Game of Thrones Collapse Puts Prequels in Doubt? Petition Reaches 1.5 Million

  • Published on May 23, 2019
  • Game of Thrones season 8 fallout continues as fan are flying planes with "rewrite Game of Thrones season 8 Plz" banners over Seattle and the petition reaches 1.5 million signatures. We were told there would be 5 "offshoots" or prequels from George RR Martin. Not so fast says the CEO of HBO. In a recent interview with Deadline it appears that this may be a fluid situation and it is my belief, because it is obvious, that the fan response has played into this.
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  • Anya Lazarek
    Anya Lazarek 14 days ago

    fuck you d and d, fuck you hbo, fuck you george rr martin and fuck got

  • David Coleman
    David Coleman 20 days ago

    Still wondering if I can revisit Seasons 1-4 knowing what comes after. I'm thinking probably not, and I won't be wasting time on the prequels.

  • wpsam52
    wpsam52 28 days ago +1

    Wrong again. Have you ever reported the truth?

  • mr. blank
    mr. blank Month ago

    GRRM isn't going to finish the books.

  • ScalNeCuS E.C.G.
    ScalNeCuS E.C.G. Month ago

    Cancelling a subsribt seems more difficult than DL it 4 free on a hankerchief leaflet. But then, the Mrican learning sistematic is leaning towards getting evr€one dumber and Dumber 3. Good Job.

  • Liz Smith
    Liz Smith 2 months ago

    Well it's been a few months since this video was posted and the prequels have been cast and are well on their way. So much for the 'great petition', which ignored the fact that 19 million actually watched the finale and pre-orders of the DVD/Blu-Rays are really high. It wouldn't surprise me to find out that many who signed the 'petition' actually ordered the DVDs.
    I for one am really looking forward to them, I feel that even among the 1.5 millions signers there are those who can't wait for them also.
    This will no doubt be a body blow to those who want HBO and the producers of Game of Thrones to sink in a swamp of despair, but cheer can always complain online about how it will never reach the heights of G R R Martin's novels. Even if ten years from now we are still waiting for TWOW to be finished.

  • greenlantern2813
    greenlantern2813 3 months ago

    What's the point of watching the prequel shows if we know how shitty it ends.

  • John Frese
    John Frese 3 months ago

    how the show last season could have been a lot better. one explaining why denarius did what she did a lot better to how john and the wildings could have been holding one of the castles on the wall and making a sustanible peace with them. plus dispanning the whole realm. but only having kings landing just a focal point where they all debait on what they need for there people. instead of a kingdom

  • Mark
    Mark 4 months ago

    I been canceled and twice a month I send nasty emails to HBO about those two shit faces writers did. And I wont watch stat wars because of them. There needs to be accountability for their bullshit

  • Joho1208
    Joho1208 4 months ago

    The audacity to postpone s8 another year, just to come up with such a piece of shit writing... disrespectful.

  • AH Pip
    AH Pip 4 months ago

    So, disliking a contemporary piece of art for, in one's own reasonably-held *opinion,* disliking the artist's evident absence of artistic effort (when juxtaposed against her/his prior art) is 'disrespectful'?
    Sophie Turner, Kit Harrington, I. Hampstead-Wright, Jacob Anderson (et al.), what a bunch of fucking snowflakes!
    A vast body of consumer desire for Season 8 to be remade *"with* *competent* *writers"* is not some nuanced statement generally and indirectly encircling the GoT cast and crew, just _the_ 'writers'.

  • Darewin Ocampo
    Darewin Ocampo 4 months ago

    I still don't understand why HBO didn't look for different showrunners rather than let D&D rush to the ending? Was there something in the contract that prevented HBO from switching showrunners without the approval of D&D.

  • Margaret Arce
    Margaret Arce 4 months ago

    Prequels no longer interest me as we all know how it ends.

  • Liz Smith
    Liz Smith 4 months ago

    I think your assumptions are a waste of time.

  • Robert Wesley
    Robert Wesley 4 months ago

    Temporal investigations wont be happy. Westeros is actually on a moon in the Berengarius system. In fact "dragons" are native to the seventh planet in that system. Whoever wrote this shit must have been informed by a time traveler. I've been to the North and even saw the mad king from afar. From my point of view, that took place in 2265 Earth year. The Lexington surveyed that planet a couple times. We have had very limited contact with the characters in this show but if you wanna hear an interesting "Game of Thrones" story, you should hear what happens on mirror universe Westeros.

  • Coop 29
    Coop 29 4 months ago +1

    Sometimes life sucks. No need for all this.

  • LurkerAnonymous
    LurkerAnonymous 5 months ago

    "Sign my petition or i'll follow you home and kill your dog!"

