SonicFox - Shares His MK11 Character Tier List 【Mortal Kombat 11】

  • Published on May 22, 2019
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  • ccrider201
    ccrider201 22 days ago +551

    1:40 - Sonya Blade - S Tier
    2:38 - Geras - S Tier
    3:37 - Erron Black - S Tier
    4:37 - Cassie Cage - S Tier
    5:53 - Sub-Zero - B Tier
    8:56 - Baraka - A+ Tier
    10:26 - Jacqui Briggs - S- Tier
    13:20 - D'vorah - C Tier
    15:19 - Kano - C Tier
    16:13 - Kollector - B Tier
    17:26 - Frost - A- Tier
    22:28 - Shao Kahn - A Tier
    33:08 - Johnny Cage - A Tier
    34:25 - Kabal - S- Tier
    38:00 - Jax Briggs - A+ Tier
    39:32 - Skarlet - S- Tier
    46:47 - Kitana - A Tier
    47:55 - Cetrion - A+ Tier
    51:37 - Scorpion - S- Tier
    53:28 - Kotal Kahn - A Tier
    56:27 - Kung Lao - A Tier
    58:32 - Liu Kang - A Tier
    1:00:50 - Noob Saibot - A+ Tier
    1:08:19 - Jade - A+ Tier
    1:14:01 - Raiden - A+ Tier

    • Aquazier
      Aquazier 11 days ago

      Nice to know that my four favorite characters are in the high tiers

    • Moneyswag's gaming
      Moneyswag's gaming 12 days ago


    • Rose B.
      Rose B. 13 days ago

      Sub-Zero is OP. He has a very good 50/50 mix up, and the reset capability is just awesome. Also, his krushing blow combos do over 350 dmg.

    • cbaby gags
      cbaby gags 15 days ago +1

      Look, I get why he put Johnny in A/A+ tier, but can SOMEONE acknowledge how ass his krushing blow options are? And also, Johnny not having super good mids is fine by me, but the fact both mids are 14 frames is dogshit. I say make his f2 a mid, and possibly make the string that it leads into more minus to balance the advantage out. Most people dont really realize how easy it can be to just duck his ass. D4 is the best solution to people who will not block, but the fact remains that this man has 2 mids, both essentially the same utility.

    • ccrider201
      ccrider201 18 days ago +2

      @OneDoubleo Ismypsn 56:27

  • Fonslayer
    Fonslayer 11 hours ago

    Where is Kung Lao?

  • Josh Bennett
    Josh Bennett 17 hours ago

    Sub Zero below Scorpion? I mean I can’t argue cause he’s Sonic Fox but still

  • Prototype12100
    Prototype12100 18 hours ago

    🤣🤣🤣 not only the mk11 cast do him dirty in the intros but the tier list maker didn't even add his picture 💀🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Charles Fogg
    Charles Fogg 19 hours ago

    Was looking for suggestions of who to play if I played liu kang in mkx, skipped right to it. Thanks SonicFox

  • ZThe Real
    ZThe Real 20 hours ago

    Davorah should be in the D tier on her own she is nothing compared to the MK original's who all have better buttons

  • FingeredFetus
    FingeredFetus Day ago

    He didn’t mention he is gay

  • Stupid Raphael
    Stupid Raphael Day ago

    # Sonicfox vs Zero

  • Luke Dotson
    Luke Dotson 2 days ago

    When your game sound is 5 times louder than your voice😂

  • Nikki Riv
    Nikki Riv 3 days ago

    People talk about how bad you smell at tournaments

  • Cursed E
    Cursed E 4 days ago

    Hey dude, I dunno if you still check these after 3 weeks or what but I could really use a signal boost and it was your posts that got me suspended! Here, check out my article on medium about the situation! And thanks in advance!

