BEFORE and AFTER Fighting Khabib Nurmagomedov

  • Published on Sep 12, 2021
  • Here we look how opponents reacted before and after fighting one of Mixed Martial Arts greatest fighters, Khabib Nurmagomedov.
    After beating Justin Gaethje last October, the lightweight ruler bowed out gracefully - wrapping up his 29-0 unbeaten career. Generally, Khabib's humble manner deterred any pre-fight trash talk.. However, as we know, there were a few exceptions along the way!
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  • Ifti Alam
    Ifti Alam 8 months ago +11785

    The MMA Community needed you, your powerful narrative voice and content. Thank you for your contribution.

    • Matsung Temjen
      Matsung Temjen 5 days ago

      @Someone yeah but Conor is the one every company needs to make money 🤑.boss is Conor

    • Jesus Christ & Las Vegas
      Jesus Christ & Las Vegas 7 days ago

      Matthew 6:19-21 NKJV
      "Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; [20] but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. [21] For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

    • Poco Hax
      Poco Hax Month ago

      I would pay good money to watch Khabib kick the living daylights out of Floyd Mayweather. That guy made too much money for his level of skills.

    • Mitchell Reece
      Mitchell Reece 2 months ago

      @RegyXD didnt say it was boxing lol, learn how to read if you dont understand XD

    • RegyXD
      RegyXD 2 months ago

      @Mitchell Reece this isn’t boxing

  • Rocky عقيد الفيفا
    Rocky عقيد الفيفا 6 months ago +6994

    If he wants, he turns to a monster.
    If he wants, he turns to a nice humble guy.
    What a legend that let most haters love him except those sick ones.

    • Lokesh Chandrakar
      Lokesh Chandrakar Month ago

      @hayden phillips ok a guy i just found on Internet thinks he knows better than world class mma fighters.. 🤡

    • hayden phillips
      hayden phillips Month ago

      @Dox kun this is 5 months old it's done move on I said what I said my opinion hasn't changed

    • Nikolay Tonev
      Nikolay Tonev Month ago

      @hayden phillips You might rant about it all you want, the fact is wrestling and grappling is way more effective than striking, when fighting a single opponent. If you need to fight many people, or in a melee, striking is better. But 1 on 1, wrestling and grappling is just levels above.

    • joggesko
      joggesko Month ago

      sick ones aren`t sick, they are affraid!

  • john
    john 2 months ago +1758

    A humble champion never lost,never bled and was never visibly hurt inside the octagon!

    • Ammar Hafeez
      Ammar Hafeez Day ago

      ​@yo who this Lol this man said "only" 16 fights. 16 undefeated. Almost every UFC fan agrees Khabib is the GOAT in LW. Grow up bud.

    • yo who this
      yo who this Day ago

      @Ammar Hafeez only 16 fights in his entire ufc career. Less than 2 fights per year on average. That says it all

    • Ammar Hafeez
      Ammar Hafeez Day ago

      Only lost 2 rounds in his entire UFC career. Insane.

    • Gregory Brown
      Gregory Brown 6 days ago

      @yo who this I don’t care to be taught by you…thanks anyway…16 fights in the most brutal sport is a decent enough record to walk away with the least amount of physical damage but, my opinion…your opinion may be different and I am solid with that outcome

    • yo who this
      yo who this 6 days ago

      @Gregory Brown also today was the first day I saw this video and today was the first time I saw your comment which I disagreed with due to kabib only having 16 fights in his whole ufc career
      That is why I said what I did which jad nothing to do with religion up until you said he was humble which has nothing to donqith fighting bit rather his character and as a muslim his character is evil
      Now I have studied islam and that is why I said what I did. I can teach you about islam
      Here ill prove my point with 1 question
      Can you call a human humble who directly goes against human rights?

  • Aditya Kar
    Aditya Kar 2 months ago +424

    "everybody know his game plan and nobody can stop him" let that sink in...... legend

    • Mr. Pfeiffer
      Mr. Pfeiffer 2 days ago

      What's the name of music at the begining? Someone know?

    • Gottlieb Dee
      Gottlieb Dee Month ago +2

      Sounds a lot like;
      In August 1987 Mike Tyson delivered the memorable line under examination when discussing the strategy of his upcoming opponent Tyrell Biggs as mentioned previously in this article: “Everybody has plans until they get hit for the first time,” Tyson said

    • Mohammed Azam
      Mohammed Azam Month ago +9

      Khabib really put Connor in his place

  • For Such a Time as This
    For Such a Time as This 4 months ago +943

    Khabib, What a GOOD man!
    He said to his opponent ( that, they both knew was already losing) “you have to give up.” He didn’t want to break his arm, knowing it would never heal the same. That’s a GOOD man. That’s CHARACTER & integrity.

    • leo
      leo 2 days ago

      Same with Gaethje, he knew Justin would never tap, so he did not put him in an armbar and break his arm, because his family was there, and decided to choke him out instead.
      Not only compassion but supreme skill and control of the game to the extent he can decide smt like that

    • ʚ| Hastar |ɞ
      ʚ| Hastar |ɞ 4 days ago

      @Sergio Moralez something Islamophobic in order to cause some reaction in the comment section, forgot much since it was old.

    • Sergio Moralez
      Sergio Moralez 12 days ago

      What did this “I am shredder” person say? He deleted his comment

    • Rene Molina
      Rene Molina 21 day ago +2

      @I Am Shredder! 🤡.

    • I Am Shredder!
      I Am Shredder! 22 days ago

      @ʚ| Hastar |ɞ 👈🧑‍🤝‍🧑♂️♂️🏳️‍🌈 🤛😠😖🤢🤮🤓😄

  • Fritz Winters
    Fritz Winters 2 months ago +704

    "he's just a man"
    Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and now Khabib. A man with a strong Iman (believe) ain't just a man.

    • lokifnbr
      lokifnbr 8 days ago

      @supreme that was a specific sect of Hinduism and nowhere is it written on any hindu religious document ANYTHING homophobic however cant say the same for the quran now can we?

