I Trained With Dale Detroit Urban Survival Training

  • Published on Jan 22, 2022
  • This is the greatest self defense training of All Time
    I stream every day www.twitch.tv/moistcr1tikal
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  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Memes aside, I didn't expect Dale to be such a chill guy. I have a whole new level of respect for them after seeing this.

    • The Bae Berserk
      The Bae Berserk 2 days ago

      @Billy's Bush Tours them can mean a single person. I thought Language Arts or English were kinda a thing we all took.

    • Mars Saturn
      Mars Saturn 4 days ago


    • Erik Larson
      Erik Larson 6 days ago

      Me too. A combat instructor who is 70lbs overweight is a dude I trust 100%. He definitely trains a lot.

  • Ruuinx
    Ruuinx 3 months ago +3113

    Difficulty level
    Charlie: 2nd grade delinquent
    Caleb: college jock
    Rex: Johnathan Wick

    • No one
      No one 22 days ago

      @Hurt Cobain 𓂀 whats his name on twitch

    • Weston Richardson
      Weston Richardson Month ago

      @Hurt Cobain 𓂀 whats his name on twitch

    • Hurt Cobain 𓂀
      Hurt Cobain 𓂀 Month ago

      @Weston Richardson he streams on twitch

    • Weston Richardson
      Weston Richardson Month ago

      Does Rex have a youtube channel or something?

    • Big Boi Games
      Big Boi Games Month ago +1

      Rex is john wick's dog after John gets killed

  • Maximus XVII
    Maximus XVII 3 months ago +1420

    Rex has such calm, dead eyes. You can see the souls of all the people he's murdered behind them.

    • J
      J 4 days ago

      @BleedingHumanoid that is the exact point, 228m is not some crazy sniper shot... just regular engagement range and you by no means need to be an "expert" to accurately hit a target at that range, I served for 8 years and even the drooling dipshits could at least qualify at marksmen standards with minimal training.

    • BleedingHumanoid
      BleedingHumanoid 5 days ago

      @J I find sniping in games hard, I can only imagine what's it's like in real life, not everyones gonna be a expert sniper lol

    • Madhayter
      Madhayter 24 days ago +1

      @organicleaf I listened to it again, you're right, I've been saying it wrong the whole time lol

    • Xl Xl
      Xl Xl 26 days ago

      @Finn Campbell and there is enough REASON to believe he’s a seal for the PATCH

  • The Peepee Paralyzer Official Youtube Channel

    Everybody’s talking about how cool and friendly dale is but nobody’s talking about how rex would probably win a fistfight against me and all my friends

  • Joey Q
    Joey Q 3 months ago +2916

    I honestly respect the hell out of this dude. He saw a problem and he decided to act and do something about it instead of just complaining on the internet.

    • StickyIcky Kilo
      StickyIcky Kilo 2 months ago

      @Bob Hilton Iv never seen him state that

    • Bob Hilton
      Bob Hilton 2 months ago

      @StickyIcky Kilo 1. He states that these moves are last resorts and don’t have that high of a chance at succeeding; but hey, might as well do something instead of nothing in these situations.
      2. He states that absolutely nothing is worth more than your life. He’s never made these lessons out to be an alternative to complying to theft or being held hostage.

    • StickyIcky Kilo
      StickyIcky Kilo 2 months ago +2

      Respect this guy!?!? This guy is showing people moves that are going to get them killed. All these people seeing these clips are going to think they can actually pull these moves off. Even people that train in this stuff all the time for last resort situations still end up shot or dead. So some Joe Shmoe off the street has no chance. This guy should be charged with assisted murder or something.

    • Cool Gamer
      Cool Gamer 3 months ago +1

      @هواء It's better to fight than to just sit there and get shot having a gun pointed at you it's also a gamble to comply and hope you're not dealing with a psycho that would shoot you no matter what.

    • هواء
      هواء 3 months ago +3

      lmao you guys are clowns. Yall actually think you have the ability to disarm somebody from just watching a video, not to mention, if someone is pointing a gun at you they'll be full of adrenaline and not that close. This isn't about complaining, this is about having common sense

  • MangoPull
    MangoPull 4 months ago +16760

    dales entrance is better than any anime opening that will ever exist

    • A Jasper
      A Jasper 10 days ago

      The entire 2000s is knocking at yo door fool

    • William Edgar
      William Edgar 27 days ago

      You watch anime? 😂🤣

    • UltimateSheep
      UltimateSheep Month ago

      war started when one guy didn't get the joke and thanks for 100 likes lmfao

    • Rebecca Tsang
      Rebecca Tsang Month ago

      @idk sono chi no sadame

    • Vipod 360
      Vipod 360 Month ago

      Angriest Comment Thread On TheXvid (Part 2)

  • Jan Grilanc
    Jan Grilanc 3 months ago +841

    I really liked how happy Caleb seemed when described as "common criminal". I don't know why, but it made me chuckle.

