I Got A Professional Back Scratch

  • Published on Jan 28, 2019
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    Back scratching video at the top of the video was from Chiara ASMR's channel! :) check out their work here: thexvid.com/user/chiaraasmr
    Thank you SO much to Tikkun Spa for having us for this video! If you live in Los Angeles and want to get a professional back scratch, call and ask for Jesse or Curtis!
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  4 months ago +1036

    WE'RE BACK GUYS!! ALSO -- We are NOMINATED FOR A SHORTY AWARD?!?!? Click the link to vote for me for TheXvidr of the Year! shortyawards.com/11th/michellekhare I'm retweeting your votes all day!!!

  • Maura O'Halloran
    Maura O'Halloran Hour ago

    Video starts at 5:30

  • Hailey Rose
    Hailey Rose 9 hours ago

    11:46 ... picture a dolphin

  • jtmunits ***
    jtmunits *** 20 hours ago


  • christina ngabekome

    Me: *hears vagina steaming*
    Also me: -BiTCh WuT!-

  • Benjamin Sneyd-Utting

    Masoose lmfao

  • Khagann Shiralizadeh


  • basixbishxo x
    basixbishxo x 2 days ago

    She kinda looks like a female version of nev Schulman

  • Coree Kobayashi
    Coree Kobayashi 2 days ago

    U should do a bite massage

  • Lps Coffee
    Lps Coffee 3 days ago +3

    8:55 😅😂 what happened there🤣

  • Bijin Vijyana
    Bijin Vijyana 3 days ago

    kerala. ayurveda massage. call. 0091.9837680386

  • Anahy Alvarado
    Anahy Alvarado 4 days ago +3

    I just realized that Michelle just the “wow” sound effect from Fairy Tail at the end, so freaking awesome

    • Anahy Alvarado
      Anahy Alvarado 20 hours ago

      What’s Up
      When she has the picture of a Ferrari pop up there is a sound that goes “wow”, which is from the anime Fairy Tail, when they have some funny adult moments pop up

    • What’s Up
      What’s Up 22 hours ago

      Anahy Alvarado what do you mean

  • Leslie Marquez
    Leslie Marquez 4 days ago

    My mom had alot of back problems when i was a kid (she still kinda does) so i grew up scratching my moms back massaging her back and when i was very small i would sit on her back and that would crack her back and make her back feel a little better.

  • cody bob
    cody bob 4 days ago

    I haven’t been touched in year😢

  • • • Aiza
    • • Aiza 4 days ago +4

    My grandma used to scratch my back
    Good ol’ days

  • Mysterious Jesus
    Mysterious Jesus 5 days ago

    Wait why when I was watching this video An Ad That Had Her Was Playing

  • Pure Heart
    Pure Heart 5 days ago

    Try hypnotherapy

  • Leeked Productions
    Leeked Productions 5 days ago

    Forget the massage you have beautiful skin 😭😍

  • MusicMan2013
    MusicMan2013 5 days ago


  • Alex Black
    Alex Black 7 days ago

    I have mosquito bites all over my body so some good scratch would come in handy

  • Aaditya Raghav
    Aaditya Raghav 8 days ago +1

    I want fuck you baby

  • Budder bro 003
    Budder bro 003 8 days ago

    I was honestly surprised when Mac showed up in the middle of the video ;_;

  • TheMadHatter _19
    TheMadHatter _19 8 days ago +1

    I love it too but I am so ticklish it makes me violantly kick whoever does it out of pure reflex. Touch me and you will lose a tooth.

  • Adam Pastor
    Adam Pastor 9 days ago

    8:56 her body moved when she laughed

  • Snake Pliskin
    Snake Pliskin 11 days ago

    Back scratch > orgasm

  • Bobe In Japan
    Bobe In Japan 12 days ago

    Soooo I am binge watching ALL your vids...and OFC LOVE them! And when I saw the titel of this one I was like NOOO WAY!! xD I love all the scratch...head, back, hands..:D

  • Name of the Rose
    Name of the Rose 13 days ago

    Why do I suddenly feel so itchy?

  • Larena Abdon
    Larena Abdon 15 days ago

    An ad with Michelle came on before this video.

    GGBABE 15 days ago

    Dang that looks so good!