  • Argo_00
    Argo_00 5 months ago

    I had read where HBO wanted a full 10 episodes in season 8 ...but D&D refused as they want to move on to Star Wars and other projects --- they basically gave the fans the finger. It's no wonder Kit wound up in a hospital after the show. To put your heart and soul into a part and then have the creators massacre that role -- talk about disrespectful. Emilia Clarke said she walked around London for 3 hours after reading the season - in total disbelief. As actors - they feel they cannot come out against the creators of the show as it could jeopardize their careers...other actors have been ruined for criticizing their bosses. I can't imagine how difficult it is for them to not be able to vocalize the extent of their disappointment. And then isn't about how it ended - it's about the lazy way they leaped to such an ending. You can't make Dany a person who is the "Breaker of chains" - the defender of the innocent to the flamer of the innocent in 2-3 shows...its an unbelievable leap, therefore the backlash. I watched all of Season 8 episodes as soon as they were out...except the last one...still haven't been able to watch it. The Unsullied and Dothraki gave their lives on the front line against the dead to defend the North and to protect their retreat...and all you got was ungrateful inbreds in the North crapping on their sacrifice and the sacrifice and fight of Dany and her dragons to save them. It was the time Sansa should her ungrateful behavior --- I wanted her flamed from the show. My new slogan became "F**K the North!"

  • Dave S
    Dave S 5 months ago +1

    It should put the prequels in jeopardy. Zero chance I watch them.

  • javier gonzalez
    javier gonzalez 5 months ago

    I use to try to convince people to watch GOT now I tell them not to waste their time.

  • jowelle dfouni
    jowelle dfouni 5 months ago

    Thats what annoys me, the show was great because of its amount of fans, and HBO is as responsible as dumb and dumber as they had to monitor this. They disrespected us!

    BUM CITY 5 months ago

    Season 8 script was so bad and universally hated... They can shove their prequel where the sun don't shine. đź‘Ť

  • Tom
    Tom 5 months ago

    That's the other Star Wars trilogy, canned, then.
    At this rate, Disney will have to ask someone who knows what they're doing.... Which I believe is against policy.

  • WOT Arty Noobs
    WOT Arty Noobs 5 months ago

    I heard that Amanda Peet threatened to go on Sex-Strike if David Benioff did not ensure that Jon Snow was alive after he was killed off. Hence the miraculous recovery.
    Though if she was annoyed as the rest of us at season 8, then he's probably getting his relief at Pornhub!

  • Mister Mister
    Mister Mister 5 months ago

    Please don’t hire D&D

  • Tammy Hibbs
    Tammy Hibbs 5 months ago

    I think Jon snow was suppose to die at the end of book five. He was dead on the app until the show but the app has nothing to do with television show. George RR Martin is more occupied with being a show runner for prequel then finishing the book which is the reason the show was made. I’m done with the book. George could go many seasons but maybe finish the original story.

  • RJ mi
    RJ mi 5 months ago

    I am done with GOT , dont give a shit about prequels .. I have had my fill.... I’m good.. I barely watch ANY TV or MOVIES ... I made an exception for GOT and it was worth it for a few years. I binged the first years.. but Im not ever investing in something like a TV SHOW ever again.. I was essentially of the mind that TV as entertainment was for idiots and now I am sure.... I am returning to a life with no TV and or Movies...FUCK OFF GOT & FUCK OFF HBO.. I am returning to hiking, playing guitar or reading a book if i need stories for entertainment..TRULY... I have no interest in ANY GOT SHIT nor any type of serialized stories like this. The last good HBO was deadwood and they fucked us RAW IN THE ASS on that and I had given up THEN, ...... GOT sucked me back in but I AM DONE.... I TAP OUT..... DONT WANT ANYTHING and if TV and Movies go away completely I am fine and my life will not change , except for the better perhaps.. FUCK OFF GOT AND HBO... You had a bit of something but raped it to death and erased whatever was good about it.

  • Tarka Jedi
    Tarka Jedi 5 months ago

    Brilliant video!

  • George R
    George R 5 months ago

    Unlike most people, i didnt see anything special in this show since season 2 or 3 probably the third. Writting was horrible, boring, and so many nonsense scenes that i never could believe people was so hyped for this show. Fortunately the last season was even worst than all seasons together, and it destroyed the show for good. I hope so. God what a terrible final "season" (because it is not even a season, just 6 rushed episodes). I still dont understand what happened with Jon Snow. After resurrecting so many times, just "because", and after killing the queen, he still march to the north to do nobody knows what instead of being the king of the seven kingdoms? i mean, really?. And 7 seasons waiting for the night king and in 40 minutes, he is dead (well actually in 0,5 seconds, the time it took arya to stab him... i mean... come on!!!). Not even 2 episodes in a row dedicated to the dead and the king of the dead. Terrible. I was expecting an entire season about it. Oh well. lol.