    • Jaden Ogan
      Jaden Ogan 3 months ago +15

      @Jan Grilanc he had enough of them eye gouges lol

    • Jan Grilanc
      Jan Grilanc 3 months ago +3

      @Jaden Ogan Haha, came outta nowhere, true. Good shit.

    • Jaden Ogan
      Jaden Ogan 3 months ago +4

      I was busting up when Caleb took thata dude down

  • Ancientgamer246
    Ancientgamer246 3 months ago +292

    mad respect to Dale for actually going through with this and showing that his advice isn't 100% foolproof, but can indeed help in a pinch.
    also the dude is actually funny and apparently has training for every weapon.

  • Clevious
    Clevious 3 months ago +426

    Dale is a rlly good guy the fact he can take a joke and jokes around with them, bes realistic, and is actually rlly good at defending himself.

    • Matthew Weston
      Matthew Weston Month ago +1

      @Testing I just want to point out something I still haven't seen a single person say since the video came out... Grabbing onto the slide if a handgun doesn't stop the bullet from coming out, it just stops it from cycling. So when he grabs the slide and the person pulls the trigger, he'd be dead, the round would've come out.

    • Testing
      Testing 3 months ago

      @jdksdj11 I think you should never have a one way plan for anything. Maybe not even have a plan, just training and knowledge.
      The first self defense move you do is staying away from places where you are alone with an armed thief, for starting.
      Then you can check other forms of self defense.

    • jdksdj11
      jdksdj11 3 months ago +1

      @Testing you don't know what someone would do in that scenario. Just look up how robberies end sometimes. I even said that you shouldn't do what he says, but you shouldn't just walk away. Just give ur money to the robber and wait for him to walk away.

  • Mitchell Halvorson
    Mitchell Halvorson 2 months ago +102

    The main difference with rex, other than hes actually trained, is that he's the only one not pretending like it's a game and doesn't give up as soon as Dale touches them. Now he's not going full soldier mode, but he's actually applying some realism

  • Detroit Threat Management Center

    Great video guys! Thank you for this opportunity to train with you guys. You guys were very professional and fun. The next video will be penguinz0 in Detroit. We will take you with us patrolling the communities here in Detroit- after tactical training of course.

    • Adrian Martinez
      Adrian Martinez 15 days ago

      The hands are not meant to hold things very well 😆😆

    • BK
      BK Month ago


    • Scott Jobe
      Scott Jobe 2 months ago

      I went from hating this fake guru to loving his fake guru. He techniques will definitely get you killed

    • Han Zongchang
      Han Zongchang 3 months ago

      Oj ño

  • Ryan
    Ryan 3 months ago +280

    "Rex here is trained in every martial art and military style....... and Dale here once ripped the tusks out of a charging bull elephant and used them to massacre a small army brigade."

    • Tony Odom
      Tony Odom 3 months ago +1

      @Metasora same I assume everyone has the same level of common sense bc it seems so painfully obvious. But yeah that was my biggest mistake. Lmao

    • oriana ahsan
      oriana ahsan 3 months ago +5

      @Metasora I can confirm. I'm jackasses.

    • Metasora
      Metasora 3 months ago +12

      @SomeRandomJackAss Yeah you're probably right I overestimate sometimes how much knowledge most people have

    • SomeRandomJackAss
      SomeRandomJackAss 3 months ago +13

      @Metasora I mean, in a room full of jackasses (and Dale) he is the only one that knows.

    • Metasora
      Metasora 3 months ago +6

      Lmao I was tripping when he said his life is different then everyone watching and then proceeds to talk about something people that are trained do already as in never have your back to the door. It’s just funny that everything he says is very common knowledge in military families and members and pretends like he’s the only one that knows.

  • Poppy Harlow
    Poppy Harlow 3 months ago +87

    I love that he just openly admits that "hey, I'm not saying you won't die or get hurt, I'm just saying the chances that you'll die or get hurt is lower than if you didn't know these techniques." Full respect to this guy, takes criticsm and admits the flaws.

