The Dark Side of Jake Paul


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  • Mina Mok
    Mina Mok 3 minutes ago

    This psychologist used a lot of words (gross, creepy, “dont have a heart”) to describe her own point of views about these patients, which isn’t professional. It makes me wonder was she hurt by a sociopath before...?

  • sirtoke69
    sirtoke69 Hour ago

    hurts too see this clickbait full of misinformation being blindly followed by millions you sir @Shane aren't a therapist and the one you are talking to is not much of one ether. you are doing a disservice to your fans by spading misinformation. a simple web search will show alot in this video is ether exaggerated or just plain wrong.

    • sirtoke69
      sirtoke69 Hour ago

      The comments on this video of everyone thinking their a sociopath is part of disservice you're causing. this is just wrong feels like im seeing MSM tactics !!

  • SuperiorGo
    SuperiorGo 4 hours ago +1

    Anyone feel like Shane could be a sociopath? So many times I felt like he was mimicking the responses he should have. "woah"

  • Da nerd gal! !
    Da nerd gal! ! 4 hours ago

    Oh I’m good, no one likes me at first lol 😂

  • Jen Conley
    Jen Conley 5 hours ago


  • Awsome Galaxy
    Awsome Galaxy 6 hours ago +1

    This makes you think hard.

  • Amber Clarvit
    Amber Clarvit 7 hours ago

    shane is so funny

  • Grace Stehling
    Grace Stehling 8 hours ago +1

    Guys, if u are scared then read this comment... it is ok. Say that over and over again. Until u believe ur self. I'm scared too and remember to trust Jesus. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Grace Stehling
    Grace Stehling 8 hours ago +1

    Andrewww the editing! Ahh eek. Omg help me I'm scared 😳 😱

  • B'oh DownrightEzreal
    B'oh DownrightEzreal 9 hours ago

    "1 in 25 people are sociopaths"
    Me: *Googles cancer rate*
    Google: "1 in 2 people in the UK will be diagnosed with some form of cancer"
    Shane: Eh
    SOCIopAtH coNFiRMeD

  • The CamFam
    The CamFam 9 hours ago

    Your face is ok but you wanna know that is soooooooo scary (read the first 2 words)

  • B'oh DownrightEzreal
    B'oh DownrightEzreal 9 hours ago

    So after 45 minutes I realized I am the sociopath

  • Nyhaven Gonzalez
    Nyhaven Gonzalez 9 hours ago +1


  • Bob Loblaw
    Bob Loblaw 10 hours ago

    I’m so freaking done with this “therapist” lady. She kept saying the mental illnesses and their symptoms are “really gross”. Like, lady, people are people. If they were born with something wrong with their brain that doesn’t allow them to physically feel empathy they shouldn’t be called gross. Like how awful do you have to be as a person to look at someone who needs help and call them “gross”. I get it if someone isn’t an actual sociopath and they lack empathy that’s aggravating and dumb. But if your a sociopath like an actual sociopath you’re born that way and you need help to better train yourself to at least recognize you need to empathize with others rather than treating everyone as tools. Ugh that’s my rant idk

  • Olivia LaMotta
    Olivia LaMotta 11 hours ago

    Omg I think my friend is a sociopath

  • Nat Perry
    Nat Perry 11 hours ago

    1 in 25 of people are sociopaths... wow I go to school with over a 1000 people

  • Nat Perry
    Nat Perry 11 hours ago

    plot twist: Logan is the sociopath and Jake is just mocking him...
    (this is a joke . i'm not serious right now).