  • Rey
    Rey 5 months ago

    I really hate this position were in... it's hard to be excited for a prequel after what they did in the last two seasons of GoT... I want to support new material we haven't seen yet but yeah I just cant... they would have to go with entirely new characters and hopefully even a new continent and commit to never using D&D again.. only way I would watch it.

  • SB113
    SB113 5 months ago

    They don't even have to spend any money!!! Just write a better script and draw it with stick figures on post it notes, then get one guy doing the voice overs like they do with Thomas the Tank Engine. It can't get any worse then what we already got!!!

  • Phenogen
    Phenogen 5 months ago

    Quintessential illustration of how to ruin a good series; S7 and S8 GOT. Remake S7 through to S12..!!!..They should have run to Eleven plus series rather than so callously and stupidly hurriedly execute the golden goose. Did they not think we might be prepared to wait for excellence?
    Instead they definitively snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. What was good became a pathetic damp squib travesty. RIP S1-6.

  • M Cuch
    M Cuch 5 months ago

    Oh that reminds me to save some money on my Hulu. Good bye HBO

  • eltravos99
    eltravos99 5 months ago

    HBO is a great channel. They gave Dave and Dan every chance to keep going with the series. Don't cancel HBO because of D&D. They still have great shows. (Besides, you'll just get it again when Watchmen or another show comes know you will.)

  • stephen abernethy
    stephen abernethy 5 months ago

    8th session was junk, skipped xmen after comments my turner.

  • gyice
    gyice 5 months ago

    HBO did something no other Corporation has ever done for 6.5 seasons. Then for some amazing reason the accountants took over and said lets Maximize our Margin Shorten the series hope to be able to develop some spin offs for additional Margin and Close this out . Why the pressure to close it out, why the pressure to hire the worst writers in the world to do the final season these are all things that HBO will have to live with. I know that with the conclusion of The Game of Thrones I have cancelled my HBO contract and will never support or watch anything made by HBO or is affiliates ever again. I have even looked into the ongoing work of the writing team that has moved on the Disney to ensure than none of my money ever darkens any further work they may chose to do. HBO chose to do this, they chose to screw their fan Base so now all we can do is chose to ensure that a corporation that has such a poor view of a once great dedicated fan base can go Fuck itself.

  • John Russell
    John Russell 5 months ago

    Its puts adapting anything more complicated that a comic book in doubt. People say they want to be entertained. Those entertained by comic books are completely different from those entertained by complicated novels. GOT was for the latter, not the former.

  • NM6467
    NM6467 5 months ago

    Petition to removed Dumb & Dumber from writing their 'beloved' Star Wars. Stupid duo could've let other people write GoT but nooooo.. they wanted to have all the glory and are too ego to ever let other people handle/ write it.

  • Toxic Snow Man
    Toxic Snow Man 5 months ago

    I was going to sign the petition but I could not find it, and literally every petition on there is a joke and most people that make them are dumb.
    But I still want them to redo it, or I'm not wasting the money or time watching to new ones.

  • William Trotman
    William Trotman 5 months ago

    I will say I have zero interest in watching the prequel after the ridiculous number of unanswered questions in the original series, but I think these petitions are silly.

  • Cedric Fitzpatrick
    Cedric Fitzpatrick 5 months ago

    Season 8 was not all bad - the actors were great like always - but they simply had no chance to rescue the show. The plotholes of season 8 were as big as hangar doors.

  • Stephen Robinson
    Stephen Robinson 5 months ago

    I love how these entitled actors that were no one before this show are saying that fans of THEIRS are disrespectful, because we’re all supposed to bend the knee to all of them now. What’s disrespectful is telling us we can go fuck ourselves!! You snot nose motherfuckers that we made rich!

  • theredbaron057
    theredbaron057 5 months ago

    Can’t tell if that’s a Cardinal Copia figure or Q from Star Trek. Oh wait, doesn’t matter - either are cool!

  • theredbaron057
    theredbaron057 5 months ago

    Can’t tell if that’s a Cardinal Copia figure or Q from Star Trek. Oh wait, doesn’t matter - either are cool!

  • Zyngurj Pyrezbaf
    Zyngurj Pyrezbaf 5 months ago

    I dont understand why people are so mad over the petition, thinking it's petty and taking it seriously basically.
    It's dumb to get upset at fellow fans.

  • Milady De Winter
    Milady De Winter 5 months ago

    GRRM has not learned that you please your readers (somewhat) or you lose your readership.
    The writers need to learn the same (insert viewers).
    Dealing out despair death and depression as a finale is not going to be lucrative.
    To achieve so much and then screw it up so royally.
    No wonder the hero is now in rehab.