  • first name last name.
    first name last name. 2 months ago +41

    I think this is the first time I've ever seen Dale actually clarify. "If you know, or think your going to die either way. Then do this"

  • Scorf
    Scorf 2 months ago +21

    "Rex" is legit and I appreciate the hell out of him.
    The gross motor skill slide rack off his pistol got me giggling

    • SemperFi EDC Guy
      SemperFi EDC Guy Month ago

      Lol. He's "legit" because he can handle a firearm and clear it?

  • Lifted In Cali
    Lifted In Cali 4 months ago +21596

    I didn't know Dale was such a chill, funny guy. Taking jokes and making jokes. Respect for Dale.

    • M K
      M K 3 months ago

      @Mason Manion just mass report

    • Smii7y Milk
      Smii7y Milk 3 months ago

      @Constantine XI Dragases Palaiologos then they'd still die even without it

    • Fluffy
      Fluffy 3 months ago +1


    • Pierice 1o1
      Pierice 1o1 3 months ago

      Yeah but the eyes though!🥺😭

    • Muck                          yes yes in disguise
      Muck yes yes in disguise 3 months ago


  • Evan Fear
    Evan Fear 3 months ago +83

    Dude knows what he is talking about, knows how to be realistic and humorous at the same time. Love to see it tbh

  • smoothwolf Gacha
    smoothwolf Gacha 3 months ago +44

    Dale: *picking up nunchucks* are these legal here? *starts using straight up ninja moves*
    Everybody else in the room: *shooketh and impressed*

  • Jikey Scavzilla
    Jikey Scavzilla Month ago +7

    "Condition yellow" sounds so much cooler than "I tell my therapist about how I hyper focus on my surroundings" I'm gonna have to use that more often lol

  • Jackie Powell
    Jackie Powell 3 months ago +109

    I wonder if Rex's hyper vigilance is due to just training or a combination of trauma and training. I've always been like Rex in public....but I don't have extensive training like he does either. Unfortunately, mine is trauma based. Which isn't nearly as life-saving as training obviously would be.

    • The Dreamtime
      The Dreamtime Month ago +2

      Both.. but exposure makes it worse.

    • Higukomaru
      Higukomaru 3 months ago +14

      Hard to say but my mentor, who's an officer, mentioned alot of the things he did regarding perspective in things like where to sit, what to look for, and how to be in an advantageous position in case something happens. I am not trained nor will be an officer myself but it's those tidbits that help me stay a little more protected.

  • lilHamster97
    lilHamster97 4 months ago +5260

    Dale: teaching people how to disarm criminals
    Rex: *Teaching the criminals firearm retention*

    • Rohan Das
      Rohan Das 3 months ago +9

      @Loading... Found the guy who’s projecting. Most spec ops dude’s day to day is rucking, running, and starving themselves in the field. A lot of them are very skinny and can still kick your ass.

    • Mr. Jameson
      Mr. Jameson 3 months ago +4

      @Loading... "Hates the government."
      What an insult. Stay bent over and collared, friend.

    • Mike G
      Mike G 3 months ago +3

      @TessTickles88 "I've been around operator's and trained"
      Idk man, sound like a malnourished larper to me.

    • Jake Hague
      Jake Hague 3 months ago +7

      @Loading... my man sees anyone under 200 pounds as malnourished

  • Heather McFarland
    Heather McFarland 3 months ago +27

    This is such a great video. I’m glad y’all gave Dale the opportunity to really show how much of this “can” work. I feel like so many people on social media are treating him like a joke when all he’s doing is trying to help everyone survive in a life or death situation. I also love that Dale can laugh at himself. I see him jokingly react to a lot of tik-tok videos. He seems like a really good guy. If I’m ever in Detroit I am definitely going to take his class

  • oriana ahsan
    oriana ahsan 3 months ago +52

    I feel like these techniques do work.....just for Dale. He ain't human. He is Dale. But his chill vibes stuns the attacker and I like him. I also like he is just honest about his training.

  • BallZach
    BallZach 3 months ago +35

    you could tell that Caleb was actually getting pissed from dale grabbing his face lmao

    • wesley augusta
      wesley augusta 2 months ago

      @Tony Odom yeah and still got taken down and mounted. If Caleb really wanted to he would have rained down punches on him.

    • Tony Odom
      Tony Odom 3 months ago +4

      Any advantage baby, eyes throat are the most vulnerable other than ears and nose but only 2 of those would severely limit someone.

  • Kane Racing
    Kane Racing 3 months ago +34

    Dale is somebody I wouldn’t want to be in close combat with😂
    Can we talk about how good Rex is

  • Nizh
    Nizh 4 months ago +4768

    I can't believe Dale is an actual human being.

