story has some nice tittays.

  • Lucy Bickerton
    Lucy Bickerton Year ago +2

    We'll call it..FART

  • ramen friend
    ramen friend Year ago +6

    I love that they just laughed at resident evil for 4 minutes straight holy shit.

  • Das The Saucemaster
    Das The Saucemaster Year ago +12

    18:04 top 10 anime battles of all time

  • Nathaniel Beven
    Nathaniel Beven 2 years ago

    the shower scene part was because the movie wa sin 3d and the cut shots were probably cgi 3D! water. still a fuck up but done on the DVD release edit

  • The Gunslinger
    The Gunslinger 2 years ago

    I'd love to be on the receiving end of one of these prank calls by Rich.

  • Noah Miller
    Noah Miller 2 years ago +67

    why is RedLetterMedia so unappreciated in the grand scheme of youtube?

    • Brian
      Brian Month ago

      They’re pretty niche, and their videos are awfully long for TheXvid.

    • Lord Giles
      Lord Giles Year ago +12

      A lot of the "famous" channels are "fans" of RLM... Except when they are insulted by RLM. Then they cry like little bitches.

    • Scott Hurst
      Scott Hurst Year ago +6

      there isn't really a mainstream interest in Film

    • st0rmforce
      st0rmforce Year ago +14

      I think they're a bit too twisted for the mainstream. A lot of people can't handle this sort of stuff.

    • Fat6amer
      Fat6amer Year ago +11

      They have almost 600,000 subscribers. That isn't too shabby.

  • BaneMinistry
    BaneMinistry 2 years ago

    Bless you for putting these together. YOU FUCK.
    No seriously though this made my day. Do more

  • James Cole
    James Cole 2 years ago

    This is brilliant, thanks mate. How good are these guys!!!

  • DanimationMovies
    DanimationMovies 2 years ago +22

    i'm surfing the crimson wave while riding an airplane, let's get some peanuts c'mon

    • Tabea Naeven
      Tabea Naeven Year ago +3

      Fernando Felipe The 'What's Your Number' and 'Black Ninja' HitB, in case you still wanna know

    • Fernando Felipe
      Fernando Felipe Year ago

      Do you know which video was this from?

    • Baymax Targaryen
      Baymax Targaryen Year ago +3

      remember dicks??

  • VietnamD0820
    VietnamD0820 2 years ago

    Ah yes...I remember the twilight 5 review...classic...definitely belongs here