I Got A Professional Back Scratch

  • Published on Jan 28, 2019
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    Back scratching video at the top of the video was from Chiara ASMR's channel! :) check out their work here: thexvid.com/user/chiaraasmr
    Thank you SO much to Tikkun Spa for having us for this video! If you live in Los Angeles and want to get a professional back scratch, call and ask for Jesse or Curtis!
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  7 months ago +1210

    WE'RE BACK GUYS!! ALSO -- We are NOMINATED FOR A SHORTY AWARD?!?!? Click the link to vote for me for TheXvidr of the Year! shortyawards.com/11th/michellekhare I'm retweeting your votes all day!!!

    • A-Train Travels
      A-Train Travels Month ago


    • Kelly Pilon
      Kelly Pilon 2 months ago

      My papas favorite thing was a soft bristle brush against his scalp (even being totally bald). We always took turns and he loved it.

    • Khagann Shiralizadeh
      Khagann Shiralizadeh 2 months ago


    • The Bat Prince
      The Bat Prince 2 months ago

      Lol kid, I'd vote you for number 1 pinch of the week. Get fucking clipped.

    • M.nalatgn Fnaf
      M.nalatgn Fnaf 3 months ago

      Plz get a Chiropractic Adjustment

  • Bailey Thao
    Bailey Thao 16 hours ago

    You should try a sleep deprivation tank !!

  • S u n f l o w e r Gacha

    Imagine how good it feel if your mom had a long nails and scratching your back or arms or legs omg...

  • angela noun
    angela noun Day ago

    ive already watched this once and i’m in the mood for a back massage and back scratch but unfortunately i’m underage i think and i wanna get this when i get married during my honey moon hopefully so let’s just say i’ll keep waiting hehehehe

  • GachaWolf 54
    GachaWolf 54 2 days ago

    My back is jealous

  • jairo avila
    jairo avila 2 days ago

    I want my feet to get tickled, scratched and massaged 😁😁

  • M.C!
    M.C! 3 days ago

    Mia Khalifa is that you? 😂

  • crenner07
    crenner07 4 days ago

    I need a spa in Columbus to offer this...right now!

  • Lloyd Darnell
    Lloyd Darnell 4 days ago


  • mika
    mika 5 days ago

    Weirdest vid

  • cretnotonic
    cretnotonic 7 days ago

    This is why I want to go to massage school

  • Big Guala
    Big Guala 7 days ago

    Shit looks like it itches

  • Boca Baby
    Boca Baby 8 days ago

    Omg i wanna experience this RIGHT NOW

  • Gia Quesadilla
    Gia Quesadilla 8 days ago +1


  • Lil Bosnia
    Lil Bosnia 9 days ago +1

    I don’t care what you say, nothing is better than a back scratch from your mom

  • Endless Ambush
    Endless Ambush 10 days ago

    dafuq is vagina steaming?

  • parkman35
    parkman35 10 days ago

    You are so hot Michelle..

  • Sonali Parasu
    Sonali Parasu 10 days ago +3

    I got ASMR tingles just from watching this...

  • Luke Dunne
    Luke Dunne 12 days ago

    She is thicc

  • Tristan Allen
    Tristan Allen 14 days ago

    Wow the music is really calming

  • Jms Fabrication
    Jms Fabrication 14 days ago

    The guy scratching Mack is thinking "Mian I pulled the short straw on this one". As he looks over at the other dude with his hands all over that luscious young thing!

  • Jesus Belinchon
    Jesus Belinchon 15 days ago

    too much talk ...

  • InjectMorphineIntoMe
    InjectMorphineIntoMe 15 days ago

    Watching this, I had chills! I need one of these massages !

  • Gachagirl 1456
    Gachagirl 1456 15 days ago

    5:49 you can see her butt....