    • stan
      stan 3 months ago +1

      @MoppeGeeken wasted enough time to post this comment 😔

    • MoppeGeeken
      MoppeGeeken 3 months ago

      @Dusk Alimar rather have a picture of your toe than anime. How are people attracted to fiction characters, this generation is so sad. I don't waste my time can't be bothered to change it

    • Daniel328
      Daniel328 3 months ago

      @Dusk Alimar Unanswered conspiracy theories: Is Dale secretly a ninja?

    • Hakay
      Hakay 3 months ago

      @rxqC_ thats what he wants you to think

    • InkTim
      InkTim 4 months ago

      That pretty much sums up everyone's reaction after watching this video lmao

  • Joshua DeLaughter
    Joshua DeLaughter 4 days ago

    Honestly I'm impressed. This guy is such a meme but he actually seems to know what he's doing.

    I LOVE HATE COMMENTS 3 months ago +19

    Dale: *taking everyones eyes out*
    also Dale: *"please dont hurt me"*

  • CC-1010
    CC-1010 22 days ago

    I love how Charlie’s just so chill the whole time.

  • ripplesy yt
    ripplesy yt Month ago +5

    Dale really does seem like a really nice and genuine guy

  • James Knight
    James Knight 3 months ago +10223

    Imagine 2 clones of dale, but 1 has a gun to the other’s chest, they would never stop disarming eachother it would just continue for eternity.

  • Edward Benedict
    Edward Benedict Day ago

    Dale does have some quite valid points about lateral movements.... his disarms somewhat scarry...

  • Nameless Navnløs
    Nameless Navnløs 3 months ago +11

    Damn I was actually expecting these techniques to be proven completely and utterly phony. I was impressed and pleased to find that Dale is such a cool, professional dude. I guess you don't get to be an officer without knowing what you're doing and how to defend yourself. Even if his methods are.. unique.

  • Gerald of Riveria
    Gerald of Riveria 3 months ago +16

    Ok but I am SO curious about Rex's profession now.

  • brendon pereira
    brendon pereira 3 months ago +14

    This video helps Dale with the negative publicity that he's been getting. Really proved himself well.

  • Jeremy Roland
    Jeremy Roland 3 months ago +7

    Dale is a way cooler dude than I ever could have imagined. When he picked up the nunchucks I lost it

  • Tarkz_
    Tarkz_ 3 months ago +7

    Dale seems like such a humble and nice guy, great see him be such a good sport.

  • Mimikana HD
    Mimikana HD 3 months ago +7

    dale messes up sometimes and hes certaintly not the strongest man alive, but he knows what hes doing.

  • Connor Vlaming
    Connor Vlaming 3 months ago +21

    The amount of times Rex or whoever "killed" Dale is hilarious

  • Mr.100 rupees
    Mr.100 rupees 4 months ago +2244

    Dale the type of guy to ask his child if any of their friends need a ride home

    • Mr.100 rupees
      Mr.100 rupees 4 months ago

      @Stardestroyer 062 😄

    • Stardestroyer 062
      Stardestroyer 062 4 months ago +4

      Bold of you to assume that dale has a son after the car jack attempt

    • DiscreetLuka
      DiscreetLuka 4 months ago +1

      Drake moment

    • GoofyLovesContent
      GoofyLovesContent 4 months ago +11

      Being a friend of Dale's son is cool and all until you piss the sun off and they'll start dale starts doing some crazy forbidden jutsu on you

    • The Kuba
      The Kuba 4 months ago +11

      he truly is. you would not want to be his kids friend if you did something bad though...

  • Richard Steele
    Richard Steele 3 months ago +6

    So glad you made this video Charlie to show it honestly and in more detail, huge love for Dale for being so funny and taking all the criticism and still remaining cool and professional!

  • gamestory
    gamestory 3 months ago +7

    People would have gotten even more respect for Dale if they learned about his history (watch the beforetheywerefamous video) and how he has helped communities.

  • Many Achievables
    Many Achievables 3 months ago +3

    Phil Swift and Dale are the two titans of memes
    Instead of being mad, they completely love it

  • JH Ski
    JH Ski Month ago +3

    no matter how many times rex made that gun clear there's still a part of my brain that freaks out when charlie points it at dale with his finger on the trigger lol

  • Unida
    Unida 4 months ago +9575

    The Dale arc is complete, he has defended his honour and has proven he is a one man army. Mad respect.