  • P3PP3RM1NT
    P3PP3RM1NT 11 hours ago

    shittt i think im a sociopath 😭

  • Nisha Yogi
    Nisha Yogi 12 hours ago

    I am loving this

  • Emma Chamberlain lover
    Emma Chamberlain lover 12 hours ago +1

    She is literally describing a girl that I’m gonna call Sammy. So in 6th grade (Im in 9th grade) there was this girl Sammy (again not her name) and she came of super nice and we would hang out with almost every weekend and after we hung out for like the 6th or 7th time and she started to manipulate,blackmail, and just be a plain old bitch. So I was feeling a little shady but not really, So I invited her to my dads house and keep in mind she was the VERY FIRST FRIEND I EVER HAD AT MY DADS HOUSE and my dad is a cop and easily Judges people. That weekend she was really shady and keep in mind I wet the bed until 7th grade when I started to take a pill so yeah I wet the bed and she PROMISED not to tell ANYONE. Fast forward to the next day (A Monday) EVERYONE IN MY GRADE KNEW WHAT HAPPENED and just kept on acting EXACTLY THE WAY YOU EXPLAIN A SOCIOPATH. And then in seventh grade after everyone was done with her in her own grade she started making friends who were in 6th grade and I just felt so sad for all of them and how much she would hurt them. You don’t even know how much I cried typing this and yeah STAY AWAY FROM PEOPLE LIKE THEM.

  • im tired and bored
    im tired and bored 13 hours ago

    43:53 I JUMPED HAHA lmao

  • Sara Romoff
    Sara Romoff 13 hours ago

    so over dramatic and I believe some the information is exaggerated. the music and cutaways are just ridiculous. Sociopaths largely suffer from an inability to empathize with people but that doesn't even make them bad, or criminal people necessarily or that they will act out cruelty. In fact the diagnostic is far more complicated. Both sociopathic and psychopathic personality disorder are subsets of antisocial personality disorder

  • chinmay srivastava
    chinmay srivastava 13 hours ago

    God dammit I just realized I'm a sociopath

  • Fern Brackin
    Fern Brackin 15 hours ago

    Idk why but it makes me so happy to see ads on shane's channel

  • Orange Saucer
    Orange Saucer 15 hours ago

    my brother is a sociopath my mum went to the hospital and he said idc im playing roblox

  • katia alami
    katia alami 16 hours ago

    @KatiMorton what the fuck is wrong with you in this video? i used to see all of your videos where you make everyone feel welcome no matter to their mental state.. what is happening now? why are you throwing sociopaths under the buss? they are people and they can learn and take therapy.. if every sociopath is such a horrible person and is also 1 in 25 then 280.000.000 people out there sould be murders and criminals.. relax and stop being that dramatic.. have you consider how those people experience life? they dont feel and probably they understand that something is wrong .. is this how you treat your patients ? you seem to have such a close mind... i am realy sorry for seeing this side of you... i am realy disapointed

  • Thembi Phiri
    Thembi Phiri 16 hours ago

    Going through my yearbook and crossing off all the potential sociopaths...looks like I'm the only safe one

    LOOKLEPOODLE POODLE 17 hours ago

    If its something that they can't control, why do they have to call them "gross", and talk about them like they are not human.

  • Lamotse184
    Lamotse184 17 hours ago

    This is my guess.... Logan Paul is the sociopath and jake is following Logan’s foot steps

  • marje rellesiva
    marje rellesiva 17 hours ago

    so when someones crying and you don't feel anything isn't it something called "no/lackof empathy" dudeeee you da same

  • marje rellesiva
    marje rellesiva 17 hours ago

    oh this is a thrilling film maybe lets put a thrilling background song
    dude you maybe a sociopath too like when jake put a sad song with that sad story
    you mimicking broo hahaha

  • marje rellesiva
    marje rellesiva 18 hours ago

    is this guy ( shane ) a sociopath that thinks everything is fake about the other guy i mean he can't always be doubting people like what he say about the voice of the other man
    i mean dude we all act up and change man

  • Biscuit Crumbs
    Biscuit Crumbs 18 hours ago

    Shane, I’m sorry you had to watch the Jake Paul videos ~( ̄▽ ̄~)~(⑉꒦ິ^꒦ິ⑉)

  • Caseyann Smith
    Caseyann Smith 18 hours ago

    the way you feel after meeting with her is exactly how i feel lmao. i'm like thinking of all the sociopaths i know

  • Nathan Hall
    Nathan Hall 18 hours ago

    Sorry but 1 in 25 people are not like tjat

  • MissMoon
    MissMoon 20 hours ago

    1 in 25?
    So at least 1 person in most of my classes are a sociopath.
    I wanna be sick.