  • juggernuts1000
    juggernuts1000 7 days ago

    Tier lists are the biggest bullshit out there. they are built on technical things, but dont take into account the human player. for example, shao kahn is suppose to be very low on this list and by the things this guy says, pro players should react to him easily. exaplin to me then jackal whiping the floor with pro players using shao kahn, explain to me another player named videogamezyo that whipes his ass with many players faces while using shao kahn. including beating a very geed geras player named "destroyer" who actually gave ninjakilla an even fight. this is the same reason why in tekken, everybody laugh at kuma panda and say they suck, while secretly getting their asses destroyed by them every single time. just watch ares or mainman VS them. the reason is because people look at things from technical point of view, but dont take into account that the human player WILL fall to those tricks. any player will fall eventually to shao kahn using his low sweeps and other combos. what you are saying in this video, is only how things should be on paper where humans are robots and are flawless. however this is not the case with no one. NO ONE. therefor, tier lists even at the highest levels of play are garbage. go watch shao kahn, liu kang and johny cage destroy shit up in competitive fights and online as well. its like saying your stills camera is better because it has 20 mega pixel camera, while in reality, it makes no different to the human eye when it comes to a standard photo size. technical things are nothing without taking into account the human factor

  • MagicPixel
    MagicPixel 7 days ago +2

    damn i had no idea my main skarlet was so good im happy asf

  • Stupid Deaths
    Stupid Deaths 7 days ago +1

    Wait.. so how is Sub-Zero B tier when he can use his overhead/low mixup and throw. Sonicfox showed footage of reacting to the overhead/low mix but there were never any throws being used. Throws are a thing that exist in this game; you can't just react to the overhead/low mixup and assume that's the only thing Sub-Zero players are ever going to do.

    • Scrubzilla
      Scrubzilla 5 days ago

      Stupid Deaths He said he played DJT and blocked it all - throws, overhead, low, shimmys etc

  • German Bro
    German Bro 7 days ago +1

    Raiden A+ lmao

  • Fry
    Fry 8 days ago

    I'm glad my nooby boi is up that high

  • Fry
    Fry 8 days ago

    Oof ive been calling frost trash but this completely changed my mind good god

  • frantz thomas
    frantz thomas 8 days ago

    Btw, Jacky is one of those characters that is so weird that after jumping, her landing is faster than any character. Idk if that was on purpose

  • Jake Krzymowski
    Jake Krzymowski 8 days ago

    I just beat story mode and am now realizing that I'm fucked going forward. Liu Kang ferda

  • Joynel Bonet Delgado

    I thought it'll be
    1st Erron Black
    2nd Erron Black
    3rd Erron Black
    4rth Erron Black
    5th Erron Black
    6th Erron Black
    7th Erron Black
    8th Erron Black
    9th Erron Black
    10th Erron Black

  • AdvancedSoda
    AdvancedSoda 8 days ago

    Looking forward to getting this game soon maybe! This tier list looks pretty good. I'll use this as reference. Glad the characters i was looking at are decent haha. (Kortal Kahn, and Cetrion)

  • ShellCactus2734
    ShellCactus2734 9 days ago

    You know what's broken...
    Fifa 19 Christiano Ronaldo far post hang lob cross.
    Commentator: "so good in the air!"

  • Shadow111111
    Shadow111111 9 days ago

    Arent you the retard who cant shut the fuck up about being gay?

  • Bash Gt
    Bash Gt 9 days ago

    Noobb and erron are the most broken characters. Dont @ me

  • xeldronx
    xeldronx 9 days ago

    Why do people saturate tier lists with A+ and A-? It's almost as bad as people saying "9.5" or "8.5" in a 1-10 rating.

    • xeldronx
      xeldronx 9 days ago

      >tfw only 4 characters are below A tier

  • jordan Malik
    jordan Malik 9 days ago +1


  • Some Asian Dude
    Some Asian Dude 10 days ago

    No one at all:
    Sonicfox: *dId I tElL yOu ThAt I’m GaY?!*

  • Big Baller
    Big Baller 11 days ago +2

    I honestly lost some respect for this dude

  • D —
    D — 12 days ago

    He called Jade boring :/

  • LegendaryPlank
    LegendaryPlank 12 days ago

    Man needs to expand his vocabulary. Describing everything as fucked, fucked up or broken is tiring to listen to. Overuse of actually is also irritating.

