Carlos Hathcock - The Original American Sniper - from "Deadly Shootouts"

  • Published on Jul 13, 2019
  • A detailed accounting of some of the most significant events in the life and work of Marine Sniper Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock during the Vietnam War. For a sniper, time is irrelevant when you're invisible. Inches can take hours, and kill shots, days. Surrounded by the enemy, a level head is all you have to rely on. And if you're Carlos Hathcock, one of the best that's ever lived, extra bullets won't be needed because it only takes one shot.
    This is a showcase of our Historical Recreations work for the limited TV-Series "Deadly Shootouts.” Dramatic Recreations produced by LionHeart FilmWorks and directed by Kevin R. Hershberger. Costumes by Historical Wardrobe of Richmond, Virginia.
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  • Graham Carter
    Graham Carter 6 hours ago

    19:11 "a lucky shot could easily get him"

  • Lakmi Seipainao
    Lakmi Seipainao 6 hours ago

    It's not realistic.. no fun at all

  • Playn Hardball
    Playn Hardball Day ago

    They don’t make soldiers, sailors or marines in the same way anymore. Yes we have military members that are still brave... but during Vietnam and before there were no internet tents, air conditioning, risk assessments, or cell phones. The command factored in losses and they truly put men in harms way.

  • Chamindo7
    Chamindo7 Day ago

    I read his biography a few decades ago. His story blew my mind. This brief documentary tells 1% of what he actually did. He is a true legend.

  • reyza saini
    reyza saini Day ago +1

    Chris kyle :im the best sniper in america.
    Carlos Hathcock : do u know who i am?

    • Eric Chapman
      Eric Chapman 2 hours ago

      Let's not take the time to criticize a soldier from the comfort of your recliner.

    • Shyam Mrunal
      Shyam Mrunal 12 hours ago

      Chris himself said Carlos is the greatest Sniper of all time
      Rip Chris, a true hero

  • Jamal69 Jackson
    Jamal69 Jackson 2 days ago

    Hathcock set the standard for all snipers? That's a dumb statement by people who apparently know little about history and particularly the history of many snipers, who actually surpassed Hathcock in wars that took place decades before Vietnam.

  • Charles Ford
    Charles Ford 3 days ago +3

    I was in the Nam in DaNang around the same time on Hill 41 never heard about him until years later, was to busy as a Combat Engineer doing daily road sweeps with a mine detector or crawling down V.C. Tunnels as a Tunnel Rat and blowing them up with 20 lbs satchel charges. You never hear about individual heroes like this until the war is over!

    • Playn Hardball
      Playn Hardball 23 hours ago

      Charles Ford All you “old” fighters were put into a war that very few of us “young” fighters will ever experience. Thank you for your service Sapper! I say young but I am retired now lol!

  • Denton this&that
    Denton this&that 3 days ago

    A mozin 7.62x54r would blow a dam tree down

  • Milos Tadic
    Milos Tadic 3 days ago +2

    Carlos never leave his bullet case

  • mobilegoat1
    mobilegoat1 3 days ago +4

    He couldn’t see the sniper he shot at but the glare of the enemy’s scope .

  • Seeking Deliverance
    Seeking Deliverance 3 days ago +2

    If anyone is wondering... the song playing at the end of this video is named "Carry Me Back Home" by Blues Saraceno.

  • hammercrg
    hammercrg 3 days ago

    How about the fact that the test shot on the canteen was done with a plastic canteen....would it not be plausible that Burke had a metal canteen and that would have made a difference? As well as not taking a direct center shot to it as the test shot did?....just sayin. And the general he killed wasn’t a head shot, it was a center mass/heart shot.....nice video but I’ll take Carlos’s own words on how it really happened from his interview that was on the History channel.

  • Army Tanker new york

    Rest in peace white feather,,, job well done

  • zenriderx
    zenriderx 6 days ago

    What about this guy?

  • T O R C H
    T O R C H 6 days ago

    I love how the shooting through the scope theory is denied from limited experience & no additional scientific research added...
    "Bullet travels so fast & breaks
    apart in test..."
    What's needed to accomplish test...
    * find MilSpec for the sniper's rounds.
    (Weight of each part of rounds
    were documented as & to
    * Figure out speed & force upon
    target for claimed range of
    * get same style scope objective
    had from surplus.
    * under powder round for testing
    (To impact test target @ speed &
    * make test shot & see if will push
    lenses through scope tube & into
    eye socket...
    * Make all factors to spec.s.
    I do not say this is true, or BullShift.
    But, if you're claiming to make accurate testing...
    Don't Half Ass it.
    This test, I'm waiting to see.