  • Jayce Bielicki
    Jayce Bielicki 17 days ago

    Is 5:28 a girl or a guy

  • liss
    liss 18 days ago

    Who els got asmr watching this haha

  • Hera Sean
    Hera Sean 18 days ago

    I see chiara asmr's video in the first minutes 😂 i guess chiara's video is what makes this video in my recommendation

  • Cookiz Playz101
    Cookiz Playz101 18 days ago +3

    So.. I was the one scratching my moms back😂 I don't like my back scratch with nails and she has really long nails haha

  • Lps Guinea Pig Productions

    I thought that scratching peoples' backs was weird, but thank god I'm not alone!!! 😄

  • ankra12
    ankra12 21 day ago

    That looks soooooo good 😍

  • CookieK19
    CookieK19 21 day ago +1

    I would never be able to bring myself to lie down, naked except for a towel and let a stranger touch me. I'm socially awkward as it is and being in that situation I would probably cry if I'm honest.😐😐😐 Yeah.

  • Simon Andersson
    Simon Andersson 23 days ago +3

    I am sitting here with a foot bath. but now I really want more like a hole body masage and scratched experience

  • Jeremiah Castillo
    Jeremiah Castillo 24 days ago

    I found 9:05 wayyy to relaxing

  • Kristen Geoseff
    Kristen Geoseff 24 days ago +1

    It tingles!

    Tingles into my dick!

  • Minecraft Lets Play Channel 1

    2:18 why do I watch that over and over

  • DurpyRainbow :P
    DurpyRainbow :P 24 days ago +3

    Actually tho, you can feel the difference between human touch and a synthetic back scratcher. HUMAN TOUCH IS POWERFUL.

  • Aahlissah fire
    Aahlissah fire 24 days ago

    Sorry god

  • Potassium Cyanide
    Potassium Cyanide 25 days ago

    Does all massager have calming voice?

  • Krisjelly2
    Krisjelly2 25 days ago

    5:13 its Stanley baratheon wtf

  • Girl Gamer101
    Girl Gamer101 27 days ago +2

    I feel like I can relate to all the people in the comments

  • Caitlinmorrisxx
    Caitlinmorrisxx 28 days ago

    Why is it so relaxing watching someone else get massaged or am I just weird ahah

  • LemonyPanda
    LemonyPanda 29 days ago

    5:34 for the massage

  • angela eastwood
    angela eastwood 29 days ago

    In the thumnail it looks like safiya from buzzfeed

  • Strawberry Samma
    Strawberry Samma 29 days ago

    I don't have a mom ;-;

  • Rita beka
    Rita beka Month ago

    i would fall asleep within 5 minutes

  • Zack Larter
    Zack Larter Month ago

    I scratched my back the whole time I was watching this.

  • Kimberly Twila
    Kimberly Twila Month ago

    my moms a reflexologist she's induced labour before

  • Megan Beall
    Megan Beall Month ago

    Omg i want a back scratch now ☺️👌🏼 love massages you feel like a whole new person

  • Bumba
    Bumba Month ago

    Please make a video of me giving you Cock thumps all over your body.

  • Zamiq Memmedov
    Zamiq Memmedov Month ago


  • Cam the Baratrian
    Cam the Baratrian Month ago

    9:02 wow

  • Kavey original Long nails

    I need to scratch my head good video 🙏 for sharing

  • RAM Sketch
    RAM Sketch Month ago

    Imagine Stannis Baratheon scratching your back

  • Varsha Suresh
    Varsha Suresh Month ago

    massage begins at 5:32

  • Crazy kappa
    Crazy kappa Month ago

    Mac looks like that guy from the meme where he’s like good night girl I’ll see you tomorrow

  • Jayelleku
    Jayelleku Month ago

    omfg i legit got chills watching this

  • Radical LeaveMeAlone-ist

    Vagina steaming? How do people even think up something like that?

    • whiteknightcat
      whiteknightcat Month ago

      How do you think Arby's got its start?

    • deegee1177
      deegee1177 Month ago +1

      Radical LeaveMeAlone-ist At least its not vaginal scratching

  • Wonder Women
    Wonder Women Month ago +1

    Awesome Video! Funny and interesting. And even Mac is in it!

  • TaeTae Army
    TaeTae Army Month ago +1

    5:59 8:00 Damn

  • Mockingjay USA
    Mockingjay USA Month ago