North Korea summit: Trump greets freed American detainees - BBC News

  • Published on May 10, 2018
  • President Trump greets three Americans released by North Korea as they arrive back in US at Andrews Air Force Base near Washington
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  • Mike will
    Mike will 11 months ago

    Trump stated he was bringing jobs back to China. Trump stated "President Xi of China, and I, are working together to give massive Chinese phone company, ZTE, a way to get back into business, fast. too many jobs in China lost.(US) Commerce department has been instructed to get it done" So Trump is bringing jobs to China. Proves what stated about North Korea didn't give a FUCK about Trump and it was China that got North Korea to play nice, Not Trump

  • Mike will
    Mike will 11 months ago

    Trump had NOTHING! to do with North Korea. Trump and kim Jung Assclown were calling each other names and bragging who can destroy Whom, two days before Kim Jung Assclown met with China's leaders. Then Kim Jung Assclown met with China's leaders and the next day he wants to be nice. China gave Assclown a come to Jesus meeting. He didn't give a FUCK! about a Trump

  • kbst84
    kbst84 11 months ago

    How did they pay to Kim Jong Un for releasing them?

  • dʒeɪms
    dʒeɪms 11 months ago

    It would be nice if we went back to medieval politics where we can exchange hostages. It would really scare the Jews out of politics.

  • najh98
    najh98 11 months ago

    I thought Trump didn’t like people who were captured?

  • JohnC
    JohnC 11 months ago

    Far too much winning

  • Susan S
    Susan S 11 months ago

    The liberals are whining!

  • Susan S
    Susan S 11 months ago

    TRUMP is the BOSS!!!!!!

  • Elen Net
    Elen Net 11 months ago

    Long live Trump

  • rebjiii
    rebjiii 11 months ago

    Donald J. Trump is a disgrace to all Christians, he stands against everything Jesus said and did. The Bible doesn't promote hate, misogyny, bigotry, lying and cheating, but Donald Trump does......he brags about sexually assaulting women, he cheated people at his fake university, he was cheating on his 1st wife with the woman who became his 2nd wife, he was cheating on his 2nd wife with the woman who became his 3rd wife, and he paid porn actress (Stormy Daniels) $130,000 in 2016 to remain silent about their sexual affair while Melania was pregnant in 2006 with Barron, he lied about witnessing thousands of American Muslims celebrating 9-11, he lied about President Obama being born in Kenya, he lied about Ted Cruz's father being involved in the Kennedy assassination, he lied about releasing his tax returns, he lied about putting his businesses into a ‘blind trust’ and he lied about opposing the Iraq War before it started in March 2003. Donald's opposition to the Iraq War began in Aug 2004, 17 months after George W. Bush & Cheney started the Iraq War.

  • The film/movie Outlaw/Loner

    I hate trump

  • Серж Шуляченко

    The death of crypto pyramids.

  • John Cordova
    John Cordova 11 months ago

    Where are the Americans?

  • John Cordova
    John Cordova 11 months ago

    Great job Mr Putin, thanks for telling Kim to play nice, And sending America some newly trains spies.

  • jeremy steiner
    jeremy steiner 11 months ago

    No way they look like poisoners

  • Cliffe FC
    Cliffe FC 11 months ago

    And people say Trump is evil, what has trump done so evil??, that's right nothing, he s a good man trying to do what's right he won't be perfect but he trys for his country, fuck his left liberal haters or whatever the fuck his haters are called

  • Gabriel Gabor
    Gabriel Gabor 11 months ago

    That gracefully look on his face like he freed the world prisoners
    See....see what I did

  • TheStevenrobinson
    TheStevenrobinson 11 months ago +1

    LOL you haters crack me up "Oh, they dont look american" LOL How the fuck are they going to be a Korean spy with the typical American pink skin and shit? What the hell is wrong with you people!? OF course they gotta be Korean.

  • JasnoGT
    JasnoGT 11 months ago

    CNN: Trumps hateful racist bullying caused 3 American guests to get kicked out of NK.

  • Etcetera Etcetera
    Etcetera Etcetera 11 months ago

    BBC and liberals are obviously mourning that NoKor released 3 Americans and made Trump greater. Brain-dead liberals are evil.