    • supreme
      supreme 11 days ago

      @Marco Peláez Fernández you're mistaking it for Hinduism

    • 6B Marvin Yoani
      6B Marvin Yoani 15 days ago

      @Khaled Jedal yea tho

    • Boss Bathala
      Boss Bathala 29 days ago

      @Vanessa Castillo naoya willl never be in Pacquiao's level. Let that sink in. 8 division category champion that mike and muhammad ali never had

    • servantofthe99
      servantofthe99 Month ago +2

      @AVEX2k22 Well...Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Khabib, Khamzat, Kamaru Usman, Islam Machachev are all some of the muslims from fighting that are very well regarded and some of the best

  • Power Kill
    Power Kill 7 months ago +6640

    " Float like a butterfly , sting like a bee" - Muhammad Ali
    " Fly like an eagle , maul like a bear "- Khabib Nurmaggedov
    "Talk like a champion, tap like a chicken" - Conor McGregor

    • shaari amin
      shaari amin 3 days ago

      @Celebrity BioProfile and you dint get a single cent of it🤧

    • shaari amin
      shaari amin 3 days ago

      @JediMantra bcouse he not only tapping but he begs khabib his life.. please khabib dont kill me remember🤔

    • Mustakrakish
      Mustakrakish 3 days ago +1

      lmao perfect

    • shaari amin
      shaari amin 13 days ago

      @JediMantra bcouse he cheats he begs he tapp🤧

    • egalicous affandi
      egalicous affandi 15 days ago

      Oh my Gosh. Hahah

  • KY SA
    KY SA 3 months ago +174

    Khabib did not dominate because of his skills, body, etc. which are obviously very important attributes ... he was dominating because of his mindset.

    • Hans Wurst
      Hans Wurst 4 days ago

      True love = the love of God!
      *God himself went to the cross for you out of love for you as a human being*
      Philippians 2:5-8

    • Mino Minomino
      Mino Minomino 29 days ago +9

      a multiple time Sambo and Wresting champ. Monster work ethic with obviously a lot of talent. Mindset doesn't matter if the skills don't match it. You'll just be permanently damaged for not giving up

  • ajay
    ajay 3 months ago +572

    Every guy before fight: I will make history
    After fight: Becomes part of history

    • Celebrity BioProfile
      Celebrity BioProfile 3 days ago

      @Abubakar Kashif the great notorious Mcgregor made kebob famous and rich. kebob owes everything to Mcgregor

    • Abubakar Kashif
      Abubakar Kashif 3 days ago

      @Celebrity BioProfile dude McGregor literally became McMeal of the day for Khabib..

    • Celebrity BioProfile
      Celebrity BioProfile 3 days ago

      @Abubakar Kashif bro.... Mcgregor is the GOAT

    • Abubakar Kashif
      Abubakar Kashif 3 days ago

      @Celebrity BioProfile who cares about money?🤣🤣🤣 Imagine if that so called Kebob smeshes your house in one punch🤣

  • aspirinemaga
    aspirinemaga Month ago +61

    10:50 - It wasn't the ugliest scene in his career. It was the cleanest scene of all time among everybody who threats themself as a human being. He handled all that overhelming insults in a cold blooded way just to get over his pray, and then he dealt with those who had a big mouth who insulted him, his father, his relatives, his religion. You guys, who think it was an ugliest thing, you are literally supporting those all ugliest insults and that's what differentiate you and the real man.

    • arin leoczko
      arin leoczko 3 days ago

      After fighting Khabib, three different people jumped the cage and put hands on Conor.
      That's not a man move, that's a pussy move. If you've got issues with someone, you settle it face to face, not get four people to jump in after.

  • Veli S
    Veli S Month ago +47

    Khabib has done what no man has ever done, he has dominated, crushed and destroyed while simultaneously maintaining his humanity and humility. Show me another man like Khabib, he’s an inspiration and a model for all of us that shows the power of absolute discipline.

    • Dark.Syndicate-Gaming
      Dark.Syndicate-Gaming 3 days ago

      @Khalid Mohammed haha maybe true

    • Khalid Mohammed
      Khalid Mohammed 6 days ago

      @shzamm patapon I don’t think dominating and crushing is a requirement😂

    • shzamm patapon
      shzamm patapon 17 days ago +2

      i mean, that's the bare minimum standard of a muslim. i guess that's high for westerners tho

  • Toothpaste
    Toothpaste 8 months ago +2219

    "I was executing the move very carefully because if you break an arm that way, it will never be the same." One of the most respectful fighters ever.

    • David Molloy
      David Molloy 2 months ago

      Whereas tony would have just snapped it. That is a man who knows his craft and cares. What a legend

    • John Cleatus
      John Cleatus 3 months ago +3

      Imagine that kind of dominance to think about that kinda thing while absolutely mauling everyone. Its ridiculous

    • jvsky
      jvsky 3 months ago

      @mark whan francis would destroy jon jones tho

  • brandon nunez
    brandon nunez 2 months ago +237

    “You’re a monster khabib”
    “You’re number one gangster”
    Gotta live the respect khabib gives man was truly the most humble to ever do it.

  • Anima a
    Anima a 4 months ago +190

    I doubt UFC will ever see such an amazing person again. Humble, respectful and honorable man. Thats what makes him so great and dangerous at the same time.

    • Aqeel Ameer
      Aqeel Ameer Month ago +2

      @Khairil A nahhh. islam

    • Khairil A
      Khairil A Month ago +3


    • The Mixed Plate Frequency
      The Mixed Plate Frequency Month ago +5

      Its going to be rare to see someone like that. Someone like that only comes into a sport every so many generations, and he was one of them.

  • Juju Bean
    Juju Bean 4 months ago +97

    The arm break part of this video gave me such a deep respect for Khabib. What a legend.

    • GoHabsGo
      GoHabsGo 14 days ago

      I wonder if he would have broken Conors arm in the 2nd round had Conor not defended the kimura attempt

    • downstreamlife
      downstreamlife Month ago +3

      A kimura taken all the way to breaking the arm is actually quite horrific. I saw it happen before, the guy now lives with a metal rod nailed to his humerus. His humerus was splintered by the torque exerted on his arm (it made a loud pop that I remember to this day).