  • LizMie
    LizMie 21 hour ago

    I am shocked by the therapists approach to the topic. Saying things like "ugh, the pit in your stomach when you're around those people", or "ew, it's so creepy, we have to take a shower". A clinician in psychology, as she claims to be, is there to alleviate mental problems and actually help people with mental health issues and not be disgusted by them or even be judgmental about them. You madam just brought shame to your fellow colleagues! To shane: you mean well, I can see that. But she casts a bad light on you when you give her the title of a professional.

  • Patri
    Patri 21 hour ago

    So I guess the only feelng sociopaths feel is anger (?)

  • Nathaniel Lopez
    Nathaniel Lopez 21 hour ago +1

    Who all of a sudden feel like a sociopath

  • Yayoi Vixen
    Yayoi Vixen 21 hour ago

    Now that I heard more about sociopath I'm remember ex friends and ex partners and realizing some scary shits (lies/moments my emotions were manipulated and being forced into feeling sorry for them and giving them reasons). It's so creepy because you start having a hard time trusting others and new people. Not forgetting if there's a sociopath in 1 out of 25 people in general, then you'll have to add all the others mental disorders like bipolar, antisocial, etc etc. It makes you realized how flawed humans are and some people are just even more messed up, weither or not it's wanted.

  • Spill The Tea Titan!
    Spill The Tea Titan! 22 hours ago

    The information she's giving isn't wrong it's just not enough. She does have only one thing wrong and that's that sociopaths can't feel emotions it's just it's so toned down we don't really feel them usually. It would have to be something very traumatic to trigger some of them.(like sadness) It really depends on the sociopath. I'm one myself btw. I find this video rather funny actually, I'm not gonna lie. Not all sociopaths want power. It really depends on the person but I'm not saying it isn't true. I understand Shane doesn't mean to offend anyone. When I see him he really cares what others think and cares about their feelings. I'm not going to hold a grudge of any sort against this video either. I'd rather use my energy on something else not a grudge. I don't care about this that much but I'd like to point that out some people in the comments are rather angry about this. I'd thought I'd shed a little light on this situation. I'm a high functioning sociopath. She's mostly pointing out about low functioning or medium functioning due to them being the most common sociopath. Sociopaths are the way they are because it's a coping/ defense mechanism. People are not born sociopaths but genetics can play a role. There brains make a type of reaction due to some dramatic event. Some people don't understand that it's really hard to tell a difference between a sociopath and a psychopath. They are so alike that is hard to tell the difference. Yet, there scientific ways to tell the difference. Psychopaths actually can pass a lie detector test but are still LYING. You know how your body your heart beats faster and sometimes sweat from lying? Well, Psychopaths don't experience the adrenaline rush like normal people do. Yet, sociopaths can train them to not have that adrenaline rush. if I were to go into more detail it would probably be a books worth of information. More than the book she has in her hands. Because there are new discoveries found on ASPD year by year. It is still a mystery. Same with other personality disorders or mental disorders. many of the information I have given is from my own therapist and extensive research of my own. If any information I have given is incorrect. Please correct me.
    Thank you for taking your time to read this.
    Most sociopaths don't go for therapy. I was forced to go for years from family.

  • Me Meekseeks
    Me Meekseeks 22 hours ago

    The first scene

  • Tala AlKurdi
    Tala AlKurdi 23 hours ago

    My class is exactly 25 people. One of us is a sociopath.