  • Bo Stevens
    Bo Stevens 11 months ago

    Trump is the best American president since JFK.

  • 戰鬥
    戰鬥 11 months ago

    重獲自由 高興的心

  • Rrorro God
    Rrorro God 11 months ago

    Trump 2020

  • A Loyal Amethyst
    A Loyal Amethyst 11 months ago

    Glad the 3 were released..GOD is good!☆

  • Fra4554wwf Medina
    Fra4554wwf Medina 11 months ago

    Donald Trump I’m tired of winning

  • rhodri evans
    rhodri evans 11 months ago

    Haha people are probably going too hate on trump no matter what he does. Goo TRUMP

  • Miok sundii tsak lewa mono

    president Donald Trump you a unique leader. love you MAGA from Australia.

  • Robert Cornelius
    Robert Cornelius 11 months ago

    And once again Melania has a pissed off face.

  • Gmacks Shack
    Gmacks Shack 11 months ago


  • Jenn Faire
    Jenn Faire 11 months ago

    OBAMA is lubing up for a tranny fuck right now.

  • Switch J
    Switch J 11 months ago

    Look like korean

  • Moha Ali
    Moha Ali 11 months ago

    Why Asians are short?

  • Prince Amoah
    Prince Amoah 11 months ago


  • 劉美
    劉美 11 months ago +1

    shameless americans
    Mr. Trump You first thing is deal with, Tyson Foods inc. to sell sick dead chicken drumsticks to Taiwan defraud money , and then deal with trade war between China and the US. moron

  • Emma de Jong
    Emma de Jong 11 months ago

    Northern demonstrate great stress praise particularly compose what stretch return.

  • HarvardRadRes
    HarvardRadRes 11 months ago

    Kim released the three "Koreans" with nothing in return, so who should receive Nobel Peace Prize? Certainly not sissy Trump grabbing pussies. Kim told Trump to stop speaking BS or his work would return back to stage zero; you really think Kim is afraid when China and Russia were ready to fight?

  • Margaret Worth
    Margaret Worth 11 months ago

    Let's hope nk kidnap trump the prick

  • Hope thesky
    Hope thesky 11 months ago

    Obama could have saved the high school kids too.

  • A Bigs
    A Bigs 11 months ago

    Fake news! Those are paid actors!

  • Mary Wills
    Mary Wills 11 months ago

    In North Korea, even acceptable visitors are subject to extensive propaganda and techniques to instill fear while swaying opinions. I imagine it will take awhile for these men to recover.

  • Sand Man
    Sand Man 11 months ago

    Well there goes Trump being racist again. (Sarcasm)

  • Ronnie Bishop
    Ronnie Bishop 11 months ago

    Thank you Mr President. Hey you idiots leave Trump alone.

  • sherryelebeauty
    sherryelebeauty 11 months ago +2

    I Love My President! God Bless Donald J Trump...

  • ishan narula
    ishan narula 11 months ago

    Proud of the president .. and he fuck you all channels soon

  • Ashok Piano lover
    Ashok Piano lover 11 months ago +1

    22 dislikes for this good news?

    ROXEY 11 months ago +1

    Tell Theresa May, Trump is right about Iran too!

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un 11 months ago


  • Ray Gonzalez
    Ray Gonzalez 11 months ago +1

    Well done!

  • F8oK8
    F8oK8 11 months ago +1

    I'm thrilled that Spanky's base has set aside their racism and xenophobia to welcome these three immigrants home!

  • Don A
    Don A 11 months ago

    This will somehow make Democrats mad.

  • jerry tai
    jerry tai 11 months ago


  • John Culley
    John Culley 11 months ago

    President Donald Trump reinforces the right to have rights.

  • novHeavens
    novHeavens 11 months ago

    Wohwohwoh, Trump's supporters wouldn't consider them Americans.

  • Sound
    Sound 11 months ago


  • Daedalx Al Maurikanos
    Daedalx Al Maurikanos 11 months ago

    Well, they look strong and healthy. North Korea wasn't as brutal as they said.