    • Buddy F
      Buddy F 3 months ago

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      Spread the word. Free ad skip
      Note:This doesn’t work on mobile

    • Jimmy Violet
      Jimmy Violet 3 months ago


    • •BADʙᴏʏ『BRUh』
      •BADʙᴏʏ『BRUh』 3 months ago

      @Act Man Fan there bots obviously 🙄 🤦🏽

    • italo
      italo 3 months ago +1

      @Unshaven One 5-1-1 where? On "my small county championship"? By the way it doesn't matter, it's all still bullshit... Bullshit bullshit bullshit. All day.

    • Unshaven One
      Unshaven One 3 months ago +1

      @italo lol a nameless basement troll talking trash about an accomplished pro, with 5-1-1 record, and competitive submission tourney wins. You're hilarious.

  • Ectohelix
    Ectohelix 3 months ago +6

    I appreciate the intentions. He seems like a genuinely good person.
    He can be a nice guy all day, but some of those techniques will get someone shot, and this is accurately demonstrated by a LOT of people out there on the interwebs.
    Trigger pull is WAY faster than they're downplaying it here.

    • Chikako.
      Chikako. 2 months ago

      All of these techniques showed are as a last resort. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • conorxxvvii
    conorxxvvii 7 days ago

    Dale is such a chill guy its made my think all of those videos against him were too quick to judge

  • Zitochi Games
    Zitochi Games 2 months ago +2

    love that Dale didnt even act pompous with rex; he was completely understanding with it. truly fantastic. we love rex.

  • MATT
    MATT 2 months ago +3

    I love dales energy he is so humouris and you can tell everyone having a great time. Great video Charlie

  • Xx_Scotty_21_xX
    Xx_Scotty_21_xX 3 months ago +2057

    Dale actually has a sense of humor abt himself, much respect

    • Garden of Words
      Garden of Words 3 months ago

      Yh, he looks really chill and thankfully he is honest enough to admit that you probably shouldnt do this in place of playing it safe in situations like that, at least if you're not trained to do.

    • Litty
      Litty 3 months ago


    • Somm
      Somm 3 months ago +2

      @Tiltproof No, they are dead🗿

    • Micro
      Micro 3 months ago +3

      @Tiltproof wtf r u talking about?

    • Colonel Noob
      Colonel Noob 3 months ago +3

      When ur making so much money and clout off the ignorance of people, getting roasted doesn’t really matter

  • sk8ordie
    sk8ordie 3 months ago +8

    I kind of jumped on the wagon with this guy but at least he s doing something real and trying to help people

  • Ein Siedler
    Ein Siedler 28 days ago +1

    Big ups to Dale for doing this and actually saving face. Unbelievably hilarious!

  • Hanny Munch
    Hanny Munch 2 months ago +5

    about the whole thing
    i think the important thing to remember is while all of this can work, there is no guarantee it will work 100% of the time, even someone trained like Dale can have times it doesnt work
    he is definitly using a really clever thing
    one of you said that pulling the trigger is a much smaller action, but it's important to remember it takes you 1/4 of a second from the moment you see something until your brain process it, and that is enough time to pull off something like that
    weather you want to risk your life attempting this is another question, but his techniques are definitely viable to a trained individual

  • ethan._.4401
    ethan._.4401 3 months ago +5

    everything aside, rex's gun safety is absolutely amazing

  • Ari L.
    Ari L. 4 months ago +9503

    Huge respect for Dale for showing up and actually defending his reputation.

    • MrChildSnifferThePresident
      MrChildSnifferThePresident 3 months ago +1

      Lmfao. He of course didn't think he'd get trolled. He teaches people to get shot whether you'd like it or not

    • Quandale Dingle
      Quandale Dingle 3 months ago

      @Ari L.yt deleted dislikes

    • a
      a 3 months ago

      @MGTHREE Entrepreneur you are probably a 16 year old white kid who thinks they are so cool for being edgy and different

    • Le Bonk Sirree
      Le Bonk Sirree 3 months ago

      @MGTHREE Entrepreneur ok

    • Andrew Marr
      Andrew Marr 3 months ago

      I mean

  • ZolYin Podcast
    ZolYin Podcast 3 months ago +6

    Okay, he knows what he's doing. Was very surprised to be wrong. I'm glad. I loved every minute of it. Very cool, Dale. Much respect.

  • LilyRoseHeart
    LilyRoseHeart 3 months ago +5

    This was hilarious! Who knew Dale was such a cool guy?

  • Max Ducks
    Max Ducks 3 months ago +10

    I can’t get over the eyebrow raise Dale has any time he’s on screen.