  • h a p t i c
    h a p t i c 23 hours ago

    Trust NO ONE!
    [Watch Your Back]

  • Stephanie Sanchez
    Stephanie Sanchez 23 hours ago

    10:10 dude wtf! 😨

  • 👹TROLL👹
    👹TROLL👹 Day ago +1

    This video is ridiculous.
    It also discriminates against many mental illnesses. Being a psychopath, sociopath or a narcissist doesn't make you a bad person.
    And Wow isn't Shane such a great guy because he is an empath, seriously?

  • B B
    B B Day ago

    this video made doubt myself

  • Nara Micah
    Nara Micah Day ago

    Shane: do sociopath make videos??
    " Insane Fucking music Tung Tung duuuuuum"
    Therapist lady: yes Shane your making a video about a TheXvidr that's a sociopath
    Shane: ohh cut Andrew cut

  • Nara Micah
    Nara Micah Day ago

    WTF Shane you scared 998899 Million kids

  • Galing Galing
    Galing Galing Day ago

    15:15 ok now thats veeeeery creepy

  • Ruby L Nugg
    Ruby L Nugg Day ago

    25:27. I cried when it showed Shanes Squad. That's really depressing

  • Enki Tadosha
    Enki Tadosha Day ago +3

    I have been told by many doctors I am a psychopath and a sociopath but I don’t understand why I understand I have to be careful of what I do or it’s like people fall under a spell idk it’s weird don’t worry I’m getting help and I’m getting better

    • Kurimson Kitsune
      Kurimson Kitsune 19 hours ago

      +Enki Tadosha that's good. I'm glad c: I hope you can figured it all out and get better and enjoy life to the fullest.

    • Enki Tadosha
      Enki Tadosha 22 hours ago

      Kurimson Kitsune Yeah it’s really strange sometimes like with friends it’s like I just do like a few things and automatically they would do what I wanted them to do like I wanted this person to not be friends with my best friend and I say like a few things and then she just put on a few faces and then she wasn’t her friend anymore. My family is scared of me because I can basically put them under control and I don’t know how and I’m only 12...don’t worry I have gotten better after I went to a mental hospital for a few months!

    • Kurimson Kitsune
      Kurimson Kitsune 22 hours ago

      Whoah that would be bizzar if you were mimicking people without thinking about it and they subsiquintly start to like you a lot because you remind them of themself.
      It also seems like it would be really annoying if you didn't wanna be around certain people, but they kept trying to be your friend and you had no idea why.
      That's really intriguing.

  • Sarah .I
    Sarah .I Day ago +1

    The subject of mental disorders are rarely discussed in schools because of their huge stigma in North American society, NOT because they're "icky and gross." The stigma/POV Kati is spreading in this session is so unprofessional. It's important to keep in mind that she is also a registered therapist with a master's in psychology, NOT a registered psychologist.