  • Sabrish
    Sabrish Month ago +54

    Khabib is the only fighter who's opponents love and respect him after loosing to him.....
    LEGEND 🙌🙌🙌

  • EA_pro
    EA_pro 8 months ago +1641

    I don’t know how someone can hate on this man. A truly amazing legend.
    Zero defeats, in a sport where one single mistake can literally end you.
    Everyone knew what he wanted to do, NO ONE was ever able to stop him from doing it…

    • Rankieng Ipuing
      Rankieng Ipuing 10 days ago

      @Codeman91 dude the fighters he fought was way better then most of the shitty fighters in the ufc .. the elite wrestlers he fought ... You see there are a lotta great fighters who didn't get the previlage to join the ufc the world is a big place ... You just can't reach em all

    • NimmHa
      NimmHa 4 months ago

      @Andreas Dalhaug He NEVER pushed any political views, he defended his fcking belief.

    • ilo 059
      ilo 059 4 months ago

      @GH0A he made caricature of prophet Mohammed s.a.w

    • Al fatur Al
      Al fatur Al 4 months ago

      No bleed

    • irve81
      irve81 4 months ago

      @Grim Reaper Ok ok ok so I will ask you a question with which fighter from lightweight he could losse in your opinion? Have you weighted him and other fighter he doesn't look bigger in fights than others.

  • Nick
    Nick 3 months ago +174

    Holy crap! I forgot that he never even bled or was really in any danger..😳 he was incredible

    • Eli Prost
      Eli Prost 9 days ago

      @Brandon Drew Nobody! He has not bled in his ufc career

    • Brandon Drew
      Brandon Drew 9 days ago

      @Eli Prost his other round was to iaquinta in the first round basically due to leg kicks. Has anybody made Khabib even bleed?

    • Brandon Drew
      Brandon Drew 9 days ago

      @Gabriel Lavine your right but it was the third round and not the second. Khabib still came out unscratched and manhandled him the whole fight. Honestly embarrassing for McGregor.

    • Eli Prost
      Eli Prost 9 days ago

      @Brandon Drew he lost round 2 in the Connor fight

  • Dermymoto _
    Dermymoto _ Month ago +20

    Khabib - The greatest. As an Irish man I salute you. You showed incredible humility and grace throughout your reign.

  • StarTron
    StarTron 3 months ago +101

    Khabib made a lot of veteran professionals look like amateurs. No disrespect to them, but incredible amount of respect for Khabib.

  • Vasto Lorde
    Vasto Lorde 3 months ago +27

    The fact that he holds back to not break his opponent's bodies and tells them to give up, is fucking incredible, he has monstrous strength!

  • secrated
    secrated 8 months ago +11876

    Barboza spoke true words " Everybody know his game plan but nobody can stop him"

    • WLK
      WLK 6 days ago

      The scary thing about Khabib he was still improving, his stand was getting better every fight. To have 29 fights in this sport and never get knocked down and only lose two rounds is insane. He didn't just beat his opponents he broke them. He made the best fighters in the most stacked division look helpless. Nobody that I can think off has ever been so dominant in such a strong division.

    • Victor Chairez
      Victor Chairez 14 days ago

      Know one did

    • rixter69
      rixter69 26 days ago

      @ndn mdm no!

    • ndn mdm
      ndn mdm 26 days ago

      @rixter69 he beat him already😂

    • Zachary Radford
      Zachary Radford Month ago

      Stepped in what?

  • I'm Old Greg
    I'm Old Greg 3 months ago +61

    Damn it dude.... I miss Khabib soooooooo much. Greatest lightweight ever, possibly pound for pound.. but a better man. He lives and dies for his honor and morality. Nothing but 100% love for Khabib

  • JC Moran
    JC Moran 3 months ago +48

    Incredible Fighter , first time I saw his fights I thought this guy is unbeatable , but the best part I enjoy of this great fighter its that he is so humble and such a great person! Glad he reached is peak and got out , I wouldn't want to see this guy loose or being defeated in a fight cause of age or what ever !

  • Alex Reigh
    Alex Reigh 15 days ago +9

    Khabib is the only man who can say “you’ve never faced anyone like me” and speak no word of a lie.

  • RevRev Pietro
    RevRev Pietro 3 months ago +37

    This is the best documentary so far about people who faced him before and after. Much respect

  • lex
    lex 5 months ago +3058

    The way he describes how he was trying to avoid to break someone's arm and telling them to give up before it turns bad. What a great man.

    • Juve
      Juve Month ago

      Month later and poor Jesse deleted his comment lol rekt

    • K S
      K S Month ago

      @Morgan Moallemian: Word. 100%

    • Morgan Moallemian
      Morgan Moallemian 3 months ago +2

      Totally, that’s a moment that stuck with me. The dude has admirable humanity in the most brutal of sports. He’s no thug. He’s a classy force of nature.

    • Juve
      Juve 3 months ago +3

      ​@jesse Easterling Most of the population of Muslims aren't even the Wahhabis that came to Dagestan through Saudi funding. Saudis form of islam is a new thing from the 1800s. Muhammed was not a Wahhabi, Wahhabi's disregard other Muslims with different beliefs. Clearly your not good at learning from history, your a joke.

  • Craig Winter
    Craig Winter 3 months ago +25

    From the moment Khabib entered the UFC, I was a fan! There was always debate before every one of his fights, asking the same old question as to who was gonna beat him. We finally got the answer...nobody! What a remarkable human being!

  • Bill Pool
    Bill Pool 3 months ago +19

    Personally, I think the tools that make Khabib the fighter he is, discipline and respect. Tools Connor never had.

  • Andy Jacobson
    Andy Jacobson 3 months ago +34

    What Gaethje went up to Khabib and said after being defeated was amazing, love it. More respect in fighting, I don't understand how ppl get stoked on all that trash talk.

  • Sleepingdogish
    Sleepingdogish 2 months ago +28

    I love the humble and the respectful nature of Khabib. He’s a monster but a beautiful monster.

