The Dark Side of Jake Paul

  • Published on Sep 27, 2018
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    IMPORTANT NOTE: Once again I'm 100% NOT trying to call any celeb or youtuber a "sociopath". I just wanted to give example clips to go along with me and Kati's conversation to make for an entertaining video. I even used clips of my friends! So please don't come for anyone that I showed! haha also psychopaths and sociopaths are both associated with anti social personality disorder. the difference is sociopaths are triggered from trauma and psychopaths are born like that. sorry i edited that part out of the video. i should have left it in! i was just cutting things for time.
    K, enjoy the ride! - Shane
    For more info on anti social personality check out Katis new video!
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  • Dominique Amante
    Dominique Amante 18 hours ago

    Category: Comedy

  • Andy Gaming
    Andy Gaming Day ago

    I dont laugh at memes im i a sicopath

  • Hayden LeBlanc
    Hayden LeBlanc Day ago +1

    Every detail was like a letter of jakes name

  • LAJ 916
    LAJ 916 Day ago +1

    Who else came back to dis shit 😭😭

  • Manuela Chacon
    Manuela Chacon Day ago

    Has anyone noticed that Andrew has all the information that Shane has cause he is always recording and being with Shane cause if something happens he is there to record everything and he knows all about the behind the scenes. Wowwww

  • Maddy Santos
    Maddy Santos Day ago +1

    yallll i jus took a test online and it came back positive send help pleaseee

  • Jooo.celyn ARodz

    Umm that says psychopath?? not sociopath🤔🤔 44:17

  • Sammie Aly
    Sammie Aly Day ago

    Shane deserves a Netflix series.
    But on the subject of sociopaths- Maddie and Elijah (they’re joint TheXvid account name as well) they met the Paul brothers and were in one of the vlogs they pretty much just ignored the couple the whole time while doing stupid shit and not getting introuble with it.

  • Addy The Potato
    Addy The Potato Day ago

    Some of these symptoms sound like my mom

  • Tatiana Marchand

    What if Logan is an amazing sociopath, and jake is trying to be one but he’s not a good one

  • Camille Hatfield

    Want a picture?
    - Shane 2018

  • Ojeda Mohamed
    Ojeda Mohamed Day ago

    *98% of the comments section are making jokes *
    Me: shitt I know someone like this with the same sociopathic behaviour

    Tbh I just sorta made a joke so 😅😅

  • Ojeda Mohamed
    Ojeda Mohamed Day ago

    The whole time during this video is was thinking of a girl in my class and how much the signs correlated with her behaviour. Not even lying she actually creeps me out now and the scariest bit is that we were sorta friends last year

  • Koay YT
    Koay YT Day ago +1

    Well now i don't trust anyone now im so sad now...

  • Aeri- L
    Aeri- L 2 days ago

    Everything aside, I LOVE Shane's hands. They look so pretty and feminine

  • Aeri- L
    Aeri- L 2 days ago

    As a Psychology student who is trying hard to be a professional, you would be shocked by how many sociopath live their lives just like normal people and nobody can spot them. A lot of famous people and people around you, like the director of your school or the rich kid in your room might be one but you NEVER know. That's so creepy and terrifying

  • SoyPetTurtle
    SoyPetTurtle 2 days ago

    Kind of feel like ultimately the therapist was like "a sociopath just does what everyone else does" which... ?? Okay not a good description because to someone who doesn't know one... That's everyone. I've known and am related to a sociopath or two and yes, they mimic behaviors obviously. But I don't feel like his lady really painted the picture enough.

  • dumpster
    dumpster 2 days ago

    I fit almost all of these descriptions, whaaaa?

  • Depression 420
    Depression 420 2 days ago +1

    *When that lady put that cat in the fucking trash I was like hold my phone while I beat the bitch up LIKE NO I LOVE CATS*

  • Glossy ßisCuit
    Glossy ßisCuit 2 days ago

    *I hate Illuminati, therefore I hate BTS cause they are Illuminati.*
    -Glossy ßisCuit

  • Glossy ßisCuit
    Glossy ßisCuit 2 days ago

    OMG Shane HAS to make a conspiracy theories shoe on Netflix!!