  • Alejandro Jimenez

    ok... im a sociopath now i think... fuck

  • Amplifyyourmouth
    Amplifyyourmouth Day ago +1

    lol this is gonna be a lot comment but to educate the youth and youtube community, HERE is the truth:
    Although I feel like Kati is a smart psychologist, she, along with the DSM and the general population, is confusing sociopathy with psychopathy. It's important to recognize she did not delve into several resources to come to conclusions, but read a simple diagnostic criteria that may or may not have changed over the past few years.
    First of all, the DSM has corrected "sociopathy" to anti-social personality disorder, a mental illness characterized by lack of empathy, and a continuous pattern of violating the rights of others. To be diagnosed, they MUST (by the age of 18) have some symptoms of conduct disorder before the age of 15, and those under 18 cannot be diagnosed with APD. Conduct disorder is a cluster of behaviours characterized by persistent misbehaviour, including bullying, fighting, using or threatening weapon use on others, physical cruelty to people or animals, destruction of property, chronic deceitfulness, sexual assaults, violations of rules. Psychopathy, on the contrary, is a mental illness that the individual lacks empathy and remorse, logic (deriving from an impaired executive function), and has a strong biological basis.
    Now, if any of you saw the reply of Logan Paul to these series, he actually /was/ correct. Psychopathy and those affected by APD does arrive on a spectrum in which certain behaviours, traits, and activities may all virtually be shared by all psychopaths and "sociopaths," but it does not mean that those who engage in them /are/ psychopaths. There is a test many psychologists will use to diagnose people with /primary/ psychopathy in which you have to score 30 and above. It is harmful to say people are either psychopaths or non-psychopaths. The same is in regards to APD.
    It is truly impossible to 'feel' the presence of someone with APD or to just 'know' one by observation. Again, a lot of diagnostic criteria is needed (as stated above). They are verbally skilled, have a high charm, and often are egocentric. BUT, this does not mean that those WITH these traits ARE sociopaths. THUS do NOT go diagnosing your friends with antisocial personality disorder just because they inherit certain traits. Again, it is on a spectrum. A lot of what Kati is saying is true; those affected by APD do lack remorse, are impulsive, manipulate others for personal gain, and so on. HOWEVER, this is not "DISGUSTING" like Kati Morton stated. Most sociopaths and psychopaths do not engage in homicide, or /criminal/ activity. Only 1% of the population is believed to be criminal psychopaths. That being said, both psychopaths and sociopaths are morally inept and do not know what to do to bring themselves 'pleasure.'
    APD is a very misunderstood disorder. For a professional to be degraded those with a personality disorder they cannot control (just as those with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, etc) is truly wrong. Though to say all her knowledge on sociopaths is wrong is completely incorrect.
    A lot of people who do NOT have psychopathy or sociopathy DO engage in criminal behaviour, such as murder, homicide, manslaughter, etc. To characterize just these people being "scary" is wrong and cruel to those who are suffering.
    Keep yourselves educated! It is important to realize that although sociopathy and psychopathy enhances the chances of someone committing criminal behaviours, it does not mean as a sociopath you WILL. Most do not know any better to not go manipulating others or doing impulsive behaviours. Also, adult psychopaths and sociopaths do not respond to treatment, so it is important to understand such mental illnesses.
    thank u for ur time

  • Central Gaming
    Central Gaming Day ago +1

    That music is scary

  • thumble360
    thumble360 Day ago +1

    *Toxic masculinity and capitalism $$$* is the problem, in the hands of young boys who have poor decision making skills and got too much power/money too quickly without growing up first... no need for a psychological diagnosis to see the main issue

  • Kurimson Kitsune

    I'm glad I came here for entertainment and not for anything serious because this is soooo dramatic. Like they overplay how "disgusting" and "scary" sociopaths are to the point it makes me wonder if I lack human emotion. Talk about trying to manipulate an audience @.@. But it's okay I guess because entertainment.

  • Kawaii Samy
    Kawaii Samy Day ago +1

    Do sociapath care god or chrismas?

  • Narwhal Time :D
    Narwhal Time :D Day ago +1

    Am I the only one who got like “conspiracy theory” vibe??

  • Love Yourself
    Love Yourself Day ago


  • The Elect
    The Elect Day ago +1

    Abortionists are Sociopaths

  • The Elect
    The Elect Day ago +1

    Im 41 with an education in Psychology. Logan Paul and Jake Paul do not have Anti-Social personality disorder. Besides, the description of the term is that not conforming to the laws of their area. So if you were helping Jews to be saved from the ovens in 1943 Germany, you would qualify for Sociopathy or Anti Social PErsonality disorder. Psychology is a very new science...and it is very flawed because every culture and generation changes what they consider a disorder.

  • Legendary LeiEmblem

    I’m either a sociopath or a narcissist... Or maybe I just have issues

  • Lps Starlight
    Lps Starlight Day ago +1

    Sister shook af

  • Legendary LeiEmblem

    I show quite a lot of these symptoms it not all of them

  • whatever plus
    whatever plus Day ago

    Takea one to know one

  • Evan brown
    Evan brown Day ago

    Who’s here after Logan Paul’s podcast and heard her say “IMPULSIVE”

  • Ethonian
    Ethonian Day ago

    do sociopaths play use music to make their viewers have this certain emotion- Shane while he plays dramatic music.

