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  • someone 1234
    someone 1234 Month ago +641

    Do a video about Greece's EURO 2004 win

    • Zaid Pi
      Zaid Pi 26 days ago

      Tsl Comedy idk cause Leicester literally just clutched staying in the prem then just won it next season

    • Stratos Kaponis
      Stratos Kaponis 29 days ago

      Yes plzzzzz (i am Greek)

    • diditomaz
      diditomaz Month ago

      Ohhh hell no :'(

  • Jason Gardner
    Jason Gardner 6 days ago

    Dirty fuckers

  • corbit zefish
    corbit zefish 11 days ago

    Why are you posting this

  • Доктор парадокс

    Terry and Icardi: We committed the worst betrayal in the history of football
    Giggs: Are you challenging me?

  • mark cunningham
    mark cunningham 26 days ago

    This channel is so dead OMG

  • T B
    T B 26 days ago

    It was paddy power

  • Shadow P
    Shadow P 27 days ago

    Please the Leicester city story

  • Ramiz Ahmed
    Ramiz Ahmed 27 days ago +1

    The worst betrayal was wen adam Johnson raped a 15 yr old and he was married

  • PetraMussLoriÜberweisen

    Nothing beats icardi

  • Mike Oxmall
    Mike Oxmall 28 days ago

    Ryan Giggs 🐍

  • The Throne
    The Throne 28 days ago +1

    Ashamed that a player like this played for United even though he was a world class player, turns out he has a trash character.

  • the graysian
    the graysian 28 days ago +4


  • Joshua Pilling
    Joshua Pilling 28 days ago

    Do a video about John Terry and Wayne bridges wife

  • Ben Williams
    Ben Williams 28 days ago

    I’m a norwich fan and fuck the sun

  • Armando with ‘Anxiety’

    I’m from USA, what’s the newspaper he called twats lol

  • Australia is a myth
    Australia is a myth 28 days ago +1

    Fifa myth: normal gold Ryan Fraser has more balance than 99 pele, 99 messi (toty) and 99 ronaldo (toty)

  • Tyler Hanley
    Tyler Hanley 28 days ago

    What about rhodri’s secret daughter

  • Oran Kelly
    Oran Kelly 28 days ago

    The sun was right murderers

  • SH4N3Y b0ii
    SH4N3Y b0ii 28 days ago +1

    Don’t like this content. I think you have gone about low with doing this.

  • Lex Hasty
    Lex Hasty 28 days ago +1

    Matt are you talking bout the Sun?

  • Football boots Reviews
    Football boots Reviews 28 days ago +1

    Bang out of order for making a video on this

  • CameronAS
    CameronAS 29 days ago +1

    Why was this video made? It has no relevance

  • August Skoven
    August Skoven 29 days ago

    Great video Matt, keep on doing more of these videos.

  • Catinho
    Catinho 29 days ago

    How'bout Gerrard and Liverpool where Gerrard betrayed Liverpool by slippin?

  • Charlie chambers
    Charlie chambers 29 days ago

    Arsenals defence isn't the only thing he tore apart I guess...

  • Tiarnan Mckeever
    Tiarnan Mckeever 29 days ago

    didn’t expect that from giggs at all

  • Shane Maye
    Shane Maye 29 days ago

    Who else watchs the late late show

  • Yvng Syndicate
    Yvng Syndicate 29 days ago

    Song name in the background?

  • Samuel J.D
    Samuel J.D 29 days ago +3

    This one is so much worse than Icardi, Ryan was just spineless and Natasha is one of the most disgusting people I've ever seen (having the affair, telling the papers, laughing about it on TV and aborting her baby) . At least with the Icardi and Lopez affair Icardi actually did fall in love with Wanda, as they're now married, which makes it slightly better.

  • Cameron Singh
    Cameron Singh Month ago

    I love that background music in this video 🔥😊 can someone tell me the name of this song

  • FrankBlueWrestling
    FrankBlueWrestling Month ago

    What is this weird cutting in the video? Bit off matt.

  • Logan
    Logan Month ago

    i’m not sure if im right, but didn’t something happen with courtois and de bruyne ?