  • Dora The Explora Ghost x2

    Act like I said something cool

  • 1000 subs without a video

    When the lady hurt the cat I literally cried even after watching this FOR THE THIRD TIME

    Yep, not a sociopath 👌

  • Rockie Buffalo
    Rockie Buffalo 2 days ago

    "Take a shower" after talking about mental health... I don't think mental health is gross. I like Shane and his videos... but I felt this wasn't the most honest or objective view on mental health. That lady is... wow, and not in a good way!

  • i eat food
    i eat food 2 days ago

    35:39 its plainrock124!

  • cheryl
    cheryl 2 days ago

    hi shane im a new subscriber here. first off im on part 2 of this series, ive seen you on my binge watch of jeffree videos and simply had to come by to check you out but wow i did not expect such serious content. i love it you are very talented, massive fan! im a 33 year old mother of 5 and i have no idea who jake or logan are but from a parents point of view if they were my sons i would be so angry. this is worrying. i cant wait to get to the end and see how this goes. ❤❤❤

    LUNA MIZO 2 days ago

    By the way I don't like gay
    But i love this video

  • XfluffiiiX
    XfluffiiiX 2 days ago


  • XfluffiiiX
    XfluffiiiX 2 days ago!

  • Ashley Chow
    Ashley Chow 2 days ago +3

    Can’t a therapist be a sociopath? Cuz like they know so much... but like this girl seems rly genuine and cool but like I’m just sayin...

  • Keira Choc
    Keira Choc 3 days ago +1

    Jake Paul watches this and is just like

  • iT mEh gUrL Yeet
    iT mEh gUrL Yeet 3 days ago +4

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Yay, I got a like
    Wait, why is it blue?

  • 7033Joe
    7033Joe 3 days ago

    Sociopaths are very likable indeed. By means of feeding compliments, gifts and adoration to their potential victims. So when the potential victims makes a single mistake whether by genuine mistake or a set up the sociopath will lie to guilt trip the hell out of them by means of crying. By the way, sociopaths have no moral compass so they have absolutely no problem lying.
    My best advice against them is to NEVER make yourself vulnerable to them. Don't accept gifts, don't take their adorations and compliments to heart. Don't let the have the blueprints of your life such as your fears, passion, sadness, ambitions, schedule, etc. Just stay away from them, they will try to get a reaction out of you.

  • Capitano900
    Capitano900 3 days ago

    The sound effects and music ruins it a lot. Other than that great.

  • Pod
    Pod 3 days ago

    This must be horrible to watch if you have been diagnosed as a sociopath considering how much they call them monsters and put them down even tho they can't help having a disorder. You would never do this to someone with anxiety or depression.

  • Faith
    Faith 3 days ago +3

    that teen beach movie clip brought me back XD

  • Maryjane Arguello
    Maryjane Arguello 3 days ago

    Talk to ErikaCostell

  • Karla Reynoso
    Karla Reynoso 3 days ago +3

    When that lady through that cat in the trash, my heart broke In half. Who the hell does that?

  • tanne deconinck
    tanne deconinck 3 days ago

    What if you don’t care what happens to people in movies, is that like a movie-sociopath?

  • Destiny Ratliff
    Destiny Ratliff 4 days ago +5

    And this is why I have trust issues 😐🤔

  • Carol Mota
    Carol Mota 4 days ago

    being gay is worse than being a psyco

    • Ajla Baba
      Ajla Baba 3 days ago

      Carol Mota wtf is wrong with you

  • Carol Mota
    Carol Mota 4 days ago

    you kissed a man #yourgashane

  • Flowey the Flower
    Flowey the Flower 4 days ago +32

    "Normally sociopaths are really intelligent."

    Case closed. it's not them.

  • Flowey the Flower
    Flowey the Flower 4 days ago +45

    "Do sociopaths have a heart?"


    Shane.exe has stopped working

  • Orion Is Here
    Orion Is Here 4 days ago

    Tati who?

  • Ameerah Moore
    Ameerah Moore 4 days ago

    That therapist is just reading us a book legit. Or she’s either saying IDK... isn’t she supposed to be an expert ?

