Best World Cup Match That Science Cannot Explain

  • Published on May 26, 2021
  • Best World Cup Match That Science Cannot Explain

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  • Vfx Karki

    Love from Nepal🇳🇵

  • C2l3TlA/\/

    I remember watching this one and being on the edge of my seat. Korea's defense and their keeper put on a once in a lifetime master class.😤

  • Rex Thrasher

    The beauty of sport. The team play, sacrificing, the possibility of surprise. Each team has its moments of glory AND anguish.

  • Daniel Kim
    Daniel Kim 7 hours ago +32

    I remember when I watched this game with my family. Frankly, we had never expected to win against Germany. It was really amazing game especially Son’s wonder goal moment. Great game both team!

  • Yeonwoo Jung

    I remember watching this on TV. All my family members were like "Wait, we won Germany?" and it was so fun. When Son ran all the way and put the ball into the empty goal, It was so amazing.

  • DucKanE
    DucKanE  +259

    I remember when I slept through this game because I knew Korea was going to lose… and then I woke up to this lol. I respect the Korean players because they wanted to give their people and show them something to be proud of despite their previous performance in the group (that last sprint says it all; I was very moved by Son there). I also respect the German players for accepting defeat and learning their mistake. Such good sportsmanship from both countries.

  • Yeet
    Yeet  +4

    Huge respect to the Korean goalkeeper. Incredible performance

  • SilentNinjaPlayz

    Son's goal was not easy he has such a pace

  • ᄉᄎᄇ
    ᄉᄎᄇ 21 day ago +376

    at that time I was in Germany, watched this game among germans and I was the only korean. and I thought of course team Korea couldn't win this match, but after 2:0 the atmosphere was very .... uncomfotable haha...

  • Ralf Bodemann

    Great performance by the Korean team, especially the goalkeeper, while the Germans spoiled dozens of good chances. If you don't hit the goal, you don't deserve to win.

  • Wzainesta
    Wzainesta  +156

    South Korea also had quality goalkeeper, I gotta say he's world class.

  • 이재훈
    이재훈 14 days ago +37

    huge respect to team Germany. The defending champion gave their ALL for ROK. No regrets, 100% football.

  • KDG Kingston

    Korea had fantastic defense i mean that guy sacrificed his balls for his team

  • Bruno Barbosa

    this is by far the best world cup match i've ever watched. i cheered sooo much like it was my own home team winning it

  • Denis Trindade

    A época do início do var, que massa presenciar essa transição do futebol

  • nery torre
    nery torre  +107

    Qué hermoso es el fútbol, por partidos como estos esque jamás dejaré de ver este deporte tan bello. Es el partido más sorprendente, impresionante y maravilloso que eh visto. Qué gran partido se hicieron los coreanos 😉

  • Nicolas T.

    they played as a finale. the defense work is magnificent, theres always a foot, a head from a koren player preventing that last touch of a goal. Their goalkeeeper was the best player of the game.

  • Abel Valentín López

    Es uno de esos partidos en que la táctica venció al talento

  • Dede Muntu

    The funny thing to me is , Korea was already out of the competition… But they made sure they took Germany with them 😂

  • art vandelay
    art vandelay 16 hours ago +31

    For the Koreans, it was important to beat the German team. We didn't make it to the final anyway, but Germany has been a great soccer team for a long time, and winning such a team was very important to Korea. And there is a saying in Korea. 'Even if I die, I can't die alone'