  • Aurora Passenger #00FU
    Aurora Passenger #00FU 2 months ago +2

    I love how the Thumbnail makes Charlie look like the most Cheerful, Carefree, Criminal to ever commit a Felonious Carjacking at Gunpoint.
    It's honestly like someone simply took a Snapshot of The World's Happiest Psychopath, just-a Smiling Ear to Ear while he's in the midst of his usual Normal, Tuesday afternoon CarJackings
    and Felonious Assault & Battery's,
    Whilst casually waving at all the Shocked Townsfolk, just Staring at him, open-mouthed.

  • YsirTK
    YsirTK 4 months ago +3598

    Gotta respect a man who has literally kept his cool with all the criticism lately. I actually like Dale. :D

    • I Want To Be a Billionaire
      I Want To Be a Billionaire 4 months ago +1

      @Julo Micha Yeah but i am having fun.
      Ussually only idiots are getting mad and take it to serious. You know the idiots that will say stuff like "That's not how you become billionaire" or "Beggar".
      PS: I have a duck video, a chicken video, a video where i am begging for money on Twitter, a walking video... Also a patreon

    • Julo Micha
      Julo Micha 4 months ago +1

      @I Want To Be a Billionaire you also won't be popular, you just annoy everyone

    • I Want To Be a Billionaire
      I Want To Be a Billionaire 4 months ago +1

      @Julo Micha Yes, captain obvious. That's the idea
      PS: I have a duck video, a chicken video, a video where i am begging for money on Twitter, a walking video... Also a patreon

    • Farhanking7864
      Farhanking7864 4 months ago


    • Julo Micha
      Julo Micha 4 months ago

      @I Want To Be a Billionaire beggar

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 2 months ago +1

    I do get a good laugh but I respect Dale and everything He does. Seems like a great dude who really wants to help people and that is a good human.

  • Ignacio Catalán
    Ignacio Catalán 3 months ago +2

    what i get from this video is that Dale's techniques are actually efective, but you can't just teach something like that through videos like he does, you need formal training

  • Reconnaissance
    Reconnaissance 3 months ago +6

    There's this thing called a Kublai P1 made in China, and it's like a airsoft Glock identical to a real one.
    It doesn't shoot BB's, it shoots these gel balls similar to Orbeez and you use food coloring with the water you soak them in so they leave marks like a paintball. Way less pain than airsoft BB's.
    Would be cool to see you actually try to get shots off. Rather than listening for a click and not knowing where that shot would have gone.

  • wtfskylo
    wtfskylo 3 months ago +6

    Charlies laugh is so wholesome, I love it.

  • Sgt. Buck
    Sgt. Buck 4 months ago +3627

    Props to Dale for being honest about self-defense even if the editing jobs on his vids come off like memes.

    • AceKonn Rivet
      AceKonn Rivet 3 months ago

      This is where Alec Baldwin got his firearm training.

    • Sebastion Markblood
      Sebastion Markblood 4 months ago +1

      The meme style is understandable. The issue is that the advice is often terrible and extremely unrealistic

    • cowardlycourage
      cowardlycourage 4 months ago +1

      @floatahhh yeah ok… you keep believing that.

    • W3DGE
      W3DGE 4 months ago +3

      I feel Dale, memes pay bills documentary a little less.

  • CorporalOdin
    CorporalOdin 3 months ago +4

    I want another training compilation with Dale and Charlie it's so cool and hilarious

  • Rodney Pittman
    Rodney Pittman 3 months ago +4

    It was so nice of y’all to teach people in Florida how they can avoid Having their weapon disarmed and how they should stand for there a way

  • RamiroInx
    RamiroInx 3 months ago +2

    This is so funny to see and at the same time he earned my whole respect xD

  • Shadoallcaps
    Shadoallcaps 3 months ago +8

    Dale knows some very interesting things about not incriminating ones self

  • Don Shipman
    Don Shipman 4 months ago +3350

    Props to Dale for actually testing his system and welcoming criticism. He gained my respect with this one.

    • WiSeGUY
      WiSeGUY 3 months ago

      @Furbait ironic

    • SmileGamez
      SmileGamez 3 months ago

      @Furbait so like 5x what you're worth then

    • Furbait
      Furbait 3 months ago

      Yeah I bet his life is now complete that he gained the respect of you. But for real, hold your standarts low. Like lower than what an average human is worth.

