This Country Fought a War with 250,000 Goats; Who Won?

  • Published on Jun 16, 2018
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Comments • 5 957

  • Sivakumaravel gounder
    Sivakumaravel gounder 7 hours ago

    Those facts were wrong

  • adambrave
    adambrave Day ago

    In india this will happen with cows

  • faith over fear
    faith over fear 2 days ago

    You know I think if it exists, humans will find an excuse to wage war on it, whether it's a good reason or not

  • azeemuddin sayeed
    azeemuddin sayeed 2 days ago +1

    What if the animal's thaught humans are increasing in numbers

  • Moh
    Moh 3 days ago

    They should have started a meat export company from there. Killed their own fortune that's what happens when man doesn't follow the commands of Allah, so then they more dependent on common sense than being more human.

  • Abeo Mariachi
    Abeo Mariachi 4 days ago

    why DIDINT you ask 3rd world country's to come and bring therr people and hunt and catch and take back to there country's or they could have benefited especially and Africa parts of the Middle East a quarter-million coats could have help it millions of people

  • Agapios Agapiou
    Agapios Agapiou 5 days ago

    Donate the meat!

  • Derek Bolz
    Derek Bolz 5 days ago

    You never mentioned what was done with the bodies. Did the soldiers clean them up? Were they just left there to rot? I can't imagine an island of 250,000 decaying goats would be very pleasant

  • Derebail Bharath
    Derebail Bharath 6 days ago

    What a fcuking problem by goats

  • Brendan Mc loughlin
    Brendan Mc loughlin 6 days ago

    How could 3 turn into 30000 over 14 years ? That's impossible

  • TWHEuDope
    TWHEuDope 6 days ago

    So there all siblings?

  • Skyflameace2 Hehehe
    Skyflameace2 Hehehe 7 days ago

    Better open a meat industry and export

  • jaypee perez
    jaypee perez 7 days ago

    Bring Filipinos to the island, we love caldereta.

  • jmart0169
    jmart0169 7 days ago

    Of coarse the goats win, the army couldn't keep the soilders from having sex with the goats.

  • Eparama Ravinatata
    Eparama Ravinatata 8 days ago

    Im watching the emu war after this!!

  • Jorge Christopher Garza Sepúlveda

    So livestock growing freely without any investment in money and thounsands of people starving yo dead in southamerica and they decide to kill all of them, why exporting goats wasnt feasible?

  • Farooq Tv
    Farooq Tv 9 days ago

    Why they didnt catch hurds of goats and transported to main land for best fresh forest meat.

  • Arthur D'Mello
    Arthur D'Mello 12 days ago

    The world is over populated. Nature has its way. The asteroids will take care of it

  • Logan Taylor
    Logan Taylor 13 days ago

    Basically a goat hollocaust

    Which is something im totally ok with

  • Nathan C
    Nathan C 13 days ago

    E-mooo? Lol

  • teety woo
    teety woo 14 days ago

    Judas goat :))

  • joe jr
    joe jr 15 days ago

    Just relocate them to different continents or countries,why killed them🥵🤮

  • Klaus Heinz
    Klaus Heinz 15 days ago

    Then, why goat meat still expensive in my country?

    BADDA-CAS MEDIA 15 days ago

    That spy goat should be honoured and given a medal and then sent to work for CIA and FBI in America

  • thank you Kanye very cool

    Where there is death, there will always be death

  • Michael Crockis
    Michael Crockis 16 days ago

    I hoped the goats would win.

  • vishal verma
    vishal verma 16 days ago

    Yea fucker nice video really nice killed wtf dude. I hope at somepoint Someone comes from different galaxy and kill every human like this because we also killing this planet and become of us so many animals birds disappear fuck you you were saying it's our responsibility...

  • Pinhead Larry
    Pinhead Larry 17 days ago

    So Ecuador fought 250,000 Tom Brady’s

  • Lisa Kirk
    Lisa Kirk 17 days ago +1

    1:28 what happened to the dogs?

  • 01010000 01001001 01000111

    Should have rounded them up and sent them to africa.

  • Seth Bradley
    Seth Bradley 17 days ago

    I bet they wasted ten million pounds of meat

  • Gaurav Swami
    Gaurav Swami 18 days ago +1

    Same should be done with Islam.

  • The Postal Gril
    The Postal Gril 18 days ago

    poor goats :( why not just tranq and take them somewhere else

  • Spark Play
    Spark Play 18 days ago

    Once we mined all the diamonds do we really need Africa? Lol

  • Zétanta
    Zétanta 18 days ago

    Why didn't they just nuke every island?

  • Lion OfJudah
    Lion OfJudah 18 days ago

    So providing goat meat to the poor wasnt an option? How well is Equador's economy?

  • Cookie Games99
    Cookie Games99 18 days ago

    Who presumably saw a dingo being eaten by and crocodile being eaten by a death adder being eaten by a koala being eaten by Mel Gibson and thought
    yes. good.

  • SovietStalin1337Com
    SovietStalin1337Com 19 days ago +2

    Australia: We did the worst war ever!
    dis random country: no u

  • sherry jat
    sherry jat 19 days ago

    Judas goat 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Devin Milner
    Devin Milner 19 days ago

    Whoever took part of that mission must of had a great time

  • thomas smith
    thomas smith 20 days ago

    goat vietnam

  • abhinav Jakhad
    abhinav Jakhad 20 days ago

    "It should be humanities responsibility to protect all life forms on our planet" looks like someone is not doing their job and who brought the goats on island?

  • Samiullah k
    Samiullah k 20 days ago

    Next camel war in Australia?

  • ionryful
    ionryful 21 day ago

    Who would win: Emus or Goats?

  • Tntexploder TNT
    Tntexploder TNT 21 day ago

    Who won? Just ask the Emu's

  • maximaldinotrap
    maximaldinotrap 21 day ago

    Ecuador has a better win ratio against the animal kingdom than Australia.


    Like the Emu War

  • Mermaid Man
    Mermaid Man 21 day ago

    Really Ecuador? You should have asked you Mexican brothers for help and they might have made some nice Birria out of your pest.

  • adrian mark
    adrian mark 22 days ago

    Poor Judas. Wherever Judas goes, there will be death. Judas was cursed

  • PotatoFan
    PotatoFan 22 days ago

    I’m from Ecuador and you could say I’m a “ecuadorian American” and when I saw the thumbnail I felt like my grandpa was there

  • JustArandomGoatOntheInternet

    Moral of the story:
    *Don't trust females*

  • Maxwell Zvirzdin
    Maxwell Zvirzdin 23 days ago

    0:30: Bro nobody's heard of that

    0:36: Edit 1: it was also probably ridiculous
    Edit 2: That huge emu looks kinda creepy

  • Ivan M
    Ivan M 24 days ago

    The judas goat probably thought that it's destined for greatness, fate deems it so.

  • aaron jones
    aaron jones 25 days ago

    Im sorry but 😭😭🤣🤣😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭

  • Nigel Marvin
    Nigel Marvin 25 days ago

    Humans: fucking up the world ever since the first humans

  • kylejiahsmith
    kylejiahsmith 25 days ago

    Why does nobody pronounce emu right? It's EE-mew, not EE-MOO

  • Connor Thompson
    Connor Thompson 26 days ago

    So we have had Ecuador go to war with goats, Australia go to war with emus, and China go to war with sparrows. What's next?

  • K Arney
    K Arney 26 days ago


  • Sebastian Eggleton
    Sebastian Eggleton 26 days ago

    it is pronounced em- you

  • Fmono • 38 years ago • Updated

    G.O.A.T. for Gthe Ogreat Agoat Tmassacre