  • fuzion_arya Choman
    fuzion_arya Choman 12 days ago

    How about kung Lao

  • This is BAXTER
    This is BAXTER 13 days ago

    When he was using shao kahn i was dying lmaoo

  • The Comic Man
    The Comic Man 13 days ago

    Scorpion is still my favorite

  • Caleb Collins
    Caleb Collins 13 days ago

    Skarlet is HIGHLY underrated my fav character

  • Daniel Krüger
    Daniel Krüger 13 days ago

    Anyone saying he's crazy for how he places some characters (especially considering his early DBFZ tier list which ended up being way off), we have to keep in mind that MK has always been the game/series he has the most knowledge about. And obviously, this is not an online/ low level tier list. This is referring to the highest level of play.

  • Connor Cornelius
    Connor Cornelius 14 days ago

    Your on some bullshit saying Kano is c tier every single time I fight him I get rekt and it’s cuz of that insane poke game and STUPID COMMAND GRAB I hate Kano always will and always have maybe I’m trash but I’ve been in a king of the hill where a single Kano dominated everyone I call bullshit tiers don’t mean shit that dude is up there on that list I don’t care what anyone says, borderline broken

  • Mothra Kaiju
    Mothra Kaiju 14 days ago

    Cetrion is S tier in my opinion

  • Mothra Kaiju
    Mothra Kaiju 14 days ago

    To me I think Cetrion should be S tier

  • elio alvarez
    elio alvarez 14 days ago

    You keep reacting to my overhead I’ll keep throwing you once again back and forward getting my back throw krushing blow. And obviously this is on ranked if you play it on kasual I have the unblockable attack that freezes the ground and I can mix u up with jump overhead overhead or jump overhead low subzero maybe not the best just because of the slow overhead that makes it predictable but again it’s not the character it’s the way you use it

  • Beast Side
    Beast Side 14 days ago

    I really don’t understand how people say that Geras is S-Tier.. He’s A/B List in period. Don’t suck this bruh.. And Erron Black is a character you can mess people up with. WITHOUT footsies.. First time picking him up. You’ll 9/10 win that fight, even against people with 1,500+ games played.

  • Aiden Rementer
    Aiden Rementer 14 days ago

    We all know Sonics above S tier character is Random

  • Gorico
    Gorico 14 days ago +3

    His breakdown of Shao Kahn was amazing.

    "USE IT! USE IT!"

  • Chameleon LMT
    Chameleon LMT 14 days ago

    Ima main the SHIT outta Shang Tsung

  • Ron Damton
    Ron Damton 14 days ago

    I was gonna switch my main but what you said about Jax just made me switch variations, gonna learn it now

  • AJ Martinez
    AJ Martinez 14 days ago

    Wasn't sonic fox the guy that's gay?

    • Eyem Dunn
      Eyem Dunn 14 days ago

      AJ Martinez im sure you know the answer to that, douche.

  • batman batman
    batman batman 14 days ago

    Sonic put me on B thas tuff

  • Mustangs2444 _
    Mustangs2444 _ 14 days ago

    I don’t enjoy this man what he said at the game awards and the fact that he is a annoying furry makes me hate him

  • Kendall Mcvey
    Kendall Mcvey 14 days ago +2

    Jacqui Briggs is the Amai Mask of MK11

    LIONEL KIMO 14 days ago +1

    He’s great at fighting games. But he sucks dicks. Literally

  • zaydolla1
    zaydolla1 14 days ago

    How you have more views than subs ... he’s worth the sub people he actually knows what he’s talking about so don’t be surprised if next mk Ed boon doesn’t ask for some pointers

  • Tommy Lee Jones
    Tommy Lee Jones 15 days ago +3

    *Sonicfox soundboard:*
    - People actually don't know you can do this
    - This shit is absolutely broken
    - I wanna put this character in S

  • Timur1999
    Timur1999 15 days ago

    I would rather even have bo rai cho in the game than fucking geras i hate him so much

  • Tim
    Tim 15 days ago

    Why is collector not higher? He has a 50/50, tic grab, teleport,meterless cancel decent range.