  • Educate cluster b


  • RandoSando
    RandoSando Day ago

    This "psychologist" demonises sociopaths to an extent where I honestly find it irresponsible of her as a clinician. It feels like shes just reading the DSMV and making emotionally latent, poor (and even wrong) examples for anti-social PD - occasionally conflating lack of remorse, empathy,and a complete lack of affect and emotion. Like that plane example; like what is she talking about?? "They would think the game is over"? That account contradicts the initial description of antisocial pds only caring for themselves. Smh

  • bertilber
    bertilber Day ago

    i love this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Southern Starfish
    Southern Starfish Day ago +1

    Wait how do you or someone become a sociopath anyway???

  • ILikeWhatsTrending

    I think I might be a sociopath...

  • Kristi Chambers
    Kristi Chambers Day ago

    The lady that threw a cat in the garbage just made the cat die from starvation

  • Mysterious _Figure
    Mysterious _Figure Day ago +1

    This is scaring me a bit

  • Rayan Abid
    Rayan Abid Day ago

    Guys i think iam a psycopath Help me

  • Chellsy Naneth Romero Paternina

    You're being a sociopath as well megamerchandizing this video😒😧

  • Chef boyardees Shark

    Now I know I’m late to this, but betterhelp is so trash, the baited podcast exposed it...

  • Tá mé ag bun an domhain

    You and the therapist lady are so pleasant to look at and to listen to

  • Michelle Dunn
    Michelle Dunn 2 days ago

    I am stupid and watched this at night in the dark... why does there have to be such scary drums/music in the background 😭... also, just a bit of input, I haven’t watched the whole series, but I think the actions of the Paul brothers really stems from their dad. I wouldn’t doubt he instilled competition into them and Logan being the older brother came up with his “thing” and Jake being the younger brother copied it (monkey see monkey do) and why it feels less genuine coming from Jake is because he’s just copying his brother. And because it’s not really him, Jake over compensates. It’s also very clear that Jake is depressed. Jake is obviously not a sociopath because if he was, he wouldn’t be so annoying... he would learn from others what is liked and he would be more likeable. But he isn’t, he acts like a stereotypical “douchebag”. I wouldn’t doubt that something incredibly traumatizing happened when he was younger and that’s why he still acts like a kid. I honestly think it all stems from the dad. I mean, he’s the one promoting his own son’s to do these crazy things (which sometimes risks their lives).

  • Maximus Fantabulous
    Maximus Fantabulous 2 days ago

    10:08 Oh my fucking God.

  • Bryce O’ Mania
    Bryce O’ Mania 2 days ago

    Well that description of a sociopath loosely ties into my personality. Lovely

  • Alex Reyes
    Alex Reyes 2 days ago

    It hurts when you see something you relate to, wether its in yourself or someone else.

  • KaKiRi KenSaki
    KaKiRi KenSaki 2 days ago

    The act is on point guy give these people hand of a applause

  • Oof Mega Oof
    Oof Mega Oof 2 days ago

    I also put googly eyes on my succulents

  • First name Last name

    Y’all just read the description for gods sake

  • Love Yourself
    Love Yourself 2 days ago

    i love the gmm references

  • whatisyourlover? kpop

    15:45 damn that scared me :

  • ssstupidasss s
    ssstupidasss s 2 days ago

    The shovel girl fight 😂

  • Television
    Television 2 days ago

    My best friend parker is a sociopath, he’s one of my favorite people but you do notice it sometimes.

  • Diogo Oliveira
    Diogo Oliveira 2 days ago

    But everyone is sociopath now?

  • Candace Anderson
    Candace Anderson 2 days ago +1

    They did SO WELL in the editing!