  • Neethu U
    Neethu U 5 months ago

    i was stupid enough to sign up to Hotstar in India for a whole year because Game of Thrones season 8 was only available on it. Meanwhile i already had Amazon Prime and Netflix subscriptions where i actively watch contents. And there was absolutely nothing else i wanted to watch on Hotstar. Imagine how i felt when i saw Season 8 ending. I should have just waited to watch season 8 illegally elsewhere :(

  • Nick Peterson
    Nick Peterson 5 months ago

    as much as i hated the last season...watching a youtube video of a guy who doesn't shave in his room full of action figures complaining about it makes me think i should probably just get over it

  • Roasted Toast
    Roasted Toast 5 months ago

    Didnt one episode have like 50 mins of no dialogue

  • Dana Sa
    Dana Sa 5 months ago

    I agree with you on many points. How dare they say that their "job" isn't "fan-servicing" -- that is their job, we tune in, we pay, we promote. Fucking idiots.

  • Colin Chaponis
    Colin Chaponis 5 months ago

    God damn people stop being douche bags, “ohh no the show I love didn’t end the way I wanted”. Fuck off, HBO is a godsend it’s created 4 of the top 10 shows of all time, and as bad as season 8 was it’s still the greatest television show of all time and it’s not even close, seasons 1-6 are the best tv has to offer, and you douche bags cunting on about the ending sucking all of the ball bags is gunna ruin our chances of getting a prequel show

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku 5 months ago

    Why sign the petition? Dude the bad writing started years ago idk what people r talking about, did they miss the Dorne arc? That's when things really got me worried and that was in season 5 or something. If u really care go read the books, the real GOT

  • jasamrekojasamrekoja
    jasamrekojasamrekoja 5 months ago

    It's unbelievable and sad how many things can get broken with just stupid writing. Enjoyment I had reading and watching this story is now forever broken. For many others the same, I'm sure. Network will take a huge hit in the money department. Actors and all the other crew (great one) won't get the rewards they deserve... So many broken glass.
    What gets me the most is that I feel cheated and if I'm felling it right part of the cast feels that too. I even sense Kit's response to the fans is the result of his inner struggle to accept this outcome for his character and that's a reason he's kind of not good place right now (bad place would be exaggeration). He played fictional but highly honorable character for all these years which had its mirror effect to his actual reality and treatment in it (fans, media, etc... ... Do I need to mention ''On your way Lord Commander'' by traffic policeman?). He met his wife playing this man! He ended up like dishonorable backstabbing character, not to mention brain-dead useless. That simply touches human soul, not to mention he won't be treated the same ever again cause instead of honor his character ended with everything but. That's not Kit's fault but it's the way world works. Why would someone call 'John Snow' to let's say game show after the GOT finale? It would not. And that's so so sad. Fans will continue to love John Snow and Kit with ignoring stupid writing at the end but they won't be able to enjoy it fully cause of that stupid end.
    As I see it, the light was meant to be on new comers now (after 8th season) - Sansa (Sophie), Arya (Maisie) and Bran (Isaac). Kit and Emilia carried the media weight of the show the whole time but we (HBO) kind of ''forgot'' them, cause we have new kids on the block. That's the ultimate disrespect and reason everything was written as it was. And it's also a reason why Kit is not in a good place so we need to NOT forget and forgive his comments to the fans cause he was the first to be honest about the season. But that seams to be forbidden for top stars of the show. Isn't it sad that a contract can take your freedom of speech and not let you be you, so you have to tell things in a way that does not tell it. And don't mention money anyone, money cant fix souls, neither it should be allowed to damage them.
    I could be wrong about all of this, but I'm a intuition person and right now this is what it's telling me.
    Do I need to say how much I loathe final season?

  • Hamoshik Azaryan
    Hamoshik Azaryan 5 months ago

    I just signed, although don't believe they would.

  • Stepnie
    Stepnie 5 months ago

    D(umb) and D(umber): Next stop, Star Wars: R2-D2 The Ultimate Jedi

  • Stepnie
    Stepnie 5 months ago +1

    I'll be excited for a prequel or sequel as long as GRRM is involve and D(umb) and D(umber) are in a cave somewhere.

  • Cam Alft
    Cam Alft 5 months ago

    im not gonna see anything here anymore.....

  • SoulAngel J
    SoulAngel J 5 months ago

    HBO offered them 10 episodes and they said "nah we've already moved on...fuck the fans"

  • ahmad fitri
    ahmad fitri 5 months ago +3

    She says that it was disrespectful? Dark Phoenix is an outright bombed. Her future is now doom. Funny and poetic justice

  • xjoshx
    xjoshx 5 months ago

    If you fuckers take away my prequels ill hunt every one of you down