    • Tim
      Tim 13 days ago

      @Z55K cool, thank you for answering. It's a shame that he's not better because he's a fun character, I like that he has many tools

    • Z55K
      Z55K 13 days ago

      The teleport is punishable the 5050 is unsafe and his buttons are slow and has bad anti airs

  • HxCjavi
    HxCjavi 15 days ago

    Fuckin this fuckin that...what the fuck.. fuckin broken.. and it's only the 2 minute mark... no way I can sit through a hour of that.. especially if you're going to keep screaming it into the mic.

  • Angery
    Angery 15 days ago

    Finally someone appreciates Kung Lao's gameplay

  • Lightning Spear
    Lightning Spear 15 days ago

    Raiden mains rise up😈🔥💯💯

  • Salty Dog Gaming
    Salty Dog Gaming 15 days ago

    LMFAO, why all you TheXvidrs hooked on making these Tier list. This list is a joke. You have fighters lower then they should be.

    • Adam
      Adam 14 days ago

      @Salty Dog Gaming I mean they didn't make it into the top 32 players at Combo Breaker. There were only 8 people playing Sub in top 128 and none made it into top 32.

    • Salty Dog Gaming
      Salty Dog Gaming 14 days ago

      Adam I don’t need todo a 32 combo. I’m. A beast with subzero. I was ranked 30 for. Awhile with sub zero

    • Adam
      Adam 14 days ago

      @Salty Dog Gaming Nobody broke top 32 at Combo Breaker with Sub

    • Salty Dog Gaming
      Salty Dog Gaming 14 days ago

      Kit Kat LMFAO Sub Zero and Kollector should be higher,

    • Kit Kat
      Kit Kat 15 days ago

      Salty Dog Gaming You a fool, he knows exactly what he’s talking about. Don’t argue lol

  • Yung Phantom
    Yung Phantom 15 days ago

    So... Noob Saibot is not the best?? Even tho he has one of the best combos in the game if you have the same skill as Super?

    • Adam
      Adam 14 days ago

      Having a good combo doesn't make a character the best

  • KrillinDaVillan
    KrillinDaVillan 15 days ago

    fucking furry

    • Eyem Dunn
      Eyem Dunn 14 days ago

      KrillinDaVillan you feel better about yourself after saying this?

  • zaydolla1
    zaydolla1 15 days ago +1

    Sonic u being you makes me happy thanks a lot

  • WolfGamerFTW
    WolfGamerFTW 15 days ago

    Who’s frost do you mean Elsa

  • AD C
    AD C 15 days ago +2

    SonicFox: This FuCkInG character is FuCkInG good because he's FuCkInG FuCkItY FuCk

  • KNATK Lord
    KNATK Lord 15 days ago

    Did y’all realize that lui kangs pic was his mkx face

  • Luke Wheeler
    Luke Wheeler 15 days ago

    Everything is broken and god like lol. Except dvorrah 😂

    • iionFN
      iionFN 13 days ago

      but d'vorah is his main now

  • Prince KatchaFire
    Prince KatchaFire 15 days ago +1

    I’m a proud D’vorah main:)

  • It's Just Logic
    It's Just Logic 16 days ago

    But with Sub-Zero Axe (overhead) you can immediately slide if they block 1st hit

    • Superiorform
      Superiorform 15 days ago

      Same problem. Once people learn how to react to the overhead, subs becomes useless. Once your opponent learns to block high then low when he sees the overhead (remember the kicks after are kid), your overhead slide combo will be blocked every time... And leave you minus 20 full combo punish...

  • Nexxo Exxon
    Nexxo Exxon 16 days ago

    Sonice Fox have a really sick D'vorah. I don't know why he's giving her a C grade.

    • Choyya Pilisi
      Choyya Pilisi 16 days ago

      You answered your own question lol ,, "Sonicfox" has a sick D'vorah ,, Everyone else will have a C grade lol. Example: It's not about the tool it's how you use it. So unless you're Sonicfox she's C tier.

  • Kirk Warren
    Kirk Warren 16 days ago

    Dude kanos good i don’t understand his hate

  • Markel Moore
    Markel Moore 16 days ago

    Update once the dlc characters drop !

  • Master ELI
    Master ELI 16 days ago

    Number 1 is Kintaro cuz he a furry

  • Win4ester
    Win4ester 17 days ago

    You often say in the video, "If you try to play game like MKX, this character is ...., and if you try to play game like MK11, this character is ...". What difference do you mean, about styles of playing these two games? I feel like I play MK11 like MKX, and suck at it.

