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  • Brent Rivera
    Brent Rivera  7 days ago +4694

    hope everyone is keeping themselves busy in this crazy time❤️ thanks for watching :)
    love you guys, wash your hands and stay safe❤️

    • Emma B
      Emma B 3 days ago +1

      Brent Rivera 500th comment

    • Puppy Dog
      Puppy Dog 3 days ago +2

      Brent Rivera You too

    • Galen Yarbrough
      Galen Yarbrough 3 days ago +1

      Brent Rivera Do you bring him when Lexi and Ben was do you pretend into work do with a

    • Super Monkey
      Super Monkey 3 days ago +1

      U to Brent

    • Max Davies
      Max Davies 3 days ago +2

      *desperate *

  • itz.___ xox
    itz.___ xox 4 hours ago +1

    If you dont mind, I would like a shout out :) lol that sounds so rude for some reason XD

  • Sragvi Soma
    Sragvi Soma 4 hours ago

    Hi I like your TickTock’s

  • Felisa Clark
    Felisa Clark 4 hours ago

    I love your videos I whach you ever day im your biggest fan I liked you video please give me a shot out 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Christa Rebai
    Christa Rebai 4 hours ago

    I love your tik tok ......❤❤❤❤❤

  • Hockeygirl 54
    Hockeygirl 54 4 hours ago

    The thumbnail says it has zero likes but the heart is red... confusion level 10000

  • Koop Koopie
    Koop Koopie 5 hours ago

    My name is Lexi too!!!

  • UwU
    UwU 5 hours ago

    Why are these white people wasting their privilege? 🧐

  • Kimberly Blaty
    Kimberly Blaty 5 hours ago

    Hahaha this is funny shout out please

  • vineeta Srivastava
    vineeta Srivastava 5 hours ago +1

    I love how his mother said
    "What did Eva say??? "

  • Phoebe and cheyenne hilbert

    Can I have a shout-out I never have before

  • Sophia Shade
    Sophia Shade 5 hours ago

    Hi I'm sophia and i rlly love your yt channel and I was so excited. And I decided to duet most of your tiktoks for my birthday so

  • Domonuso D
    Domonuso D 5 hours ago

    Why is there always a “Live Chat”?

  • Sanders Rajen
    Sanders Rajen 5 hours ago

    Love this video. Its so cool how you do more than one video in a video😂. Your mum was so disgusted. It was halarious😂

  • sam kimani
    sam kimani 5 hours ago


  • Preslie Steinbach
    Preslie Steinbach 5 hours ago +1

    Did you and Alan and Alex in th show light as a feather and you played as Issac

  • Syko
    Syko 5 hours ago +1

    I subbed and liked!

    subscribe to brent or his mom will eat you in your sleep

  • Haleigh Houlihan
    Haleigh Houlihan 5 hours ago

    Brent is in his 20s why is his mom so mad/suprised?

  • Prince Achi
    Prince Achi 5 hours ago


  • Teresa Jackson
    Teresa Jackson 5 hours ago +1

    Guys follow Brent on tik tok

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  • Teresa Jackson
    Teresa Jackson 5 hours ago +1

    ‘‘This is cool

  • nancy29 biakv
    nancy29 biakv 5 hours ago

    I Brent I love your vids there awesome 😁😁😁😀😀😘😘

  • S.Gopala Krishnan
    S.Gopala Krishnan 5 hours ago

    I am a really big fan of u. I watch your videos every day.I just wish I could met u. And get a pic with u

  • Didin Pratik Komara
    Didin Pratik Komara 5 hours ago

    To me brent actually cheat on pierson from eva..

  • Debbie Kurtz
    Debbie Kurtz 6 hours ago

    That was funny I love you brent

  • Ella Healey
    Ella Healey 6 hours ago

    WhAt iS tHaT!?!

