SonicFox - Shares His MK11 Character Tier List 【Mortal Kombat 11】

  • Published on May 22, 2019
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  • ccrider201
    ccrider201 3 months ago +789

    1:40 - Sonya Blade - S Tier
    2:38 - Geras - S Tier
    3:37 - Erron Black - S Tier
    4:37 - Cassie Cage - S Tier
    5:53 - Sub-Zero - B Tier
    8:56 - Baraka - A+ Tier
    10:26 - Jacqui Briggs - S- Tier
    13:20 - D'vorah - C Tier
    15:19 - Kano - C Tier
    16:13 - Kollector - B Tier
    17:26 - Frost - A- Tier
    22:28 - Shao Kahn - A Tier
    33:08 - Johnny Cage - A Tier
    34:25 - Kabal - S- Tier
    38:00 - Jax Briggs - A+ Tier
    39:32 - Skarlet - S- Tier
    46:47 - Kitana - A Tier
    47:55 - Cetrion - A+ Tier
    51:37 - Scorpion - S- Tier
    53:28 - Kotal Kahn - A Tier
    56:27 - Kung Lao - A Tier
    58:32 - Liu Kang - A Tier
    1:00:50 - Noob Saibot - A+ Tier
    1:08:19 - Jade - A+ Tier
    1:14:01 - Raiden - A+ Tier

  • d shawn
    d shawn 8 days ago

    scarlet is a beast i think dragon should run her as second ... using that ability that uses her shuriken to drain both players energy followed by healing moves and combos.....i call that playstyle BLOOD MAGE

  • Crazyboy 358
    Crazyboy 358 29 days ago

    8:56 im back bitches

  • Beretta249
    Beretta249 29 days ago


  • UnofficialKyle
    UnofficialKyle Month ago

    Kabal is #2 in the game. Convince me otherwise. Mids, antiairs, restands, zoning, antizoning, resets, range. He has everything.

  • ThaInsaneify
    ThaInsaneify Month ago

    he is high af

  • Bacva 21
    Bacva 21 Month ago

    Kano is for b or a- not for fucking dvorah

  • westsidesanjose
    westsidesanjose Month ago

    If being pro means I'd having something in common with these fags, I guess I'll just go watch TV for entertainment like normal people, that fag said cuter omg hahahahahahaha LOOOOOOSSSSSEEEERRRR, ILL SHOW YOU WHAT UNCLE KANO COULD DO LIGHT SKIN ASS FAKE GAY NERD NIGGA ADD DA408TOETAGGER

  • • S̸͟͞
    • S̸͟͞ Month ago

    Kung Lao????????

  • Patrick Imperial
    Patrick Imperial Month ago

    I wish block damage didn't kill characters kinda like in sfv. I think 2d games are better if it's like that.

  • Tucker Melton
    Tucker Melton Month ago

    Sonic fox a real nigga won evo ya herd me wootay

  • Tucker Melton
    Tucker Melton Month ago


  • bakenryu
    bakenryu Month ago

    "Just poke people to death." (Talking about Kotal) 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Hysteria
    Hysteria Month ago

    Ninjakilla wit liu kang is fuckin cold 🥶

  • Newell
    Newell Month ago


  • Joshua Burke
    Joshua Burke Month ago

    Can this guy play for honor, I only see the 2d fighting games and for honor is a new style fighting game and fiends and mix ups are insane

  • Joseph F
    Joseph F Month ago +1

    Jade boring? You main erron Black 🥴

  • LaDrago Damultus
    LaDrago Damultus 2 months ago

    Do let's just say everyone is in s

  • KingDon910
    KingDon910 2 months ago

    what i got from this is... everybody talks shit about shao, but dont wanna square up with him. RESPECT THE HAMMER

  • Onewolf101
    Onewolf101 2 months ago +1

    Time for a new list sonic

  • nonya Xdova
    nonya Xdova 2 months ago

    Noobs the best zoner in the game

  • mind yo business hoe
    mind yo business hoe 2 months ago

    i don’t find jade boring honestly it’s hilarious beating ass

  • James Vaden
    James Vaden 2 months ago

    Kano is not a low tier character at all. He’s not exactly top tier but he sure as hell ain’t low tier. He’s got lows, overheads, projectiles, a command grab and a fucking anti-air. Plus some of his moves can take some serious damage. No way he’s low tier