  • Pareeha K
    Pareeha K 4 days ago

    I'm sorry but the end made me *WHEEZE*

    EL RINCON DEL PAPU 4 days ago


  • rosie posie
    rosie posie 4 days ago +1

    I wanna know who the sociopath at my school is

  • Daniel Nikolovski
    Daniel Nikolovski 4 days ago

    Turns out Im a sociopath 😂

  • Allison Capraro
    Allison Capraro 4 days ago +1

    Soooo Tana is a sociopath too then? LMAO still luv her but she fits the bill w/ that Tanacon example

  • ItzJustAprank Tv
    ItzJustAprank Tv 4 days ago +4

    I was comparing myself to a sociopath the whole time

  • gene mambo
    gene mambo 4 days ago

    OMG I just realized I'm a sociopath

  • Alivia Alvarez
    Alivia Alvarez 4 days ago +1

    Oh no, I might be a sociopath I’m smart, I act differently around other people and I am nice to everyone.

  • Forever Woof
    Forever Woof 5 days ago

    The person who put the cat in the trash is the most awful human I have seen

  • Amaya Whittaker
    Amaya Whittaker 5 days ago

    Is it just me or are these video clips really scary

  • Pareeha K
    Pareeha K 5 days ago

    I bet Shane is shocked that Tana and Jake are a thing now.

  • Ximena Ortega
    Ximena Ortega 5 days ago +2

    The uber driver 😆
    Kills me

  • Anna Nolan
    Anna Nolan 5 days ago

    The only thing Andrew does is copy what Shane says

  • JS Rataj
    JS Rataj 5 days ago +1

    How many people think Jake Paul is a sociopath.


  • Devan Kinder
    Devan Kinder 5 days ago +3

    This whole video I was thinking about Sherlock

  • GXGDragon
    GXGDragon 5 days ago

    Did you just took a face from reaction time the grey coloured one

  • MusicAnimeAddiction
    MusicAnimeAddiction 6 days ago

    Im sorry i love shane but sometimes he is really ummm.. delusional? I mean, 1 in 25 people is just a statistic and noone should be scared of that

  • Praveen Batteryworks

    Blue eyes hypnotism teri kardi h manu

    • Anony mous
      Anony mous 4 days ago

      Praveen Batteryworks 😂😂

  • JBoiii
    JBoiii 6 days ago

    Notice how all of these scosiopaths are vloggers, it's not necessarily all of YT that's like this it's, There is gamers who don't even speak in their vids like pros, but some gamers are, but they just manipulated you as soon as possible to seem like they never did.

  • Hello Hi
    Hello Hi 6 days ago +1

    She is really uninformed on sociopaths. She’s a shitty therapist, judging people with a mental health disorder as creepy and gross.

  • G -Watch
    G -Watch 6 days ago +1

    First time ever watching a Shane video ( I know right ) , I feel out of the loop but man oh man this was good content , definitely subscribing.

  • Charlie Monroe
    Charlie Monroe 6 days ago

    i’m scared now because last night i had a dream and my sister was smoking and i caught her. (she’s 14) she saw me and then chased me and stabbed me with nails till i was bleeding and couldn’t walk... she was hurting me and herself in the dream

  • Avery Wood
    Avery Wood 6 days ago

    It sounds like the Michael Weast,the owner of Good Times from Tanacon, could be a sociopath cuz he tried to make everyone feel bad for him

  • Alexia and Bella
    Alexia and Bella 6 days ago

    technically half of the people on yt or sociopaths cause everybody copys Emma lmao

  • Anime Monster
    Anime Monster 6 days ago

    after watching this video and hearing about the symptoms, couldn’t the sociopaths change their characteristics so it’s hard for you to know whether or not they ARE sociopaths.