    • Daedalx Al Maurikanos
      Daedalx Al Maurikanos 11 months ago

      jake kim I may, after I help America gain it's independence.

    • jake kim
      jake kim 11 months ago

      Then please buy a one way ticket to north korea

  • Joseph Montante
    Joseph Montante 11 months ago +1


  • Sand4Gold
    Sand4Gold 11 months ago

    These 3 are, clearly, living the American dream, not a single word of English between them?!

  • Shuo Chen
    Shuo Chen 11 months ago

    “You can see Donald trump ehhh....president trump” lmao

  • xerakis
    xerakis 11 months ago

    President Trump, doing what the left wing globalists can not do : WIN!

  • Robin Laurence
    Robin Laurence 11 months ago +7

    When your self-esteem is so low that you’ll ride the coattails of prisoners to get accolades. Yet, half of the positions that’d lead to successful diplomacy without the involvement of the SoS remain unfilled. President of ‘Merica, indeed.

    • Ronnie Bishop
      Ronnie Bishop 11 months ago +1

      Gmacks Shack Can you imagine being married to one of them? Wow just chronic complaining

    • Gmacks Shack
      Gmacks Shack 11 months ago +1

      Oh god please can these liberals just stop bitching and accept that trump did something amazing

    • Ronnie Bishop
      Ronnie Bishop 11 months ago +4

      Minecraftman 31 Hahahaha Trump is making Obamas presidency look like a carnival or maybe a three ring circus. lol hahahaha

    • Space Aero
      Space Aero 11 months ago +3

      How many prisoners did Obama release?

    • Ronnie Bishop
      Ronnie Bishop 11 months ago +10

      Robin Laurence Do the prisoners feel that way? What an ignorant stupid statement.

  • GATO madre
    GATO madre 11 months ago

    Three Americans disguised as Koreans! wtk

  • MrEd
    MrEd 11 months ago

    Lefties will not give him the credit he deserves for this.

  • Kangwa Matipa Ng'andu
    Kangwa Matipa Ng'andu 11 months ago +1


  • Gary Wilson
    Gary Wilson 11 months ago +1

    I’m glad these men got released. However, this is just a photo op to make trump look good. Donald trump is simply exploiting this moment to boost his divebombing popularity. Fuck Trump and his hardcore supporters, mindless cretins the lot of them, they can’t see the damage he is doing to global peace.

    • Brandon jewell
      Brandon jewell 11 months ago +1

      His popularity is rising , even with these stupid liberal adult children and their liberal attack social media. These liberals are the dumbest humans of all time.

  • Kel Kim
    Kel Kim 11 months ago +8

    President Trump is a true hero!

    • Mike will
      Mike will 11 months ago

      kel: Look up the definition of "hero". Trump is not a hero, Trump is a COWARD! that ran 5 times to avoid wearing the US uniform, Trump attacked/Disrespected Veterans, Navy SEAL's, Generals, Admirals, Gold star families, Fallen CIA officers, tried to remove healthcare from the Elderly, Children and disabled, Trump signed a bill that allows Coal/Oil companies to dump raw Toxic waste into Rivers and Streams after they gave him money, Trump hired the swamp people including Goldman Sachs to Top Whitehouse jobs after they gave him money, Trump shook hands and invited to the Whitehouse PLO terrorists that murdered US Marines in Beirut, Trump lied for over a year about a porn star cover up, Trump is on track to make $1 Billion by charging Taxpayers for "the use of Trump properties and Trump branded items" Trump pardoned a man that allowed 400 child molesters and Rapists to walk free. Trump is the definition of COWARD!

  • Mohammed Mannan
    Mohammed Mannan 11 months ago

    As if he really cares about them, they are Asian origin and they should be treated as traitors in all Asian countries.

  • I'm a Potato
    I'm a Potato 11 months ago +2

    Strange..... Mr Trump is actually beginning to grow on me. If only he cared about equality then he would be a perfect President.