    • Adam
      Adam 14 days ago

      You can't just rush people down and try and pressure with 50/50s. There's much more of a focus on spacing, footsies, neutral

  • Win4ester
    Win4ester 17 days ago

    Thank you, Sonic, for this review of game characters. Very userfull for me. Like this video.

  • what happen tv
    what happen tv 17 days ago

    I want to challenge you ps4 zhangliowl

  • Elijah Burt
    Elijah Burt 17 days ago

    Biohazard needs to come back

  • Xavier Vega
    Xavier Vega 17 days ago

    I agree with most of Sonic's assessment but his take on Kotal Kahn is complete garbage. Throw loops?? Are we talking about the same character? His regular throws all put some distance away, and his command grab puts at distance AND forces you to switch sides. Throwing out a sunlight is ASKING to get full combo punished, it has way too slow start up and recovery. He also talks about Coach Steve doing well with the character, but every Coach Steve Kotal set I've looked up he loses.
    I also think he underrates Kano a bit. Biohazard and Mustard have gotten pretty good results with him. He is correct about Kano's weaknesses but completely ignores Kano's strengths. I think he's a solid B-tier and definitely above Kotal. The tourney results so far bear that out.

  • LC Kaboom
    LC Kaboom 17 days ago +5

    Sub Zero with the freeze trap ability is beyond god tier. That move is completely BS.

  • RevJacq
    RevJacq 17 days ago

    I was fuckin howling at the Shao Khan section
    USE IT!

  • zNovaGadbwuah
    zNovaGadbwuah 17 days ago

    I currently already play Sonya "decently" and am still practicing with her. I was thinking of learning someone to play to break up the monotony and was wondering some feedback.
    I was either thinking of trying to pick either Kung Lau, Liu Kang, or Johnny Cage. I prefer simple yet effective playstyle with good damage output and mixups.

  • bo2 master
    bo2 master 17 days ago +1

    When noob has his sickle grab though

  • Th3MadDabb3r
    Th3MadDabb3r 18 days ago

    I’ve never seen someone try and act so hard while meanwhile being a pussy ass pathetic furry faggot fuck

  • Ant Hallback
    Ant Hallback 18 days ago

    So basically what I get from this!! If I want to go on a winning streak I would have to switch to the Top 5 characters in this game.. because my main is Kano!! And sometimes I win like 3 in a row then lose like 5 in a row.. Can't get consistent wins with Kano its frustrating at times... I guess I'm going to have to switch to Geras.

    • Choyya Pilisi
      Choyya Pilisi 16 days ago

      Yuh pretty much unless you fully tweak your gameplay to Master Kano in any situation ,, I mean theres a reason why any Online game is always saturated with the easiest/most effective component(s) beacause they offer higher win potential. Me personally idgaf i'm staying Subby forever fug every Tier list just gotta adapt against all odds I guess lol ..

  • Lauris Balc
    Lauris Balc 18 days ago

    Idk man, giving sub zero B just because you can react to his overhead seems a bit weak from your side. I know this puts him to a great disatvantage but really not the reason to put him so low. Probb wild sub zero will clap you soon just because you underestimate him lol.

    For all others yes it's true, react to his overhead and you will be such a pain to sub, but if you can react to other characters too then you can probb say that they all should be B or something.

    • Adam
      Adam 14 days ago

      He won the auction tournament at Combo Breaker with Sub after getting stuck with him.
      Sub-Zero lives and dies by the mix in this game. If you can react to the overhead then Sub doesn't really have much else.

  • lightning cow films
    lightning cow films 18 days ago

    This tier list is ass and wrong

    • Adam
      Adam 14 days ago

      @lightning cow films UnderDawg is uninformed and offers a casual's perspective

    • lightning cow films
      lightning cow films 14 days ago

      @Adam if u want a real tier list look at true unser dawgs

    • Adam
      Adam 14 days ago

      @lightning cow films I mean his tiers were all skewed towards being high for everything, with differentiations being in + or -, not by full letter tiers.