  • Babak Rad
    Babak Rad 21 day ago +7

    Khabib is a humble champion with the spirit of a true man. Respectful for his family and friends. Keeping his profession and personal life separated.
    This is what Connor never was, is, or will be. Connor was a trash talker and he saw the result of what he did to a person who has a lot of respect for his beloved ones. Khabib never underrated anyone, weak or strong all were treated with respect. I hope Connor has got his lesson for life, though I doubt it. Two different cultures. One full of respect and the other one being proud of wearing a handmade and stitched suit.

    • Eric Badu
      Eric Badu 2 days ago

      Actually its not about culture, rather the individual's character. There are exemplary people in all the cultures of this world. Connor is a disgrace to himself. The Irish people are very warm and respectful.

  • Semir D
    Semir D 3 months ago +19

    If Khabib decided to come back and had regular training camp, I would be willing to bet everything he'd beat anyone in the division now ! The man made world class fighters look like amateurs that have never been in a fight before. Khabib is straight up hard work manifested, there may be more talanted guys in this stacked lw division, but nothing beats hard work.

  • John Lock
    John Lock 2 months ago +28

    my great respect for Khabib - not because he lashed all those fellows but because of who he is humble great sportsman giving a great example - a somebody worth looking up to

  • Slavic Affairs
    Slavic Affairs 22 days ago +15

    Khabib is undoubtedly one of the greatest. Amazing athlete and person, I wish him nothing but good.

  • kenanK TV
    kenanK TV 8 months ago +2032

    The GOAT is back!

    • Shamshiri
      Shamshiri 7 months ago

      @MGTOW ANONYMOUS what a silly analysis : “the world is worse, that’s why this 1 acronym is being used more” wtf? Bro, slang changes. Some words increase in use, others fade, then they come back. This idea that one slang word is a sign of anything is just laughable.

    • ny us channel
      ny us channel 7 months ago

      Yes agree

    • Timmy Ggz tv
      Timmy Ggz tv 7 months ago


    • Ali
      Ali 7 months ago

      @Home Tutor Shoaib do one you absolute bellend. Don’t make up I haven’t studied this. I know people depict him as such, that doesn’t mean the animal is now haram to eat or anything so why make this extra stuff up? You seriously need to rethink

  • Fida Hussain
    Fida Hussain 3 months ago +4

    No fake confidence, No trash talk just PURE skill and class! Khabib Nurmagomedov. 🔥

  • Abdulazeez Barboza
    Abdulazeez Barboza 4 months ago +64

    Before the fight Conor didn't let him speak, during the fight Khabib didn't let him breathe lol.

  • human empire
    human empire 8 days ago +1

    Respect is the greatest thing which he gives to his opponents. He didn’t take it personal but only sports inside the ring and friendly outside.

  • faiq ali shah
    faiq ali shah 4 months ago +26

    everybody knows his game,everybody knows his game plan but nobody can stop him

  • Mtf
    Mtf 7 months ago +5837

    "if you can bring King Kong and he can make 155 - let's go" - legendary line

    • хабиб чемпион ММА
      хабиб чемпион ММА Day ago

      Such a detailed, 155 lbs. If 1000ton King Kong he not going to fight it

    • Shayak Sarkar
      Shayak Sarkar 6 days ago

      I will not change weight class under any circumstance

    • yo who this
      yo who this 6 days ago

      @Godwin Anthony 16 fights in almost a 20 year career in the ufc NUFF SAID

    • yo who this
      yo who this 6 days ago

      @Pourya Lalee only time kabib had his name written in the ufc history books was for missing weight and pulling out of fights. Litterly the only 2 records he owns

    • yo who this
      yo who this 6 days ago

      @xTHEMISTOKLESx more like chicken 🐔 blood

    DAMARU STUDIOS Day ago +1

    There is a man who I know .
    His voice is soft .
    He respects everyone around him .
    He treats everyone equally .
    He is humble .
    He’s dedicated .
    He’s one good friend to those around him .
    He’s one guy everyone can trust .
    But ,
    You mess with him ?
    Game over cuz he’s gonna end the living f**k outta you .
    That man’s name is KHABIB .

  • Shav253 788
    Shav253 788 3 months ago +6

    The fact that they know his fighting style and game plan and yet nobody could stop it. He ground pound his way through his opponent’s and to the top. Everybody running they mouth but nobody stopping him

  • Jade Sloth
    Jade Sloth 3 months ago +18

    3:29 after talking all that smack, disrespecting your opponent all the way, getting destroyed absolutely, and then being shown respect by your destroyer he still had excuses 😂😂😂 he’s crying

  • Real Burglaz Official
    Real Burglaz Official 3 months ago +5

    Manny, Khabib, GSP
    Fighters in a class of their own.
    Humble, respectful, deadly.

  • Akeno
    Akeno 6 months ago +3005

    "I told u guys we gonna make him humble."
    This phrase is fucking legendary

    • Avocado
      Avocado 4 months ago

      Jesus loves all of you repent of your sins which is bad things belive that God raised Jesus from the dead and confess Jesus as lord and you will be saved

    • Snifferoni
      Snifferoni 4 months ago

      No it's not

    • ömer doğan
      ömer doğan 4 months ago +1

      An anime girl who like ufc... Thanks god i have found her

    • Damiano 76
      Damiano 76 5 months ago +4

      @توفيق absolutely 👍

  • Aundrea Kym
    Aundrea Kym 3 months ago +15

    Khabib! Undefeated, undisputed, number one pound for pound UFC lightweight champ!!!

  • Will Thomas
    Will Thomas Month ago +1

    He always struck me as a true champion from how he conducted himself in and out of the octagon. I wish they would've done a rematch with Connor and I woudve loved to see him against George st Pierre bc I think that would be a damn good fight. But respect to khabib he's a beast

  • Mike Devyne
    Mike Devyne Month ago +4

    "If you can bring me King Kong and he can make 155, that's it let's go." -KN

  • Robby Terrill
    Robby Terrill 3 months ago +12

    Dude was just destined to be great in the cage..God given talent..

    • Robby Terrill
      Robby Terrill 2 months ago

      @David Molloy
      Yeah..gotta put the work in but some men are destined for greatness..In the end though..We will all bow before our creator regardless of
      How we were in this life.