    • EPG
      EPG 11 months ago

      I'm a Potato no it’s not, they have the same rights and are extremely protected by hate crime laws. Trump had more supporters in the gay community than any republican nominee in modern history, because he was very open in support of them. Again the media hides that fact because it doesn’t fit the narrative

    • I'm a Potato
      I'm a Potato 11 months ago

      5x5 But then what about gay rights? That's definitely a problem in the US.

    • EPG
      EPG 11 months ago

      I'm a Potato not really. People aren’t buying that victim mentality bullshit anymore. The media just hypes that garbage up for ratings. Statistically, the greatest threat to black people, are other violent black people

    • I'm a Potato
      I'm a Potato 11 months ago

      5x5 Gay people and black people are still treated pretty badly

    • EPG
      EPG 11 months ago

      Who doesn’t have equal rights in the US?

  • Keke*from* Shtcago
    Keke*from* Shtcago 11 months ago +15

    Liberals won’t give Trump credit no matter what he does, yes even this. So, you should really let that sink in, that absolute hate they feel for our GREAT president Trump. That’s why we call them obstructionists, communists, who have no love for this country.

    • Keke*from* Shtcago
      Keke*from* Shtcago 11 months ago

      Mike will lmao you’re so stupid most people already know China played the most important role without their sanctions we wouldn’t be wear we are but who got China to go through w the sanctions finally? That would be trump bc he threatened to cripple their economy as well dummy, man you are so clueless it’s disgusting. Were you waiting for that tweet and vigorously google searching trying to find a way not to give trump the credit he rightfully deserves? Your hate and pure disrespect for our leader is disgusting and I want nothing more than people like you to move to Canada and stop destroying America. You are a traitor to my nation, and nothing but a peasant who resides on this land: traitor

    • Mike will
      Mike will 11 months ago

      Conser: Assclown! Trump, his entire administration and EVERYONE! that supports Trump has shown they don't have any morals, ethics, Truth, and don't care about Veterans, Service members, facts, God, the Bible, the USA or Anything! other then their bullshit "party", delusions and Shit eater "beliefs"

    • Mike will
      Mike will 11 months ago

      Trump stated he was bringing jobs back to China. Trump stated "President Xi of China, and I, are working together to give massive Chinese phone company, ZTE, a way to get back into business, fast. too many jobs in China lost.(US) Commerce department has been instructed to get it done" So Trump proves it was China that got North Korea to play nice, Not Trump. Kim Jung Assclown didn't give a FUCK! about Trump

    • Keke*from* Shtcago
      Keke*from* Shtcago 11 months ago

      Ruata Lungchuang of course the republican lack integrity but so do the democrats, don’t you get it most of them truly are for themselves and not the American people in both parties. I do not think republicans are great lol by no means bc I know for sure their are very shady republican politicians as well as very shady democrat politicians. I am not one for the deep state, I don’t watch much news at all, I listen to true Libertarians and don’t get that confused w the liberal anarchists. I am not registered to vote for either party bc I am not a slave to their mentality.

  • Big Wasabi
    Big Wasabi 11 months ago

    Tillykke !

  • gianca60
    gianca60 11 months ago

    Hi from Italy. Happy to see Trump's winning to war for peace.

  • Dzulfiqar Bagas Tito
    Dzulfiqar Bagas Tito 11 months ago +1

    USA DID NOTHING IN THIS THING. USA JUST MAKE IT WORST SEVERAL MONTHS AGO WITH TRUMP'S ARROGANCY. Fortunately kim jong un doesn't want to respond to trump's arrogancy and suddenly want to enact the peace agreement with S.Kor. Just imagine if kim took it serious (trump's arrogancy) and attack USA with at least a nuclear ICBM. WW3 will start at that time

    • ;
      ; 11 months ago +1

      Dzulfiqar Bagas Tito You are king of stupids . I m not trumps fan nor a american. But see if north Korea would ve attacked they would ve lose it. Trumps made very hard decisions on Kim to make talk him to south korea

  • notheissue
    notheissue 11 months ago

    Wait for MSM negative spin on this, MSM will go to strategy 2 ignore flood news with other negative Mueller investigation BS.