  • samyra Bennett
    samyra Bennett 6 days ago

    10:07 when that lady just threw that cat in the bumpster I literally almost started crying 💔😭😭😭

  • Cthulhu Cupcakes
    Cthulhu Cupcakes 6 days ago

    I guess I just found out that I'm a sociopath

    I have WAY too many feelings

  • Kim Taehyung and Jennie

    Logan is a Sociopath and thats why everybody likes him even that he did a lot of bad things

  • Kim Taehyung and Jennie

    When the driver said my wife i died 😂

  • Emma Nobody Cares
    Emma Nobody Cares 7 days ago +3

    WAIT AM I A SOCIOPATH?????????????????????
    Oh wait I cry myself to sleep nvm

  • Kylie Porttiin
    Kylie Porttiin 7 days ago

    I feel like this is making shane really paranoid
    Shane: walks up to 25 random people
    “Are you a social path”

  • Gacha Pentagon
    Gacha Pentagon 7 days ago


  • Brooklyn Cigan
    Brooklyn Cigan 7 days ago

    Jake Paul: You couldn't breathe?
    Tessa Brookes: I couldn't!!! JAKE!
    Jake Paul: Makes it more real.


    Sis, I need a break! There is too much tea flying at me and it burns! Like he is questioning his fiance, his best friend, AND his camera man!? This is deep! I love it! Thx for making it!

    -2019 person on the internet ❤️

  • Theladyoftheday
    Theladyoftheday 7 days ago

    Brittani's Ex to a T!!!

  • Rorie and Dakota
    Rorie and Dakota 7 days ago

    I know a girl in my grade that is a sociopath

  • Loren Martinez
    Loren Martinez 7 days ago

    Is talking about serious topic
    Starts playing 90day fiancé

  • Becky Gamer
    Becky Gamer 7 days ago

    I just cried while watching this

  • B- rabbit
    B- rabbit 7 days ago

    Shane I love your vids but please render them when editing.

  • Rahiim Blanco
    Rahiim Blanco 7 days ago +1

    Me in June 2019 :

  • Justie Foody
    Justie Foody 7 days ago +1

    Is that girl even a therapist? I mean she doesn’t sound very convincing 🤔

  • Lexi NR
    Lexi NR 8 days ago

    bruh is no one going to talk about that poor cat🤨😖

  • Savannah Lm
    Savannah Lm 8 days ago

    This video made me realize how fake I am and how I act differently around certain people all the time 😰🤪

  • TheWizzardOfRandom
    TheWizzardOfRandom 8 days ago +1

    What she's describing as an "empath" is actually codependency smh

  • Soaps Oberlies
    Soaps Oberlies 8 days ago +1

    Legitimate mental health professionals do not appear on videos available to the public and armchair diagnose people by watching their videos.
    They also don't give their reasoning behind the diagnoses as "I can feel it".
    I suspect she's full of shit.

    • larissa
      larissa 6 days ago

      shes 100% full of shit

  • Renae Neyedley
    Renae Neyedley 8 days ago

    My brother has no empathy there for he has no feelings.

  • Anastasiya Shmatova
    Anastasiya Shmatova 8 days ago +1

    Doesn’t sound like a valid research for me

    • IzMeMario
      IzMeMario 8 days ago

      As someone diagnosed with ASPD, this video didn't really surprise me, a therapist that knows fuck all about what she is talking about, not to mention what she is doing is not even professional, imagine diagnosing people you don't even know

  • Teo Aku
    Teo Aku 8 days ago

    me after this video:MOM!!!i think im a sociapath!!!!

  • Cody Stokes
    Cody Stokes 8 days ago

    damn, I had so many questions to ask her while watching this lol

  • Jonas Da Cunha
    Jonas Da Cunha 8 days ago +1


  • Queen Foxie
    Queen Foxie 8 days ago

    To be honest I am a sociopath and my grandpa said that ever since I was a kid

  • Pun Pun
    Pun Pun 8 days ago

    just watching this series again makes me realize how shane kind of made sociopaths look like monsters, I know he like apologized and all but like... Oof

  • Idc Anymore
    Idc Anymore 8 days ago +1

    the dude with the white mask
    kept freaking me out🙄🤡😂

  • Talan Smith
    Talan Smith 8 days ago

    Maybe he is not because in the beginning of the video Jake warns Shane to not do the vid but then again he could be manipulating him

  • Ghoul101 Karma’sBrother

    I may be a sociopath... but I feel it’s important that I care about people😥