    • Thomas Edgerton
      Thomas Edgerton 4 days ago

      I agree with you on all but one. It's not really disagreeing with you. So much as my thought on pushing the lens out, or breaking them. I was glad to see that it looks like they were using a viet nam era sniper scope. , for the test. However, the glass in that era was a poor grade of glass. And only two or three layers of lenses inside the scope. It was just glass!! The scopes today, have multiple layers of lenses, and each lens is made of polycarbonite! Hench, thru the viet nam era, breaks glass, goes thru!! The modern scope, stops the the bullet in the tube!

  • Isac Cruz
    Isac Cruz 7 days ago

    Did i see a Vietcong dood shooting a sks fully automatic

  • Scott Crabtree
    Scott Crabtree 8 days ago +1

    Man..., talk about having some balls...!? It's you against however many enemies, operating on their turf, knowing if you get caught, you will be tortured and probably mutilated, etc., etc......

    • Scott Crabtree
      Scott Crabtree 5 days ago

      @Kenneth Easome He definitely had a gift, that's for sure!

    • Kenneth Easome
      Kenneth Easome 5 days ago +1

      Also first man t0 put a scope on a ma duce& made a 2500yd shot way back in 1967

  • Scott Crabtree
    Scott Crabtree 8 days ago +1

    When your enemy blends in with the civilian population, cross over into other countries where you can't follow, and only fight you with guerilla-type, ambush, tactics. There's no way to win that type of war, exactly like the wars that are going on at the present time. At the end of the day, success is determined by the body count..... It was such a damn shame, that Warriors like Carlos, were treated like sh$% when they returned home. Fighting this type of war, was mostly to blame for this. So, it's our job to never forget these guys, so that their legends live on forever!

    • Warren Holly
      Warren Holly 7 days ago +1

      Well said my friend well said!!!!

  • sean
    sean 9 days ago +5

    The non lying American sniper.

  • bob hmm
    bob hmm 9 days ago +2

    Um range has a factor too if shoot something 40 yards away it going to be different from 300 yards

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  • Howardsend88
    Howardsend88 10 days ago +1

    At 18:51 he says '' the guards are alerted to his presence by the fact that he has killed the general" you dont say Einstein !!

  • Isaac&crystal lucero
    Isaac&crystal lucero 10 days ago +1

    Sweet vid!!! Very enjoyable, thank you!!!

  • Rick Cawley
    Rick Cawley 10 days ago

    Ohh I ok I'm on mm lol

  • Playboyy_A
    Playboyy_A 10 days ago

    Intro song plz

  • Delco Outlaw
    Delco Outlaw 10 days ago +3

    Why does one of the voices of the narrator reminds me of simple history

  • David Knight
    David Knight 10 days ago

    That was a lucky on skill shot!

  • Zana Kurd96
    Zana Kurd96 11 days ago +4

    Carlos has better ping lets be Honest

    BADMOJO 12 days ago +1

    3/4 MARINES , DMZ, 66-68 , CON THIEN , KHE SANH , ROCK PILE , MUDDER'S RIDGE, CAMP JJ CARROLL ............. FUBAR ................

  • Nikko Lush
    Nikko Lush 12 days ago +1


  • Chris Bolin
    Chris Bolin 12 days ago

    Who are the 1.3k idiots who gave this a thumbs down?

  • Roger Beckner
    Roger Beckner 12 days ago +1

    33:30....The man has no idea of what he is speaking about. Carlos was extremely gifted as a rifleman and a sniper. As has been said about geniuses, they only come around about once every century or so.

    I consider myself to be a very good shot on a good day. This man was good on EVERY day of the week. He used a 50 cal.BMG as a sniper rifle and hit with it.

    I am not that good. I could never hit as well as Carlos. But I try and practice. He was an inspiration for the rest of us. What we might become if we just practiced and worked at it to be better.

    My reflexes have slowed because of age and the floaters in my eyes fool me in focusing. My hands and arms tremble and twitch with old age, but I still try.

    My almost 50 years of cigarettes and booze whittle-down my chances of lining-up on the target and having it stay within my reticle.

    But on a good day,.....we MIGHT be able to hit a target at long range. A two inch box at over 400 yards.

    Carlos was able to do this easily, almost like he was shooting a 22 at 50 feet.

    The rest of us that shoot for fun wish we had that ability.

    Some are just much better than the rest of us.

    Short range,.......look at Audie Leon Murphy.

    But short range to him was as far as his weapon would shoot.

    I do not like the M1 Carbine, but he used it to its full potential.

    I used to hunt with a handful of 22 LR shells and had to make everyone of them count. But we were not starving out on the plains in the '30s. And I had much less game than Audie had.

    But he was exceptional. The Army and Congress acknowledged that when they awarded him with the CMH.

    Might I be able to shoot as well? Maybe.

    Might I be able to motivate troops to do things needed?