    • David Molloy
      David Molloy 2 months ago

      That's not God given talent that's altitude training, incredible work ethic, decades of training, street fights and wrestling techniques the rest of the world had no idea how to respond to.

  • Ddot connections
    Ddot connections 5 months ago +2432

    Khabin knew Justin wouldn't tap, so he switched from an armbar to a triangle so he wouldn't break his arm, but rather put him to a harmless sleep. Especially while Justin's mother was watching from cageside. Such a shame he lost his father and chose to retire so young. I'm positive this guy could have gone 40-0

    • Shami Khan
      Shami Khan 2 months ago +1

      World champion retires just for his mother's respect and honour for not going to octagon without his father is greatest thing ever.....this shows how dignified and respectful family culture and religion he belongs to....Awesome❤️

    • john
      john 2 months ago

      He would definitely defeat Tony,Max,Nate etc...

    • RoosterCooter
      RoosterCooter 2 months ago

      @Alstrum Zakariya lol where in the world did you draw such a ridiculous conclusion from

    • Bachi Abdul
      Bachi Abdul 2 months ago

      Oliveira would knock him out

    • s
      s 2 months ago +1

      @Joseph Lin But hes not Russian he lives in depended country (Dagestan) He dont even look like typical Russian lol

  • Saigon6
    Saigon6 2 months ago +8

    I loved the way he said "i told you guys, we gonna make him humble" with a calm but yet sinister tone

  • VCL
    VCL 3 months ago +41

    Everyone that has fought khabib became respectful.

  • Colm Gillane
    Colm Gillane 3 months ago +38

    KAHBIB the perfect example of a high quality human being and as a man..

    • Boo Ll
      Boo Ll Month ago

      @jesse Easterling hey, you wanna discuss about Quran and Islam? I can answer everything you’ve written if you are up to it

    • Narin
      Narin 2 months ago

      @jesse Easterling the bible was changed many times, everyone knows that. I never said anything about the torah having been changed. The women you mentioned, Maria al-Qibtiyya, was a slave before being taken by our prophet Muhammed peace be upon him. Later prophet Muhammed removed her from the position of slavery. He was not an abuser, he respected women, he would respect his daughters so much he would stand up everytime they would come in his presence. Prophet Muhammed married all of those women because he wanted to save them from slavery, not because of lust, women at the time were treated really lowly and he saved them by marriying them and giving them a home. He never raped any women. İslam is not misogynistic, in fact, it is said said a father that has 3 daughters will go to heaven because women are very special and men should provide for them and take care of them. The thing you said about him and a 9 year old is false, very disrespectful indeed. Her name is Aisha peace be upon her, her age is not known, many resources say she was either24, 22, 16, 14, 9 so we don't know exactly. Prophet Muhammed never touched any of his wifes without consent and he waited for when they were mature. He loved Aisha the most, his love for her is very famous. Prophet Muhammad said to his
      companions “Do not beat the female servants of Allah.” He said that
      honourable husbands do not beat their wives, and he himself never hit a woman or a servant. If a woman feels her husband is ill-behaved, then she can get help from her guardian or seek divorce. The hadidths you sent me are total bullshit, just as I had expected, the same things taken from the same wrong sites. Arabic is a very hard language to translate and there are usually mistakes regarding translations. Its very late were I am rn so I will continue tommorow. Good night!

    • Narin
      Narin 2 months ago +1

      Thank you, its an honor to have been able to represent my religion the right way. I have read the Quran 2 times, I studied many sunnahs and memorised a lot of them. Most muslims read the Quran. The Quran is the only book ever that was memorised completely by millions of people, so what you said about that is wrong. Many of my relatives have read the Bible, Torah and Zabur because they were basicaly the old versions of the Quran. I would like to remind you that the Bible has been changed so many times by humans to make it more "likeable " and it is not at all trustable. As I said I have read the Quran and studied it but I have never stumbled upon what you just mentioned. My aunt and her husband are very wise people and they once told me that some sayings in the Quran were interpreted wrong by muslims and that the translation is a bit wrong. It would be good if you could send me proof because what you mentioned is unacceptable. I really hope one day people will come to appreciate islam for the way it actually is.

  • Leonardo Mongdong
    Leonardo Mongdong 3 months ago +21

    Khabib is real fighter, 29 - 0 its almost impossible, but mor impossible for another is never bleeding

  • Zeno Sama
    Zeno Sama 8 months ago +5072

    In the game of Blood, we witnessed a man who never Bled 🦅

    • jay
      jay Month ago


    • The Mixed Plate Frequency
      The Mixed Plate Frequency Month ago

      I don't even think he got any bruises or anything broken or damaged either.

    • Mohd. Zia ulhaq
      Mohd. Zia ulhaq 4 months ago


    • Mo Mentum
      Mo Mentum 4 months ago +1

      Whats that old saying? "Be weary of an old man in a profession where men die young" - something along those lines.

    • Messiⓥ
      Messiⓥ 5 months ago

      There will never one of them

  • A Kadir
    A Kadir Month ago +2

    Khabib came in and just dealt with the division.... No one came close. He has truly solidified his legendary status!

  • Abraham Hagos
    Abraham Hagos 3 months ago +23

    When Conor was saying he misinterpreted his efficiency and he took shots well, that was after the first Nate fight. He wasn't talking about Khabib. Apart from that - great vid.

  • Don Domenico
    Don Domenico 3 months ago +7

    Absolute legend 👏💯🔥
    This is soo insane: He never bleeds (not really), has like a broken nose or something - not even a blue eye or a lip snatched open etc etc
    And that in the most brutal sport: in the OCTAGON! I mean wtf!
    This man's just a *BEAST* !
    He's really build different!
    Kudos to this legend!! 🔥

  • Greg C.
    Greg C. 2 months ago

    In George St Pierre's prime...I think Khabib vs. St. Pierre would've been one of the greatest fights of all time. Reasons being...both were lightning quick, very strong, and extremely smart fighters. Their amazing reflexes, abilities on their feet and on the mat, and the fact that it was almost impossible to wear either man down would've made it a spectacle to witness. What would've made GSP different from any of Khabib's other opponents was his takedown defense. I think he's one of the only fighters..other than maybe Matt Hughes..who could've stopped the Russian's takedowns. Unfortunately it's a fight we'll never get to see, but what I wouldn't give.