  • Jesus is Muslim
    Jesus is Muslim 11 months ago +2

    Trump is celebrating someone else's diplomacy... What a sham.. Besides those detainees are VERY Korean.
    They are not John Smiths... So South Korea should have dealt with it

    • Jesus is Muslim
      Jesus is Muslim 11 months ago

      Typical racist chumps of Trump.

    • Jesus is Muslim
      Jesus is Muslim 11 months ago

      5x5 What about George W Bush? And Reagan? And LBJ and Truman.? They were war criminals who killed millions of innocent people.. But Because they were White, White master can do no harm. But Obama is evil for doing nothing because he is black and his father is a Muslim. Why? Racism and bigotry and double standards. If Obama were White, he could have been loved.

    • EPG
      EPG 11 months ago

      Jesus is Muslim oh no! Please don’t call me a racist or bigot! Btw ISIS formed when Obama pulled out of Iraq and Libya is a terrorist training ground with open slavery after Obama’s ‘liberation intervention’

    • Jesus is Muslim
      Jesus is Muslim 11 months ago

      5x5 You people hate Obama because you are racists and bigoted. Obama CLEANED UP W mess and ended the Iraq War. But you don't deserve any Obama achievements..

  • wasim Ali
    wasim Ali 11 months ago

    CIA agents

    • Big Wasabi
      Big Wasabi 11 months ago

      somi Ali Paranoid bizarre post ! You are wrong these were completely ordinary people . Sweden 🇸🇪 negotiated this deal and they don’t ever deal with the CIA so you sound severely mentally disturbed . Flagged post ! Poster is unstable and pose a treat to others

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 11 months ago +1

    Welcome home Americans!

  • Chris Hux
    Chris Hux 11 months ago

    The chinease guy is cool, pompeo is a crook

  • Scottishjohn soul's
    Scottishjohn soul's 11 months ago

    They don't look American to me..¥¥

  • Scottishjohn soul's
    Scottishjohn soul's 11 months ago


    ANOMONISS 11 months ago

    Thanks Obama!

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones 11 months ago +8

    USA! USA! USA!! OMG, what if Presudent Trump pulls off peace w/ NK & SK, and de-nuclearizes the Korean peninsula!!?? JK & BO heads explode!!

  • Cock Monkey
    Cock Monkey 11 months ago

    Feck me who sold him that tie? Its down to his balls.

  • J T
    J T 11 months ago

    Uhhh, they're "Americans" but one of them needs an Interpreter???

  • Bob Faggot
    Bob Faggot 11 months ago +2

    I thought Trump didn’t like “those who were captured” 🤔

  • Conor Kieran
    Conor Kieran 11 months ago +1

    Hillary Rodham Clinton and Kim Jung Un are behind this

  • Argha Majumdar
    Argha Majumdar 11 months ago +4

    Making America great again.

  • josh vaughan
    josh vaughan 11 months ago +8


  • Lag Spike
    Lag Spike 11 months ago +9

    I thought Trump only liked the people who weren't captured

    • Max Mcknight
      Max Mcknight 11 months ago

      then you clearly thought wrong. Maybe you should do your own research on donald trump and find out what a great person he is rather than listening to what others think of him

    • Kimbo Lui
      Kimbo Lui 11 months ago +5

      McCain is that you? haha

  • Steven Quigley
    Steven Quigley 11 months ago

    That look he gave the guy at 0:30 was like don't stand in my way punk

  • Tahir Rana
    Tahir Rana 11 months ago +1

    They find out that CNN and msm are fake news!

  • laurejon
    laurejon 11 months ago +6

    Its been a very long time since we have seen a President of the USA bringing home hostages alive. God Bless Donald Trump and God Bless America.

    • najh98
      najh98 11 months ago

      +deathphantomdaredevil 9000 Prove that he did.

    • deathphantomdaredevil 9000
      deathphantomdaredevil 9000 11 months ago

      Shadow Might prove trump had nothing to do with this warmonger

    • BérenC Szabo
      BérenC Szabo 11 months ago +1

      Like..... Warmbier!

    • Shadow Might
      Shadow Might 11 months ago

      Trump had nothing to do with this... Kill yourself cutlist. Fuck your invisible sky-daddy.