    I am NO ersatz Audie Murphy.

    There will never be another.

    I may get close to what he was capable to do with a weapon, but not garner the esprit du corp of the men around him.

    That was his true calling.

    Just like Eisenhower, Patton, Halsey, and the rest that time and the idiots want us to forget.

    Never forget.

    Halo 3- Never Forget.

    Unknown Idiot #0 .........signing off.

  • Karen Castillo
    Karen Castillo 13 days ago

    You are correct Carlose be given the medel of houner

  • Karen Castillo
    Karen Castillo 13 days ago

    I love your vids
    That I Even want to be a solder when I grow up👨‍🏭

  • Zaahir Ismail
    Zaahir Ismail 13 days ago

    Utter BS

  • Zachary Lovell
    Zachary Lovell 13 days ago

    Carlos was a marine not a soldier

  • Todd Terrell
    Todd Terrell 13 days ago

    I read the book. Detailed accounting? There was a Vietnamese female sniper named "Apache" not a male named "cobra". She would torture captured soldiers nearby to try and pull soldiers from the fire base so she could snipe them. Carlos and his spotter went out and killed her. The rest is accurate to the book.

  • A Huge Idiot & Co.
    A Huge Idiot & Co. 14 days ago

    The NV snipers didn't use Mosins, they were equipped primarily with scoped Arisakas.

  • Joshua Sims
    Joshua Sims 14 days ago

    Anyone else notice the slammed 300sl Mercedes

  • jeffrosamson
    jeffrosamson 14 days ago

    What a load of crap! Americans couldn’t shoot to save themselves

  • Nytmstr
    Nytmstr 14 days ago +3

    Chuck Mawhinney had more kills and still doesn't get the recognition.

  • Dave Pascoe
    Dave Pascoe 14 days ago +4

    Simo Hayha is the greatest Sniper ever, let's not beat around the bush

  • Joseph Stokes
    Joseph Stokes 14 days ago

    How cowardly!

  • Jonny Wedekind
    Jonny Wedekind 14 days ago

    Did he really just call him a soldier at 20:30? C'mon man!

  • The physics channel
    The physics channel 14 days ago

    This is the only white boy that I heard was named Carlos lol

    • Chris Bolin
      Chris Bolin 12 days ago

      And no one ever said shit about it to him. Well and lived at least. Lol

  • Matthew Molina
    Matthew Molina 15 days ago

    Did not appreciate the bovine "expert". Udders highlighted, she ain't no killer warrior!

  • mike cafano
    mike cafano 15 days ago

    I need to make a correction. Brandon Webb taught Kris kyle.
    Carlos may have been his idol
    Read the novel the RED CIRCLE.

  • mike cafano
    mike cafano 15 days ago

    What is amazing to me is he did this with a Winchester model 70.
    It's a hunting rifle we use still use today 2019.
    He had a spotter . I really don't think he would lie about shooting trough a scope. The real reason he took the dangerous mission is because he didn't want anyone else dying for it.
    He should have won a medal of honor.

  • Lee Michael
    Lee Michael 15 days ago +3

    How did the NVA not spot Carlos's massive balls crawling through the scrub??

  • NPĐ Vlogs
    NPĐ Vlogs 15 days ago

    Tao là người Việt Nam Ok

  • James Trouten jr
    James Trouten jr 15 days ago

    Badass U.S.A thank you for keeping us all free

  • Michael Ledford
    Michael Ledford 16 days ago +1

    "Home in a Hamburger " , that was Carlos , Multiple Scleurosis did what no NVA , VC or Chineese cadre could do ,agents purple white and orange left many of us with central nervous system diseases like carlos had , or the cancer im fighting for the 3rd time now , Oorah !

  • vivek vivek
    vivek vivek 16 days ago

    I salute him.

  • Ruben Angeles
    Ruben Angeles 16 days ago +2

    one of the bests snipers of all history

  • The_DayZ_Trooper _
    The_DayZ_Trooper _ 16 days ago +1

    No wonder a bullet would go through some cheap plastic.

  • The_DayZ_Trooper _
    The_DayZ_Trooper _ 16 days ago

    Whoever made the original video was a dumbass cause they didn’t use plastic canteens they used steel canteens.

  • p l
    p l 16 days ago

    came for hathcock, stayed for nonakka

  • David Sluss
    David Sluss 16 days ago +5

    Mr.Hathcock is one of my heroes in the military as well as few more

  • Matthew Messerly
    Matthew Messerly 16 days ago

    get sum

  • John Browne
    John Browne 16 days ago

    A Canadian Special Forces sniper holds the world record for longest confirmed kill shot. It happened in June 28, 2017 in Iraq. The soldier shot and killed an ISIS militant from 3,540 metres which is just over two miles away.