  • Shy Anne
    Shy Anne 2 months ago

    SonicFox said ‘I’m bout to end all this’ 0:04

  • EPIK Games
    EPIK Games 2 months ago

    If anybody wants to play MKX just play Jade

  • hhearvey57
    hhearvey57 2 months ago

    ppl are getting hella salty!!! he is exposing a lot of things and his logic is good and not to mention sonic is way better than any of you who r trying to argue. He didn't say anyone was unplayable he was simply stating in his opinion why the character is on whatever tier. not to mention you have coach steve there. im pretty sure a lot of other pros and ppl who know anything about fighting games would agree at least for the most part with this list. if you disagree with his tier list prove him wrong then....nuff said.

  • Forsco
    Forsco 2 months ago


    Literally Nobody:

    Audio: I'm gonna head out

  • Mr.Matthews
    Mr.Matthews 2 months ago +1

    Can someone help me, my opponents always block and then end up countering me in some way. I do always just start pressing full combo buttons and then when stop smashing buttons, I block and I just get thrown any tips/advice will be helpful and please anybody reply because I was okay in other mk games but horrible in this one

    • Pickle O
      Pickle O 2 months ago

      Most of all just practice. I play against a very hard or hard a.i. to get the blocking and moveset memorization down, it works by refining your reaction time against said character

    • Pickle O
      Pickle O 2 months ago

      Try doing half combos and combining them to make super combos to try to throw your opponent off.
      If you do a full combo you won’t be able to block as fast, so balancing blocking and offense is essential so don’t commit to a combo unless you can hit it.
      As soon as the combo is done it opens up a window for your opponent to hit you, that applies too your opponent as well so time your strikes best you can.
      Also you could try having your opponent come at you first rather than you come at your opponent. You will need some memorization of your opponents moveset so you won’t get totally caught off guard, once their combo is done or if you see the window in-between their combos to hit them then take it.

  • Patrick Powers
    Patrick Powers 2 months ago +2

    even if you block sub’s overhead he can go straight into the slide. no one’s reacting to that lol

    • Deadly Schmuck
      Deadly Schmuck 2 months ago

      Patrick Powers that is literally complete ass under 100 ping

  • FaktFitness
    FaktFitness 2 months ago

    Jacque being safe on fucking everything is horse shit.

    ABC DEF 2 months ago

    Can we get some Likes for Etika, R.I.P Bro

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black 2 months ago


  • Edgar_ Ortega
    Edgar_ Ortega 2 months ago

    I feel like a fool learning subzero is low tier but I guess it’s that’s process of learning for ya.

  • Andy Delgado
    Andy Delgado 2 months ago

    Damn, I feel the diagnostics on Frost was definitely exaggerated. She's one of my mains and I'll tell you she has a lot of competition online. She's not as great as many of us want her to be.. Her moves are unfortunately slower than most and it handicaps you unless you want to be a lame zoner and stay far away the whole game.

  • Sung Kim
    Sung Kim 2 months ago

    Playing Kombat League, I am the type of player that has Sub-Zero in S-tier 😔

  • micky bee99
    micky bee99 2 months ago

    Scorpion and sub zero are the only good characters in this game, I don’t even know why they added so many people to a game that’s only ab 2 people smh

    • micky bee99
      micky bee99 19 days ago

      Awais Ahmed it was a joke but aight

    • Awais Ahmed
      Awais Ahmed 22 days ago

      It's not about them they're really popular cause they've been in the game since day one and cause of they're rivalry their both ovverated and definitely aren't the best characters in the game every mk fan knows that ur either fake or casual

  • I like turtles
    I like turtles 2 months ago

    Well I guess I’m keeping kabal

  • TLP Legion
    TLP Legion 2 months ago

    The Shao Khan segment was the best: informative and funny af. Also, the Forever King callout was awesome. :P

  • typhlosion 787
    typhlosion 787 2 months ago

    Baraka is the best in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. I know it's the worst main series Mortal Kombat game, but just saying.