  • Melroy Correa
    Melroy Correa 6 months ago +1077

    The greatest strength of Khabib was not his wrestling skills but his humility and grace. Once he had fought and conquered the best in the world, he didn't linger for a moment to show off his absolute dominance over the game. He simply cited his mother's wishes and left the game to others.

    • Don Domenico
      Don Domenico 3 months ago

      @Bang Ding Ow more like absolute nonsense

    • Mackoy
      Mackoy 4 months ago

      Preach! He sounds like a neglected kid begging for attention. lol

    • moh
      moh 4 months ago +1

      @Jeremy Dyar it did lol the undefeated undisputed title

    • Bang Ding Ow
      Bang Ding Ow 4 months ago +1

      @توفيق more like basic knowledge

    • توفيق
      توفيق 4 months ago

      @Bang Ding Ow thanks for enlightening me with your spiritual wisdom.

  • Movie Clips
    Movie Clips 4 months ago +25

    The difference between khabib and others. Others fight with their hands. Khabib fights with his heart and faith

    • TakeMe
      TakeMe 3 months ago

      so he is a wizard? or cheating?

    • Bvc
      Bvc 3 months ago


  • Mohamed Al-Daly
    Mohamed Al-Daly 3 months ago +4

    it's not just his skills that makes him the best, the humbleness and ethics he has are so great !

  • Prestige Bash
    Prestige Bash 3 months ago +4

    Without ever drawing blood.
    UFC G.O.A.T

  • OJuggernautO
    OJuggernautO 3 months ago +26

    Used to be a huge McGregor fan. Love trash talk, it’s always entertaining to an extent. It’s even better if you’re good at it. And it’s the best when you’re good at it AND can back it up.
    He was constantly placed as an underdog in a lot of his big fights. That combined with all the trash talking and the Irish heritage in me, he was just really easy to root for.
    But then of course, he started taking things too far. He also changed. He no longer had that fighters mentality. The one where you have to fight like your life depends on it in order to feed yourself & your family. Instead his mentality switched to living the lavish lifestyle. Which can be fine as long as you don’t let it effect you. Unfortunately, it effected him and certainly his fighting (in my opinion, obviously).
    Khabib Nurmagomedov undeniably humbled Conor McGregor. He changed a lot after that fight.
    But he didn’t change enough. He still has the “I’m better than 99.99% of people” and not in reference to being a fighter, in reference to his wealth class and his “status”. I know a lot of people don’t care about this stuff, but for me, it makes it hard to root for the guy. Where as before, it was so easy to.
    Ah well, whatcha gonna do?

  • sdy06
    sdy06 8 months ago +3357

    The guy never even bled in a fucking UFC career. Man oh man... GOAT.

    • Danny Knapp
      Danny Knapp 3 months ago

      Amazing man never seen no blood on this dude ever 💪🦅

    • LemurMan
      LemurMan 4 months ago

      @Five Stars he stopped because of his mum

    • oneiro
      oneiro 5 months ago

      @vandanaasha the fact that khabib only lose 1 round in his career in the UFC , proves his is the GOAT.

    • Sum Ting Wong
      Sum Ting Wong 5 months ago +1

      @vandanaasha He has the best record than everyone in the UFC. Never lost a fight in his career. He’s the Goat, plain and simple.

    • NewfieMikey
      NewfieMikey 6 months ago

      @Chaldean Guy I know many took roids so they’re all disqualified as well.

  • Ayuub ilmoge Ahmed
    Ayuub ilmoge Ahmed 24 days ago +1

    "In a game of blood, we witnessed a man who never bled "

  • Kyle Sanford
    Kyle Sanford 9 days ago

    The respect he showed every other fighter on the way up to Connor says a lot

  • Sheikh Abdul S. Basha
    Sheikh Abdul S. Basha 7 days ago +1

    Khabib is very humble sportsman. Even in the middle of the fighting, he think of safety of his opponent. What a Man. I salute u my brother. Enjoy ur retirement. We all love to see u back.

  • A Kems
    A Kems Month ago +1

    This video makes me crying 😢 ❤Khabib "The Eagle 🦅" Nurmagomedov 29-0 for ever ❤ This last fight without his father was so sad at the end ❤ Great respect to Justin Geathje too... Nice gesture and big sportmanship from him... Poirier was nice too... Good video ✌❤

  • Funtcat
    Funtcat 5 months ago +2546

    The only thing that could stop Khabib was his retirement. The greatest.

    • mark whan
      mark whan 3 months ago

      @Nafi and I don't have a problem with khabib?😂 just because I disagree with fanboys about him doesn't mean I don't like him. He's a great fighter. And also didn't khabib make a homeless dude do push ups? And wasn't he saying shit about nate with his friends for no reason. He also jumped the cage to start fighting people in the crowd which could've gotten a lot of people hurt

    • Nafi
      Nafi 3 months ago

      @mark whan whats your problem with Khabib. Hes not only just a good fighter but also a great saint of our era

    • Justice Swanson
      Justice Swanson 3 months ago

      Prime Matt Hughes

    • Ꮆ卂ㄥ卂匚ㄒ丨匚 几ㄩㄒ
      Ꮆ卂ㄥ卂匚ㄒ丨匚 几ㄩㄒ 3 months ago

      Only his mom could stop him

  • kmizan fauzi
    kmizan fauzi 4 months ago +11

    "never lost, never bled, never visibly hurt" summed it perfectly

  • bonbonaro bonbonarov
    bonbonaro bonbonarov 3 months ago +6

    Why Khabib is the ultimate fighter :
    Disciplined , respectfull , concentrated , completely in control of what he do , because he understands it , deep knowledge of the techniques used , with eventual consiquences .
    Good knowledge in human phisiology and biology , thats why he dominates them all and still undefeated !
    Exemplarary fighter !