  • Patrick Ukemi
    Patrick Ukemi 11 months ago +22

    Great job, Trump!

  • Giovanni Soave
    Giovanni Soave 11 months ago

    Trump's one and only good act. Shame he's been taking money from Russia.

  • Luke Phillips
    Luke Phillips 11 months ago +9

    4D chess winner

  • KL L
    KL L 11 months ago

    The middle election comes soon, and such a behavior is bound to win more supporters. wake up ppl! Look at what he did to the people of the United States to the world! smh.

  • Bot Bread
    Bot Bread 11 months ago

    Kim, Kim, and Kim was release by Kim! Ain’t this a miracle?

  • George Fears Jr
    George Fears Jr 11 months ago +8

    Honestly I think this is awesome, but at the same time the whole situation seems a bit suspect. Just look at the condition of the newly released American prisoners. They appear to be fairly healthy and unscathed from the whole experience while on the other hand you have Otto Warmbier who came back in very poor health and died a few days later due to an oxygen starved brain. All he did was steal a flag and these 3 gentlemen were charged with espionage. These facts should be red flags but who am I to say what is and isn't.

    • Charly Lee
      Charly Lee 11 months ago +1

      One of them said he had to work a lot to survive there.

    • James Pyle
      James Pyle 11 months ago +2

      They probably treat korean blood better then white people, or they had a really racist guard on duty for otto.

    • mpg272727
      mpg272727 11 months ago

      If you do any research non North Korean prisoners in North Korea are treated far better than all the other prisoners

    • TheWin200000
      TheWin200000 11 months ago +1

      They may look very different under the suits

  • Anuradha Aravind
    Anuradha Aravind 11 months ago

    Do they have dog bites? Have you scanned them for infectious diseases? They should be put under quarantine!

    • Anuradha Aravind
      Anuradha Aravind 11 months ago

      3:00AM is too early, I wake up @4:00AM on most of the days!

  • Kristen berer
    Kristen berer 11 months ago

    Glorious!!!!!! Welcome home!

    • Kristen berer
      Kristen berer 11 months ago

      Billy McAuliffe you are a moron. The three citizens are Kim Dong-chul, a businessman arrested in 2015 and serving 10 years on espionage charges; and Kim Sang-duk and Kim Hak-song, professors associated with Pyongyang University of Science and Technology who were captured last year. Kim Sang-duk, who also goes by Tony Kim, graduated from UC Riverside with a master's degree in 1990.

  • FatPizza56
    FatPizza56 11 months ago


  • John Major
    John Major 11 months ago +2

    Well, there’s no shortage of delusional trumpophants & R/bots posting here..

    • Broken Sword
      Broken Sword 11 months ago

      Shadow Might You are always so angry. How are you going to function till 2024?

    • TheStevenrobinson
      TheStevenrobinson 11 months ago

      luckily he's using all that "billionaire supporter money" To pull the ENTIRE U.S out of that shitty state we've been in for the last eight years. You sir, are simply a fool. Blinded by the hatred this MSM and others shoved down your throats since he was elected.
      You see normally you know something is wrong when ALL the billionaires support someone. In this case, trump seems hated by all the NWO leaders and billionaires of the world. To me, that's a great sign. Maybe, just maybe. YOUR the one in the cult, the people paying your news agencies are well known for being the top 1 percent of the world. However, your dumbasses can't even see that. It's quite amusing indeed.

    • Shadow Might
      Shadow Might 11 months ago

      Broken Sword MSM? Trump is supported by billionaire media moguls that own the vast majority of media in your country. Sinclair, Rupert Murdoch, Robert Mercer, Dennis Prager and The Koch Brothers. "They thought they were free." You're a cult. A dangerous cult. Shut the fuck up about any kind of MSM, when you support all the above.

    • Broken Sword
      Broken Sword 11 months ago +1

      John Major Because his support is much deeper and wider than the MSM portrayed, in a year or two you "Not My President" advocates will be the minority

    • Ray Gonzalez
      Ray Gonzalez 11 months ago +5

      No John, just people who see Trump doing 100 times more than Obama