  • Dylan Krisko
    Dylan Krisko 2 months ago +1

    Very unrealistic

  • TitanMaster X
    TitanMaster X 2 months ago

    goddamn i knew i was a good gamer but hearing these guys talk about mk11 makes me feel like a novice😢

  • Qwerty1
    Qwerty1 2 months ago

    Kano is a B, and Dvorah is a D, Collector is an A-

  • Digital_get_Down
    Digital_get_Down 2 months ago

    No respect for Kano 😭

  • Bacon Bitz
    Bacon Bitz 3 months ago

    I think Kano ball should be armored it could make him a lot stronger

  • joshy2 boss
    joshy2 boss 3 months ago

    Is he like 14 or 15? The cringe is too much from how much he says “fuck” or “fuckin”... it sounds like when a teenagers parents leave the house and he picks up the Xbox mic. It seems sooo forced. Regardless he’s a really good player but jeez

  • Joe Byrd
    Joe Byrd 3 months ago +1

    Shang Tsung S tier

  • unKABLEgamez
    unKABLEgamez 3 months ago +2

    nrs were nerfing sonic fox by only letting him play kano

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 3 months ago

    Worst list ever

  • Jacob Schutz1983
    Jacob Schutz1983 3 months ago

    Hello I really need hand with kombat league for my son I am no good at fighting games for PS4

  • Fonslayer
    Fonslayer 3 months ago

    Where is Kung Lao?

  • Josh Bennett
    Josh Bennett 3 months ago

    Sub Zero below Scorpion? I mean I can’t argue cause he’s Sonic Fox but still

  • King LD
    King LD 3 months ago

    🤣🤣🤣 not only the mk11 cast do him dirty in the intros but the tier list maker didn't even add his picture 💀🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Charles Fogg
    Charles Fogg 3 months ago

    Was looking for suggestions of who to play if I played liu kang in mkx, skipped right to it. Thanks SonicFox

  • ZThe Real
    ZThe Real 3 months ago

    Davorah should be in the D tier on her own she is nothing compared to the MK original's who all have better buttons

  • FingeredFetus
    FingeredFetus 3 months ago

    He didn’t mention he is gay

  • Raphael
    Raphael 3 months ago

    # Sonicfox vs Zero

  • Luke Dotson
    Luke Dotson 3 months ago

    When your game sound is 5 times louder than your voice😂

  • Nikki Riv
    Nikki Riv 3 months ago

    People talk about how bad you smell at tournaments

  • Cursed E
    Cursed E 3 months ago

    Hey dude, I dunno if you still check these after 3 weeks or what but I could really use a signal boost and it was your posts that got me suspended! Here, check out my article on medium about the situation! And thanks in advance!

  • juggernuts1000
    juggernuts1000 3 months ago

    Tier lists are the biggest bullshit out there. they are built on technical things, but dont take into account the human player. for example, shao kahn is suppose to be very low on this list and by the things this guy says, pro players should react to him easily. exaplin to me then jackal whiping the floor with pro players using shao kahn, explain to me another player named videogamezyo that whipes his ass with many players faces while using shao kahn. including beating a very geed geras player named "destroyer" who actually gave ninjakilla an even fight. this is the same reason why in tekken, everybody laugh at kuma panda and say they suck, while secretly getting their asses destroyed by them every single time. just watch ares or mainman VS them. the reason is because people look at things from technical point of view, but dont take into account that the human player WILL fall to those tricks. any player will fall eventually to shao kahn using his low sweeps and other combos. what you are saying in this video, is only how things should be on paper where humans are robots and are flawless. however this is not the case with no one. NO ONE. therefor, tier lists even at the highest levels of play are garbage. go watch shao kahn, liu kang and johny cage destroy shit up in competitive fights and online as well. its like saying your stills camera is better because it has 20 mega pixel camera, while in reality, it makes no different to the human eye when it comes to a standard photo size. technical things are nothing without taking into account the human factor