  • Lo
    Lo 16 days ago +1

    9:04 ok then lol

  • Tabbitha Coughlin
    Tabbitha Coughlin 16 days ago

    I wish I lived there. They did such a good job!

  • NARUTO5195
    NARUTO5195 17 days ago +1

    9:01 - 9:09
    You're Welcome lol

  • NARUTO5195
    NARUTO5195 17 days ago

    Gentle Back Rubbing Or Tickling lol

  • ꧁༺ภє๒ยlค tђє ๔гєภภєς༻꧂

    YAS Mac!!❤❤❤❤

  • J Bird
    J Bird 19 days ago

    You look good in your thumbnail

  • Mallory Mattison
    Mallory Mattison 19 days ago

    My mom is a massage therapist and she really helps my anxiety

  • KJR 96
    KJR 96 20 days ago

    I bet they did a quick Rock Paper Scissors in another room to decide who’s gets to massage the chick 😂

  • collegegrl1900
    collegegrl1900 21 day ago +1

    You are SUPER PRETTY!! And I’m jealous of your clear skin and eyebrows- they’re perfect 😀

  • Wolfdog 101
    Wolfdog 101 22 days ago

    5:29 5:30

  • Kyrah Sings
    Kyrah Sings 22 days ago +4

    Am I the only one that thinks Michelle back was like cool and pretty

  • Mira B
    Mira B 23 days ago +1

    I really want a massage now 😫

  • Colton Burgener
    Colton Burgener 23 days ago


  • Wolfie Potato’s
    Wolfie Potato’s 23 days ago

    I love how we’re talking about all women are hard workers single moms and stuff but we ain’t talking bout single dads or how great dads can be ->- we just talking like everyone has a mom like really? Please don’t hate on this comment just saying that we always say single moms have a lot to deal with but not single dads no one come for me please and thank you lmao ;3;

  • Carla Lee
    Carla Lee 24 days ago +1

    Heaven starts at 5:33 uwu

  • Plata O Plomo
    Plata O Plomo 24 days ago

    She looks like lena Paul 😂😂🤣

  • gentle norwegian
    gentle norwegian 24 days ago

    Bill Cosby Is back bois

  • Cameron Dzicek
    Cameron Dzicek 26 days ago

    i live near miami... time to go

  • Devraj Ray
    Devraj Ray 27 days ago

    Who is this Michelle and how have I only just discovered her existence? Between a clearly glowing personality and that face, this is wifey material right here.

  • Plague Doc
    Plague Doc 27 days ago

    Former buzzfeeder..ofc she has a flamboyant gay dude in the video..it's like buzzfeed is filled with gay dudes.

  • Rachel Williams
    Rachel Williams 27 days ago +11

    Who else felt super relaxed watching this? Just me? Ok.

  • Jared McOmber
    Jared McOmber 28 days ago +1

    What a cool video... I love how professional these guys were too. I'm not really big into receiving massage from a stranger but this video and the way these guys conducted themselves makes me wanna go! Super cool...

  • _Nilopz
    _Nilopz 28 days ago

    Song at 6:40?

  • GRETA!!!!!!! Snacklman

    I’m just warming up.

  • Lastinline
    Lastinline 29 days ago

    My luck I would draw the big black gay man instead of the hot girl.

  • Emmanuel Garcia
    Emmanuel Garcia 29 days ago

    5:45 thru 5:55 i saw her butt

  • bpo1975
    bpo1975 Month ago

    This is a much needed service. Thank you for doing this.

  • Kakashi fucks naruto hehe

    I felt the asmr vibes when you started talking.