    • lightning cow films
      lightning cow films 14 days ago

      @Adam he put kotal in a tier he put kung lao in a tier he put frost in a shao khan in a. Skarlet in s. Does that make sense to you!?

    • Adam
      Adam 14 days ago


  • Gav Forrest
    Gav Forrest 18 days ago +2

    Absolutely no way is Cassie tier S. Any combo she has that does 30%+ requires a bar and her fatal blow is the worst in the game and can be seen coming a mile off. Everything else i agree with.

    • Scrubzilla
      Scrubzilla 5 days ago

      Then you can’t play Cassie.

    • AlmightyDragon
      AlmightyDragon 15 days ago

      Cassie Cage is a beast and you can combo into her combos easily. And doing a 33% with 1 bar (no krushing or fatal blow) isn’t too bad

  • Shadrach Lamptey
    Shadrach Lamptey 18 days ago

    Me and sonic fox are playing 2 different games bruh

  • RevivedSoul
    RevivedSoul 18 days ago

    why is jade incredible boring :/. Seems bit, but wanted mby to try her. Got good personality and has uniqe and fun moves.

  • Ara Erfan
    Ara Erfan 18 days ago

    noob is s no cap

  • Forgotten Fliphead
    Forgotten Fliphead 18 days ago

    The other day I was fighting someone as sub (I'm a semi decent sub) and this guy couldn't react to his mix ups and he was raging so hard "all sub mains should kill themselves" "Just remove him from the game"

  • Forgotten Fliphead
    Forgotten Fliphead 18 days ago

    I wanna learn Jacqui but cant be asked

  • Comedy Boom
    Comedy Boom 18 days ago

    What exactly does he mean by "Playing like MKX" vs "Playing like MK11?"

    • Xavier Vega
      Xavier Vega 18 days ago

      Mk11 is a lot more neutral based. Footsies, and spacing matter a lot more, while MKX was a lot more rushdown based in it's meta.

    • Zu'u Agos
      Zu'u Agos 18 days ago +1

      The way how you act in fight. In Mkx you never thought about walking backwards, you just wanted to be the first one who hits. If you didn't hit, you blocked all the opponent's attacks.
      In mk11 you be walking backwards and forward to play mind games with your opponent. You can't run your foe down anymore. You can't play so aggressive like in Mkx so you have to calculate every move and be proud of every single bit of damage you dealt because there is not that much of a focus on juggling combos.

  • Justice Martinez
    Justice Martinez 18 days ago

    Since when is Frost's damage output godlike?

  • Ethan Buter
    Ethan Buter 18 days ago

    mannnn Kano deserved better

  • blah blaher
    blah blaher 19 days ago

    Do you ever do fan meet ups or anything? I'd love to be able to get some pointers from you in person, I play mk11 on Xbox an mostly play Jacqui. I'm nothing compared to yours but I'm getting a lot better. Nearing my first full week with the game.

  • Zac M
    Zac M 19 days ago +4

    Id like to see some matches against competent players where Dark Priest is a realistic factor.

    • High Tier Scrub
      High Tier Scrub 9 days ago

      Dark priest is easy to get out. Its the other variation with the taunts that fucking suck. it takes forever for him to say YOU SUCK

    • Xavier Vega
      Xavier Vega 18 days ago

      I'm with you on that. But Shao Kahn's other tools are good enough that he's solid without it. A Dark Priest buff might push him to top tier.

  • John Bikemaster
    John Bikemaster 19 days ago

    I've learn something about Raiden here, and Kabal too. I need a job quickly to build a PC and play more.

  • Oblivion Guard
    Oblivion Guard 19 days ago +3

    Sonicfox: Did i tell you im GAY?

    • D P
      D P 17 days ago

      Is he actually

  • Patrick Patrone
    Patrick Patrone 19 days ago +1

    I personally love playing as skarlet.

    JEAN RAMIREZ 19 days ago

    Sonic I would have beat your ass if you put Jax in the a tier lol

  • BigDaddyCool42
    BigDaddyCool42 19 days ago

    Over an hour long? Not watching this trash.

  • GhosTz NaDeZ
    GhosTz NaDeZ 19 days ago

    You fucking gay faggot