    • Y
      Y 3 months ago

      @DON'T Shut

  • Dad
    Dad 3 months ago +3

    I’m lowkey suprised that most of his tactics worked out for him. He’s a cool dood

  • Tobirama senju
    Tobirama senju 3 months ago +1

    damn this guy is actually great much respect for dale

  • Ricin Quill
    Ricin Quill 3 months ago +8

    So Dale actually agrees that his methods only improve survival rate. He also said that he doesn't have a remedy for every scenario (Like increased distance between an assaulter and the victim). These 2, and his overall demeanor says a lot of things. He's actually more reliable than what the internet makes him out to be.

  • Truck Warrior
    Truck Warrior 3 months ago +3

    Watching this video slowed down a lot of the shots Dale claims missed and most of the shots that even the others seem to think hit the people in the backseat were fired while pointing at Dale directly.

  • Kai Coolin
    Kai Coolin 4 months ago +9755

    i used to think this guy was a joke, but seeing him out of the tik tok character he plays i actually like him, he’s normal, he knows how to be funny and informative, love this guy

    • TheOrangeCrocs
      TheOrangeCrocs 3 months ago

      Ikr he seems swell

    • Cool Gamer
      Cool Gamer 3 months ago

      @SoxHo he runs a defence agency that replaced the police department because the state has no money don't open your mouth if you have no idea what you're talking about.

    • Buddy F
      Buddy F 3 months ago

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  • yt_ elllsmax
    yt_ elllsmax 2 months ago +1

    Love how dale has a great sense of humour as well

  • Squeaks
    Squeaks 3 months ago +5

    You could tell Caleb was actually getting extremely heated😂

  • Zekeriahs SitchenZ
    Zekeriahs SitchenZ 3 months ago +3

    It's kind of amazing watching these youtubers and a handful of professionals mixed with complete civilians manage to put themselves into about 100 different situations where somebody *could* have gotten hurt or shot if they weren't handling the gun safely or checking the chamber/rounds. Kinda makes you wonder how Hollywood botches this kinda thing so often

  • Shroom Shroom
    Shroom Shroom 2 months ago +1

    I like that he describes it as increasing survivability. That's really what it is. If you are going to get shot, it's worth trying anything you can to have even a chance to survive.

  • Cifer Null
    Cifer Null 4 months ago +4354

    Dale checks the gun is unloaded: "Clear."
    Charlie checks the gun is unloaded: "Oh yeah, she's empty."

    • Cifer Null
      Cifer Null Month ago

      I love you guys. Keep arguing about God or whatever and make my comment-comment-section grow.

    • SusPG3D
      SusPG3D 3 months ago

      @Roblox 1 big space rock

    • Lexik
      Lexik 3 months ago +1

      @Gabi I didn't realize Charlie's view base was so young

    • The Sensei
      The Sensei 3 months ago +1

      @scale xD this is so random

    • Roblox 1
      Roblox 1 3 months ago +1

      @Gabi God is real because there is no other way the universe could be created you cannot deny there is a supreme being who made you

  • Gremlin Man
    Gremlin Man Month ago

    I've always said about this dude, it's really easy to say "oh, I'd just do this and counter him" when he's slowing it down for demonstration. He's not saying these techniques are always gonna work, he's saying they'll probably increase your chances of survival

  • gdubb1015670
    gdubb1015670 9 days ago

    You guys are hilarious...loved the training

  • Tim Black Alt 2
    Tim Black Alt 2 3 months ago +1

    This is by far, the best video on TheXvid at this point in time. Awesome and hilarious guys, I needed this, thank you.

  • RoosterZethnar
    RoosterZethnar Month ago +3

    The thing about his tactics, is being quicker then the gun, because in a real scenario, with a real gun, and real bullet, you're not faster then the bullet, you could try, but they're gonna pull back and shoot you again

  • Nugraha Triputra
    Nugraha Triputra 3 months ago +3885

    Charlie just single handedly changed people's perspective on Dale in just 2 videos, that's insane

    • Paper Fart
      Paper Fart 3 months ago

      @Dexeron Starsurge even if this is supposed to be a last resort he is still leaving out key details on a regular basis. Anybody with experience in this type of stuff can see that. And there are plenty of experts who have been pointing it out.

    • Dospinos13
      Dospinos13 3 months ago

      Straight up. I thought he was a hack. Not even close. I think it's the mustache and slicked back hair, it looks like a cheesy action film. Man has some skill for sure.

    • AttackRobotics
      AttackRobotics 3 months ago

      Man's still got shot like 5 times with the last guy.