  • Priyanka Bedi
    Priyanka Bedi Month ago

    Anyone loves to get their palms scratched. No? Just me? Okay

  • Sofia Moonlight
    Sofia Moonlight Month ago

    I would feel very awkward if a man massaged me because I’m a girl

  • rimbluebooks
    rimbluebooks Month ago +4

    I give the best massages to my mom and family but i never gotten one 😑

  • Desmond Ciauri
    Desmond Ciauri Month ago

    Dude is thicc AF🤩

  • Conor Soldier
    Conor Soldier Month ago


  • Chloe Daniela
    Chloe Daniela Month ago

    We need a asmr back scratching place in canada i would literally DIE

  • ;##8383 iei
    ;##8383 iei Month ago

    5:55 look closely

  • Heather Parramint
    Heather Parramint Month ago

    Im to ticklish for this crap

  • LeLizz Deux
    LeLizz Deux Month ago +1


  • علي علي
    علي علي Month ago

    I love your video🌹❤️❤️❤️

  • Anthony german
    Anthony german Month ago

    Your pretty and cute

  • Safiri11
    Safiri11 Month ago

    Aaaah love this

  • Fortnite post Of the day

    Who’s the gay black dude

  • Sophia Stewart
    Sophia Stewart Month ago

    Who else's back itched when they started the video

  • notanotaku kun
    notanotaku kun Month ago


  • The Alpha Wolf of Solice

    no the cameraman is serious, where did you get that hat?
    he didn't even realize it till you pulled it out

  • Nichole Agatha Lasam
    Nichole Agatha Lasam Month ago +1

    I remember my grandma scratching my back to help me sleep and if they stop scratching I’ll wiggle a bit but in my head I’m like BOII KEEP SCRATCHING lmao

  • MO
    MO Month ago

    Awww I love Mac!!!!!!!

  • wai tsang
    wai tsang Month ago

    lets be honest nothings better than chiro

  • The beast channel 101carr1111

    9:06 I would love to do that

    APXLLYXN Month ago

    Is she Mia’s sister ? 😓😓😂

  • Christina Martinez
    Christina Martinez Month ago +5

    I've always had finger tip tickles. I love them! I've never been into massages because I'm so ticklish. I call these light tickles "rain drops."

  • jeff asch
    jeff asch Month ago

    Yeah, I wish so badly there was a true service of backscratching here in LA. There’s nothing like it in the world. I’ve looked and looked for one and couldn’t find a place that does it. Somebody has to realize how much a humongous amount of people in this world love it.

  • Lovelyn Lai
    Lovelyn Lai Month ago

    where do you got that hat? i love it

  • TTV Baconz
    TTV Baconz Month ago +2

    Pause 0:54 You should make that your profile picture.

  • Super Maurryn
    Super Maurryn Month ago

    MAC!!!! YES!!!!!

  • Lemons Lime
    Lemons Lime Month ago +33

    Me: *falls asleep watching this* Ad: THE BEAST HAS AWAKENED

  • Gaming With Vlada
    Gaming With Vlada Month ago

    Michelle u look alot like zailetsplay

  • Sugarbunny_208
    Sugarbunny_208 Month ago

    Omg MAC in this why didn’t you start with that!!! I love you Mac!!!

  • strAy cArrots
    strAy cArrots Month ago

    I can't stop coming back to watch this. It makes me feel so calm and jealous. I have eczema so omg scratchies are life...

  • animefreak5219
    animefreak5219 Month ago

    I think I'd prefer a normal massage. I'm too ticklish for this scratching stuff

  • Springthief
    Springthief Month ago


  • Dylan J
    Dylan J Month ago

    First time I had a massage I thought you couldn’t talk or make requests so because I didn’t complain they gave me the most intense painful massage I have ever had jajaja

  • flying cacoon
    flying cacoon Month ago

    Dumb kid of indian origin parent!!! Didnt even know about accupressure point😂😂

    • FIRAS22
      FIRAS22 Month ago

      Shut up sand nigga

  • NatNat Ralph
    NatNat Ralph Month ago

    I thought this was buzzfeed, not saying im unhappy it isn’t

  • Matthew Medrano
    Matthew Medrano Month ago

    It’d be fun to see y’all react to a Korean body scrub

  • Theresa T
    Theresa T Month ago

    when I was little I remember always asking my mom and or Meme to scratch my back. maybe it was the brain chemical thing or maybe it was I was itchy so often.

  • Pickle Crabb
    Pickle Crabb Month ago


  • Asfand Niazi
    Asfand Niazi Month ago

    Anyone knows the background music from 9.10 to 9.44

  • Audreys Animations
    Audreys Animations Month ago


  • Kalimdoss
    Kalimdoss Month ago

  • Luis Lopez
    Luis Lopez Month ago

    DEEP WORK.... yeaaaaaaaaaaa😐