Teen Refuses To Pull Up His Jeans And Gets Punished | World's Strictest Parents

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • Not pulling his pants up becomes a battle of authority and this family can't have any of that. Who is the leader in your household? ▶ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE : bit.ly/worldsstrictestparents
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    Think you've got the World's Strictest Parents? How do they stack up against these ones? From cutting logs to walking into ponds these parents have the answer to any disobedient teen. How would you survive against the World's Strictest Parents?
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  • Mr Mysterio
    Mr Mysterio 5 days ago

    The moms full name is Mary Jo Illig.

  • Zach Foley
    Zach Foley 10 days ago

    Funny asf getting salty abpit pants

  • Delixy PG3D
    Delixy PG3D 11 days ago

    Ok boomer

  • Mark Tjurlik
    Mark Tjurlik 23 days ago +3

    this video name is more suitable for phub lmao

  • Atif Wallace Wallace
    Atif Wallace Wallace Month ago +1

    I woulda just left

  • Heather Forman
    Heather Forman Month ago +4

    My dad is the leader in my household

  • Jamison Fawkes
    Jamison Fawkes Month ago +3

    Lil boy out here lookin like Mark Zucburg

  • Zach The Celtics Guy
    Zach The Celtics Guy Month ago +9

    The strict dad looks just like Ronnie from Lizard Lick Towing lol

  • Trevor bond
    Trevor bond Month ago +2

    The parents aren't together now

  • flavorz シ
    flavorz シ Month ago +2

    2:48 is that snus?

  • SplixSzn
    SplixSzn Month ago +18

    Number one goal in life: don’t be like these parents

  • Dana Lowder
    Dana Lowder Month ago

    Pull your damn pants up punk!

  • Damien Reyna
    Damien Reyna Month ago +27

    I wonder how Sebastian is doing now? He must be in his late 20s or early 30s. Does he have any social media accounts?

  • Aniya Howell
    Aniya Howell Month ago +1

    Can we PLEASE get the Hatcher family

  • Montserat Rodarte
    Montserat Rodarte Month ago +4

    It's actually you are the athourity of the stump not the tree

  • Raine
    Raine Month ago +12

    3:02 if you slow down the video and pause at just the right time you can see the last name before it gets blurred out

  • Marilyn Simmons
    Marilyn Simmons Month ago +8

    Just pull up your pants not that hard.

    • Evoria
      Evoria Month ago +3

      ^ this.
      EDIT: People who virtue-signal about how people wear their clothes is as annoying and bad as them wearing like Sebastian does. Like mind your business lul, not that hard

    • its ya boi depression
      its ya boi depression Month ago +9

      Marilyn Simmons just stop complaining about how someone wants to wear their clothes not that hard

  • Geneva
    Geneva Month ago +37

    When I saw homeboy with the spray paint I thought he was gonna spray the kid in the face😂

  • Ruin11z !
    Ruin11z ! Month ago +5

    That kid looks like Anthony panza

  • Soupman
    Soupman Month ago +8

    Shoul've cut the tree in the buttom🤙

  • Dante Jones
    Dante Jones Month ago +1

    Big ego

  • Deseree Ballentine Austin Blaque

    Very disrespectful they both need too have better attituitde.And relize who is authority and who is head of house hold .And be much more respectful Especally in some one elses home

    • Delixy PG3D
      Delixy PG3D 11 days ago +2

      Ok boomer

    • Evoria
      Evoria Month ago +4

      ^ Aand this again.
      Whether you might own the house, have authority or not, you don't really rule over someone's belongings like that. Especially if you and that person come from different households. You may ask them politely but you can't decide or outright thwart them wearing how they want.
      Now if you bought these for *them*, you still don't rule over it since it's their belongings. They eventually have the final choice. Just let that go and move along lol.
      I'm sure they won't go to their first job interview like that, they just go outside like that for fun or something, it's not that bad lol. We've seen worse already.

    • its ya boi depression
      its ya boi depression Month ago +7

      Deseree Ballentine Austin Blaque telling someone how they shouldn’t wear THEIR clothes is disrespectful

  • Super Mario deMarco 2
    Super Mario deMarco 2 Month ago +2

    Nobody Caresth

  • carlosr 64
    carlosr 64 Month ago +52

    hasn’t this video already been posted here like 30 times

    • Michael Radford
      Michael Radford Month ago +2

      @carlosr 64 that comeback tho

    • carlosr 64
      carlosr 64 Month ago +1

      Evoria cause lmao

    • Evoria
      Evoria Month ago +2

      @carlosr 64 damn that roast o.o
      why so mean to them? :^(

    • carlosr 64
      carlosr 64 Month ago +6

      Gunna Gaming ik this show is older then you

    • Gunna Gaming
      Gunna Gaming Month ago

      carlosr 64 do u not see how old this show is they don’t have newer content

  • OnePumpKing6411 Xbox
    OnePumpKing6411 Xbox Month ago +1


  • Benitah
    Benitah Month ago +17

    worlds strictest parents number 1-
    *Nigerian Parents*

  • Leah Butler
    Leah Butler Month ago +2


  • Noel Mallon
    Noel Mallon Month ago +1

    Live this vid