  • The Drunken Devil Dog
    The Drunken Devil Dog 3 months ago +8

    If you look at the camera and look back to your scenario, you'll find Dale going in on you. Which in my Marine eyes tells me either he's looking for distractions in a real life situation or he's looking for inexperienced people to take advantage of to save his credibility. I'm no expert by any means I have only been held at gunpoint a handful of times and shot at twice. In my experience the only way of protecting yourself against an aggressor with a gun is if you have one as well. Also martial arts help a ton too, but knowing if you're going to be a fight, flight, or freeze kind of person is going to be the biggest factor of your survivability in one of those situations.

  • John Henry
    John Henry 3 months ago +7

    6:59 I like how dale missed the gun and hit his eyes and then acted like that was his plan all along💀💀. Nah but fr. Everybody shits on these tips but some of them do truly work

  • Anarchy Arts
    Anarchy Arts 3 months ago +1

    Thanks for doing god's work with this video. Now everyone can see what I've seen the whole time that D.U.S.T. has effective and feasible techniques with some flawed practicality. Doesn't deserve the hate it's gotten but definitely deserves the criticism.

  • DiamondRuby 1
    DiamondRuby 1 3 months ago +2

    I love how popular Dale has become in a somewhat short amount of time

  • unknown.
    unknown. 4 months ago +1708

    Dale went from “take the gun from them” to
    “Take their eyes, the gun is optional at this point”

    • James Raihl
      James Raihl 3 months ago

      @this account is operated by a feline probably hurts really bad too. People can make you go blind by barely touching your eyes.

    • this account is operated by a feline
      this account is operated by a feline 4 months ago +105

      Can't aim if you can't see.

  • DaNkMooN
    DaNkMooN 3 months ago +2

    God I hate people always trying to spin something for clout glad I watched this, this dudes character is amazing and hilarious great chemistry with everyone there I had a blast watching.

  • Raging lion
    Raging lion Month ago +1

    This guy is just the living embodiment of "If that was me I'd-"

  • Mike Stavisky
    Mike Stavisky 3 months ago

    Man, I give both you guys AND Dale real deal shmiggity shmeal credit for this. Thank you. I have always seen where this "coullddddd work" and where it might not. Glad it's being tested.

  • mugyou2
    mugyou2 3 months ago

    Dudes teachin us how to take hostages the right way.
    Really though I thought Dale was doin a great job even through the heckling Charlie/everyone gave him. And the fact this video is a thing is so great and beneficial.

  • Matthew7758
    Matthew7758 4 months ago +3284

    I genuinely love and respect this man's ability to take a joke and be here. And his honesty. I have training from martial arts for over a decade and I 100% agree with the advice that nothing material is worth your life. Do not attempt any of these disarms unless it is your last resort.

    • Matthew7758
      Matthew7758 3 months ago +2

      @The sun I do it because I enjoy the movement and exercise. You don't have to take a martial art for a violent reason as you suggested.

    • The sun
      The sun 3 months ago

      @Matthew7758 Bro. Kenpo I’d definitely, not frey effective on average. I encourage you do something that would give you some more confidence. I mean honestly, why would you practice martial arts if it Downey make you feel at least a little more confident in a violent situation? Maybe boxing, or kickboxing? Even judo would be better.

    • ProfessorGorila
      ProfessorGorila 4 months ago

      @Chocobro lol

    • Chocobro
      Chocobro 4 months ago

      @ProfessorGorila Everything I said was a fact, so yeah, I suppose. Unless you mean the post length, which is 90% copied from another comment I made but fit a number of the comments in here.

    • YawnCorp
      YawnCorp 4 months ago +1

      I genuinely love and respect this man's ability to be a joke

  • Sammy B
    Sammy B 3 months ago +9

    The proper advice for these situations is to ask your attacker a question then react as he answers, this gives the survivor the tiniest extra reaction time before bad man pulls the trigger

  • Ant06
    Ant06 3 months ago +5

    Dale actually seems like he knows what hes doing

    • Wesley
      Wesley 28 days ago

      He's a master of bullshido

  • MSE Nation
    MSE Nation 2 months ago +1

    Bro, this crossover was more ambitious than Endgame!!
    Jokes aside; MAAAAD respect for Dale defending his reputation instead of crying on Twitter about it! Despite all the hate, Dale be going strong!!

  • Joseph H
    Joseph H Month ago +3

    the dude in the mask was definitely in the Navy. in his first sentence he said “however, comma” that is a common phrase in the navy. i would assume he could’ve been a SEAL or maybe a SWCC or EOD those would be the people who actually have extensive small arms training.

  • Dr. Von Funkulus the Crimson Homunculus

    I have nothing but respect for Dale. Showing up and defending his reputation while also being a real great bloke
    Edit: I ain’t British