  • Liam Lord
    Liam Lord 2 days ago

    The therapist kinda looks like my friends bri (not an insult at all) then they show the girl with the one tear and it looks like my friend even more..... *Dramatic Music*

  • Janine Joly
    Janine Joly 2 days ago

    Shane is way more empathic than the shrink.
    She's legit a fear-mongering hack who is letting her own biases severely impact her clinical practice.
    Sociopaths are about as likely to be actually dangerous as a neurotypical person--their lack of emotions is a struggle, as Shane assessed, not evidence of ***evil***.

    • Kurimson Kitsune
      Kurimson Kitsune Day ago

      Right? Like they act like sociopaths are beyond reason. Also, the way she says stuff like, "Scary right." "Doesn't it make you feel gross." "I don't if they can be helped." Is just, ugh.

  • graceisonthemoon
    graceisonthemoon 2 days ago

    8:53 i can sense people like that too, i'm glad i'm not the only one who is intuitive about these situations

  • chiyo rae
    chiyo rae 2 days ago

    i think the 'psychologist' woman's brain is missing a few screws

  • chiyo rae
    chiyo rae 2 days ago +1

    lol wtf did i just watched

  • Nina Ng
    Nina Ng 2 days ago

    Now I can't trust anyone......

  • Tayla Bovey
    Tayla Bovey 3 days ago +1

    Also. That moment when you realise you’re not a sociopath, you’re autistic.
    Believe it or not. It happens so often. Was Happened to me for a long long time. Waste of time. autistic people get “diagnosed” as sociopaths often and as soon as people realise it becuase of autism, all of a sudden it’s fine and the person isn’t considered a bad person anymore, even tho their symptoms are still similar, meaning peoples uneducated horror movie-driven views on it make it “bad” not their views on actual symptoms. Like, just change the name and it’s fine. Like....what?
    The negative Hollywood horror movie bullshit connotation of this sort of thing has caused so much false knowledge and pain. even if the people Shane accused were actually sociopaths, he really is referring to the stereotypical PYSCHOpath. Even then, a bit of a stretch, Sociopaths and psychopaths are NOT the same thing. Sociopaths are NOT more violent than regular people, they just probably wouldn’t feel that bad if that had to be. Sociopaths lack empathy for people sure, but lacking empathy does not make somebody sadistic or mentally insane.
    They’re still regular people. They still have emotion, form close bonds, cry when they’re in pain, love people they trust, etc. still regular people.They’re just sometimes a little more cold/blank. They are just more willing to manipulate others in order to survive, than the average person and things like that. They are not these horrible villains that people need to be scared of, or treat negatively. They are regular people who often have faced some type of horrific abuse (usually as children) to force them to adapt into this defensive personality type.
    Psychopaths are born psychopaths
    Sociopaths become sociopaths over time, and can lose their sociopathy over time too. It’s a behavioural pattern formed as a defence mechanism from abuse. It’s more an antisocial personality than a mental issue.
    Ask a professional, like I did. Shane’s documentary is literally doing massive harm. For me, for example, Life honestly got much much harder for a short while after this, and people are determined to listen to him instead of believe people like me, so I am now a horrible person and a complete villain to a lot of my friends apparently. Thanks for supporting the already shocking harsh stigma behind people with ASPD. Inequality is hard enough to fight against when everyone is convinced you’re dangerous and violent. Hard enough. Now a super famous celebrity supporting the stigma? Fucking impossible.
    Society has seriously just moved backwards 7 years in terms of equality and being educated about this sort of thing. Disappointed, Shane.

    • Kurimson Kitsune
      Kurimson Kitsune Day ago

      Yeah, I'm not a fan of how much they overplayed how "scary" and "disturbing" and "creepy" or whatever they said it was. It's really annoying and I'm really sorry you have to deal with the crap that it brings about.
      Also, "tHeY dOnT hAvE hEaRtS" whathefuaq is wrong with this woman.