  • Somi Thomas
    Somi Thomas 6 hours ago

    Please let me be shouted out

  • Taisha Jean-Pierre
    Taisha Jean-Pierre 6 hours ago

    Brent you are so funny and I wanna shout out to

  • Roblox Gamer
    Roblox Gamer 6 hours ago +1

    I cant believe he is 22, he looks 16

  • G&a Home Family
    G&a Home Family 6 hours ago

    I'm so bored of this Having to stay in house😂

  • Diego Soria
    Diego Soria 6 hours ago

    Your videos are funny and killing!!!

  • Crystal Nakamura
    Crystal Nakamura 6 hours ago


  • thierry ho tin noe
    thierry ho tin noe 6 hours ago +1

    Hi friend I like Tik Tok it's super good

  • mnad1234
    mnad1234 6 hours ago +1

    Sorry I ment cronavirus

  • mnad1234
    mnad1234 6 hours ago +1

    Be safe from the front guys hope you stay safe fans of brent

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  • Alivia Ringquist
    Alivia Ringquist 6 hours ago

    Brent I love love you

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  • sheri marks
    sheri marks 7 hours ago

    Eww!! Brent 😬

  • Jaime Weaver
    Jaime Weaver 7 hours ago +1

    Hey brent, I sent you a letter in the mail yesterday! For you and Lexi! When you get it write back to me please and please do the thing I asked you to! I love you guys! Also can you reply to this when you read this

  • LIL_Q
    LIL_Q 7 hours ago

    Are you Gay??.

  • kamila milaaa
    kamila milaaa 7 hours ago


  • kamila milaaa
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  • Haider Ali
    Haider Ali 7 hours ago

    Hi guys real big fan

  • MayMay Mazur
    MayMay Mazur 7 hours ago

    great mom tik tikker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shawn Mendez 0227
    Shawn Mendez 0227 8 hours ago

    i am your biggest FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joelle Cognetta
    Joelle Cognetta 8 hours ago +1

    If we get this to 100 likes Brent should dye his hair

  • Doingy’s Sports & Tutorials

    when you gonna post on your vlog channel?

  • eshantj
    eshantj 8 hours ago

    Lol your mums reaction at the very beginning XD Never post weird tick tocks and then make a yt vid where you mum reacts to them XD it will get maddddddddddd

  • Suki Lau
    Suki Lau 8 hours ago

    As sxeddd

  • Tianna Fentress
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  • Mackenzie Riddell
    Mackenzie Riddell 8 hours ago

    you are the best

  • Wren Thomson
    Wren Thomson 8 hours ago

    Haha!! This is sooo funmy

  • Sophia
    Sophia 9 hours ago

    I just started my own TheXvid Channel (so nervous)

  • Logan Swift
    Logan Swift 9 hours ago

    Tell your friends to stop cusin

  • Dafina Veliu
    Dafina Veliu 9 hours ago

    You 're the cutest boy I ever seen

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    Hiiii brenty

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    Unicorns adventure 9 hours ago

    Please me for shout out

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    Petra Ožbolt Poslek 9 hours ago

    Why brent why

    DEYANARA MILAN 9 hours ago


    DEYANARA MILAN 9 hours ago

    You are so awesome brent.

  • Heidi O’sullivan
    Heidi O’sullivan 9 hours ago

    Omg that is literally my bear

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  • Tejal bhathiwala
    Tejal bhathiwala 10 hours ago

    Amazing 😍

  • Jeanne Milaor
    Jeanne Milaor 10 hours ago

    Hahahaha I keep on laughing when brent slipped on the floor 😂😂😂😂

  • Webby
    Webby 10 hours ago

    I put should run into a store in a hasmat suit and scream where’d he go

  • Elyssa Woolwine
    Elyssa Woolwine 10 hours ago

    Hey omg I lysm 😘

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    I subscribed I mean who wouldn’t

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  • Huanhnehliana Darlong
    Huanhnehliana Darlong 11 hours ago

    I really like it when their mom joins in the video.... So much fun.... I love how their mom is so supportive of what they're doing...

  • harshini the potato Titles

    Lexi hensler and you look soo cute together on your outro..

  • fatima alshemeili
    fatima alshemeili 11 hours ago

    Which squad is necolet

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    Football Trick shots 12 hours ago

    You’re the best youtuber ever

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    Hi I’m a big fan