  • Akheel Ahmed
    Akheel Ahmed 4 months ago +18

    Champion.... Alhamdulillah.. ❤

  • Hung Le
    Hung Le 3 months ago +2

    What a legend. Made everyone look like amateur

  • Elijah Holmes
    Elijah Holmes 4 months ago +4

    God fearing Champion that is humble doesn't talk smack until it's ding ding... Greatest fighter of our time hands down the fact he comes out of almost every fight without a cut or scratch is testament enough of the heart and strength of The Eagle

  • Husanpreet singh
    Husanpreet singh 11 days ago

    “Everybody knows his game everybody knows what he do and no one can stop him”
    If one of the best fighter says this about you you’re a god my man ❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  • Google Google
    Google Google 2 months ago +11

    Don’t forget Khabib was wrestling with bears when most of his opponents were playing with hot wheels.

  • Jim Vaughn
    Jim Vaughn 4 months ago +8

    WHAT a BEAST, and a gentleman.

  • ALFF101
    ALFF101 6 months ago +3186

    Khabib saying "let's talk now Conor" while smashing the shit out of his face was one of the best things I've ever seen.

    • Jahenoor Rahman
      Jahenoor Rahman 3 months ago +1

      @DM there's always some forms of exaggeration when someone wins a big fight.. nonetheless you might as well call it a face smashing..Conor didn't seem all too recognisable ever since that fight..

    • Jahenoor Rahman
      Jahenoor Rahman 3 months ago +1

      @xHouston Kingx oooo

    • Jahenoor Rahman
      Jahenoor Rahman 3 months ago +1

      @Adrian Kišak 'u act like you wouldn't tap' - he most likely ain't a pro fighter ya knobhead

    • Poseidon
      Poseidon 4 months ago

      @Adrian Kišak just remember this on your poisoned brain with toxicity of gregor : "khabib never tab.!"

    • Jewell Rider III
      Jewell Rider III 4 months ago +1

      Go Russia

  • Heath Whimpress
    Heath Whimpress 2 months ago +1

    The sport needs people with that level of respect for their opponents and the sport….he’s a true champion.

  • Anees Miah
    Anees Miah Month ago +6

    "He begged me please don't kill me" 😂

  • Benjamin Sun
    Benjamin Sun 2 months ago +1

    Never beaten, never bled, never been hurt
    Khabib the GOAT

  • Ernie Mathews
    Ernie Mathews 3 months ago

    Great coverage of a very decent man and a generational talent. You are greatly appreciated.

  • X AS
    X AS 7 months ago +2510

    "Never Lost, Never Bled, and was Never Visibly Hurt"
    Best thing you can ever describe a person by!

    • Joe Tarrant
      Joe Tarrant 4 months ago

      @No One two rounds in 29 fights

    • xNotty
      xNotty 5 months ago

      Jason Bourne?

    • Jesse Reitberger
      Jesse Reitberger 5 months ago

      @Jon Noble Noble one IDK, that looked bloody tight...either way. Khabib is the GOAT

    • Jon Noble Noble one
      Jon Noble Noble one 5 months ago +3

      @Jesse Reitberger that’s what I thought until you realize khabib gave him his neck as bait, Dustin pounced on the bait, burned his arms out while khabib teetered back and forth slowly losing the grip and moments later finished a savage like Dustin within 3 rounds.

  • ACFefo
    ACFefo 2 months ago +2

    No BS just plain skill. GOAT.

  • Dowler Natasha
    Dowler Natasha 3 months ago +7

    Conor is a business man who used to be a great fighter. Khabib is a real fighter who is the greatest fighter of all time in the UFC.

  • Demonic Shuvo
    Demonic Shuvo 3 months ago +8

    Always best 🖤
    Always humble 🖤

  • White Shadows
    White Shadows 4 months ago +13

    It tells you a lot about a guy when everyone beside McChicken praised him after the fight and there was no bad blood.

  • Brook Johnson
    Brook Johnson 4 months ago +1384

    “When times are good be great full. In times like these be graceful.”
    That is one of the best things I’ve ever heard from someone who lost a big fight.

  • Roberto Munoz
    Roberto Munoz 2 months ago

    I love the fact that all his opponents know exactly what he will do .....and cannot do anything to stop him.

  • Abul Shaher
    Abul Shaher 4 months ago +11

    "Everybody knows his game... and no one can stop him"

      TERRY GALLYUOT 2 months ago

      How about brock UFC .....did he fight him?

      TERRY GALLYUOT 2 months ago

      How about brock UFC .....did he fight him?

  • Tepan Yakin
    Tepan Yakin 3 months ago +1

    In MMA there's Fighters, Athletes, and Artists.
    But you forgot something, a Beast!

  • mark baker
    mark baker 9 days ago

    "Give me an hours rest and I'll fight again" That wasn't hyperbole, he could, he would and he would win.

  • Santosh Chhetry
    Santosh Chhetry 8 months ago +906

    Every fighter knew what his gameplan will be, but no one could stop him. That to me, it's greatness. The fact that, he was never cut, never got dropped in a sport based on unpredictability and violence. This makes him a legend.

    • Nur Muhammad
      Nur Muhammad 2 months ago

      @Tex Well you made a public comment in social media. Hahaha.... Should had expect that.

    • Tex
      Tex 2 months ago

      @Nur Muhammad Ur the one bringing up 5 months old conversations lad. So can't come at me with "toxic" your side of the world's toxic

    • Nur Muhammad
      Nur Muhammad 2 months ago

      @Tex You mean neo-nazi tattoos? Yeah it should be banned. It just common sense having hate mark tattoos got you banned everywhere in professional fight. And you are the one being offensive because it hurt your feeling when "you re all tapped" only happen in your dream. Stay mad and stay toxic.

    • Tex
      Tex 2 months ago

      @Nur Muhammad not allowed on your side due to my tattoos 😂 I get called offensive cos your're all tapped

  • Nidhal Ali Basheer
    Nidhal Ali Basheer 29 days ago +1

    The crazy thing is that everyone who fought him, knew the man's game plan beforehand, trained for it and still they weren't able to take him out.