    ALI SHURRRAB Month ago

    he talks like he knows stuff but he's so fucking annoying

  • Matthew John Johnson

    Fuck the sun jft96

  • How can you Read this there’s no picture

    In 2011 i was 2 years old that’s what happened in 2011

  • JeBentMislukt
    JeBentMislukt Month ago

    Ryan the dog giggs, disguisting

  • Ross Couch
    Ross Couch Month ago

    These type of videos are awesome Matt! Please do more

  • Gong
    Gong Month ago

    Matt: Does a vid about betrayals
    Also Matt in the video: This day WAS A BAD DAY

  • Shamima Islam
    Shamima Islam Month ago

    John terry and Wayne bridge

  • 1000 subs without a video

    fifa myth: this tots is the only time there was brothers

  • Harry Robinson
    Harry Robinson Month ago

    Wait 6am on the 6th of June??? 6/6/6 🤔🤔

  • Julian Valdovinos
    Julian Valdovinos Month ago

    Italy vs Korea 2002 World Cup

  • Norwall
    Norwall Month ago


  • lucky chris
    lucky chris Month ago +2

    Matt you should do a video about jorge campos, one of the best mexican goalkeepers that was just 5' 7" and also played as a striker throughtout his career.

  • TrippzXI
    TrippzXI Month ago

    Why was this video necessary?

  • Norlizawati Azumi
    Norlizawati Azumi Month ago

    My first ever gut draft on fifa 19 I got a 192

  • Jack Delee
    Jack Delee Month ago

    Good old Ryan Tubridy interviewing Natasha Giggs

  • Tekashi 6ix9ine
    Tekashi 6ix9ine Month ago

    Every1 knows es

  • Omar Elshazly
    Omar Elshazly Month ago +1

    Not as bad as gigg...... Oh wait.

  • Jackb Hillebrandt
    Jackb Hillebrandt Month ago +2

    I dont like the sun criticised liverpool so much last season and praised man city like bum buddies 😂

  • Jackb Hillebrandt
    Jackb Hillebrandt Month ago

    Ryan you dirty boy shagging your sister in law 😂🤮

  • Jayden Dunsmorel
    Jayden Dunsmorel Month ago

    Di Maria 84 is extinct

  • Cammyss14
    Cammyss14 Month ago

    This is so fucked up like what the actual fuck

  • Chris Phippen
    Chris Phippen Month ago

    Great vid matt I love these vids cant wait til next one

  • Sam Buttigieg
    Sam Buttigieg Month ago +2

    Fifa myth: POTM cards are not in draft mode

  • Evan Reade
    Evan Reade Month ago

    Good old Ryan tuburdy

  • Classified SoAzZ
    Classified SoAzZ Month ago

    Pls make these more often

  • Evin Kearney
    Evin Kearney Month ago +2

    Says national television shows Irish TV channel

  • Jack Cullen
    Jack Cullen Month ago

    Can u do a video about the italy-souty korea game in world Cup 2002

  • BubPlays
    BubPlays Month ago

  • Tekkinator
    Tekkinator Month ago

    FIFA myth: There is no Gold Rare Bruno Fernandes on the Transfer Market on PC.

  • 70 subs with no videos

    Worse instead of biggest = £££

  • What’s Good
    What’s Good Month ago

    Fifa Myth: when search for a card under the league category, USA is replace with MLS where the country should be listed. So it says MLS (MLS)

    KING DARRY Month ago

    Let me guess

  • Ebbe Skursch
    Ebbe Skursch Month ago

    Please do a video about Denmarks win in the euros 1992 still the biggest thing in denmark

  • Harry Hewitt
    Harry Hewitt Month ago

    Wayne bridge and John terry

  • Ou33 6
    Ou33 6 Month ago

    Just get hit by a bus you twat

  • Benedick Farley
    Benedick Farley Month ago

    Hey!! Very good videos.

  • Αλφόνσος Καπόνης

    Just like seeing raging bull all over again😂😂

  • stephen nichol
    stephen nichol Month ago

    Do I video about Leicester winning the league

  • Dan Milligan
    Dan Milligan Month ago +1

    Explain the Leeds, Derby spy-gate scandal!

  • S1marHD
    S1marHD Month ago

    It is stil Icardi that has the biggest football betrayal

  • Andreas Haandbæk Schmidt 9C Hjalleseskolen

    Do a video about John terry skandale or the 2002 Em winner Denmark

  • City till I die #reapnation/#Mb

    Your 2 late

  • Kiel Macgibbon
    Kiel Macgibbon Month ago

    Go on ryan Giggs, go on, go on , go on ryan Giggs go on