  • Cherry Tokarev
    Cherry Tokarev 2 months ago +3

    I loved it when Danis said Conor gets a hard time about his cardio "but who have we seen that Khabib faced who DIDN'T look like that after four rounds?" Joe Rogan immediately said Al Iaquinta and Danis is like fuck he's right.

  • ThePsychStudent
    ThePsychStudent 3 months ago

    This was amazing. Everything about it. Excellent storytelling. Kudos to you man.

  • Marc26
    Marc26 Month ago +1

    I like khabib not for his fighting ability but his humbleness and maturity as a man and a fighter. He's professional and mature not something you see a lot these days

  • Sigma Male
    Sigma Male 5 months ago +1321

    How can anyone deny him the goat title? He never bled, never showed any damage after any opponent, nobody hurt him, no one. He smashed everyone they put in front of him. Professional record 29-0, 16 of which he won before stepping in the octagon, he was 2 time world sombo champion. Show me someone better? There's been many great fighter's, but khabib is a living legend.

    • yoshida haru
      yoshida haru 2 months ago

      @jesse Easterling hahaha i know this type of person,doesnt read his holy bible let aloned holy quran,the world doesnt evolved around your race buddy.If you know a history and holy quran links strongly with history.Slaves being pratices for thousand of thousands of years even at the prophet jesus peace be upon him lived,why as to reason holy quran didnt completely stop the slaves acts is because holy quran came from the god allmighty,he knows past,present and future better then his creations.We didnt know full story of our own universe as there is still a mystery or missing links that separates us from understanding completely.What islam teaches is to see your own slaves eye to eye and treated them like family sintead of property,marry them and be friend with them.Thats is why all over the worlds people dont have many issues about slaves in their history but only at united states where blacks folks being slaves for 400 years despite everybody religions is christians itself.And its take abraham lincoln to say "hey this is bad",and why the events of blacl lives matter so impactfull towards the black folks is because the treatement that they get for just being black.Treated like animals.While white folks dont have this problem or even in the history,but they loved to be the centred of "justice" as they feels what others folks felt.Islam as religion are no.2 below christian as the World largest religions as christian sits around 2.382 billions where islam sits around 1.907 adherents.In 2050 islam will passing christianity as number 1 religions.The problem with you guys is you thinking the world evolved around you,where even your own religion have many contradictions.And go learned with someone who is muslims that practices religiously they own religion instead hear from someone who really hated islams and yet they still didnt know the full concept or holy alquran themselves.About the child marriage,i assumes you referring about prophet marrying aisha r.a...there's two hadith where both are authenthic hadith mentioning aisha age,1 6 years old,2 9 years old.But most people didnt know that aisha had a sister that older by 10 years from aisha age.And historical indicated that when aisha with prophets in some wars,she is around 19 years old..not 6 or 9...this argument surfaces around 1920 something..again by white people who didnt go through all the islamic history and holy quran as a whole,but only take a some verse and use their own narations.1400 years ago...people at that time recorded their age not starting the date they born..but they died,not "born since 1996 and died 2050",but rather "died in 2050" at their tombstone.Prophets muhammad pbuh grave and all his companion including the wives are all exist in the mekkah and medina.So they actually "exist"...and prophet have their owwn arc nemesis or people who hated him.But never used arguments like "ouh,so you are prophet,and yet you are pedophile?"...never for thousands of years.If you talking about extremist then i also condemnd those people who use religion to take someone lives like bombing the city.And extremist are in every religion,but its not religion faulted..but their faults using religion to justify their actions.Hilter are also christians believer,even in his quoted he talked about christianity religion are one of his motivation..but why i dont see people condemnd the christians as religions??..but you did to islam?? are not that stupid right?,or your ego get better of you.
      If jesus descending from heaven or sky,he will be sadden for what happens to his follower.Infact i think jesus himself are victims or the churches that uses his family name for their own agenda.Do you believe jesus would like a hierachy? Like pope being treated like a king?...all the prophets are the best versions of humans can be and those who born loyalty and those who born poot.Jesus and muhammad didnt use his positions for them.They know what their responsibilities is and that is why people follow him.But nowadays religion being used to be at a top or for bussines purposes like prosperity of gospel that makes $100 of millions!! for 1 persons.And its hard for you to see islam religion used the religions to make such crazy money.Less they will do preach and if you like buy the books.But islam highlighting a small sins and major sins so to used your own religion and profitted from it..its one of major sins.Same goes who sells "bracelets that can make you rich"..while infacts its just a ordinary bracelets,if he/she is muslims..their life will not be barakah,or in peace even make so much money out of it because the foundation is wrong.While if you christians you can make a major sins like scamming a million of people,and repent for its,your sins are already forgiven but the moneys you scammed people stays with you.

    • Roman Benni Fir
      Roman Benni Fir 2 months ago

      @adzhar mleap he hasn't fought enough good people. Has never fought a top level wrestler in the last…what, 10 fights?
      Is A LITTLE favored by rules in the fact that he uses the cage for some takedown and clinching, and that control over the grounded opponent is scored very highly, wether you actively strike him or attempt submissions

    • Roman Benni Fir
      Roman Benni Fir 2 months ago

      @jesse Easterling it's not that Has never fought a top level wrestler in the last…what, 10 fights?
      Is A LITTLE favored by rules in the fact that he uses the cage for some takedown and clinching, and that control over the grounded opponent is scored very highly, wether you actively strike him or attempt submissions

    • Roman Benni Fir
      Roman Benni Fir 2 months ago

      Has never fought a top level wrestler in the last…what, 10 fights?
      Is A LITTLE favored by rules in the fact that he uses the cage for some takedown and clinching, and that control over the grounded opponent is scored very highly, wether you actively strike him or attempt submissions

    • Roman Benni Fir
      Roman Benni Fir 2 months ago

      @try again Has never fought a top level wrestler in the last…what, 10 fights?
      Is A LITTLE favored by rules in the fact that he uses the cage for some takedown and clinching, and that control over the grounded opponent is scored very highly, wether you actively strike him or attempt submissions